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JoeB_Ok. Didnt see any confirmation for the latest build. Do you ahve a link?
JoeB_I still can't find where the website says that voice and video is not supported in the windows build of Pidgin. Anyone have a link to this?
DirtsaJoeB_: read topic here
JoeB_Ah :)
JoeB_Doesn't acuually mention that in the FAQ, unfortunately.
JoeB_Don't suppose there is any timeframe for jingle being compiled into the Windows build? Been waiting since August.
JoeB_"Sound (Windows)   There are no known issues with sound on Windows. "
JoeB_Hmm, FAQ apparently hasn't been updated in 11 months.
JoeB_Well, thanks for the help. Guess I shouldn't get my hopes up about Pidgin supporting jingle in Windows in the near future. Guess it's back to Gajim again.
AL13Ni have a user which has next to his image a blue circle... what does that mean?
AL13Ni have a user which has next to his image a blue circle... what does that mean? anyone know what it means?
Action: GrogXD nada
CShadowRunAL13N: a blue globe? connected via a web messenger such as ebuddy
danage1i can't find documentation on pidgin jabber/xmpp channel control, is there a reference anywhere?
danage1the info in the faq is rare
danageah i found /help kthxbai
AL13NCShadowRun: it's an MSN contact, so a blue globe next to it means it's from a webclient?
AL13Ni was wondering what it was
AL13Nmaybe a tooltip could tell me that?
SinnermanAL13N: There's an entry in the Faq about those icons.
lynxPGdoes anyone know what is exactly transmitted to microsoft when i connect with pidgin to msn?
lynxPGi guess the IP and my login
lynxPGais there anything else?
BlouBloulynxPG: Your IP, password, client name and version...
lynxPGhmm i can a bit guess what it means, but my english is not so good
lynxPGi wanted to know what does or could the original msn messsenger send more to the server than pidgin
lynxPGis this possible or even known?
CShadowRunuhh, i just gave you a link to an example of what's sent
CShadowRunit can't really be made any more simple than that
lynxPGso the link was for the original messenger?
CShadowRunthat's for MSNP8, i'm not sure what msn protocol pidgin uses
darkrainPidgin currently uses MSNp15
lynxPGlive messenger uses msnp16 with a machineguid
darkrainThe current version of the protocol is >16, currently. ~20 or so?
MascaIIRC current is MSNP18
darkrainThat's close to 20 :-P
MascaAnd MSNP18 is almost the same that MSNP16.
lynxPGah ok
MascalynxPG: why are you asking that?
Mascalook up the msnpiki. It have a lot of info. ;-)
YuseiHow do I delete IM logs?
e-elsehi um is there going to be a patch for the emoti icon bug re 26c3 ?
e-elsesoon.... hopefully.....?
e-elsedatallah: lol it is a pretty big problem.
e-else"patience" ... hehe.
e-elsegiven the devs *didn't* want encryption of accounts.xml
e-elseassuming user isn't running pidgin as root / can't access /dev/mem :P
datallahwe're aware of the issue
e-elsedatallah: and the other issue in SLP ?
e-elseim mainly asking here as it isn't marked as fixed / for 2.6.5 on trac
datallahdon't worry about that
darkrainA program does not need to run as root to access its own virtual memory.
darkrain(via proc, that is)
e-elsedarkrain: i didn't say it couldn't
datallahsuffice to say that Fabian Yamaguchi is a douche
e-elsedatallah: ....
darkraine-else: You implied such via your comment about running as root and /dev/mem.
e-elsedarkrain: mostly a joke :P
RomainKdatallah: judging by his picture, at least, I'd have to agree.
e-elsedatallah: some one audits the code finds security holes. and you don't like them.
e-elsewow. next time im sure people won't release them. / won't
datallahe-else: that's not it
datallahthere is a right way to disclose such things (and what he did isn't it)
e-elsedatallah: didn't provide time for a patch prior to discolsure ?
e-elseright. well that's a different issue. not every one is like core security.
datallahat any rate, this is not the time/place to be discussing this
Action: e-else hopes fixez soonz
RomainKTotally off topic/rant-ish but why is tz-data constantly updated? >_<
rekkanoryobecause idiots in governments are constantly changing the friggin' dst rules
Cube``why does finch keep on telling me that *Logging of the conversation failed* all the time?
RomainKrekkanoryo: are they really? 'cause I haven't heard of a change since the Bush one.
rekkanoryoRomainK: the world is more than the US and australia
RomainKrekkanoryo: I'm sorry, I was just assuming no one else would be stupid enough to fudge with DST. :P
RomainKCube``: do you have a .purple/logs ?
RomainKand is it writeable by you?
Cube``RomainK: yeah
RomainKand is your disk not full?
Cube``yeah, it worked perfectly all the time
Cube``RomainK: checking that right now, i have a 50mb quota, and looking how big my logs got..
Cube``RomainK: nah, 3.1 mb
Cube``RomainK: any other idea?
RomainKCube``: maybe you have an inode/number of files quota?
RomainKotherwise maybe try the debug window
Cube``hmm ok
Cube``will have it open all the time, until something goes wrong agian
RomainKdid you check that you're not out of file quota?
neuro_sysin v2.6.4, where is configure browser option in the preferences?
Dirtsaneuro_sys: not under windows
neuro_sysDirtsa, okay, found a ticket concerning it anyway,
darkrainAre you specifically getting that popup?
neuro_sysdarkrain, Yeah, but solved the issue by setting the default browser through control panel.
ronnyhow can i figure why a video/audio call over xmpp/jingle wont work with pidgin 2.6.4, both of us are nat-ed and we do use as stun server
BlouBlouronny: no
BlouBlouronny: :P
BlouBlouronny: Have you got ports opened?
ronnywhat needs opening, i didnt find hints in the faq
BlouBlouronny: Maybe in your firewall
ronnywell, im in a nat
ronnyso i probably need forwardings
ronnybut which ports
b33rHello I can't connect to ICQ getting this error Lost connection with server: Connection reset by peer
dustofdustdoes pidgin work with ekiga account or is there a problem? Unable to connect: Connection refused
r0flwhich port do i have to open for file transfer over xmpp?
n8chavezHello all....
n8chavezis there a portable version of Carrier?
Gizmokid2005n8chavez: carrier?
RomainKDon't tell me somebody made a Carrier app/plugin out there because of "carrier pidgin/pigeon"
n8chavezpreviously known as Fun Pidgin, the Pidgin fork
Gizmokid2005n8chavez: doubtful, this /really/ isn't even the right place to ask.
n8chavezoh, ok
n8chavezmy apologies
RomainKmaybe #carrier
n8chavezIs there a portable versio of Pidgin then?
RomainKWhat do you mean by portable?
n8chavezI have given up on Miranda for x64
Gizmokid2005n8chavez: yes, on the website
n8chavezthe ability to run off of a flash drive
Dirtsaor on
darkrainThere are instructions on Pidgin's wiki, too, I believe.
Gizmokid2005darkrain: you are correct.
Dirtsayes an old one ;)
n8chavezthanks fior your help
jkbnjhbjhbjhA5< ?@825B, ?>-@CAA:8 :B>=8BL @073>20@8205B?
Drak0nflynjet russkii
Drak0nflyenglish only
n8chavezI have one more question, if you would indulge me.  Miranda had a lot of plugins available and a great deal of "themes" or skins, are there any such themes available for pidgin?
--- Wed Jan 6 2010
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