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hrwwho knows will pr1.2 get released at all
javispedrowill be the same when pr1.2+1 comes, etc.
hrwwho knows? maybe they will bump soname of libs this time?
javispedrothat wouldn't help
hrwso libhildon1 in 1.2, libhildon2 in 1.3 etc
hrwanyway it just shows how nokia care about devs
javispedrothe issue here is that if we built packages in the pr1.2 sdk they have a libhildon2 dep, if we build packages in the 1.0 sdk they have a libhildon1 dep
javispedrowhatever they use pr1.2 or pr1.0 features
hrwimplement shlibssymbols
DocScrutinizerhrw: (sonames) let's pray
Jaffahrw: Agreed
javispedrohrw: requires newer debhelper :(
hrwjavispedro: dh7 is in repos
hrwand yes, I know that shitbox can override some parts but that can be workarounded with magic shitbox env vars
Action: javispedro thinks about upgrading the debian toolchain in a pr and shudders
javispedrobtw (ot) does rpm implement something akin to dpkg's .symbol files?
hrwno idea
hrwI know one thing - I need to collect all my sd/microsd/etc cards cause I lost track
godrikHi guys, I got a question about MeamoMapper and GPS on the N810. I can not get a fix at all unless I start Nokia's Map application which get a fix immediately. Is there a way to "fix" MaemoMapper ? Or an easier way of getting a fix than using Nokia's Map ?
_berto_<hrw> implement shlibssymbols
_berto_that would be the solution
hrw_berto_: question is: is it worth time?
_berto_I think it is, there are lots of compatibility problems in debian because of that
_berto_you cannot install a package from a more recent distribution in cases where you should be able
javispedronote that I tried to create a package with .symbols files using the base maemo toolchain, and you can.
Action: noobmonk3y lost in the semi's :(
javispedrothe issue is that the amount of verbosity with the current outdated debhelpers is huge
_berto_but does it work?
X-FadeWe could do tests with:
javispedroyou can't use dh_shlibdeps and have to bring your own.
javispedroif you call that working ... :D
X-FadeThis is a newer devkit, but we need to make sure that is not breaking more things than it fixes.
_berto_what do you mean by 'bring your own' ?
javispedroreimplement it or grab the newer debian's version and put it in the packaging
_berto_I can prepare a list of the symbols introduced in each libhildon release, if that helps
javispedro_berto_: even if they're not used, we could start doing that NOW.
noobmonk3yMohammadAG, /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/Scaling_available_frequencies - is that the one to list from?
Action: andrewfblack is running Open Office, and Inkscape on his N900....Well ok I'm running it on my work PC but the files are stored on the N900 lol
javispedroX-Fade: interesting. seems to ship updated dh_shlibdeps (unlike the lenny devkit :P )
X-Fadejavispedro: Yes it does.
Action: javispedro wonders if that will be the default for harmattan
X-Fadejavispedro: Quite possible. The tools will be updated to more recent versions at least.
MohammadAGnoobmonk3y, cat it, does it give you four/five values?
MohammadAGif yes, highest (first) is max, lowest (last) is min
noobmonk3yjust splitting them down now and will add them
MohammadAGof course divide by 1000 to make it MHz instead of Hz
javispedroanyway, does anyone consider getting hildon .debs rebuilt with appropriate symbol times BEFORE pr1.2 (and at least before pr1.3) possible? I have my own doubts :P
X-Fadejavispedro: On the builder we can install an additional package for instance.
X-Fadejavispedro: Containing symbols.
javispedroheh, ugly but would work :P
X-FadeOr change the sdk locally.
javispedrosymbol files go iirc to /var/lib/dpkg/info/libfoo-dev.symbols (reason I think an external "libfoo-dev-symbols" package would be ugly)
javispedrosee your local debian install for samples
X-FadeBut would keep the original sdk in place.
X-FadeNot really feeling a lot for maintaining an sdk :)
godrikHi guys, I got a question about MeamoMapper and GPS on the N810. I can not get a fix at all unless I start Nokia's Map application which get a fix immediately. Is there a way to "fix" MaemoMapper ? Or an easier way of getting a fix than using Nokia's Map ?
javispedrothe symbol files also need maintaining... :P hopefully, less.
lcuki want to know how you have gps on n810 that gets a fix immediately
lcukX-Fade, would any sdk modifications be forward thinking
godriklcuk: if I start Nokia's Map while outside, I got a fix under a minute
godrikreproducibility: 100%
lcukso that when we come round to 1.3 for instance we could use same principle
javispedroor harmattan, with the community maintained hildon
lcukor is this a sticking plaster specifically for 1.2
X-Fadelcuk: Ideally the sdk people would fix it ;)
Action: lcuk nods sagely
X-FadeBut with that symbol package we could do it ourselves.
andrewfblack made it to under vote in less then 2 hours
javispedroliking it so far.
X-FadeWe now install the optify package after rootstrap extraction too.
lcukandrewfblack, your blog post fails when i click from planet
X-FadeSo in that step we can add the symbols.
javispedroof course the fact that we align more with debian again is a nice plus :)
andrewfblackrefresh screen should work then
X-FadeThe only tricky part is the devkit.
lcukX-Fade, optify should theoretically be a noop on scratchbox
X-Fadelcuk: No, package optify thingie.
lcuki know
lcukahh different one
andrewfblackwow I've hit 7 thumb downs now on each my blog posts now
lcukandrewfblack, do they all fail to show when you click them
lcuklike it does for me
javispedrohm... mailing list bouncing my message :S
X-Fadelcuk: maemo-optify in extras-devel.
X-Fadejavispedro: and it should ;)
andrewfblacklcuk: I think its my new theme they used not to but this week they started failing some
javispedroaw, sorry, wrong From: address :(
lcukandrewfblack, yeah, your theme this week has been quite gloomy :p
andrewfblacklcuk: been a gloomy week for me
lcukis that why the thumbs down
andrewfblacklcuk: me being gloomy or bug in me theme?
andrewfblackI think because I've been gloomy
lcuka bit of both i think
lcukyou need to fix external links into your site though if you want your message
Action: noobmonk3y prods lcuk
javispedrosigh. The only reason tmoers want more mods is to ban posters that lie to them about release date of pr1.2 :P
w00t_MohammadAG: ping
Action: andrewfblack needs to write his own wordpress theme
nidOjavispedro: sounds good to me \o/
javispedronid0: bah. if the ridiculous pr1.2 thread were to gain a few posts more  I would've posted that myself
javispedroi'm sure the original grandposter of the "pr1.2 released" thread is now laughing from the comfort of his couch
andrewfblacklcuk: there a little less gloomy looking now
andrewfblackwow ranked up 2 more thumb downs
E0xany way tool for get battery status in number , i was trying to get /proc/apci/battery/BAT0/info
E0xbut not luck
asaany GSOC mentor here?
rm_youis maemo/meego doing GSOC?
rm_youBTW, sup Stskeeps
Stskeepsnot much
rm_youhows work?
rm_youlast time you said "frustrating" so i guess things are looking up? :)
Stskeepsyeah - i am, working for is cool :)
basilhi, i upgraded my scratchbox to 1.2, now my progs don't work for the n900, how can i downgrade my scratchbox?
MohammadAGbasil, afaik you can't
MohammadAGunless you install the old packages manually
basilapt-get install libqt-maemo5?
slonopotamusmwahaha :D
Shapeshifterbasil: :o
Shapeshifterbasil: PM
basilPM? Package Manager?
Shapeshifterbasil: private message ;)
ShapeshifterI queried you.
basili'm new to irc, what means to query?
basilembarrasing, i know
Shapeshifterbasil: I think you can't downgrade the SDK, you'de need to remove it and reinstall the old one. Though it might be better to find out what the actualy problem is with your progs because PR 1.2 will be out some time in the future.
SceltPR 1.2 out?!?
C-S-B-N900when is pr1.2?
C-S-B-N900should be soon
javispedroPR1.2 is out, quickly go post that on TMO!
_berto_we're waiting for the final release of duke nukem forever, it'll be one of the highlights in PR1.2
t-tanhurray!! let's start a new thread on TMO! :-D
javispedroPR1.2 is so last week. Can we find another story already?
MohammadAGMeeGo UI on the N900
Stskeepsyou mean a xterm?
MohammadAGStskeeps, no a UI! (was just answering javispedro's request :P)
javispedroMohammadAG: then call it propertly! "Handset UX"
Action: slonopotamus yawns
slonopotamuswhy care?
MohammadAGjavispedro, off to TMO then
w00t_anyone know whether krk969 (author of showtime for maemo) comes on IRC?
javispedro~seen krk969
t-tanI want online speech recognition and translation in PR2.0
infobotjavispedro: i haven't seen 'krk969'
w00t_javispedro: he might use another nick, that's just his TMO user
Action: w00t_ doesn't know
javispedrobonus points since both of the threads where in active topics a few minutes ago
w00t_MohammadAG: did you have any luck btw?
w00t_if not I'll give it a crack in a bit
MohammadAGw00t_, yeah, I postponed test, so I guess that's good luck
Action: MohammadAG fires up scratchbox
w00t_when is it now?
MohammadAGsat :P
Action: MohammadAG goes to laptop
Action: VDVsx wonders why the channel is so quite today 0.o something happened for sure :D
Stskeepsdunno :P
hrwusers got tired of waiting for pr1.2 and mass sold their n900s
VDVsxah, the meego forum, is everybody posting there ? :D
Shapeshifteroh dear, they made a forum
VDVsxtmo 2.0 :D
DocScrutinizerhrw: any pointers to good cheap sells?
t-tanlots of overclocked devices melted. the remaining healthy ones are sold on ebay for very high prices
ShapeshifterVDVsx: btw, do you know how many gsoc applications maemo got up til now?
mikhasI just read "users got hired for waiting for pr1.2 and mass soldered their n900s" - perhaps the pizza was too spicey, after all ...
DocScrutinizertell me where from you got these spices
VDVsxShapeshifter, not sure, didn't checked in the last two days
DocScrutinizererr, 'spices'
ShapeshifterVDVsx: when you last checked, how many were there?
mikhasthoses 'spices' supposedly came from the UAE ...
mikhashmph, too late for a "1st post!" already
Action: DocScrutinizer got hungry for a good pizza now
venkathi all, im planning to submit a gsoc app for creating a remote app for maemo, which is similar to ""
venkatusing dacp , to control itunes
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