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Cirno-chanbruno0, what programming language are you using?
bruno0Cirno-chan: c
Cirno-chanbruno0, Windows?
bruno0mac os x
bruno0how I do that?
Cirno-chanLet me check.
Cirno-chanCan't find any tutorials directly explaining how to do it for Mac.
Cirno-chan(My experience with OpenGL is limited to Java+LWJGL, so... yeah.)
bruno0Cirno-chan: hmm in java how works?
RTFM_FTW- texture mapped quads...
RTFM_FTW- as one such example of this
RTFM_FTW- you can render (Quartz) texture directly though GL via this approach
RTFM_FTW- *text
Cirno-chanbruno0, getting the width of each letter, drawing it into a BufferedImage, loading that into OpenGL, and drawing those textures to the screen.
Cirno-chanDon't know what the equivalent, if existent would be for Mac's graphical libraries.
RTFM_FTW- specifically note these files:
RTFM_FTW- read what I linked :)
Cirno-chanRTFM_FTW, care to tell me what exactly you searched for?
RTFM_FTW- another good link (concerning performance):
RTFM_FTW- also note that the above approach is NOT what I'd use if you need a optimal text rendering path... there are MANY ways to make that faster
RTFM_FTW- if you are rendering large batches of text (which are relatively static) you can blit those into a FBO (via RTT) and display that as a single texture mapped primitive
RTFM_FTW- depending upon your needs you could also go for a lower level approach... i.e. generate one or more glyph textures (texture atlases would be handy for this if you need multiple fonts...) and use VA+VBO to generate the vertex / texture coordinate content used for per character indexing
RTFM_FTW- there ARE tools out there (for all platforms) which (a) generate glyph textures and (b) the resulting coordinate mapping required for OGL
bruno0changing the focus of question, I have a DS that I list my lines in scene, but I have created dashed lines to make an effect, when I set this lines with null value it's still drawed on screen, how I erase it?
NoobFukaireyou don't erase, you change start so when you render it doesn't show up
NoobFukaire*change state
bruno0change the coords?
bruno0RTFM_FTW:  I draw the text using glutBitmapCharacter one char pointer and pass it into a loop, drawing step by step
RTFM_FTW- well GLUT bitmaps aren't viable for a shipping application... for that I'd recommend using the approaches I noted earlier
bruno0RTFM_FTW: I had draw a dotted line but all lines now are dotted
bruno0how I draw one dotted line and change back to a solid line?
RTFM_FTW- stipple (which I don't recommend) OR a 1D texture and the programmable pipeline
bruno0I used stipple
bruno0but when I try draw a solid line without stipple set
RTFM_FTW- ugh use the second approach I mentioned... this *is* the way forward
bruno0it's cames dotted like stipple has set
RTFM_FTW- a simple 1D lookup texture and a fragment < program, shader >
RTFM_FTW- all of the crap one has to do with < stipple, non-stipple > state disappears with that approach
chroosi work with opengl the first time and i have some strange problems...
chroosfor example i have a class for a mesh.. i extend it to be a plane.. then i have an array of planes that i move around the screen..
chroossometimes there is some shaddow like thing but in the same color as the plane that always points to one of the other planes
chroosand sometimes its pointing to the camera
chrooshow can this happen when i have only meshes with 6 points
HuntsMana screenshot would be helpful
chroosi use it on a smartphone..atm
HuntsManyou're using GL ES then
RTFM_FTW- what platform, what ES version?
chroosandroid glesv1
Smirnovare there supposed to various texture rendering qualities, because im drawing a texture flat to the screen (shouldnt be minifying/magnifying) 1:1 and yet the rendering looks incorrect
HuntsManchroos: grab a screenshot
HuntsManSmirnov: are you using nearest filtering?
chroosHuntsMan ill try to run it on the emulator and take a shot
RTFM_FTW- rule #1: use the device :)
chroosthat yellow thing should only be a square..
SmirnovHuntsMan: yes
Smirnovi'm drawing a quad to the corners though [-1,1,0] [1,-1,0] etc and the window size is the same as the texture size
vadedoes GL_SAMPLE_TO_ALPHA_COVERAGE actually work for non sorted transparency  ?
vadei cant seem to get it to work here
RTFM_FTW- umm SAMPLE_TO_ALPHA doesn't eliminate the Z sort... not sure why you would think that it would :P
RTFM_FTW- there are ways to do that tho... this isn't one of them :P
vadewell, that doc seems like thread has examples that say, and work for others that not doing z-sort, but with depth enable, make it work :|
RTFM_FTW- umm no it doesn't :P
vadeblah, margarita for lunch makes typing hard
RTFM_FTW- in any case it sounds like you want OIT
vadethe cube in that example is nor sorted
vadeer not. fuck :D
RTFM_FTW- see above
vadeyea , but thats not supported on OS X is it ?
RTFM_FTW- umm you have everything you need for OIT on that platform...
RTFM_FTW- OCL for example...
RTFM_FTW- and interaction with OGL
vadefuck that noise :P
RTFM_FTW- per fragment sorts + atomic operations... all of that is supportable
RTFM_FTW- on the right HW
RTFM_FTW- of course depth peeling would be another approach to this problem...
RTFM_FTW- one which is completely supported through OGL
RTFM_FTW- in any case for more information on OIT I'd start here:
--- Tue Jun 1 2010
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