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RST38hthen it does not count, no lasting effects =)
RST38hhohoho, looks like XFade finally fixed the repos
mtnbkrNuD1t7: reminds me of a joke some co-workers played on one of the bosses (a really smart guy)   They set his Windows backgroud to a BSOD.  lol   and fun was had by all :)
fralstaking screen, setting as bg then hiding icons and taskbar is pretty funny to do at LANs
NuD1t7hahah I once did to my boss a small joke but it blew out to bee big by mistake : a made a shortcut on his laptop with the IE icon and command to give the windowmessage "Stupid user detected! Refuse to work with idiots, I'll go sleep." and then there was the shutdown-command .... funny and not that big deal ... unless my boss hitted the shortcut in a big meeting and laptop connected to videoscreen
NuD1t7sorry my english sucks ...
n900-dkNuD1t7: heh, did you get fired?
lcuki added a big red button to the testing version of the app, didnt tell any of hte team what it was, but displayed a confirmation dialog and everything and had a caption underneath it telling them not to press
lcukin the later reports it was the most pushed button on that round
lcukhey pupnik
fralsyou know you wouldve pushed it as well lcuk ;)
lcukfrals, not at all
lcukkids party was tiring
pupnikno volume control on em eh?
frals6 files changed, 323 insertions(+), 144 deletions(-)
RST38hHalf the messaging protocols are down again
RST38hWeird crap
Action: RST38h puts on the robe and excorsizes the daemons
fralsis there any decent scp gui around?
Action: lcuk gives RST38h his spare wizard hat
RST38hMidnight Commander?
lcukfrals, winscp
lcukwhich os are you wanting it from
fralslcuck: for device
fralsRST38h: prereably touchfriendly ;)
RST38hit is touch friendly
fralsbad latency on ssh atm ><
RST38hMidnight Commander works very well with xterm mouse support, and Maemo xterm has that
lcukscp IS ssh ?
RST38hOk, IRC plugin still not fixed =(
lcukisnt it
fralslcuk: afaiu more or less
lcuki might go n laze in the garden and make some code notes
carloscesamtnbkr, ok, I'm installing the Load Applet app
n900-dkIs it possible to turn this off, when subscribing to threads at tmo: "There may also be other replies, but you will not receive any more notifications until you visit the forum again"?
mtnbkrcarloscesa: let me know if you can get the "record movie" option to work... Mine records black screen only.   I think there was/is a bug for that but I have not had time to go back and look that up again.
jacekowskibesides, somebody said something about animated wallpapers
jacekowskidoes anybody have any more details on that?
kynkyuses battery
jacekowskibut i need some links
lcukjacekowski, anything running cpu will
lcukbut yes live background support is there
fralsenormous potential for cool stuff!
lcuktmo has a thread
mtnbkrjacekowski: I got that in my twitter feed from   mwkn  the other day.   I have to say I am not too impressed with the video though
mtnbkrjacekowski: but only because I have seen "live wallpaper" on Nexus One and that looked really cool, and VERY smooth
jacekowskiwell, it's still early phase
jacekowskilot of room for improvments
lcukmtnbkr, baseline app
lcukdifferent methods for things will appear
lcuksame for everything else, multiple ways to skin a cat
mtnbkrlcuk: yeah, I hear that...   Not trying to disparage any development or any devs.
jacekowskiit's hildon-desktop that's dealing with wallpapers in maemo?
Action: lcuk thinks vlad and wazds streetviews will be cool
lcukespecially when they add real weather i nit
Action: slonopotamus pokes X-Fade
slonopotamusX-Fade: reupload for autocleaned version doesn't work:
povbotBug 9902: Autocleaner purged _all_ versions of sflphone-client-gnome from extras-devel
slonopotamussaying 'there's a newer version' when repo has _none_ is kinda... broken.
jacekowskimtnbkr: cpu in n900 is more than enough to handle something like that
tmr1can anybody check whats my n800 available from outside?
RST38htmr: of course not
wazd <- matrix LW in progress :)
Appiahtmr1: it works
RST38htmr: Your record is pointing to which is your local address
RST38hOh, wait, it resolved somehow =)
korhojoatmr1: there is still something that points to
RST38hwazd: ...and the same in cyrillics ;)
wazdRST38h: heard bout Live Wallpapers? :)
RST38hwazd: Yea, but I am not quite amused about them - too much power drain =(
wazdRST38h: well, they work only when you're looking at them :)
wazdRST38h: ofcourse they'll drain a bit more than jpg file :D
wazdRST38h: I'm working on the matrix "text rain" animation for them :)
jacekowskiwarp10: i was thinking about same thing
RST38hwazd: is it a bunch of jpegs?
wazdRST38h: nope, ofcourse not, am I mad? :D
n900-dktmr1: What do you want to know from the status2k page?
RST38hwazd: I have been thinking of implementing the eSheep on top of that
wazdRST38h: a bit like flash animation, keyframes and stuff
tmr1n900-dk, nothing, just demo
RST38hwazd: Check this out:
RST38hwazd: any inspiration? =)
tmr1n900-dk: n800 running debian apache mysql php, demo
wazdRST38h: oh, I've used it long ago :D
wazdRST38h: pretty cute :)
n900-dktmr1: nice :)
Triztsad that -rootwin option on mplayer don't work on the n900, that would make the coolest animated backgrounds
RST38hwazd: Get the original program and install it on Windows
jacekowskii'm not sure if using opengl for these live wallpapers is good idea
RST38hwazd: It is freaking hilarious
jacekowskiin terms of power consumption
wazdRST38h: not sure that original will run under w7 :)
RST38hwazd: Try, it won't kill you. A moment.
jacekowskii like that idea as well
wazdRST38h: yeah, especially w7 x64 :)
jacekowskibut after i make chrome usable i'll make matrix wallpaper
RST38hwazd: Or here:
RST38hwazd: Urgh. May actually run.
javispedromoo RST38h
javispedroand everybody :)
jacekowski14:22 [freenode] SpeedEvil [~user@tor/regular/SpeedEvil] requested CTCP PING from jacekowski: 1271506956
wazdRST38h: nope, they all want 32 bit
wazdjavispedro: heya
RST38hwazd: A kinda suspect that scmpoo is actually 32bit now
RST38hwazd: check them
jacekowskiSpeedEvil: what do you need?
javispedrowazd: hehe, as live wallpaper?
wazdjavispedro: yep
Action: RST38h kills an iPhone user for javispedro
jacekowski1st somebody would have to make it work nicely
Action: javispedro blends the resulting iPhone into iPhone gas and releases it into the atmosphere, resulting in more canceled flights
RST38hIs that poisonous?
korhojoa"iphone dust, don't breathe this!"
jacekowskiiSmoke, don't breathe this
korhojoaoh. damn.
jacekowskiyou failed
korhojoaeh. haven't seen those that many times
korhojoawhat did he say when he blended the ipad?
javispedrosame iirc
korhojoawhat was funny though was that the display kept working for quite a long time after he started bashing it to bits
jacekowskiYou have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you.
korhojoaonly after that he bent it to shit did it stop working
javispedrokorhojoa: the touch screen went crazy though
korhojoaI lol'd.
jacekowskikorhojoa: well, there is not a lot of elektronics into it
jacekowskikorhojoa: electronics*
javispedrojust explosive pletibonium
korhojoait only exists in the RDF
javispedrolol. has been invaded by shoemaker spam
javispedro see the comments
korhojoa"cheep Ugg bOATS!1"
javispedro"Thank you for the info and for the invitation. I was almost barefoot when I read this upcoming events of yours!!"
korhojoaWe need more colour.
Xisdibikwhat is this colour you speak of korhojoa
jacekowskicolour is used only in UK?
jacekowskior there are any other countries that use colour?
lcuk3.5gb over wifi
javispedroover 3G -- end of the world.
jacekowski15g over 3g
jacekowskiin a week
lcuki just need to backup my /home/user fully :)
lcukmmm right click properties gave 3.5gb
lcuknow the copy dialog says 10g
lcuki wonder: can i fiddle with the mounting for usb support to give rootfs access so i can copy faster under linux
SpeedEviljacekowski: My network connection I though had fallen over, so I pinged you to confirm it. It seems it had not.
luke-jrjacekowski: 'colour' is everywhere except USA
luke-jrincluding Canada I think
luke-jrbasically, USAians like to misspell it so much they made it an official typo
b0unc3hey guys, is there any way to get the powerkey press signal ?
tmr1b0unc3: cat /dev/input/event2
pupnikjavispedro: re overclocking... what about just briefly spiking to higher mhz when, for e.g. emulation is slowed by some system process.  might be an effective trick to reduce jittery/missed frames
javispedrochanging freq takes cycles
javispedrounless you can somehow predict when it's going to jitter...
pupnikah so it cannot be so finegrained
pupnikusually if something slows down it hits for a few hundreds of m sec
javispedrowell when it jitters here it's usually modest being launch and checking mail
javispedrowhich is more of an io thing than cpu
b0unc3tmr1, it doesn't work
pupniknobody have a sdk for n900 yet?
pupniki thought lcuk would by now :)
MohammadAG_most developers have an sdk
javispedrofor on-device dev
tmr1b0unc3: n8x0?
javispedropupnik: theoretically, "cloning" (like in the older days) the system to an sd card, adding sdk and tools repo to it should work.
javispedrothen chroot.
Nils^hi, anyone in here who develops apps for maemo5 (n900) with Archlinux?
b0unc3tmr1, N900
MohammadAG_javispedro, or easy debian
javispedroMohammadAG: you'd have to uninstall debian and install maemo inside the chroot. not funny...
pupnikjavispedro: maybe the best way to share that would be a wiki containing script(s)
MohammadAG_javispedro, just install the SDK like you would on a PC
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