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wizard_My guess is _many_.
miguel000I do not run the script from inside the console
miguel000but it will be run for instance by udev
theadminmiguel000: hm... well, you can ask it to open xterm I guess but... how to wait input?
xeon-enoufflo`: are any others (google) also having an issue with that make/model? which pm software do you use?
miguel000yeah, I know how to get user input, just wonder how to get a console pop up
wizard_I read that removing HAL from Ubuntu is safe now.  Anyone have a link to more info on that?  I cant seem to find anything confirming or rejecting the claim.  I read it on the Arch forums.
Psi-Jackwizard_: If by maybe you mean ~10, possibly.
theadminwizard_: Many apps depend on HAL, without it you won't be able to run those
Psi-Jackwizard_: err, if by _many_, etc.
flo`xeon-enouf, others are having it. they weren't able to solve it. others with the same laptop never had them.
xeon-enoufflo`: have you tried peerhaps and flo` when booted regularly, what's cat /proc/cmdline ? .. erm.. maybe you should upgrade to squeeze -- Lenny is old now
wizard_theadmin: peopel are saying that udev takes care of that now since Ubuntu is trying to purge HAL.
Psi-Jackwizard_: udev and hal do two entirely different things.
go|dfishthey're probably talking about xorg-server 1.8
xeon-enoufflo`: it might be in some of the acpi* pkgs, .. your newer kernels aren't going to do much if the PM software is old/flakey ... one sec though
anankewizard_: again, you're making a big leap in assumptions. you think that when 'company A' uses something, it must translate to 'everybody using something'. That's simply not the case. being present in a data center does not equal being present on workstation.
wizard_Ubuntu went from HAL to udev for device management in 9.10
flo`xeon-enouf, root=/dev/mapper/VolGroup00-lennyroot ro quiet
xeon-enoufflo`: maybe you can get something from this; (even though it's a dell, not ibm/lenovo) at the bottomish concerning standby/suspend -- are you using laptop-mode and acpid?
wizard_Psi-Jack:   post #3
flo`xeon-enouf, yes and yes
xeon-enoufhrm .. ok flo` .. maybe remove quiet to see boot messages -- i don't think lenny or any debian adds 'quiet'
xeon-enoufbut maybe newer ones do - ubuntu does, not debian (or didn't in the past)
flo`xeon-enouf, it does ;)
Psi-Jackwizard_: Again. udev and hal do TWO entirely different things.
rethusmy gimp is english, what can i do to get it german?
JigSaw-2hwinfo --usb | grep "Serial ID" | grep [0-9][A-Z]   and   hwinfo --usb | grep "Serial ID" | grep [A-Z][0-9]  is same or different ?
wizard_Psi-Jack: Ubuntu moved things from HAL to udev.  I'm just parroting what I read on launchpad and the Ubuntu forums, and the Arch forums.  I could be wrong.
Psi-Jackrethus: Hack it's legs off? ;)
JigSaw-2( the grep difference )
xeon-enoufflo`: i wonder if your issue has to do with the possible way the dm-* modules are loading ..ugh
go|dfishJigSaw-2: different...
rethusPsi-Jack: har har har
go|dfishJigSaw-2: and the [..] stuff should be quoted
wizard_Free Server 1.8.0 with udev to Replace HAL
Psi-Jackwizard_: You _could_ be wrong about a great many things. Why don't you actually look up the differences of udev and hal now? ;)
go|dfishgrep '...'
JigSaw-2go|dfish, will both of them gives the diff output ?
wizard_Not wrong,.
go|dfishJigSaw-2: they could
xeon-enoufflo`: you feel you really have a need to use lvm on a laptop? with one HDD? :-p
Psi-Jackxeon-enouf: LVM is awesome.
flo`xeon-enouf, yes, as i'm often juggling with distros. repartitioning sucks ;)
rethushow can i switch gimp to german language ?
flo`xeon-enouf, some other guys told me to use a up-to-date live cd. that will not have dm-*, right?
xeon-enoufPsi-Jack: so is kvm .. just doesn't make much sense on 192MB ram :-P
Psi-Jackxeon-enouf: But your statement about using lvm on a laptop with only one hard drive, means you know little to nothing about lvm's full qualities.
wizard_rethus: In LINUX: in console mode, type LANGUAGE=en gimp or LANG=en gimp replacing en by fr, de, ... according to the language you want. Background: Using LANGUAGE=en sets an environment variable for the executed program gimp.
rethusi have exactly try this. didn't work
xeon-enoufflo`: sure, more recent LiveCDs (knoppix,, fedora) will have most lvm/mdadm/etc modules already
xeon-enoufPsi-Jack: no, it means you know nothing about partitioning, nor kvm
theadminLANG=ru vlc does not work ere :/
wizard_rethus: export LANGUAGE=no_NO:$LANGUAGE
wizard_without no, use de
Psi-Jackxeon-enouf: Okay. Grab your katana. We're gonna fight this out.
rethusif i type env, i see my LANG
wizard_no is norwegian
wizard_rethus: if you use Ubuntu, the second link should work.
rethusdidnt work
rethusyes, use kubuntu 10.04
rethusbut didn't work
rethusmay cause of missing language-pack?
wizard_rethus: do you have Deutsch language installed?
wizard_Do you use German already?
wizard_on yoru PC?
rethusi didn't found anything like that for gimp
rethusjes, whole system is german
GNU\colossusI'm looking for a free, technically cound web-CMS with a free template available that fits a store selling antiques - suggestions, anyone? :)
wizard_GNU\colossus: Joomla?  Druple?  Wordpress?
wizard_All are easy
theadminGNU\colossus: CMSMS too
ch077179I am looking for a good tv software under linux, I have a pinnacle PC TV pro adapter (I think it's a 350pro)
wizard_oops, I mean
ch077179thx, do you think it works under fedora?
wizard_Mythbuntu is UBUNTU.
xeon-enoufthere's very rarely a _good_ reason in the world to use lvm on 1 HDD (and flo` s case is one, perhaps), period -- just like there's not many good reasons to slice your / into many partitions in 95% of the cases. This is why i asked flo` - and still, that's not a good reason IMHO, but to each their own (a good reason would be to use it to learn how it works, to be used in other deployments, where it would help a ton setting quotas, and resizin
ch077179I remember trying to get mythtv running under opensuse..
Psi-Jackxeon-enouf: You've just proven how little you know about Linux, LVM, and partitioning practices.
ch077179hm, I am actually looking for something to watch tv on my normal laptop, without changing the current os
GNU\colossusxeon-enouf: I disagree. LVM snapshots alone are woth having everything except /boot under LVM's stern guard.
xeon-enoufsnapshots? what's wrong with tar.gz / ?
DominianI use LVM on everything
selckinlvm does cow?
Dominianxeon-enouf: snapshots are literally 'pictures' of the live running file system frozen in time.. and a lot faster than tar'ing an entire drive
GNU\colossusxeon-enouf: that's really just asking for inconsistent data
xeon-enoufDominian: no it isn't faster
xeon-enoufGNU\colossus: nno it isn't
Dominianxeon-enouf: funny, it is for me.
xeon-enoufyou remount ro
Psi-Jackxeon-enouf: Oh, yes it is, and it's also incremental.
GNU\colossusxeon-enouf: he probably meant taking the snapshot, and that is faster.
GNU\colossusxeon-enouf: yeah, and how many porcesses will cope OK with the suddenly unwritable filesytem?
xeon-enoufPsi-Jack: everytime i tar/gz / it's incremental
Action: Psi-Jack laughs.
GNU\colossusmost programs aren't that fault-tolerant
Psi-Jackxeon-enouf: Got your katana ready yet?
Action: xeon-enouf falls off chair
Dominianincremental tar?
xeon-enoufo m f g
Dominianxeon-enouf: Instead of coming back with the unintelligble "o m f g" take the time to explain your stance.
xeon-enoufyou people make things so complicated, no wonder the world is falling apart
Dominianxeon-enouf: Don't assume people know what you mean.
xeon-enoufbut you do..
Dominianxeon-enouf: and talking down to other users of the channel won't be allowed either so please keep that in mind.
xeon-enoufyou already told me how i was wrong; ergo, you know
Dominianxeon-enouf: I didn't say you were wrong
xeon-enouftalking down? to whom?
DominianI gave a different opinion.
xeon-enoufnobody's talking to you
Dominianxeon-enouf: its a public channel.
DominianI can comment on what I like.
GNU\colossususe &
GNU\colossusit saves a byte
GNU\colossusit actually doesn't in UTF-8
GNU\colossusstill, use it, because I command you to
phretorI am having troubles freeing the (possibly locked) resources allocated by a dead process. Where should I start from?
GNU\colossusphretor: what kind of resources?
rahsputinhi. i am trying to create my own module for: 057c:62ff AVM GmbH WLAN USB v1.1  using the linux-package from the AVM website. my kernel version is:  2.6.31-22-generic and i have linux-header-'uname -r' and so forth installed.... since i havent found "ANY" howto on how to build it myself, you are my last resort
phretorGNU\colossus I am not sure which one exactly, but I am sure that it's a resource allocation problem, because the same executable uses to take 1 second to load, and it got worst over time. Now it takes more than one minute.
phretorGNU\colossus: looking at htop, it 70% of cache is still allocated although the machine is literally doing nothing.
xeon-enoufphretor: *might* want to consider echo 2 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches (man proc)
xeon-enouf(one thing i'm not clear about yet, is whether an -n makes a (usable, or otherwise intrinsic) difference there or not)
xeon-enouf(for all such echoing values into /proc/*)
phretorhow could I check whether a user has locks on certain files/resources?
xeon-enoufphretor: when you say dead, do you mean in D state? owned via init? or just a zombie?
phretorxeon-enouf: it's not even in the process table
phretorxeon-enouf: I mean, I don't see it if I ps aux it
xeon-enoufphretor: i'd be conerned about being rooted then -- BUT -- perhaps i just misunderstand
xeon-enoufor you might want to try and explain it better - more detail
phretorxeon-enouf: I suspect it's a resource problem for one specific reason. I am not an expert programmer, but I needed to modify the Firefox behavior in the following way.
Psi-JackLocked files/resources are not processes.
Psi-JackThey would NOT show up in ps.
phretorxeon-enouf: I need to launch Firefox by command line, wait for the page fully rendered, and then kill Firefox. To this end, I inserted an exit(0) in the latest function that gets called, which indicates that the page is fully loaded.
xeon-enoufhow do you kill it?
phretorxeon-enouf: I am afraid that a exit(0)-ing without first de-allocating all the resources might cause problems.
phretorxeon-enouf: the exit(0) kills it. I mean, I modified the source code.
JigSaw-2Is it possible to start a program, which can not be get killed by any command ?
Psi-JackJigSaw-2: No
Psi-JackThat would literally be completely stupid.
phretorxeon-enouf: I know that I might have confused you. I apologize :)
koala_mansure you can. just plug in a usb disk, let something use it, then rip it out and the process will probably get stuck in state D
DominianThat's almost like saying "Hey, can I have brakes on my car that don't work"
JigSaw-2or other way around, Can we start the program which will get executed on it's own, as soon as it get killed ?
koala_manJigSaw-2: no, but you can have a second program restart it as soon as it's killed
Psi-JackJigSaw-2: Can you make a watchdog for a process, sure.
Psi-JackKinda what init does, and djb's... oh what was that piece of crap djb made?
JigSaw-2Psi-Jack, I did not get it.
koala_mandjb made a lot of awesome stuff
Action: JigSaw-2 googling for djb ...
Psi-Jackkoala_man: That daemon watchdog system he did.
koala_manJigSaw-2: there are tools that will allow you to hide processes and make them unkillable. they're known as root kits
blip-hi all, i'm making a set of files/dirs to exclude from my backups of /home.  Do you think it's a good idea to exclude all dot directories ?   I can see .mozilla and .thunderbird taking ages to backup with thousands of little files
rahsputinhere is some data i have collected to my topic on the AVM WLAN USB:  fwlanusb.ko module
theadminblip-: All those dotfolders and files are configs
koala_manblip-: that's where most app config is, so it would be weird to exclude them
theadminblip-: You probably need em
blip-ye i know what they're for. i'm trying to decide whether it's worth backing them
JigSaw-2koala_man, never mind, But does it mean that, the process will not be listed in ps ax and so no one is able to kill it. RIght ?
koala_manJigSaw-2: pretty much
JigSaw-2koala_man, ok. I am downloading the "root-kit". Thnx a lot.
koala_manJigSaw-2: keep in mind that most of them also open back doors, even if they claim not to
JigSaw-2koala_man, like what ?
JigSaw-2But if I do this for local-machine then it is safe...I guess.
koala_manmaybe if you wish hard enough
JigSaw-2koala_man, anyway, I think, It;s worth to give a chance.
blip-wow I nearly issues rm -rf /etc/ while wanting to delete a backup copy of etc which I placed in ~/etc   :D
blip-wonder what would happen.  i wont' try
JigSaw-2blip-, try it and then yo uwill come to know
go|dfishoh dear
koala_manJigSaw-2: ok. just remember that information in ##linux doesn't come with a guarantee, and that owning rootkits is illegal in some countries and installing it on other people's equipment is illegal in most
blip-JigSaw-2, computer went bang :(
JigSaw-2koala_man, mine requirement is that, I want to run few command which is get enlisted in "ps ax". I want to either hide that, or make sure that even root can also not able to kill it.
JigSaw-2but do not know. how to do that ?
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