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[1]Arthahey all
[1]ArthaI am doing check_by_ssh and on the UI I am getting "Usage: check_by_ssh -H <host> -C <command> [-fqv] [-1 "
RomainKThat means you're not passing check_by_ssh the right arguments.
RomainKDouble check your check_command and make sure it works from the command line as the nagios user.
[1]ArthaI did a test on the command line and found that nagios require GLIBC 2.8, and I am trying to monitor a redhat system that has GLIB 2.5
[1]Arthayum report that is the latest version
[1]Arthais there a way around?
RomainK[1]Artha: the server you're trying to monitor doesn't need anything.
RomainKWhy would you install nagios on the server you're monitoring?
[1]ArthaI did not, all I did it copy the check_load to that box, and from the Nagios server I am doing check_by_ssh and execute that command
RomainKThey're not the same versions of the OS and you copied a binary  over..?
[1]Arthafor the command I am running: $USER1$/check_by_ssh -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -c "/home/nagios/bin/check_load -w $ARG1$ -c $ARG2$"
RomainKyou expected that to work?
RomainKAnyway, you need to find a version of check_load that's compiled for that RH version, with the right deps.
[1]Arthathank you, I have to track that down and see how I can get a version for RH
d_lowhey gang, can anyone help me with pnp4nagios
d_lowfor some reason im getting squares for my graph labels... I think it might be a localization issue, but im not sure.
d_lowfound it. missing deja-vu fonts
jmmhi everyone.
jmmI wish to improve my nagios setup, the problem is that some of the monitored host seems to have connections troubles, everyday it spam me with host down/host up alerts and notifications.Sometimes it's just for 1 or 2mn, but it can go to like 5.does got some ideas on how I should change my setup so it works better with such hosts ?
rubeus80Hi I need to take all data from nagios events, including perfdata. nagios.log doesn'f fit our needs...just show changes. I tried status.dat but is not a log. You need to check timestamps for hosts and services. With 500 machines and 10 services per machine this is quite complicated and inneficient...This data must be integrated into a business intelligence app
rubeus80I had a technical problem and quit...someone answered my previous question? if not sorry for this message
snibut it seems like you are looking for NDO or something similar
rubeus80sni maybe..just trying ti figure if it was possible with logs
snilike you said, the logs contain only the changes
rubeus80no way to configure nagios to create a log with everything?
snii dont know your goal, but maybe the performance data written to a file would be enough too
sniyou may enable the debug log :)
rubeus80suicidal but who knows
sniwhat are you trying to achieve?
rubeus80sni we need to get if there is a change in a service or host state..nagios.log ok with that...but also to get all the performance data in real time (i mean when it's produced)
sninagios is capable of writing performance data to a extra logfile
rubeus80that would do the work
rubeus80a lof for every service o host with perfdata or a single log?
sniif thats enough for you, have a look at
rubeus80sni thank you very much
snidepends on you configuration
rubeus80you people are always helpful
sniespecially the last chapter on that page
rubeus80I'll take a look
partnerseems to be quite quiet shift today :)
Zordraki am going crazy trying to work out why sudo nrpe calls are failing on a centos box. looking for help. everything done under an account called nrpe. su - to nrpe and this works fine:
Zordrak /usr/bin/sudo /usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/check_hddtemp /dev/sda 40 50
Zordraknrpe cant do it on its own
Zordrakrunning: strace -f /usr/sbin/nrpe -c /etc/nagios/nrpe.cfg -d
Zordrakthe only thing i can find is that just before the process exits it writes to fd2 (apparantly to nowhere since debug logging doesnt seem to log :/) "sudo: needs to be suid root"
Zordrak/usr/bin/sudo is --s--x--x, check_hddtemp is root.nrpe rwsr-xr-x
jmmwhat does ls -l /usr/bin/sudo tell ?
jmmoh :)
Zordrak /etc/sudoers is 0440
Zordrak=everything -seems fine.. not to mention as i said logging in AS nrpe and running it works fine
Zordrakbut the daemon just keeps failing
Zordrakthe sudoers line: nrpe ALL=(root) NOPASSWD:/usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/check_hddtemp,{others}
Zordrakselinux is disabled completely
Zordrakhence.. im going crazy
jmmhow does looks your nagios config for that check ?
Zordrakrunning manually from all over the place.. /location/of/check_nrpe -H host -c check_temp_sda
Zordraknrpe.cfg: command[check_temp_sda]=/usr/bin/sudo /usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/check_hddtemp /dev/sda 40 50
jmmyou could try to chmod +s check_hddtemp, but just to test.
jmmso you can remove the call to sudo, and check if it's ok.
Zordrakno joy
Zordraktrying without sudo call
Zordrak"UNKNOWN: please make sure script is running as root"
Zordrakrunning strace on the check_nrpe doesnt "seem" to get fed the sudo error.. looks like the connection is just killed which results in the normal "unable to read output". i assume this is just default behaviour when the daemon hits an abnormal exit
Zordrakwhats really baffling me is why it works manually under the nrpe account, but just not from the daemon itself
CapnDanmorning all!
CapnDanwhat's the configuration for adding topology to Nagios called?
CapnDanwhere you say, this set of hosts is "behind" this host?
CapnDan(so if this host is down, don't bother alarming on all the stuff behind it)
jmmCapnDan: look at the parent / child relation.
CapnDanparents!! perfect, thanks!
Zordrakmaybe i might get *somewhere if i can get some log output
Zordrakits set to log to syslog and debug.. but after the inital load, it doesnt spit a damn thing out to the log
Zordrakjmm: fixed it
Zordrakjmm: bloody stupid redhat defaults (hence why nearly everything runs slackware)
Zordrakjmm: centos' sudoers file has "Defaults requiretty"
Zordrakso, no tty login, no sudoers
Zordrakand a stupid unrelated error msc
Zordrakseems like i could solve a lot of my issues if i could somehow get nrpe to output STDERR from commands it runs
CapnDanWhoaaa Nagos hosts map looks so much better with that "parents" topology added!
ValcorCapnDan: shocking huh?
CapnDanIt's an iterative process, eh, I got all the important services in, enough to make my cowworkers go "oohhh" and "aaahhh" , now I can start adding the niceties.
CapnDanThe status map doesn't auto refresh or change colours when there are problems, does it?
LzrdKingit shows when hosts are down
CapnDan'k thanks.
LzrdKingand yes, even throwing in dummy parents really makes a difference
Action: LzrdKing has dummy parents
CapnDanin this case I have an esx box with windows, linux, and solaris containers on it, and the Solaris container has zones in it, which themselves of course have services, so it works out beautifully.
LzrdKingthe vrml map is cool, but i can;t get to the nagios server from my windows vm to view it and all the vrmol viewers for my mac suck
LzrdKingso i just do without it
LzrdKingbut seriously, my parents are cool
snii would like to add parents, i just don't know them :)
CapnDanWhat is that? "3-D Status Map" ?? Mine doesn't work either.
Valcorsomething not worh using
Valcorrequires a plugin for browsers to support VRML... and doesn't really give you anything worth it
LzrdKingwell it looks cool
snii would like to have a status map, based on host addresses
LzrdKingvrml is so 1995
ValcorLzrdKing: it does?
LzrdKingValcor:  in my opinion
CapnDanscreenshot of vrml display plz
LzrdKingcan't get one now :)
snii build my nagios without
ValcorI don't think 3.2 includes it any more
sniits really useless
LzrdKingit's in 3.2.0
LzrdKingbut there is no link, you have to go to statuswrl.cgi manually
Kalaverais there a way to split my configuration in files like a kind of include?
ValcorKalavera: yes
Valcorcfg_file to load an individual file, or cfg_dir to load the entire directory
Valcorbut you should see samples of that already in your configuration
Kalaveraso in this way could I have a customer directory with their own host and services files?
CapnDanKalavera: sure, you can just include them in your main configuration.
LzrdKingohh, using a directory may me helpful to me...
Valcorone entry, includes all .cfg files if they're under /etc/nagios3/objects
Valcorrecursively iirc
Valcorwhat you do under that dir, nagios doesn't care, as long as it has permissions to the files/directories, and they are correct syntax... you're good to go
adurotecDoes anyone know why this is happening on a remote host:
Valcordoes the command exist in $HOME/libexec/check_disk?
Valcordoes the user nagios have rights to execute it?
keith4holy shit
Valcormislabelled the libexec dir?
Action: keith4 blinks
Valcoradurotec: so does the user nagios, have a libexec directory in their $HOME directory?
CapnDanPet peeve of the day: explaining to Windows people that I don't have to tweak the memory of the Solaris server every time they start up a new application, or turn off an old one.
CapnDan"How much phyiscal memory does it have?" "Never mind."  "But, i'll be adding..." "I know. Don't worry about it." "But (bla bla bla) two gigs .." "Don't worry about it."
CapnDanActually I'm taking entirely the wrong approach, I should be saying, "Thank you for telling me, I'll make the necessary adjustments to Solaris."
adurotecis it possible to specify a different port for the plugin "check_https_url!10!20!/healthcheck" and if so where is this done?
ValcorCapnDan: ahh you're finally catching on :)
ValcorCapnDan: I've found it pointless arguing the same stuff over and over, and just tell them what they want to hear most of the time
Valcoradurotec: you can either edit check_https_url command definition to use a different port, or you can add another argument to pass the port into the check command, or you can create another command
keith4you should probably create a new one that takes a port parameter
adurotecso something like -p "$ARG4$" appended to
Valcorquotes not needed for the port number... but pretty much yes... then your call would append !portnum on the end
LzrdKingdoes nagios log sending notifications?  i'm not getting them emailed to me anymore and i don;t know why
ValcorLzrdKing: if you enable it yes
keith4if it suddenly stopped... it's most likely a sendmail problem
LzrdKinggod, what order are those options in?  seems random
LzrdKingis it possible to force nagios to send out a notification for testing?
CapnDanLzrdKing: what do you mean?
ValcorLzrdKing: you mean the test option under the service?
Valcor"custom service notification"?
CapnDanLzrdKing: yeah the different check_modules have totally different syntax.  Luckily all can be unified by the command{  } magic
LzrdKingvalcor: custom service notification is what i'm looking for, thanks!
keith4you can just find your notification command, and run it manually
LzrdKingugh, no route to host...
LzrdKinghooray! it was a nameserver issue
LzrdKingnagios will once gain be spamming me
CapnDanburn it out with fire!
LzrdKingburn out nagios?
CapnDanno, the nameserver
LzrdKingi was using internal nameservers instead of external ones
keith4having part of your notification process depend on DNS is potentially dangerous
keith4especially if you are bothering to check the DNS service
LzrdKingof course it depends on dns to send internet email
LzrdKingthough it should be able to work locally...
LzrdKingkeith4: why dangerous, unless dns goes down?
RomainKis it 5pm PST yet?
CapnDanlol not for another 9 hours or so man
RomainKThat's what I was afraid of.
LzrdKingno, only about 8 hours
CapnDanhence the "or so" :-)
keith4LzrdKing: for example... if you had used IP addresses for notification, you wouldn't have had your most recent problem
RomainKIPs for notification?
RomainKthat's something I hadn't thought of.
RomainKWouldn't an IP-based smarthost be better?
RomainKor is that what you meant?
keith4that's what i meant
Action: emias would usually prefer a local DNS server on the Nagios host.
emiasAlternatively, one could simply decide that DNS won't break, as we do.
ValcorI'd still use an IP based smart host
Action: RomainK has done the DNS slave on nagios server thing before.
RomainKBut for the most part, I just used IP-based everything.
LzrdKingi;m using procmail, it looks up the mx record when it sends mail
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