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BigBrownChunxits windows-specific
briswolfor at least allusing to it?
briswolfyes but I didn't know there was a window specific part to the FAQ
briswolfThanks for the help, things look *almost* the same now. The font is a tiny bit different but I'll live
briswolfI guess the themes can't easily be packaged with pidgin for windows, since the installer downloads GTK at install time
briswolfperhaps the themes + theme chooser could be installed in a similar fashion?
briswolfI just think you will have plenty of confused people like me, although maybe people put up with the default theme
dollarbangit worked, I was able to copy the .profile directory on a W7 32b PC to a W7 64b PC, install Pidgin, start it, get my IM's online as well as IRC chat.
isezany insight as to why I can no longer get Pidgin to flash the taskbar entry when a conversation receives a new message? (problem since upgrade to 2.7.0, from whatever the previous release was, on WinXP)
QuLogicknown bug
isezder... I should learn to check bugs before I bother y'all here... thanks QuLogic
jemaltzthere's a patched DLL on the bug tracker, I do not recall the ticket ID though
jemaltzQuLogic: re: , the original ticket adds --enable-gtkstatusicon and overall has changes in it for adding a docklet to the OS X menu bar...the ticket is closed, but that flag is not part of 2.7.0, and the docklet does not appear on OS X compiled as-is
jemaltzdid I miss a change?
QuLogicthe flag is unnecessary, it's always used
QuLogicI can't say why it wouldn't show up at all, though
QuLogicdo other GTK+ applications work?
jemaltzit worked when those patches were applied via macports (pre-2.7.0)
jemaltzwell, pidgin works, there's just no docklet
QuLogicI doubt there would be anything much different from that, if it actually used GtkStatusIcon
QuLogicclearly I was referring to other GTK+ applications with a docklet
jemaltz:) well, I don't have any others installed...I can try some things though (and I will note, re-installing pidgin 2.6.6 does work with the docklet)
QuLogicthat's totally irrelevant, though
jemaltzI'm not clear why, but more to the point, is there an application you can think of that would test it?
isezjemaltz: do you know why the updated DLL is significantly larger than the 2.7.0 version (3.22MB vs. 894KB, respectively)
QuLogicisez: it includes debugging symbols
QuLogicjemaltz: there's a teststatusicon thing that comes with GTK+, but you'd probably have to compile that yourself
isezQuLogic jemaltz: thanks, problem solved and I'm a happy user again :-)
jemaltzI'll build it outside of macports, but using their binaries/libs/etc
jemaltz(i.e. outside of the "port" system)
HellhammerWhen ever I try and install the new pidgin it tells me it can't get the new GTK runtime and when i cancel the GTK download i get a plugin error that crashes the program
HellhammerWhat do i do?
BigBrownChunxjust keep clicking retry until you get it, or download the offline installer
HellhammerI've tried multiple installs it seems unreachable
jemaltzuse the offline installer
jemaltzQuLogic: teststatusicon works
QuLogicand you actually have the icon enabled in the preferences?
QuLogicAlways or On Unread Messages?
jemaltzand, as mentioned, previous versions of pidgin work with the current prefs
QuLogicdoes toggling the pref show anything in the debug window?
jemaltzhow can I open the buddy list window without the docklet?
deryniYou can't see the buddy list window?
deryniBut pidgin is running?
deryniThat shouldn't be possible without also having the docklet somewhere.
jemaltzit prompts me for account passwords; account data is saved for IRC which auto-connects
jemaltzif I were to guess, I had the buddy list window hidden before I upgraded
jemaltzthus it's just retaining the setting
deryniRight, but we have code to force the window to be visible if no docklets exist.
jemaltzI do not see either.
deryniYeah, then I'd check the debug window output from when pidgin starts. If you built with dbus you should be able to use that to force the list window back open also.
jemaltz(23:42:40) GLib-GObject: g_object_unref: assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed
Last message repeated 1 time(s).
jemaltz(23:42:40) docklet: GTK+ created
jemaltzah I missed the message before that...I'll pastebin to avoid spamming
garimbojemaltz pasted "(23:42:40) gtkblist: added vis" (8 lines) at
QuLogicthat first thing could be a problem...
QuLogicyou need <prefix>/share/pixmaps/pidgin/tray/hicolor/<size>x<size>/*
deryniIf that's failing it isn't failing hard enough or we aren't catching the failure right.
jemaltzQuLogic: I have those
QuLogicand /usr/share/icons/hicolor/index.theme?
jemaltzthat's missing
QuLogicyou need the hicolor theme, then
jemaltzwhere can I attain that?
QuLogicderyni: I don't think there's anything that can be done about that
QuLogicit just happens that the GtkStatusIcon is the only thing that looks up icons by name
deryniQuLogic: I mean if that error is preventing the docklet from working we need to catch that so we can yank the visibility manager.
QuLogicthe only way to do that would be to try and load an icon ourselves, I think
deryniWe don't need to care what the error actually is, just that the GtkStatusIcon isn't actually going to exist.
deryniWe check gtk_status_icon_new for returning NULL, but this appears not to be doing that.
QuLogicyes, but it does exist
QuLogicit just has no icon
deryniNot visibly.
deryniUnless it is visible with a broken icon and jemaltz just didn't realize that's what it is.
CobaltIt might be something to do with where the icon files are put.
QuLogicit should have the broken icon, but he doesn't have the default fallback theme
jemaltzderyni: there's nothing to click
CobaltI had a similar issue with the packages built for Ubuntu last night.
deryniQuLogic: You mean to load the broken image icon from?
QuLogicderyni: yea, that should be in hicolor
jemaltzQuLogic: I mean, I have the files, i.e. it seems like something with pidgin?
deryniThen I'd call that a bug in GtkStatusIcon since it should know it can't display anything it should fail hard.
CobaltHowerver, darkrain said it had something to do with a patch made by Ubuntu that he'd failed to remove, so I don't know if it's in the 2.7.0 source, or just the PPA package.
Cobaltjemaltz: ^
deryniSince we can't tell that once it returns a valid GtkWidget.
QuLogicoh, maybe we can check gtk_status_icon_is_embedded
QuLogicI'm not sure whether that cares about the icon, though
deryniThat's probably a good idea, but I'd still argue returning non-NULL for a status icon that they know isn't working is a bug.
Cobaltderyni: The effect for me was that Pidgin would start, but the icon showing in the tray would be the 'image not found' icon, of a blank picture frame.
QuLogicCobalt: your issue is unrelated
deryniCobalt: Right, but that's at least present, his doesn't even have that and he says it isn't present at all.
CobaltFair enough, but it seemed similar.
deryniWhat's the point of embedding an icon that has no image and is, for all intents and purposes, not actually there?
jemaltzwhen reading Cobalt and deryni's exchange, it sounded very similar
jemaltzerr darkrain's exchange*
Cobaltderyni: Might be the case, because mine falls back on a hicolor 'picture not found' icon, whereas he doesn't even have that installed.
deryniI'm fine with a picture-not-found docklet being considered valid.
deryniI'm not fine with one that has no icon and doesn't display being considered valid.
Cobaltderyni: It might be doing that because the fallback icon does not exist in jemaltz's case, because he's on a Mac and does not have the usually default-installed hicolor icon theme or something.
deryniRight, I understand why we believe we are getting a no-icon docklet.
deryniI'm arguing that I consider GtkStatusIcon handing us back such a docklet a bug and that we should be doing more to verify that we actually have a docklet since this can happen.
jemaltzis there a location I can check for the fallback icon?
Cobaltderyni: Makes sense.
darkrainDelete some other icons Pidgin uses and see if you get the "broken image" image there :)
Cobaltjemaltz: The theme itself seems to reside in /usr/share/icons/hicolor.
jemaltzsorry for the logic creeping in, but if pidgin can load some icons, shouldn't it be able to load them all?
darkrain(I have to imagine that image is built in to GTK+ at some level, instead of being an on-disk image, but maybe that's just me)
Cobaltdarkrain: Or copy the appropriate files in the places Pidgin expects it at.
darkrainThat's always harder to figure out :)
darkrainEasier to break things than put them together, or something like that.
jemaltzwell, here goes renaming a parent directory :p
Cobaltjemaltz: What do you have in the directory /usr/share/pixmaps/pidgin/tray?
QuLogicCobalt: please, you're twenty minutes behind already
jemaltzI do, but it's at /opt/local/share/pixmaps/pidgin/tray
CobaltQuLogic: Don't mind me, I just woke up. :P
Cobaltjemaltz: PM me the contents of the folder.
QuLogicCobalt: we've already established what the problem is
CobaltJust out of curiosity.
jemaltzright then, I just renamed hicolor to hicolor.h, and I still have all pidgin icons (that I can see, like at the password screen)
jemaltzCobalt: one moment
CobaltYeah, but I was wondering if the fix I cobbled together last night might work for him, pending a code change or something.
QuLogicno, it won't
CobaltHow do you know that? :P You don't even know what I did.
QuLogicderyni: GtkStatusIcon does not know whether it's embedded immediately after it's created
jemaltzCobalt: I PMed you, not sure if it went through though
QuLogicit seems like it happens when we set the icon (which we don't do on create)
QuLogiclet me try one more thing, though
deryniWe had a timeout/delay in the X11 icon creation because embedding could take a little time also.
QuLogicanyway, embedding is not the problem, it's broken packaging that is
deryniWe have a problem if we can believe we have an embedded icon when we don't.
deryniSeparate from whatever manages to cause that.
QuLogicyes, aside from that
luipugshello. is there a way to remove the attention button in pidgin 2.7.0?
darkrainNo, however you can disable the entire bar.
luipugsaww. not the answer i was hoping for.
deryniIs there something different about the attention button that you want the ability to remove it specifically and not any of the other buttons specifically?
jemaltzdarkrain: I realized that I didn't rename the correct folder: I actually do get the "broken image" icon for missing pidgin icons (aka for the password dialog)
JouvaIs anybody familiar with jabber transport services?
deryniAsk, don't ask to ask.
luipugs@deryni. it increases the minimum width of the conversation window. i like the original width because i only have a small screen, and i have other windows open that need the width more.
luipugsalso, i don't even use the attention button.
rekkanoryoyou *could* always just hide the formatting toolbar
luipugsi like the smile button.
rekkanoryothat would also allow you to reclaim some vertical space
deryniluipugs: Right, but that doesn't answer the question, unless the answer is "I'm used to the size it used to be".
CobaltThere's a plugin that allows you to resize the _buddy list_ to any size. Might be possible for the conversation window also?
deryniI'm not sure it does the magic for the conv window but the same magic could be done.
luipugswhat plugin is that?
rekkanoryothat plugin currently does not
CobaltIs there a shortcut/hotkey to bring up the smileys if you've got the toolbar disabled?
rekkanoryohowever, it doesn't always work correctly for the buddy list anyway
Cobaltluipugs: The plugin just works on the buddy list.
Cobaltluipugs: You'd be okay if you disabled the toolbar and had a keyboard shortcut to bring up the list of smileys. Try looking into that.
rekkanoryoCobalt: no, the Smile button is the only way to grapically insert smileys
JouvaBasically I want to use IM transports on my gtalk account so that I can hopefully get a more efficient method of having an IM program that is up on my android device. But I don't ALWAYS want to be using the transport.
Cobaltrekkanoryo: Makes sense. Still.
JouvaI forget if there's a way to "disconnect" from the transport so to speak without completely unregistering the transport
deryniJouva: Sending it directed unavailable presence should do that as long as things are managed correctly, but beyond that I'm not sure.
jemaltzwhoa, copying the "index.theme" fixed it...ish
jemaltznow the tray icon is quite large, but it's there
jemaltzand it does not have a context menu
jemaltzand the behavior is all screwy
QuLogicjemaltz: are you building pidgin from source?
jemaltzokay, performing a proper install of hicolor-icon-theme seems to resolve the weird behavior (on a quick glance), but the context menu is still missing; clicking the icon merely toggles a visible buddy list
jemaltzQuLogic: I built pidgin from source, then installed the hicolor theme
QuLogicyou need to right-click to get the menu (which is different on a mac, I realize)
jemaltzI know that much :) but right-clicking does not reveal the context menu (which, again, it used to)
jemaltzand the docklet is using the old icons, like the smiley for a new message
QuLogicthere are no new icons for size!=22
jemaltzI guess that the old versions used size == 22 then
QuLogicwhat version of GTK+ is it?
QuLogicderyni: so either this was fixed in one minor release (I have 2.18.9) or this is macport specific, because I still get a fallback icon even if I don't have a hicolor/ directory
deryniYeah, the icon being mising is odd. I'd definitely have expected it to be built-in not disk-loaded, like darkrain said.
jemaltzderyni: as I said, I get the broken image icon when other graphics are missing
deryniRight, but all of this doesn't change the fact that there is a way for GtkStatusIcon to fail that we aren't noticing.
deryniWhich is my main issue.
garimboQuLogic pasted "Docklet embed timeout" (99 lines) at
QuLogicjemaltz: can you try that patch, then?
QuLogicyou'll need to remove the hicolor theme, though, because I can't get it to break
deryniI'm assuming you just grabbed most of that from the x11 docklet code?
QuLogicbasically, yea
QuLogicexcept GtkStatusIcon doesn't have an embedded signal
jemaltzwell this is strange...when I load pidgin, it creates a second thread, and then another "pidgin" process temporarily
jemaltzthe second process terminates but the child thread remains
darkrainThe process is for DNS lookups
darkrainThe thread may be gstreamer (or some other external library or third-party plugin)
jemaltzah alright.  QuLogic: I will rebuild with that patch
jemaltzdarkrain: no gstreamer here
QuLogicit won't fix the icon, but pidgin should force itself visible if it determines there's no icon (hopefully)
jemaltzbuilding now..
jemaltzQuLogic: any ideas about the context menu?
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