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nachoxjumpers in a pci card?
Sp0tterNorrin: yes
[lewellyn]worst i've done is pfexec ksh93 -l
Sp0tterNorrin: the drives show up fine in the card bios
Sp0tteryea I know
Sp0tterall drives show up fine on boot
[lewellyn]gah. is useless today :(
[lewellyn]it's telling me to do what i've already done
NorrinSp0tter: is there settings on the bios that can / need to be set?
NorrinSp0tter: you have to use format first before zpool right?
Norrinformat and / or fdisk
nachoxthis has nothing to do with format
nachoxsolaris doesnt actually see any disk attached to that sata controller
Norrinok. thought it did.. he said zpool told him the disk wasn't ready
Sp0tterthere is already a zpool created with these disks
Sp0tterthe issue is the controller
Sp0tterand opensoalris interfacing with the disk trhough it
Sp0tterso with my other controller i had to flash the rom so it was just a disk controller and get rid of the raid featuers, but witht his one, it already has the "non raid" setting built in
Sp0tterand is already at latest bios revision
Norrinhmm.  hopefully that means my card won't have that problem lol
Sp0tteri'm glad we can make you feel good
[lewellyn] in case there are any kind souls who have good karma with the nfs gods right now
nachox[lewellyn], just use cifs :P
[lewellyn]nachox: cifs in 111b has issues
[lewellyn]and can i use autofs with cifs?
[lewellyn]the goal here isn't to add MORE infrastructure :P
[lewellyn]nfs works fine from other boxes, as i've said. that's the most annoying bit
lblumeGood morning people.
nachox[lewellyn], is it a known bug with b128 and hyper-v?
[lewellyn]nachox: gdamore said there was a change in 129 to dnet
[lewellyn]something to do with microsoft virtualization
[lewellyn]ok. looking at your link, how do i tell it which user to mount as?
nachox[lewellyn], ah, then wait :P much easier
[lewellyn]can't wait. i've delayed them a week and a half already. and it was supposed to be live yesterday :P
nachoxyou're actually considering using cifs? i was joking
[lewellyn]i'm considering anything which will get this into a functional state at this moment
[lewellyn]that page you linked to is somewhat confusing. does it only accept unix UIDs?
[lewellyn]and are ACLs honored?
Sp0tteri just reflash ones
Sp0tterto see if it made any difference, it didn't, its already the newest bios
[lewellyn]i don't see why one would need dirperms if it's using the correct authentication
[lewellyn]and i don't get how persistent passwords would work across boots
nachox[lewellyn], the cifs client in solaris is ackward, permissions and the suck are odd, you might want to read it's man page
[lewellyn](nor with domains)
[lewellyn]i'm thinking i'm skipping cifs
Action: [lewellyn] goes back to trying to decipher the data in wireshark
[lewellyn]i really don't want to have to use a few hundred gigs on the host running hyper-v :P
nachox[lewellyn], cant microsoft virtual machine emulate a different nic?
Action: [lewellyn] files a bug: "'Permission denied' is too vague of an error message from NFS"
[lewellyn]nachox: yes. but opensolaris doesn't see it
nachoxyou're stuck with a fast ethernet card? no gb ethernet card can be emulated?
[lewellyn]pci bus 0x0000 cardnum 0x08 function 0x00: vendor 0x1414 device 0x5353
[lewellyn] Microsoft Corporation Device unknown
[lewellyn]i think that's it
flyingparchmentin a normal VM, network card supposed speed has nothing to do with actual throughput
flyingparchmentyou could get 1GE speeds from an emulated 10BT card
flyingparchmentmaybe hyper-v artifically limits it, but that would seem odd.
[lewellyn]oh that's the video card
[lewellyn]flyingparchment: yeah. there's a bottleneck due to dec 21140 being less efficient than their own network card
[lewellyn]but it shouldn't matter
[lewellyn]not like i'll need more than 3-4mbit/s anyhow
[lewellyn]the problem is that i'm not able to mount nfs, not that i can't use the network :P
[lewellyn]i'm not terribly keen on running dev in hyper-v anyhow
[lewellyn] if the scanpci actually interests anyone
ranksI have a question about dedupe in snv_128a:  If I copy the contents of one directory to another on the same zfs filesystem with dedupe, I notice that the zpool usage doesn't go up, and the dedupe percentage goes up.  This is expected.  zfs list, and df, though show increased usage.  My question is ... What good is dedupe, if you cant use the space its saving.  I'm sure I'm just not understanding things correctly.
rankscan you go over 100% because of dedupe ?
flyingparchmentyou can use the extra space, but if df is showing that, that seems like an accounting bug
Exaltiathe lasest stable opensolaris is still 2009.06?
alancwill be until March when 2010.03 is released
[lewellyn]or thereabouts ;)
Exaltiaso, no security patch until that?
[lewellyn]that's about the summary, there. unless you pay for support or track the development builds
ranksflyingparchment:  so is this a reported bug in snv_128a ?
e^ipiExaltia: in the support repo perhaps
[lewellyn]i've also verified the dns (A and PTR) for the problematic host/ip :P
alanclots of security fixes in the support repo, and in /dev
[lewellyn]it's stevel!
[lewellyn]ok. so i guess i'll have to assume that i can't do what i want over nfs and have to copy it all locally :P
nachox[lewellyn], install fuse and use sshfs? :)
[lewellyn]nachox: that's not a helpful answer :P
Action: [lewellyn] decides that he's hating nfs again
[lewellyn]i've got a long-lived love|hate affair with nfs ;)
ranksSo, do I need to report a bug with dedupe ? Is it a known bug ? Or am I just not understanding how dedupe works ?
[lewellyn]nachox: hey. i'm the one who offers almost-plausible answers around here ;)
Action: [lewellyn] serves the files over tftp
nachox[lewellyn], nonsense, i got my helpful user of the month badge last night
Sp0tteri need this to work
[lewellyn]someone jumped the gun then. you have 3 more weeks to fuck up :)
[lewellyn]Sp0tter: i missed it. is this hardware on the hcl?
Action: Sp0tter stares at a bottle of pills and then looks over at his .357 mag :(
Sp0tter[lewellyn]: Trying to get jmicron 363 controllers to work
Sp0tterjust bought two knew ones pcie to replace this junky pci one ihad
[lewellyn]Sp0tter: you haven't seen enough of my moaning. your problem isn't as bad as what i deal with weekly ;)
[lewellyn]jmicron is craptastic
[lewellyn]i'd not use it for anything that needed high availability
Sp0tterthe installer sees the controller , says the driver is attached, and says its perfect
Sp0tterbut it can't see the drives attached to it
[lewellyn]where high-availability is more than storing your porn stash
Sp0tterbe nice
nachoxthat thread is about your card and shows the exact same behaviour
Sp0tteri've read it a hundred times
Sp0tterand tried both flashes they list there
Sp0ttereven though they are clearly mistaken
[lewellyn]GODDAMMIT. no 48-bit lba in guests. that's lame :P
Action: [lewellyn] reattaches on scsi
paulfAnybody had any problems with zvol performance?  ZFS filesystems are fine, but zvols are considerably slower for me.
Sp0tternachox: the "solution" from that thread is to update the controller bios so you can use un-raid mode... which mine came already updated and are in un-raid mode
miineSp0tter: does the cards bios screen offer an option to attach drives?
kokotiermy cifs server is keeping falling :(
Sp0tterthe bios is slick, it shows all the atched rives and their mode
Sp0tterand you can create a raid if you want
Sp0tteror disable raid
paulfCurrently running build 127, but I've seen the same behavior for quite a while
nachoxkokotier, you're using indiana 111b?
nachoxi did never have problems with b127 :)
[lewellyn]cifs should be fine in 118
nachoxSp0tter, did you see the same output in prtconf that the one shown in that thread?
kokotieri am dling a file with utorrent (win7) on my z: drive (that is the opensolaris share)
[lewellyn]ok. this isn't cool. solaris doesn't even see the virtual scsi adapter :(
Sp0tternachox:  yes
[lewellyn]kokotier: do you follow cifs-discuss?
[lewellyn]there have been recent threads about windows 7
Sp0tteri didnt
Sp0ttermine said AHCI and didn't have hte "raid" part
kokotierlewellyn no
Sp0tterand it had the right device code
kokotierthere is some isssue with win7?
[lewellyn]kokotier: read the past few weeks of archives (low volume list) and post if you still have questions :)
Sp0tterAHCI (classcode - 010601)
[lewellyn]i don't worry much about windows 7 yet, so i've not paid much attention
[lewellyn]i worry more about win2k than win7 :P
Sp0tternachox:  i'm in the installer now, and it shows the controller just fine
Sp0tterit says the driver is installed, all settings look right, and everything is peachy,
Sp0tterjust no drives
[lewellyn]all i can think of is that i'm missing some service for nfs clients... hm.
Action: [lewellyn] can't really click links atm
[lewellyn]smrt: explain mailing lists
smrt Mailing lists are a great way to be on top of (or better, involved in) the community. There are mailing lists for almost anything you can think of. See them all at
[lewellyn]that's where i'd look :)
ranksCan anyone answer why zpool shows dedupe working, but zfs list doesn't reflect it ?
Action: [lewellyn] hasn't touched dedupe yet
nachoxSp0tter, sorry, i do not know what to do, i'd mail drivers-discuss
TheBentZonei'd try with one drive
Sp0tternachox, ok thanks for trying
AbeFromanranks: by design
miineSp0tter: are there any kernel warnings?
ranksAbeFroman:  Then what good is dedupe if you cant use the space, because the filesystem doesn't see the gains ?  Im sure I'm missing something and just dont understand, and would like to understand.
ranksAbeFroman:  Can you go past when zfs says 0% available with dedupe ?
kokotierwhen i restart the RGE interface all is ok
latteraI have a cifs share mounted on a linux box
latteraI notice that I can't run programs that are stored on that cifs sahre
latterais there any way to be able to run programs stored on a cifs share?
kokotierchown * -R
[lewellyn]kokotier: so i'd blame the realtek nic :P
latterakokotier, that command makes no sense to me
kokotier[lewellyn] it is working fine
kokotierwith windows or linux
latterafound my answer, "No mmap or execute support"
[lewellyn]dude. this makes no sense. :(
TheBentZonelewellyn: you still playing whack a mole with nfs?
TheBentZonesolaris nfs server, clients are?
[lewellyn]i've verified forward and reverse dns. and it looks to do the nfs stuff right in wireshark, up until the final LOOKUP where it gets an NFS4_ERRACCESS response
[lewellyn]and nothing on the server's logs
TheBentZoneoh, have you tried mounting/remounting.  I know it sounds stupid, but our oracle guy gave one of our admins so really bogus nfsopts, and xfer rate was in the sh*tter.  I played with it for a bit, was trying something else, unmounted, and with sane options, we got our performance back
ranksFYI, nosing around some forums, I noticed where the dedupe issue I am experincing is a known issue.  they have several patches in place, but wont be fully resolved until snv_129
TheBentZoneranks: so you probably dont want to write any more data ;-p
[lewellyn]TheBentZone: i've tried rebooting the client a few times
TheBentZonenfs3 or 4?
[lewellyn]it's just being automounted
[lewellyn]111b client, 117 server
TheBentZonezfs share opts?
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