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DireFog"suck on it if you wanna live!"
DireFogbest. pick-up. line. ever.
_KaszpiR_and oral sex decreases thrat cancer? XD
_KaszpiR_now, let's not discuss about anal
_KaszpiR_Ogoor robie ci tego cod'a
_KaszpiR_Ogoor ale zeby miec mappack trzeba miec zainstalowana gre :/
CIA-20pcgod * r8ce81feb794d /src/mumble/os_win.cpp: Allow read-only access to the logfile on Windows
CIA-20pcgod * rd556ca3ce0f1 /src/ (13 files in 2 dirs): priority speaker - client side
CIA-20pcgod * r359d01c39dca /src/murmur/ (Messages.cpp MurmurIce.cpp RPC.cpp Server.h): priority speaker - server side
rawnarHow can I get information printed to the screen or command line from a positional audio plugin?
rawnarI am using MS windows 7 as an OS. There is also a post on the mumble forum that I started conserning this problem.
rawnarThe topic is General->General->Positional Audio for Borderlands
pcgodrawnar: you could use outputdebugstring in your plugin code and dbgview to see them...
B0nusehi all
rawnarDo you need to add a specific include to address the function
B0nusei dont understand - how can i use "icesecret" in icedemo.php?
rawnarpcgod: I will give it a try. Thanks.
B0nuse  have answers?
slicerB0nuse: Check the .ini
B0nuseslicer: I set the icesecret value in murmur.ini How do I specify it in icedemo.php?
slicerUnless you're using Ice 3.4, you don't.
slicerAnd if you're using 3.4, do the same as is done for Python etc.
B0nuseIs ise-3.3.1_1 not fit for use icesecret?
slicerNot with php, no.
B0nuseConsequently, icesecret can be used only with ice-3.4 and only with pyton?
dD0TB0nuse: No. On php only with 3.4 while the rest of the languages have no such restrictions.
dD0Tat least that's how I understand it. Don't use php
B0nusewhy can not I set in icedemo.php something like $ meta-> setIceSecret ("somesecret"); to use icesecret?
B0nuseOk. How do I use icesecret, if I install Ice-3.4.?
dD0TB0nuse: Ice is stateless. There's no such thing as a connection (much like http). So it cannot really tell appart your app from any other.
dD0TThe way secrets work is that they are added to the calls context. Meaning it'll be transmitted with every single call you do.
dD0TB0nuse: Sry. I never used php. If you can't find a packet I guess you'll have to compile the php extension yourself with the sources from zeroc.
B0nuseYou can give a specific example?
dD0TB0nuse: Though from what I read 3.4 is absolutely worth it with PHP. It gets so much saner ;-)
dD0TB0nuse: Specific example for what?
B0nusefor using icesecret with Ice-3.4, PHP and some command from icedemo.php
dD0TB0nuse: I guess it'll work pretty much like in python. With your communicator you do ice.getImplicitContext().put("secret", "supersecretsecret")
ipnozB0nuse, use ice_context(array(secret => 'password')) to set the icesecret with php
dD0Twell. Not quite like in python^^ Thanks for the info opnoz
ipnozno pb :)
B0nuseipnoz: ice_context() - is a function for Ice3.4?
ipnozYou can found it in ice 3.2 & 3.3, but i don't know for 3.4
B0nusewith Ice-3.3.1_1 - Fatal error: Call to undefined function ice_context() in /path/to/icedemo.php on line (num line with ice_context(array(secret => 'password')))
ipnozWell you have to add this function to your $meta endpoint thing
ipnoz$meta = $meta->ice_context(array(secret => 'password'));
ipnozThen you have to set the icesecret again if you cal the getServer() function
ipnoz$getServer = $meta->getServer(intval($serverID))->ice_context(array(secret => 'password'));
dD0Tipnoz: So it does work with 3.3?
B0nusei try to check
ipnozdDot, yes, I try it with a ice-php 3.3.1-12 from debian testing
ipnozit's works
dD0Tipnoz: I guess you have to set it for every call (= it isn't implicit)?
ipnozdDot : yes
dD0TI guess that's what slicer meant when he said it would only be available in 3.4
dD0Tipnoz: just fyi, it's dD0T (well actually .D0T but irc doesn't like that^^). dDOT won't trigger my highlighting ;-)
ipnozok ok :)
B0nuseipnoz: You can lead a realties working example for me, so I just replaced icesecret and was able to use it on your server?
B0nusebecause I tried - the script gives me either that he did not know such a function, or that icesecret not set.
ipnozB0nuse: try to find this line in the icedemo.php   $meta = $base->ice_checkedCast("::Murmur::Meta"); and change it to   $meta = $base->ice_checkedCast("::Murmur::Meta")->ice_context(array(secret => 'password'));
B0nuseFatal error: main() [<a href='function.main'>function.main</a>]: unknown method getDefaultConf invoked on untyped proxy in /path/to/icedemo.php on line (where $default->getDefaultConf();)
slicerB0nuse: Why do you need to use the ice secret, btw?
B0nusebecause not only am I using server
B0nuseipnoz: okay.. it works..
ipnozgood :)
B0nusebut whire is - $name = $s->getConf("registername");
B0nusescript return error - Ice_UnknownUserException Object
B0nuse    [unknown] => Murmur::InvalidSecretException
B0nuseI need to find a challenge call $s (like $meta)?
B0nuseI found   $servers = $meta->getAllServers();
B0nuse  $booted = $meta->getBootedServers();
ipnozwell you have to set again the icesecret for every call :     $name = $s->ice_context(array(secret => 'password'))->getConf("registername");
ipnoz$servers = $meta->getAllServers(); no need
B0nusethen foreach($servers as $s) {
B0nuse    $name = $s->getConf("registername");
B0nuseCan we not somehow add it to the main function?
slicerB0nuse: Not until Ice 3.4.
B0nusei just replace $meta = $base->ice_checkedCast("::Murmur::Meta"); to $meta = $base->ice_checkedCast("::Murmur::Meta")->ice_context(array(secret => 'password'));
B0nusethen add $s=$s->ice_context(array(secret => 'password'));
B0nusebefore  foreach($servers as $s) {
B0nuseand all is fine :)
B0nuseipnoz: many thanks!!!!
ipnozyou're welcome :)
B0nuseslicer: I think you need to add a script file like icedemo_secret.php ;)
B0nuseI can be added at the beginning of the script $icesecret="password";
DireFogSvedrin: Strato is awesome, I'm in a chat to get an authcode for my domains, and the support rep offered to nuke the whole server contract oO
B0nusethen replace ice_context(array(secret => 'password')); to ice_context(array(secret => $icesecret));
B0nuseand users, who want to use this example, should only replace the value $icesecret
B0nuseit works well on with Ice-3.3.1_1
Frymaster<CIA-20> [11:00] pcgod * r8ce81feb794d /src/mumble/os_win.cpp: Allow read-only access to the logfile on Windows <--- thank you thank you thank you :)
Action: DireFog seconds that emotion
B0nuse :'(
CIA-20pcgod * r77e70aa902c7 /src/murmur/ (5 files): Add Ice checksum and priority speaker flag
CIA-20pcgod * r80a79071ab63 /scripts/ ( Fix some Ice examples
Action: pcgod likes to break things ;)
dD0Tpcgod: Eh. What is that test thing you did there?
dD0TIce.loadSlice('', ['-I' + Ice.getSliceDir(), ''])
dD0TIs this checksum checking automated?
pcgoddD0T: no, checksums testing requires some more code :)
pcgoddD0T: see
dD0Tpcgod: I'm a bit confused by the getSliceDir() stuff. Is there a predefined directoty you should place slice files in on every system?
pcgoddD0T: for the files provided by zeroc, yes ...
dD0Tpcgod: So you are basically "Including" all the default files?
pcgoddD0T: no, but I added a include for a file in Ice and loading fails if it doesn't know the include directory
dD0Tpcgod: -I sets the working dir for that stuff then? (next try^^)
pcgoddD0T: -IDIR                    Put DIR in the include file search path.
dD0TAh. ok
dD0TNow I get it.
dD0TCouldn't find the docs
dD0TI hope slice2py will learn how to create a non-dynamically generated module in a future version.
pcgoddD0T: huh? slice2py stuff is non dynamic, but you still can't load the same slice file twice :)
dD0Tpcgod: It isn' still dynamically generates the Murmur module at runtime instead of directly creating that in the slice2py run....which is strange
dD0Tyou have to do import ThingSlice2PySpitOut and after that import Murmur....
CIA-20pcgod * r9b296bcc42a8 /src/murmur/MurmurIce.cpp: Don't require a secret for getSliceChecksums()
pcgoddD0T: hmm no? slice2py ..,  import Murmur -> works ...
dD0Tpcgod: For me it creates a I have to import. If I do that I have to import Murmur to get the real deal.
pcgoddD0T: it creates and a directory Mumur
dD0Tpcgod: Hm. I wonder why I missed that earlier. Though I don't think this changes anything for what I'm doing
B0nusebye all
Action: dD0T *facepalm* It works *head on hard surface*
mattiku_pcgod: Have you build libmumbleclient on windows? I still have some problems to build it. 'error C2491: 'std::ws' : definition of dllimport function not allowed'
Killmoredamn damn.. I want a mumble server.. why my sponsor dont give us choice between vent/ts and mumble :(
Killmorepure QQ, nothing else
pcgodmattiku_: never tried it on windows :)
mattiku_pcgod: I almost knew that =)
Action: pcgod waits for his windows build env to come up..
mattiku_pcgod: btw what is the license for libmumbleclient?
mattiku_pcgod: I would like to use libmumbleclient to integrate mumble client functionality to open source based virtual world viewer.
dD0Tmattiku_: I hope you are aware that libmumbleclient, at this point, is only an (incomplete) implementation of our wire protocol. It has no means to handle microphone or output yet :-( Though it would be great to see it extended to do so.
dD0Tmattiku_: And I guess it'll be BSD since that's what all our other code is licensed in. Though better wait for a definite answer from pcgod ;-)
mattiku_dD0T: thanks for info. Audio capture or playback is not a problem since we already have those functionalities. If libmumble client can connection to server(s) and transmit audio and positional data it enough for us at the moment.
pcgodhmm the question is: why doesn't cmake want my boost libraries :/
mattiku_pcgod: cmake didn't find boost for me so I just set variables manually
pcgodsetting them manually doesn't work... they get unset everytime i run cmake :)
mattiku_pcgod: I set them in cmakelists.txt =)
pcgodah... it works if i  set(Boost_USE_STATIC_LIBS   ON), set(Boost_USE_MULTITHREADED ON)  -> works :)
mattiku_I will try those
mattiku_I think I was alraedy using static multi threaded version of boost. Does it matter which version of boost you use?
mattiku_I mean version number?
mattiku_I have 1.42
pcgodsame here
AnthonyDa" Please try the new Überlay" gief link?
dD0TAnthonyDa: It's in the snapshots
mattiku_pcgod: when you build libmumbleclient on windows did you use static or dynamic link for runtime libraries?
pcgodbuilding windows stuff is strange :/
pcgodmattiku_: pushed windows build fixes
pcgodhmm but you need ... because ms vc has no stdint.h :/
pcgod(and I'm too lazy to change everything to boost::uint64_t etc) ;)
mattiku_pcgod: yeah, I got stdint.h from somewhere it's not a problem. I'll do pull and test those fixes, thanks
mattiku_pcgod: so you did managed to build it on windows? Did you use Visual Studio or some another compiler?
pcgodmattiku_: it builds and works with visual studio :)
pcgod(and now also as a dll...)
mattiku_pcgod: you must have more luck than I have. I get still errors like this: error LNK2005: _memmove_s already defined in LIBCMT.lib(memmove_s.obj)
pcgodmattiku_: I have lots of warnings but no errors...
mattiku_pcgod: sounds good. So I have to have something different on my environment then.
mattiku_pcgod: mumbleclient project builds ok but main project fails
pcgodmattiku_: try to disable WITH_MPG123 (with cmake gui or by editing the cache file)
Ogoor_KaszpiR_, `Zuko:co jest z mumble?
`Zukowyjebalo sie
`Zukonie ma nikogo kto moglby zobaczyc co sie stalo, kaszpir pije z trawa
Ogoornapisz smsa
Ogoornie tu
Uncle|SamHi there. One question, how can i find out the channel ids of my server? at the wiki page there is a howto with but i cannot find this tool anywhere
pcgodthey are in the log if you edit a channel or use the sqlite3 command line tools to get them
Uncle|Sam<7:UncleSam(1)> Renamed channel AllTalk[39:0] to AllTalk test <-- does this mean my channel id is 39 ? or 39:0 ?
pcgodUncle|Sam: 39
pcgodUncle|Sam: 0 is the id of the parent
Uncle|Samah ok
Uncle|Samso if there is a subchannel it will be XX:39
Uncle|Samthx, if sb is looking for free mumble servers :P
Ogoorhmm nadal lezy serwer
Ogoorwysypal sie serwer 1.5 h temu
ubuntujak chcecie to mozemy u nas wam zrobic kanaB.
Ogoornie trzeba
Ogoori tak nei mam czasu siedziec dzis
rawnarQuestion about the pointers in the pos audio plugins.
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