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reisiojamesconway: Firefox, but I have them all installed for work
reisiojamesconway: if you want a light browser, you could try Midori
reisiojamesconway: which is webkit-based (like Chrome/ium & Safari), and actually associated with Xfce nown
JoEMoMMaanyone here successfully deployed a DKIM mail server system?
reisiojamesconway: not that Chromium isn't a not-too-horrible choice
jamesconwayreisio: How light is your XFCE? (I do not know how you can express this)
jamesconwayI know of Midori
Planck_Dammit, I just realized one possible reason why Firefox runs like a dog on my home computer and not this laptop: that's nVidia, this is ATI.
reisiojamesconway: let me see if I can get you some useful output
jamesconwayPlanck_: nVidia runs dog-like? I thought ATI had problems.
Planck_I thought it would be the other way around too.
Planck_But for some pages, this wimpy laptop renders pages at least 5x faster.
jamesconwayIf I use dwm, what do I use for a file manager/browser?
reisiojamesconway: anything you want
reisiojamesconway: same goes for "if I use ANYTHING"
jamesconwayreisio: What do you use?
reisiobut you will keep a more efficient system if you don't double up on GTK+ apps and KDE (Qt) apps and X apps
reisioI use Xfce mostly, but if I weren't lazy I think I'd use dwm or another tiling window manager
resthe only gtk app i use is firefox and im looking to get rid of this shit too
reisioand mainly GTK+ apps
resi dont use qt at all
reisiores: what's that light browser...
reisiohas a cute name
resreisio: uzbl and vimprobable
reisiouzbl yeah
resreisio: but uzbl takes lotsa time, altho i want to use it instead of vimperator
jamesconwayDo I not need a file browser? Am I supposed to just use the command line?
reisiores: yeah, investments :p
resjamesconway: cli is just faster man
reisioit really is
jamesconwayCan somebody recommend which filesystem I should use? If I am going to be using the mainline kernel, some of the new ones will be available. I do not have any important data but I will not be helpful on a developers outlook debugging filesystems in development.
reisionot that file managers aren't occasionally useful
jamesconwaycli it is.
resjamesconway: and much more extandable then clicking around
resDixitDominus: its like uzbl/vimperator
heftiguzbl depends on gtk
reisiojamesconway: so web browsing.. that's it?  Really?
DixitDominusvimperator owns, now whenever I am using a regurar browser I start typing vim commands then I realized don't have vimperator :D
resthey both also depend on gtk but muuuch faster than ff
jamesconwayreisio: Yes. The occasional torrent and movie watching too. I might avoid Flash.
jamesconwayWhat do you recommend for a movie player? MPlayer, VLC?
reisiojamesconway: mplayer
reisiojamesconway: maybe you should try one of these live images:
resjamesconway: should use ext4
jamesconwayI usually sit around on my computer, trying to program things. I recently realized I keep writing the same programs over and over. I have decided to limit my computer use. I grew tired of just sitting here. I find myself drawing with the drag and drop rubber band selector on my desktop.
reisiono, not ext4 :p
resjamesconway: reiser for var
reisiojamesconway: hahahah
jamesconwayres: Do I really need a separate filesystem for var? I typically make everything one big ext3 partition with no swap.
reisioyou can get real speed increases by making separate partitions with reiser
reisiothe benefit being not putting your important personal data on reiser :p
resjamesconway: reiser is much faster than ext for small files
reisiojamesconway: but I think you should burn a copy of and try it now :p (or use a usb stick)
Foriskakjamesconway: it's helpful if you have stuff in var that can consume all your free space and make logging in difficult/other stuff to fail
jamesconwayreisio: I am torrenting it right now. I have a USB stick.
Foriskakjamesconway: like logs/a DB/mail/etc.
reisioI think it's probably as close to what you're after as you're going to get prepackaged
jamesconwayForiskak: I am not interested in logging at all. Nor mail.
reisioand eerily close to what you're after regardless
jamesconwayreisio: Is it fast?
Foriskakjamesconway: in ext3 there is a reserved % that only root can access that keeps you from getting locked out when / is full, however
reisiojamesconway: it should be quite fast, yes
jamesconwayForiskak: mkfs.ext3 -m 0
reisiojamesconway: the whole idea of Chromium OS is to boot up Chromium the browser immediately
reisiowhich is, if I'm not mistaken, what you're most after
Foriskakjamesconway: another reason to make a separate /var is to put a FS more suited for what happens there than the / FS
DixitDominusstill looking
jamesconwayForiskak: And reiserfs is more suited for /var?
Foriskakjamesconway: depends...are you running a mail server? hell yes. DB? maybe not
reisioreiser is more suited for filesystems with unimportant data that you want to be quick
jamesconwayShould I have a separate /boot partition? After the initial installation, I will never want to modify anything on it again.
Cymageits bad enough that google knows everything i search for.  i certainly dont want them tracking everything else i do on my box
jamesconwayForiskak: I do not plan on running a database nor a mail server. I plan on running a web browsing desktop.
Foriskakjamesconway: I think boot has to be outside the LVM (grub can't access I think), so yes?
ForiskakOr am I outdated?
reisioCymage: I sort of doubt the Chromium code has any tracking software included
reisioCymage: the Chrome code for sure will :p
Foriskakjamesconway: then point
jamesconwayreisio: Can I test the nouveau drivers on ChromeOS Zero or is there no need?
reisiojamesconway: you can if you want
reisioI haven't heard any performance comparisons between the two (binary nvidia vs nouveau)
heftigjamesconway: separate /boot is nice if / becomesu
ForiskakI like to put /home in a separate partition so my downloading doesn't fill up the disk and make logs fail or temporary placement of backups to /tmp or whatever to fail
reisioI don't think I'd bother unless the binary drivers didn't work
reisioyou bought a proprietary hardware device, after all
resseparate boot is needed for grub <2 and encrypted/lvm /
heftigor any other fancy stuff grub can't boot from
jamesconwayreisio: What drivers are used by default on Chrome OS Zero?
reisiojamesconway: not sure, try it and see
Frederickfolks does anyone here has expertise with dokuwiki? Dokuwiki channel is dead and I lost an admin password I need in a hurry.
jamesconwayWould it be wise to install and run my web browser into a ramdisk? I realize this would require it be copied every time.
reisioFrederick: can probably reset via phpmyadmin
Frederickreisio: I have acess to the files the wiki is on a shell but I followed the procedure and it does not seems to work
reisiothat procedure?
reisiomeh... guys isn't there a new video editor on the scene?
reisiofeel like I'm forgetting one
Frederickreisio the damm wiki doesnt mail me the passwords
reisioFrederick: you can probably backup the data you added/changed and do a reinstall, then restore
jamesconwayreisio: Developed by VLC?
ForiskakI kind of want to run my DB in a ramdisk
reisiojamesconway: what?
jamesconwayreisio: VLC is developing a new video editor.
reisioI don't think so, but
Action: reisio shrugs
ForiskakLike put /var/lib/mysql on there -  this is for read only DB's of course
reisioyeah doesn't look right, but that's interesting
jamesconwayreisio: I am going to boot into Chrome OS Zero.
Action: RingtailedFox wishes LiVES was also available for windows :P
votzdo downloaded files in linux have any metadata associated with them about where they were downloaded from?
votzi.e. wget *url* -O - | tee foo.html | *other stuff *
reisiopitivi, that was it
votzcan I get the original *url* back from the saved foo.html file?
reisiojamesconway: I think you'll like it
sepultvotz: if it's html yes
sepultvotz: it's in the header
sepultvotz: if it's another file type, it maybe that you have to grab the bitmaps of the underlying fs
votzsepult: if its any file, ignoring html
votzmight be mp3, might be an image, might be whatever
sepulti think that would be app or even fs specific
votzgrab the bitmaps of the filesystem? could you elucidate
sepultso the app you download with, or the fs which allocates for the downloaded files could or could not put some extra
sepultdata in there
sepultdon't bet on it
votzthe files were saved with wget piped to tee
jamesconwayreisio: That sucked. I do not know how to configure my network. It is not DHCP.
jamesconwayAnd it was terribly slow. As if something were wrong.
reisioah, maybe something were wrong, then :p
reisiobut you could have problems like that with anything
reisioyou need to know how to configure your network :p
jamesconwayreisio: I do. I couldn't open a terminal.
reisioI'm sure there's a way :p
reisiojamesconway: you got past the login screen, though, right?
jamesconwayreisio: Yes. I just read I was supposed to press Control+Alt+T.
reisioI guess Google is only going to bother making it fast for the hardware they plan to ship it with
jamesconwayreisio: Any other recommendations?
reisiojamesconway: you can get what you want from any distro
reisiojust a matter of configuration
mordyanyone here use quagga?
reisiojamesconway: if you want to cut back on bloat without _manually_ compiling things a la LFS, you could try Gentoo
jamesconwayWhat is needed for a base install? kernel, bootlaoder, glibc,shell, what else?
reisiomordy: anyone questions ftl :p
mordyreisio: well it's not like it's such a popular package
reisiojamesconway: think you might be a little more gung ho about this than you really want to be :)
reisiojamesconway: package managers cover dependencies
reisioif your goal is to waste less time on your computer, that is :p
reisioif you want to throw away hundreds of hours tinkering... heh
jamesconwayreisio: package managers also have dependencies.
jamesconwayhaha I would rather not throw away hundreds of hours.
reisioindeed they do
CIDRIs there anyway to get rpcbind and nfs to bind to an interface or ip?
reisiobut without a package manager you're going to spend a lot of time on things
reisiothere's a real trade off
jamesconwayWill I notice any difference in speed by switching to a 64 bit operating system? (Ignore the ability to address more RAM. I only have 2GB)
frumpleprobably not
mordyok.. so no 'anyone' questions.. what does this mean?
mordy2010/02/03 04:34:12 RIP: rip_read: cannot find interface for packet from port 520
heftigprobably not, unless you do cpu-intensive tasks like rendering
mosnojamesconway, it depends on the application
reisiojamesconway: _you_ won't _notice_ it, but there will be one
mordyfrumple: as if i didn't google that already
reisioactually I guess if you switch from 32-bit Windows to 64-bit Linux you will notice a difference, but it will be more because of the OS and less because of the arch the software was built for
frumplefirst article seems to have a description of the problem
frumpleand a fix
objornhow do you concatenate pdf files?
[R]objorn: gs can do it
objornthank you [R]
objornany other programs?
frumpleso your question of "what does this mean", if you had actually read the first result, should have read something like "I'm having a problem with OpenVPN"
[R]what possible reason could you need to use something else?
frumpleor whatever you're actually doing :p
jtabyHey, does swapcontext return when the function it's calling is finished executing?
mordyfrumple: well i'd know what it meant if the post on the forum was  actually relevant
mordyhowever of course those boxes havd IP connectivity
frumplewell most of these articles refer to the RIP routing protocol
mordyfrumple: wel of course it's rip
mordyi'm trying to set it up
frumplewhat are you doing with rip :p
mordyjust playing around, have a few networks
objorn[R]: gs worked just fine, thanks again
mordyi'm using quagga here on this linux box, and the other box is bsd running routed
mordyhonestly i'm probably not setting up  something correctly, but still
disappearednghey how do I run harddisk consistency
reisiodo what?
disappearedngI mean i think I have a bad node
Random832bad node?
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