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Kattai tried to compile mumble with CONFIG+=no-g15 but i still get G15LCDEngine_unix.cpp:41: Fehler: »G15_PIXELBUF« wurde in diesem Gültigkeitsbereich nicht definiert
PolarinaKatta: The ./configure script takes in arguments which you can pick features you want compiled with mumble.
Kattaqmake i guess
Kattaqmake CONFIG+=no-server CONFIG+=no-g15 CONFIG+=no-dbus
krejlerKatta: If you added no-g15 as an afterthought, and didn't have it there when you first ran qmake, it might not have propagated through to all makefiles. :)
Kattaoh .. so .. what to do then?
krejlerKatta: make distclean; qmake -recursive CONFIG+="no-server no-g15 no-dbus"
Kattathanks, krejler
Kattafinally works
CIA-9dd0t * r1c8d12791e34 /src/mumble/Messages.cpp: Fix mistake in previous message patch
Kuntsihmm, i can move users to other channels even if the receiving channel has move acl denied (move acl's denied for me and other channels by default)
Kuntsiis this working as intended or are others getting this too?
Kuntsioh and of course there is a move acl allowed on the channel an user is being moved from
pcgodKuntsi: i think you need enter or move permissions on the destination channel
pcgoddeny both -> move denied
Kuntsioh, ok
Kuntsii was thinking a system where there are channels A, B and C, everyone could enter to all these channels and everyone would be able to move users between A and B, but not to C
Kuntsiin practice think about game gather where a captain is randomly chosen and they pick the team, it would be easy for him just to drag players to right team channels
Kuntsibut it looks like it requires quite excessive ACLs to work
Kuntsicurrently it works fine but one can move users away from these channels and can't move them back
Kuntsiso i'm just thinking that why allow moving with just enter ACL. IMHO move ACL required at both channels would be more logical and practical
pcgodKuntsi: in your example, who should be in A, B and C?
Kuntsiwell that ABC thing was more of a generic example
Kuntsiin practice a community mumble with one channel set for gather matches: lobby, team1, team2 and x numbers channels for generic chatting
Kuntsiall players enter lobby when gather is starting and everyone could move them to team1 and team2 channels
Kuntsibut moving would be denied from and to any other channels
Kuntsi"any other channels" being the x number of generic chatting channels
metalfan_got another basket case, everything i say gets recorded on his end and is send back to me with some delay. he is barely understandable, even my cheapest (30€) headset does produce better quality.
DGMurdockIIIhave you guys thougt about ever doing a bug day like mozilla dose?
dD0TDGMurdockIII: What would that be good for?
DGMurdockIIItake a look at what a mozilla bug day is
dD0TDGMurdockIII: Eh well. We don't exactly have as many tickets as they do.
fwaggleDGMurdockIII: i think slicer treats every day like bug day ;D
fwagglemetalfan_: is his OS windows? if so, tell him to check out the recording volume control
fwagglemake sure that his microphone is the only source that's selected... on my old mediavision thunderboard sound card (i believe it was) i could check multiple sources, including the PCM output of the card itself, which could produce feedback in a VOIP app
metalfan_will do thx
fwaggleafter he's done that, he may need to set up his audio better in the mumble audio wizard, to try and reduce the gain (my cheap logitech usb headset, the vibrations from the speaker will travel up the plastic boom and cause feedback, so i have to very carefully set up the audio to minimize that
OwnerTargetCan i get a guide to edit the sqlite file and edit admin?
KingPin1rofl @ <Kissaki> no
davemDebian testing: in 1.2 everyone else on the server can hear me (and me myself with loopback) I however get "Unable to find matching CELT codecs with other clients. You will not be able to talk to all users" any ideas on how I hear people?
Polarinadavem: Linux?
Polarinadavem: Did you compile CELT yourself?
davemdebian testing, and no
davemusing whatevers in the repo's
Polarinadavem: Download, compile and install CELT into /usr
PolarinaThen: ln -s /usr/lib/libcelt.0.0.0 /usr/lib/libcelt.0.7.0
Polarinadavem: It is important that any changes to the algorithm will break compatibility, so you will need to compile from the same source as everyone else.
davemsmeg, that doesnt seem to have worked
fwaggleslicer: to confirm, the passwords in the database are hashed with SHA1?
dD0Tfwaggle: yes
Action: fwaggle is adding an FAQ entry on the subject :p
PhantiumHello, I have a question regarding MurMur on CentOS 5. I am receiving this error, but ONLY when I use -supw passwordhere. >> Caught SIGTERM, exiting
fwagglePhantium: is it your box or someone elses?
PhantiumMy own
fwaggleoh, well there goes that idea - i was thinking maybe some security monitor software is killing the process because it has su in it haha
Phantiumhaha, well I am not running it as root obviously. But no security monitors installed :)
PhantiumIt is running on a VPS however.
PhantiumSame problem running as root with the user switch in the ini file
sb|worktry strace then :p
PhantiumDon't have that installed right now.
fwaggleyeah i don't know why it'd be doing that :(
PhantiumMe neither, been trying to figure it out for a while now.
PhantiumDoes this help? Failed to set initial capabilities
fwaggleout of curiousity what happens if you type cat - -supw
fwaggledoes it just sit there until you ctrl+d?
PhantiumJust says invalid
PhantiumNo, shuts it off right away
PhantiumAlso with -fg
fwagglehrm yeah i dunno what to tell you :(
PhantiumI'm using the static 1.2.0beta version, is there another I could try?
Phantiumfwaggle, same thing happens on windows.
PhantiumI'm out of ideas here.
PhantiumAny other way to get a superuser account without using supw?
PhantiumHmm got it to work
PhantiumNow I need to figure out how I may add another superuser, could someone tell me? :)
fwagglePhantium: register another user, sign in as superuser and add them to the admin group
fwaggleif you're using 1.1.8, you'll need some kind of rpc interface to add a user, if you're using 1.2 beta you can do it all right from the client
PhantiumThanks fwaggle I'll try that
PhantiumDoes the user I want to add to the admin group have to be online?
PhantiumCan't seem to figure out how to add a user to the admin group while only logged into SuperAdmin.
Phantiumor superuser for that matter
fwagglePhantium: sorry, was afk.. to register them via the client, yes they have to be online (so it knows what their cert is)
Phantiumok, thanks :)
fwaggleif you want to add users offline, or you want passwords on user accounts (in case they change their cert) you'll need ice and a suitable front-end
fwagglePhantium: i think by default, users should be able to register themselves on a new server
PhantiumYeah I did that, but using only one client I don't have both online right now
fwaggleso to bootstrap your own superuser account, simply login with your desired username, right click yourself, choose register.. then log in again as superuser and add your username to the admin group
PhantiumWhat is a good front-end to use for mumble?
fwaggleiunno, i host mumbles so i wrote my own.. never really messed with any of them
PhantiumOh, I did register. But I am not able to find how to add it to an admin group
fwagglefirst go to the configuration window and enable "advanced" or whatever it's called now
fwaggleit's a checkbox under the list of categories
fwagglethen right click the root channel, click edit, and the acl/groups editors should appear
fwaggleclick the groups tab, pick "admin" from the dropdown box, and in the "members" box type your username, click add
fwaggle(in case you're wondering, not everyone who installs a mumble client will be admining a server, so the "advanced" features checkbox is there to keep them from being overwhelmed with options they'll never touch
PhantiumAwesome, thanks! Yeah I assumed so
PhantiumJust a bit difficult to find though
PhantiumAnd I do not quite understand why I received that error message in the logfile, if -supw is not suppose to start the server. Then why output an error?
PhantiumI didn't understand at first that it's only to set the password, and that you need to run the server without -supw afterwards.
PhantiumI assume it's not possible to change the name of the Root channel?
fwaggleafaik the root channel takes the name of the server's registername.. if that's blank it's called "Root"
pcgodfwaggle: correct
fwagglepcgod: woohoo!
PhantiumAwesome, thanks
PhantiumSeems to work :-D
bwRavenclHello everyone, I was just trying to connect to my murmur 1.2.0 server using a CACert client certificate. But murmur rejects all those connections. Now I wonder why it behaves like this, cuz it accepts self signed certificates seemlesly, so why not accepting CACerts that are much more secure in my eyes?
pcgodbwRavencl: most openssl installations don't include the cacert root ca, so you would have to add that
Phantiumyeah that's correct, have to add it all into one file
bwRavenclok thx a lot i will try that now :)
PhantiumFrom my experience with SSL certificates at least
--- Sun Nov 29 2009
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