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gdamoreeri == gem  with 100baseTX instead of gigabit phy
OclkdManhi all. i have a problem installing os v131. it cannot read the partition table and shows me the sata disk empty. it is not empty and i've already created a dedicated partition.
jbkgem like the fiber ethernet port found on v890s?
stallionahh  okay
gdamorejbk: yep.
jbkahh.. we have a v890, but it's in use :)
gdamoresame MAC controller.
jbkone of my old employer's probably has a buttload of them available :)
gdamorei always wondered how many people were still using fiber based 1G.
jbkthey bought like 16 of them to act as the app tier for the customer service interface app into the billing system they were writing
OclkdMani've done the drivers check and it detects well all my devices. (storage controller and chipset)
jbki think we might have used it for the backup network
gdamoreactually, I just ordered a 3M 100BaseFX "afe" card with a VF-45 connector.  finally going to have a unit to test with.
jbk(that project would have been a riot had it not ended being a billion dollar write off when they finally cancelled it :P)
stallionOclkdMan: what driver was found for your storage controller?
jbki finally gave in and started rewriting ls last night :)
stallionVF-45? fun ;)
gdamorebtw, I hope the docs in the PSARC case for mii were useful.  I didn't write them just for my own gratification. ;-)
OclkdMani have an nforce 730i southbridge but now i cannot remember the name.
jbkonce i get the core bits finished, i'll start looking at that big list of bugs alanc mentioned
stalliongdamore: actually, they are. I think part of the problem is most of us non-sunners tend to forget to look at the damned PSARC materials
jbkand get 256 color support in there
stallionI'm kicking myself - this would have saved a lot of time of crawling through mii ;)
OclkdManbefore i login with the live cd i see some kernel warnings
jbkso i have something to do while i wait for the nemo changes I need for lldp
lewellynhm. about another week before i start looking at my migration to indiana. why am i dreading this? :P
gdamorestallion: bummer.  well, if it ever becomes a public API it will get manual pages.
stallionNo worries though, it was good to finally get a chance to really go through the code
OclkdManlike "read error block 0" "ID not found" "gen-ATA"
stallionI especially like the fact that now I don't have to care about additional locking to track link state... thats always a PITA
OclkdManwith other os versions i have never had problems but it looks like 131 cannot read my partition table
jbkon an unrelated note, anyone know of any possible magic escaping so I can do 'ssh host $VAR/bin/foo' where $VAR is set in the user's profile on the destination host?
snuff-homelewellyn: did u hear?... gdamore won over AI in the past 24hrs
lewellynsnuff-home: so he said
lewellynwithin the past 12 even
lewellynsince he pinged me about the borkenness about 11/5 ago
lewellynand i so can't type today
stallionjbk: yeah, use single quotes
jbkstallion: doesn't work
stalliondoes for me
snuff-homemm.. almost time to get to work
stallionI'm using tcsh though (on both sides)
jbkthis is ksh on the destination (cannot change)
stalliontry something basic:
stallionssh host 'echo $USER'
alancI just stole lewellyn's AI manifest for /dev from the link in smrt, edited it to use ipkg.sfbay and used the 131 bootable AI CD and it worked fine
jbkhmm.. that works.. but not the stuff getting set in .profile
stalliongdamore: As sad as it is, I get a bit of a thrill seeing my email in the PSARC materials though :P
gdamoreheh. :-)  you need to contribute more often then. :-)
lewellynalanc: and that manifest was originally stolen from the bootable ai cd, with the iscsi stuff commented out and switched to dev from release ;)
tsoomessh host '. .profile; ..../foo' ?
stallionI need to quit picking worthless hardware to hang my star on :P
stallionefe is going to turn out very nice though I think
gdamorestallion: well, yeah.
Stricjbk: works as designed then. .profile is only for interactive logins in ksh
stallionits very afe'ish which is quite nice
gdamorei'll take that compliment, thank you. ;-)
gdamoremake sure you use mac_disable() though.... I'm going to be fixing that in afe and a bunch of other drivers soon (b135 again)
gdamoreyou call mac_disable() at the start of detach, isntead of mac_unregister()
stallionI don't remember that one from the Nemo docs
stallionwhen did that change integrate?
gdamorethen *after* you free up the resources and turn off interrupt routines, etc. you call mac_unregister (which can't fail if mac_disable() is called first)
stallionahh okay
gdamoreseb integrated it ... probably as part of volo or somesuch
stallionthat would be a nice way to cleanup detach
stallionthats one bit of detach which bugs me... mac_unregister can cause a premature abort
gdamoreit closes a potential race condition with ISRs.
stallionit shouldnt...
gdamoremac_disable() can still fail, but only if the NIC is still in use (e.g. plumbed)
stallionmac_stop is called first which should at the very least mask out the interrupt
gdamoreit should, but if you have a shared interrupt vector....
stalliongood point
gdamoreits a subtle race, never witnessed in the field.
gdamorebut obviously possible via gedanken-experiment.
lewellyngdamore: the same kind of gedankenexperiment that debates mimes in forests? :)
stalliongdamore: interesting. I hadn't heard that term applied before.
stallionbut sure, its not tough to construct a scenario where that could happen
stallionalthough the use of shared interrupts has dropped significantly in the last few years
sponixAnyone on 131 ?
lewellynnope. everyone went back to 111b to start over.
sponixon 130 if my box goes down I have to mv .mozilla .mozilla.back until after it loads a gnome desktop fully, otherwise it will freeze
sponixlewellyn:  sweet you sarcastic sob :P
lewellynsounds like a bug :)
stallionthat sounds... wrong.
sponixlewellyn:  yeah, guess I should get off my butt and file it sometime, aye ?   ;)
sponixNot sure who to file it with though, osol, or mozilla
stallionis there something in your session that uses firefox?
alancI've got several machines on 131, but haven't seen that issue
alancdon't think any have firefox autostartup though
sponixalanc:  this is 130, and never seen it prior that I recall
stallionsnv_121 has been the pinacle of stability for me... I doubt I'll bump up on my work machine until 2010.3 comes out
lewellyni've not used the desktop in 131 much yet
sponixit will go past login, and freeze on the desktop with the cursor spinning _forever_ without making that .mozilla move
xenteHi....I downloaded opensolaris 2009.06 and it freezes when I run it in VirtualBox. Has anyone else had this problem?
lewellynstallion: i'm debating leaving my desktop on 126 until the first RC of 2010.0n comes out
Cdhare the newest xfce packages for open solaris really from apr. 16. 2007?
stallionmy dev boxes are reasonably up to date, but if you do anything serious, there isn't a compelling reason to update AFAICT
stallion2009.06 pissed me off - that was the reason for moving to snv_121
lewellynCdh: which repo are you finding it in?
lewellynstallion: yeah. my workstation's at 126. all my dev stuff tends to be fairly recent
Cdhi just found it there
sponixlewellyn:  you have a Mac or two, riiight ? Have SL and a Logitech Quickcam IM Plus E3500 on any of them by chance ?
lewellynsponix: i have precisely... *counts*... zero webcams, at all
lewellynthe gf's imac has an isight, but that's not mine ;)
lewellynCdh: hm. not familiar with that project...
lewellynbut yeah that's ancient
lewellynsnv_60 or later. wow.
Cdhseams to be dead, yes
Cdhon i found something
lewellyni know someone here runs xfce, and there's some xfce bits in contrib
lewellynperhaps if you idle, someone will know a good way to get it :)
gdamoresupposedly there are bits on blastwave, but dunno if they are very recent
Cdhin the blastwave repo there s 4.2
lewellyni'm blissfully ignorant of blastwave's stuff
gdamorehmmm... looks like a nice lightweight desktop env.  we need something "less" than gnome.
Cdhthey seem to have the same stuff in stable and unstable oO
lewellyngdamore: the problem isn't gnome. it's the standard gnome WMs which are problematic
Cdhi consider gnome to be too bloated and slow, i always preferred xfce
lewellyngdamore: when opensolaris has something other than compiz for compositing, i have a proof-of-concept to finish off :)
Stricxfce can do compos
stalliongdamore: I'm a bit partial to xfce - its heavier than it used to be, but its quite nice
lewellynall the "modernness" of compositing, all the "features" of gnome, but a very light window manager
stalliongnome doesnt bother me much, its metacity which is terrible
lewellynStric: but it's not out-of-box on opensolaris
lewellynStric: and that is more heavy than what i was thinking
Cdhthe compositing manager of xfwm cannot do much but it exists :)
gdamorei used to use xfce quite a bit a while back.
stallionI did too (around version 3.x)
gdamorethese days I'm supposed to be eating my own dog food, so I use gnome.
stallionI'm just lazy - porting a DE doesn't sound like a fun way to spend time to me ;)
gdamoreIMO we need something light-weight to replace CDE.
lewellyngdamore: that's what i have in mind ;)
lewellyngdamore: remember that i support companies which are tied to cde and the idea of gnome freaks them out, even if they've never used it
stalliongdamore: Lets revive OLWM ;)
Action: stallion was an olwm lover
lewellynand kde sounds too "linuxy"
lewellynstallion: i've been tempted to see if olvwm compiles :)
stallionkde will never fly - qt support is non-existent on solaris, even if its built with GCC
lewellynstallion: you don't use virtualbox? ;)
stallionheh, I'd rather run on the metal if I can :P
gdamoreolvwm should work.
lewellynvbox is the poster child of qt on solaris
lewellyngdamore: should, yes. but the question is "does it"?
gdamoreit *used* to.
lewellynit's lowish priority for me to find out :)
stallionlewellyn: its statically compiled though
stallionthat doesn't help very much :P
lewellyngdamore: how many bits that it requires have been EOFed though? :)
stallionI think qt3 still works fine on Solaris, its qt4 thats the problem
lewellynstallion: i use Qt4 stuff on solaris 10
lewellynstallion: works just fine
stallionlewellyn: not with Sun Studio you don't
lewellyni don't?
stallion(unless this is an early version of qt4)
stallion talk to steleman sometime ;)
stallionits the whole reason for the apache stdlib crap being integrated
lewellyngah. how do i get Qt to tell me how it was compiled?
stallionjust do an ldd on the library
lewellynheh "the library" ;)
stallionpick one :P
Action: gdamore throws an anvil at lewellyn. it has the words "C++" inscribed on it.
stallionlibQtCore I think?
probertswhen I try to add a domain (LDOM) I get the following error: "Multicast socket creation failed.  Please set LDom MAC addresses manually." - what gives?  I've already googled
jbitLinux unconfigured 2.6.18 BrandZ fake linux i686 GNU/Linux
jbit/# rm foo
jbit /#
jbitwithout patching
Action: jbit hugs snv131
lewellynjbit: :D
lewellynstallion: do either of those look like gcc? :)
lewellynoh the latter does
gdamorelewellyn: maybe just a basic openbox configuration on OpenSolaris would be sufficient.
lewellyngdamore: i have a few ideas
stallionlewellyn: yes. =>        /usr/gnu/lib/
lewellyni'll poke at them after xcompmgr shows up :)
lewellynstallion: 11:48 @lewellyn: oh the latter does
stallionsorry, missed that ;)
jbitalso: what windows manager/des do people use on opensolaris (besides gnome) i currently use fluxbox but would like to try something else
lewellynjbit: i use compiz so i can use awn
lewellynoh hey! xcompmgr is in 129 and newer!
Action: lewellyn has evil to try in a week or two
Jenkensoh hey
Jenkenshe's switching to linux
jbitlewellyn: interesting
lewellynstallion: compositing + gnome + a "different" window manager :)
Action: jbit dislikes gnome
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