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simula_or it might be another one
redeemani hope that installs to /opt - / doesn't have enough space for that
simula_heh, nopes
simula_they ate up all my root.. i'm down to like 10megs :)
simula_i'll install everything i cook up to opt though
Xisdibikdmj7261: 47:72:61:76:69:74:79:20:69:73:20:61:62:6f:75:74:20:74:68:65:20:61:70:70:6c:65:20:66:61:6c:6c:69:6e:67:20:66:72:6f:6d:20:74:68:65:20:74:72:65:65:2e
XisdibikI wrote you something ;)
dmj7261Your IPv8 address?
dmj7261I've written lots of things in hex, but I'd rather not draw pictures in it.
tank-manx-face maker :)
AakashPateldmj7261: ivp8?
AakashPatelDoes that even exist yet? lol
dmj7261a joke...we're still not fully on IPv6
dmj7261no it doesn't
AakashPatelYeah haah
dmj7261(but it was too long to be IPv6
dmj7261hmmm...could have vanity IP addresses, just like license plates.
AakashPatelYeah, tahts what i was wondering lol
dmj7261A corporation might choose something like:
dmj7261or even
zashdmj7261: lol
JoshTriplett1Hi.  I report and triage a lot of bugs in the Maemo bugzilla, and I wondered if I might request "canconfirm" or "editbugs" permission, so that I could more easily help with triage rather than just noting a necessary status change so someone else can make it.  What procedure exists for requesting such permissions?
DocScrutinizerdmj7261: .--.  .-..  .  .-  ...  .    ...  -  ---  .--.    -  ....  ..  ...    -.  ---  -.  ...  .  -.  ...  .    ...-.-
JoshTriplett1DocScrutinizer: What nonsense? ;)
GeneralAntillesJoshTriplett1, we don't really have a strong formal process for it.
GeneralAntillesBut talk to Andre about it.
Action: JoshTriplett1 fixes his nick.
JoshTriplettMust have gotten disconnected at some point. :)
GeneralAntillesI'll ping him tomorrow if I remember.
JoshTriplettGeneralAntilles: Thanks!
jebba900anyone tried video plugin with pidgin?
GeneralAntillesJoshTriplett, he's usually on here under andre__
GeneralAntillesJoshTriplett, it's about 5 AM there, though. ;)
jebba900JoshTriplett, also see #maemo-bugs and there is a bug day on the 15th, see the wiki
JoshTriplettjebba900: Yeah, I saw that on Planet.
microlithwoohoo, newegg charge for my N900
DocScrutinizer51microlith, gimme your account info. I'm happy to charge you as well if you enjoy it so much :-P
Action: Xisdibik charges microlith's card aswell
Vrathajust got Nokia Messaging setup for my email today
Vrathai wonder how much they plan to charge for that when it goes live
Vrathaif i have to, i'll just setup my home system to text message me when a new email arrives
JoshTriplettVratha: I feel certain that won't prove necessary. :)
Vrathayou think it's going to remain a free service/
JoshTriplettVratha: Most likely, but even if it doesn't I feel certain that Maemo will support other mechanisms for achieving the same thing.
Vrathamaybe.  i'm waiting to see inbox search and "smart folders"
Arkenoibtw i do not see imap folders in gmail with nokia messaging and duplicate sent and draft folders instead :-( is it known bug?
JoshTriplettArkenoi: The duplicate sent and drafts folders represents one of the most requested missing features.
JoshTriplettArkenoi: See and
povbotBug 2557: Keep Sent and Drafts on IMAP server
JoshTriplettArkenoi: I don't know what you mean by the other issue.
JoshTriplettPossibly an issue with IMAP subscriptions; I think Modest (the email client) only shows subscribed folders.
ArkenoiJoshTriplett, it is not local folders and server folders - it is two copies of server folders
JoshTriplettArkenoi: Oh.  That sounds like a different issue, then.
JoshTriplettArkenoi: I don't know the problem there, sorry.
JoshTriplettArkenoi: Possibly a known issue, possibly not.  I'd suggest doing a quick search on bugzilla to see if you see the bug, and if not you should report it.
Arkenoione has "globe" icon and one has regular one, but the contents are the same - i see server-side messages that were not sent via nokia messaging in both
Arkenoiand there are no subscription options, at least none i could find
microlithtracking number even
JoshTriplettmicrolith: :)
JoshTriplettmicrolith: I know that feeling. :)
JoshTriplettArkenoi: Modest doesn't have any visible subscription options; it just hides any folder you haven't subscribed to.
JoshTriplettArkenoi: But in any case, the behavior you described definitely sounds like a bug.
microlithI can retire this ancient A1200
JoshTriplettArkenoi: You should report it.
timperiamiga 1200?
JoshTriplettmicrolith: Heh.  I can beat that: this replaces my Nokia 3120b. :)
microlithtimperi: you must have big pockets :)
timperiit's the nonfunctioning microphone that bothers me really
ersinhey does anyone know why hard vfp is disabled in scratchbox?
ersinso silly that the n8x0 has a vfp unit and that it doesn't get used
ersini understand that a lot of apps are compiled w/ thumb to make them smaller
ersinbut there are still plenty that use softfp
ersinwhoa looks like i disconnected
ersindid anyone get my question?
JoshTriplettersin: Netsplit; not a problem on your end. :)(
JoshTriplettEr, :)
JoshTriplettAnd yes, your question went to the channel before the netsplit.
ersinis that an ice cream?
DocScrutinizer51freenode barfed
JoshTriplettersin: IRC means "internet relay chat"; the "relay" part means multiple servers pass messages back and forth.
JoshTriplettersin: Freenode, like most large IRC networks, has many servers.
jebba900ok so the liq* apps are fantastic
JoshTriplettersin: The connection between two of them got broken, and everyone on the wrong side saw everyone else disconnect. :)
ersinthat's kind of funny when you put it that way
ersinlike mass online schadefreude
luke-jrFreeNode should setup redundancy -.-
JoshTriplettersin: You can see that in the quit messages; they all say "".  Means split off.
JoshTriplettluke-jr: *More* redundancy, apparently. ;)
ersinah, thank you joshtriplett
luke-jrJoshTriplett: afaik, FreeNode only uses a single connection between any two servers
ersinso does anyone know about the vfp unit?
luke-jrvfp is not a unit
ersinbut the n800 has support for it built in, no?
ersinyet scratchbox gcc only supports emulated vfp
Scummeror split off.. depending on what side you're on :)
ersinor "softfp"
DocScrutinizer51luke-jr, if that's been a oopsie on, it's hard to setup redundancy for it's users
derfersin: Assume anyting luke-jr tells you is wrong.
derfvfp is a unit.
ersinderf: lmao ok
ersinthat's what i thought...
luke-jrderf: no u
luke-jrScummer: is not a server
Scummerwhat ?
Scummer*** Current server: 6667
Scummeri disagree
ersindr_cain: pluto is not a planet
luke-jrScummer: is a round-robin
derfersin: And yes, the N800 is ARM11, which has vfp.
ersinso then why doesn't scratchbox support the hardware vfp by default?
Scummerok.. ok.. a dig does show multiple ip's for which is the cname for irc is the whole infrastructure
derf"softfp" does not actually mean software-emulated floating point.
derfIt's just specifying the ABI.
luke-jrersin: are you actually asking why an emulator is emulating?
ersinwhat does it mean then?  i do remember from compiling 770 kernels (which don't have vfp) that there is a kernel module for fp emulation
derfersin: 22:30:14 < derf> It's just specifying the ABI.
DocScrutinizer51so the statement "for the split off" is absolutely correct
ersinluke-jr: um...yes, in a sense...why is it emulating when there's no need for it
ersinderf: sorry i didn't see that
luke-jrersin: an x86 CPU is not going to support vfp, so ... there is a need for it
ersinluke-jr: excuse me...?  i'm talking about the n800
luke-jrscratchbox *on* a N800?
ersinthat's not how cross compiling works...
ersinyou don't need a pc with vfp support to have a cross compiler that supports vfp
luke-jrso why do you think this cross-compiler isn't making binaries that use vfp?
ersinluke-jr: ...are you trolling?
ersinluke-jr: that's the whole reason i came here, to ask if anyone knew why the compiler was doing that
luke-jrwhat makes you think the compiler is doing that?
ersinare you familiar with scratchbox?
ersinbecause it only supports -mfloat-abi=softfp
luke-jrnope, never touched it with a 10 foot pole
luke-jrthat's an ABI
ersinwhereas other arm cross compilers support -mfloat-abi=hard
ersinyes...yes it is
luke-jrafaik softfp ABI can use vfp
derfersin: -mfloat-abi is _just_ the ABI.
ersinderf: it seems fishy then that other places on the internet report using -mfloat-abi=hard
ersini mean, i guess my question then is if anyone knows what the difference is
ersinbetween "softfp" abi and "hard" abi
derf"Specifying `soft' causes GCC to generate output containing library calls for floating-point operations. `softfp' allows the generation of code using hardware floating-point instructions, but still uses the soft-float calling conventions. `hard' allows generation of floating-point instructions and uses FPU-specific calling conventions."
SpeedEvildoes the n900 have hardwarefpu?
derf(or man gcc)
ersinderf: thank you for that gem
DocScrutinizer51I guess hard is using direct machine opcodes while soft uses the lib
ersinso then essentially hard *is* more optimized
luke-jrSpeedEvil: that's what vfp is...
derfAnd note, for cs2007q3-glibc2.5-arm7, the default flags are
ersinso why wouldn't diablo scratchbox use hard...?
derf-march=armv7a -mcpu=cortex-a8 -mfpu=vfp %{.S:-mfpu=neon} -mfloat-abi=softfp -fno-omit-frame-pointer -fno-optimize-sibling-calls %(old_cc1)
luke-jrersin: most likely the reason it won't let you do ABI hard is because ScratchBox is specifically for targetting Maemo
luke-jrand Maemo uses softfp
luke-jrand the two ABIs are not compatible
ali1234actually they are compatible on new eabi according to what i read
ersinluke-jr: yes, obviously, but i'm saying why isn't the *whole thing* in hard???
ali1234but does diablo use new eabi? i think not
luke-jrersin: OS2008 still supports 770 to some degree, perhaps?
ersinhmm good point
ersinalright then, i'll settle for softfp for now
luke-jrthe real question I have now is why my Gentoo on N810 is using softfp ;)
ali1234SpeedEvil: cortex-a8 fpu infos:
ersinbut mark my words, one day fremantle will run on the n800 in all hard vfp
ali1234the short answer is a8 has vfp but it has neon too, and neon is better
ersinluke-jr: hah, of all distros to run unoptimized lol
ersinali1234: i didn't think that n800 uses a8 cortex?
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