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effnorwoodCosmicDJ: dumpadm = OS and is /var/crash; coreadm = software and is /var/cores as far as I can tell so far
nikolamI wander will lofi then get up and represent device automatically upon reboot
nikolamCosmicDJ, bah, can I mount then dataset in such pool, to directory inside /export/home or I need to mount it in newpool/dir only and to link it?
CosmicDJnikolam: no idea, sry
nikolamok , thankt
effnorwoodCosmicDJ: thanks - this is exactly what i wanted
betchourm -rf *
nikolambetchou, not nice.
nikolambut we have snapshots, so.. ;)
betchounikolam: that'is in a build directory :P
nikolamwithin a zone under vbox :)
nikolamWhat algorithm you think one should use for lofiadm encryption and to be fast? (there is zfs compression behind it)
nikolamor do you think it is also OK to turn On Zfs encryption on dataset inside lofi file that itself serides on compressed zfs dataset :)
Action: betchou is doing bullshit with his keyboard
nikolamBut I think it would be just a fine thing to do.
nikolamCompress first with Zfas, encryprt with Lofi and then cud down image size with zfs encryption again
nikolamI wonder if Lofi device can use more space dinamically and not reside only on one file
CosmicDJnikolam: the compression ratio for encrypted stuff should be ~0 %
CosmicDJso you'll get nothing but wasted cpu cycles
madwizardAnd a geekfactor +1
nikolamCosmicDJ, but I will get shrinked lofi image :)
nikolamso I use that much space, how much data is inside lofi
nikolamIf I get lofi image to be dynamically sized depending on data usage, I would not need to use second zfs compression
CosmicDJnikolam: It's still not clear to me what you want to do exactly
nikolamCosmicDJ, to mount my documents to be encrypted on nbook :) simple :)
Action: nikolam currently chooses lofiadm crypto algorithm ..
nikolammm nice :) 10x CosmicDJ
nikolamwow, this way I have that much data, how much there is space on zfs rpool, very nice :)
nikolamno I war wrong, that way he get space out of usable size from disk..
CIA-33Alexandr Nedvedicky <Alexandr.Nedvedicky@Sun.COM>: 6912962 Need to compute chksum for packet duped on loopback interface, 6929403 IPF should discard packet silently on OOW event
nachox congrats on the new job stallion
stallionnachox: ty
gdamorestallion: check your inbox (gmail)
stalliongdamore: checking
latteraI'm really considering downloading ON myself and compiling it
lkocmanlattera, do it
stallionlattera: its a good exercise
stallionmuch easier now than it used to be ;)
latteraeach day I grow more and more tired of waiting for 2010.1H
asydany one use an opensource job scheduler?
lkocmanasyd, I used maestro ... but I don't think that it's opensource
latteralike, I love opensolaris and its unique features it brings, but this waiting game is just killing me, heh
stallionlattera: there are reasons for the delay
latteraya, I know
stallionassuming you want a release that actually works, waiting would be advised.
latteraof course
asydglance: it was for me?
asydseem yes
latteraI'm not complaining, I'm just running out of patience... there's some cool ZFS features coming up I'd like to use
glancewe are currently using torque/maui but somewere in the future we are probably switching to slurm
gtirlonilattera: if you're not using it in production, you can use b134.. closest thing to 2010.whatever (without bug fixes and any backports that Oracle might decide to add)
latteraya, I'm using b134 right now, even in production
papertigershow often does zpool scrub find errors for you guys?
asydglance: is the maui also opensource? (or at least free)
latteraI've never had a disk error, but maybe that's because the disks are new
TomJSolaris 10 question, if you'll oblige me: I'm trying to replicate a system, FLAR-stlye, using ZFS send/receive.  basic principle: zfs send -R rpool/ROOT/s10_u7_ga,  then do a fresh install on a new system, drop to shell, do zfs receive,  and then zpool set bootfs=rpool/ROOT/s10_u7_ga.  I have done this many times before and it worked
papertigerslattera: i have had it find errors on my raidz twice now and they are brand new disks
TomJbut now I am trying it on some IBM servers, and it won't obot - after grub, it just blan screens.  failsafe mode says it can't find /boot/x86.miniroot-safe
TomJthe new dataset i created certainly has a /boot/x86.miniroot-safe, so I am not sure why grub would say it can't find it.  any thoughts?  one difference this time is that I did the new install using U8 before restorting a data set that was U7+Nov09 Patch set.
TomJwhen booting in failsafe grub, it reports:  "find root (pool,_root,0,a) /  filesystem type is zfs, partition type 0xbf /  kernel /boot/multiboot -s / module /boot/adm64/ /  error:15 ile not found'
TomJso it found and read the FS ok, or so it seems
latteraseems like it's not looking for /boot/x86.miniroot-safe
TomJthat's a startingly relevant point
TomJand I dont have a /boot/amd64 on the u7 system i copied.  hmm
TomJthanks lattera
Action: stallion sighs.
stallionnothing like a nightly on a local vmware guest
jbkstallion: does it inspire you to 'mv nightly weekly'
stallionI usually run nightly to get a fresh onbld and then do incrementals after that :P
stallions/onbld/on build/
CIA-33Mark Phalan <Mark.Phalan@Sun.COM>: 6940505 MT issues in pkinit
CIA-33Mark Phalan <Mark.Phalan@Sun.COM>: 6936957 Bad free in gssint_convert_name_to_union_name
CIA-33Mark Phalan <Mark.Phalan@Sun.COM>: 6932987 memory corruption in kadm5_is_master
CIA-33Mark Phalan <Mark.Phalan@Sun.COM>: 6941162 krb5_encrypt_helper returns success and an apparently valid buffer on malloc failure
CIA-33Mark Phalan <Mark.Phalan@Sun.COM>: 6941173 logic error in krb5_build_principal_ext
CIA-33Mark Phalan <Mark.Phalan@Sun.COM>: 6941180 krb5_gss_accept_sec_context doesn't check return value of krb5_auth_con_getauthenticator()
CIA-33Mark Phalan <Mark.Phalan@Sun.COM>: 6941191 krb5_send_tgs doesn't do all the error checking it could
CIA-33Mark Phalan <Mark.Phalan@Sun.COM>: 6941201 double-frees on error path in krb5_os_hostaddr()
CIA-33Mark Phalan <Mark.Phalan@Sun.COM>: 6941204 krb5_fcc_read_addrs() returns garbage on failure
jbitepic commit
papertigersare there any programs to monitor S.M.A.R.T. from the hard drives?
linczDo anybody knows, when b134a will exit from the QA
latterano smrt? grrrr
alanclincz: no
nachoxalanc, i'm surprised you're not tired of answering to all the fud in osol-discuss
alancnachox: it was nicer than "Oracle is fully supporting the Solaris modernization project - just not necessarily YOUR vision of it."
alancnow I've lost whatever the rest of topic used to be
latteramaybe: We only know 2010.1H should be released in the first half of 2010
latteraso I'm looking at
latterasince I'm on b134, I should grab b136's code?
gtirlonilattera: i'm not sure has been updated to anything greater than b134
latteraright, IPS is still at b134
gtirloniand even less sure if you can run that with a >b134 onnv
papertigerswhat is your guys opinions on nexenta vs opensolaris
papertigersstallion: not as good?
stallionpapertigers: oh sorry, no, my comment was about something else
papertigersahh okay
stallionalanc: I did a search for "opensolaris icon" and came across:
stallionapparently good thinks you are an icon :P
papertigersdo you have an opinion on nexenta though, trying to decide on an os for my storage server
stallionhonestly I don't have much experience with it. they've done quite a bit with storage (which is a good thing)
papertigersdo you run opensolaris as a storage solution
Triskeliosyeah, most people here aren't terribly familiar with nexenta... seems reasonable if you're not already famiiar with osol, as long as you're aware of the limitations in their free vs commercial releases
papertigersTriskelios: I am just trying to pick the best OS for my setup, it seems the only way to get updates with osol though is to use the dev channel
venture37trying to boot my poweredge t105 from the b134 iso I get the following error then the system reboots
taemunpoke in the dark, try turning off IOMMU?
Triskeliospapertigers: if you want updates between production releases without buying support, yes
venture37taemun: how do I dont that?
taemunhah nice typo
taemunI'm not sure in the Dell BIOS
taemunbut I'll wager theres a button for it
taemunmaybe called intel vt-d
taemun(intel vt-x is a different thing)
venture37t105 is amd opteron based
taemunmy bad
taemunIOMMU is the amd name for it
TriskeliosIOMMU is also the technical non-marketing name for the feature
venture37I have high prescission event timer & demand based power management
taemuntbh I wouldn't be surprised if it was in the bios as VT-d anyway
venture37not a lot else that's relevant
Triskeliosventure37: there's no actual error in the screenshot, but presumably the system is about to start the X server at that point
Triskeliosventure37: can you boot with -vk?
taemunI'll go away, there are folks who know something around :P
CIA-33batschul <Frank.Batschulat@Sun.COM>: 6382683 lofi is confused about sync/async I/O
derekvhmm, so, to fork out a couple hundred bucks more for an enclosure with hot swap bays or spend the money on a couple more hot spares instead..
taemunderekv: depends on priorities, surely
taemunhaving hot spares doesn't really help if you can't power down to swap over the broken hard drive
taemunwell .. it kinda does
venture37Triskelios: I'm at the kmdb prompt now
venture37booted up with -vk
derekvSince this machine is not gonig to run critical apps, its mostly going to be a ternary backup and archival destination, so 100% availability isn't a huge priority, but I do think about the fact that I am not gonig to be onsite a lot of the time in the future
derekvI'm just thinking out loud.
TomJI put a bad disk label over a disk with prtvtoc | fmthard -  I copied a 135GB disk label on to a 300GB drive.  now I can't get rid of it and get it back to the right label - I tried fdisk -B, I tried deleting the fdisk partition and recreating in format.  but when I do the partition list, it still shows s2 (backup) as being 135GB
alancstallion: lol
stallionalanc: thought you might get a kick out of that ;)
Triskeliosventure37: appears to actually be a be a broadcom driver issue, there is another workaround at (b.o.o is down right now)
venture37Triskelios: trying it now
Triskeliosventure37: you have some familiar-looking relics in the right of the photo ;P
venture37one of the ultra 1s has a dead nvram & the other either needs the ram reseating or dead motherboard, either way, I will be able to bring one back to life using parts from the other
derekvhow often do you think i'd need to pull out the server if the drives are all internal, sata consumer grade disks, ... with 10 disks, say afr of around 4%, 40% of years, thats less than once a year.
derekvI bet afr is higher than that.
StricI have a sata storage (8disk) that has worked for 5+ years of pounding without any issues.. so it all depends..
TomJI have 16 x Maxtor 400GB drives in an array which I got second hand, and must have been at least 3 hours before I got them - 3 years ago - and I've had only 1 drive failure in all that time.  and before that I thougth maxtor drives were the shittest of the shittest.
TomJadmittedly I use them very lightly now - home media -  but they're probably too hot
derekvhmm, so maybe.
Triskeliosventure37: apparently you can replace the battery in the old NVRAM modules with a regular CR2032
venture37Triskelios: yes, too much hassle
vraazfs is a mixture between heaven and peanut butter
vraait's so amazing, the snapshot feature is so perfect, combined with dedupe, combined with compression, it's just all so sweet
vraai have files stored on a windows pc, and the osol box running zfs just rsyncs --delete every few minutes from the winpc to the osol box and it auto makes the 15 minute snapshots
Triskeliosdedup is far from perfect right now
Stricand if you're doing it wrong, it gets sticky
vraai set dedup=verify
alancfeeding it to a dog isn't as amusing to watch as pure peanut butter though
effnorwoodvraa - just don't try to zfs destroy on a dedup file system - you will be very sad
venture37Triskelios: Thanks for your help
venture37I gtg
RoyKTriskelios: dedup isn't very close to perfect now
vraawhy would i want to destroy my data lol? :) btw, i am doing "pfexec zfs list" and it used to give me the dedupratio but now i can't find it. i also did "pfexec zfs get dedupratio" and it pretends like nothing exists
RoyKvraa: zpool list
RoyKdedup is done in the pool, not in the dataset
vraaah thanks, lol so many times i confuse zfs and zpool, my dedup ratio is 3.77x
wrapsterim running into locale issues again.. and this time please take a loo at it.. it explains evertyhing... im unable to get thing working with ssh ... no matter what i try... If i export LANG then everything is fine.. By default after i change the init file and reboot.. nothing seems to occur...
wrapsterpls help..
edude03Hey everyone
edude03Can anyone recommend a (solaris compatible) relatively affordable sata card
stallionedude03: AHCI chips are the best supported, but there aren't many available as a card
stallionbaring that, it depends on what you want to use the controller for
stallionif you don't need ATAPI, the mv88sx chips are fine
edude03ZFS pool
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