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graphitemaster8 full pages of libs :(
Viking6678 console pages? so that's 8*30 lines?
Viking667or 8*64 lines?
Dominianlanguage please
Viking667(I have 48 lines, 128 chars)
graphitemasteri think ldd found my problem!
graphitemasterGLIBCXX_3.4.11 not found (required by libsfml)
graphitemastersee it needs it..
eryn_1983hey peeps i need some help
eryn_1983is there a channel for awesome or wmii2 window managers?
eryn_1983i need some help i cant get my keybindings to work, the default ones worked for like one session and then stopped
Viking667Whoops. I need to shut this down, my computer lost its keyboard mind.
valangraphitemaster perhaps you need the libstdc++ dev package
Viking667whew. Console locked up on me...
Viking667Anyhow, I'm out for a little while.
codebrainzgraphitemaster, it compiles ok here with gcc 4.43
eryn_1983ok time to  ask the experts... anybody use awesome or wmii2?
marienzin the past, but not recently
eryn_1983how do i get the  keybindings to work
wastreli've tried both but didn't stick with them
eryn_1983they worked like one session and now nothing..
wastreliirc there's a separate program that handles keybinding you'll probably need to make sure it's running
graphitemastercodebrainz: libsfml
graphitemastermy application that depends on sfml doesn't though
graphitemastercodebrainz: can you upload the new compiled libs to my site for me?
codebrainzgraphitemaster, upping ... not sure if it'll work though.  i compiled using STATIC=yes, and I'm on amd64
graphitemasteroh noess.
graphitemasterwell wll see if it works :P
graphitemastersmd64 bit compiled libs for a 32 bit os.
graphitemastercodebrainz: how large is the ul?
codebrainzit's the whole release dir with src and bins, 12MB lzma
codebrainzit says file too large
graphitemasterone sec
graphitemastertry now :P
graphitemasterif($_FILES["file"]["size"] < 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999)
graphitemastershould be no larger then this I assume
graphitemasterin bytes
danieldgwhy would you even bother checking that
graphitemasterwell because i had a limit and changed it :P
graphitemasterthe limit was no larger then 5 megs
graphitemasterand instead of commenting it out i just through in a million 9's
danieldgit's possible for that kind of thing to backfire, depending on how the language handles overflow
graphitemasterphp is nice it just trims that shit
graphitemaster* stuff
danieldghopefully it at least tells you it's doing so
graphitemasterif i tell php to to printback verbose info yes
graphitemasterbut atm no :P
graphitemasterthats this chan yes wastrel
mustuHI, I am studying the Backup section at howtoforge
GryllidaHello. I store some files on a windows xp machine. the windows user shared them with permission everyone full control. I'm on Ubuntu 10.04, and while being able to edit them allright, when I make new files, they have only me on the permissions list. resulting in the windows user unable to open them...
mustuI need some advice as I need to unerstand what exactly I need for my case
Gryllidathe files themselves are stored on the other machine, not on this one , I get to it by smb://ip/. what can I config to fix it? Possibly to make the files I create inherit the permissions of the directory I'm making them in?
codebrainzgraphitemaster, Stored in: upload/sfml-1.6.tar.lzma
mustuI need a backup mirror of my LAMP server which can become active as soon as the primary goes down.
Viking667the other thing with uploads that you have to watch is the ability of the filesystem to store a suitably large file. Thankfully, most these days will take > 2Gb
Viking667wouldn't be an issue for 5Mb
fmejim--- you happen to be around?
Viking667that rather makes me wonder what command I use to (try to) mount a smb filesystem stored on a Windows machine.
fmeim having issues with LVM after unlocking with cryptsetup luksopen
Viking667I looked for smbmount, but I can't see one.
Viking667Ahh, found an equivalent
graphitemastercodebrainz thanks
graphitemastercodebrainz: can i replace my old ones and not change symlinks or do i need to change symlinks also?
Viking667just checking for what package it's in now.
spanzzerhi for all
Viking667why, I can't see all here. Is she around?
mustuHey ALL! I need some Backup/Restore Planning advice!
fmepvs shows a PV of the right size as LVM2, but it is not listing any logicla volumes or anything
fmeany ideas?
fmeit WAS working, but now it is now =/
fmei have LVM inside LUKS, the disk is unlocked with cryptsetup luksOpen
Viking667"now it isn't"?
fmenext step would be to lvchange -ay but it is saying there arent any volume groups
fmeViking667 yea, not it isnt
fme<3 typing
landspitehow do I determine how long a linux kernel build took?
Viking667hm. now I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong with mounting a cifs share...
Trampfme: try pvscan; vgscan; vgchange -a y
fmevgscan returns no vg's found
fmei think LVM somehow got corrupt or something =/
fmeit was working, i rebooted, now, no wory
anankeanybody here with dell c6100 servers? i can't seem to locate documentation on the default username/password for the bmc they used. it's made by megarac/ami
graphitemastercodebrainz: incompatible lol
graphitemasterall this and i was silly because they where 64 bit
graphitemasterI'm so pissed.
codebrainzgraphitemaster, i was pretty sure it wouldn't work :)
Viking667There. Worked THAT out...
graphitemasterwhat idiots compile libs using gcc 3.2!?
graphitemasterlike 2 weeks ago
graphitemasterthoes are brand new.
graphitemasterthey still useing gcc 3.2 at there end
graphitemasterthey're idiots.
graphitemasterI'm going to keel em.
Viking667possibly because 3.2 is more 'stable' than the 4.x series of compilers?
Action: Viking667 shrugs
Viking667mind you, they were having a bit of trouble with some of the 3.x series for a while.
graphitemasteri've been at this all day.
graphitemastersince 3 PM
graphitemasternow it's 10:30PM
Viking667hm. It's 2:30pm here
graphitemaster7 hours.
graphitemasterat least i got the os working this was a pain.
graphitemasterbut now to get one application one little app..
graphitemasterso much work.
valanrain is a good thing
graphitemasterexp when you're usng openbox and uxterm
winstonsmith2600tar -cvf ../bean.tgz . is a tarball... but what do you call find . -print0 | cpio -0 -H newc -ov | gzip -c > ../bean.tgz     .... is it called a cpioball?
Viking667now you know how much work I had to do in earlier releases of mono just to get monodevelop, monodoc and mono-doc installed.
graphitemasterfor 7 hours all i been looking at is a black creen and white text :P
valanwhat's wrong with black screen and white text?
Viking667valan: sometimes not enough contrast.
SpiceMandoesn't confuse color blind people
graphitemasterit gets annoythign when you're reading tutorials in elinks
SpiceManwhich is bad for laughs (?)
graphitemasterand wgettign webpages for hours on end.
graphitemasterwget getting
Viking667winstonsmith2600: well, you oughtn't call it .tgz then.
valanyou coulda run links on the framebuffer!
Viking667not if there's no framebuffer
Viking667and doesn't cpio provide compression anyhow?
winstonsmith2600yeah.. that was a slip... meant bean.cgz
Viking667so gzipping it would be redundant
codebrainzi don't cpio is compressed
Viking667or would in most cases make it larger.
Viking667I'll have to look. I don't think it gloms them together like tar
winstonsmith2600mmm... well. just wanted to know what it's called... is it cpioball?
Soleti'm trying to wget -O "/home/user/files/somedir/myfile.txt" it's scripted to figure out which "somedir" to put it in, but not all the possible "somedir"s exist so wget keeps failing, is there a flag for wget that will tell it to make the directory if it doesnt already exist?
Viking667hmm. It supports a number of formats
Viking667winstonsmith2600: no idea.
Viking667compressed archive
Action: Viking667 waits for a 40Gb Windows filesystem to have its file permissions changed
Jennifurhallo sushemsu
sushemsu: D
fmehere is the ouput of pvdisplay
fmeim sure i there shoudl be a VGname there
fmei think somehow something in that got corrupt, and now it doesnt know i have 4 logical volumes
fmeany ideas how to unbreak this?>
sushemsuumm so basially have a bit of a huge problem and pastebing isnt much of an option at the moment but need to either find a way to make fdisk unfail in linux or get hp disk boot key util for xp 64 bit : (
valanwhat does "make fdisk unfail" mean?
sushemsufdisk doesnt actually alter the flash drive event though it says it wrote to it : / and kinda ina  rut (also when the flash drive is put into ntfs and fdisk is used to try to reformat it to vfat in linux it says it writes with a verbose output but no actual change)
sushemsuthisis to create a repair disk for another machine on a flash drive
Viking667... huh?
Viking667"make disk unfail"? I've never heard of that.
sushemsusorry fdisk
Viking667oh, that was my bad.
valansushemsu i'm not understanding what you're trying to accomplish
sushemsuwell either to make the flash drive bootable through linux or get a file so it can be done on winxp64
valanwhat os are you trying to boot off of it?
sushemsuthats not the point ; p
sushemsuwindows 7 for the main machine
valanyou're trying to install windows 7 on the flash drive?
sushemsuand zenwalkslackware
sushemsuput the install cd on it
sushemsuthe problem is it needs to be bootable and thats all that is needed
diegoviolawhat do you guys think of plan9, is it an useful OS like linux?
valanyou put the windows install disc on the flash drive and you're trying to boot it?
gordboydiegoviola: too old, but nice in some ways
valanthere is/was a more recent fork of plan9, dunno if it's active still though
diegoviolagordboy: old? i thought plan9 was the sucessor of unix!
ennuiis there a bash command that will create a blank file? couldn't find it on my cheat sheet :/
sushemsubut the only goalis to make the flash drie bootable
gordboyennui: touch newfile
valansushemsu i don't even know if that's possible, but you should ask in ##windows that channel is more appropriate for what you're trying to do
diegoviolaif Linux is a UNIX clone, and plan9 is the sucessor of UNIX, then Plan9 is more advanced than Linux?
sushemsuits not for windows really
sushemsujust need help in linux making the flash drive bootable
sushemsuunfortunatly when attempting to get fdisk to alter the flash disk there arent any error codes really since it says that it changed he partition
valansushemsu it needs a bootloader which knows how to load the kernel for the os, if it's windows you're trying to boot than you need to talk to the windows guys
sushemsuchannel : ( please list cant really show it in this text mode irc client
reisiosushemsu: wha?
sushemsuand ty for reading it
sushemsuwoah just got a message spam through the irc client about scsi : p
gordboydiegoviola: linux is what unix should have been. plan9 is just more of the same old unix, but with threads instead of processes
reisiogordboy: ...wha?
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