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sbpauli only do that with rm ;)
sbpauland not often either...
Elirips[slightly OT ]Hello. Has anyone made experience with the performance of intel Atoms CPUs with linux? I'm thinking of buying a mini-pc, 2GB Ram with an intel atom 300 and use it as workstation with openoffice, firefox, mailing. Any experiences made with it?
sbpauleverything nice and organized
stage2Elirips: with your software requirements, no problem, only problem with a netbook is screen resolution and running virtual machines
cybor0lautriv unknown filesystem type linux_raid_member and /dev/sda1 is 0x83 now
stage2Elirips: as well as keyboard size, some programmers say its hard to get used to
Eliripsstage2, thank you! No, don't need a netbook, just a small computer. thought first about a HP small form factor, but its double the price..
lautrivcybor0, check if mdadm is running (and stop it)
anankemdadm is not a service :)
stage2Elirips: well the atom is great, but like i said, its kinda slow for virtual computing
anankemdadm -S /dev/array will stop it
lautrivananke, ok, i meant the mdX but i guess he know
stage2Elirips: but ive seen quake3 run on atom , if that helps
cybor0mdadm  -s /dev/array ??
Eliripsstage2, indeed, that makesme happy :) still should have that cd somewhere.
lautrivcybor0, -S == stop and array == your raid
PingFloydcybor0: commands are case sensitive
cybor0yes sorry but when i cat
cybor0Personalities : [raid1] unused devices: <none>
tokiwhere can one find info on snmp ? :)
lautrivananke, btw i found the problem with ldap, there was a security hole regarding ssl-certs since vers. 2.3 maybe you should check yous too (one can break in if there is a cert with /0 in CN) so they recompiled for gnutls only (not affected)
go|dfishtoki: wikipedia
cybor0udo mdadm -S /dev/sda1 mdadm: /dev/sda1 does not appear to be an md device
lautrivcybor0, such raids named /dev/md* instead and it may be started because the former 0xfd
golubeffhello :)
golubeffi want to merge three transparent png into one within imagemagick. how do i do it?
linduxedhow much swap would be optimal for a netbook with 1 GB RAM?
PingFloydlautriv: a distro worth a crap will backport security fixes for older versions of software they support in their distro
golubefflinduxed: 1gb is okay
koala_manlinduxed: 1GB
lautrivPingFloyd, just think before write, it's disabled because not fixed today
linduxed1 GB it is then
cybor0i don't have device /dev/md*
lautrivcybor0, did you reboot after change to 0x83 ?
lautrivcybor0, this is mostly needed by the hdd itself to make the change permanent
imado ubuntu packages work in debian?
nocturnus <--- help me with this please
frogzooima: don't do it
frogzooima: well, unless you know what you're doing
lautrivima, may but must not because ubuntu has other dependencies
imaAh okay, I'll just build it then
Martineois there a canonical way to find out a programs version number?
mordyi'm not particularly impressed by opensuse so far
mordyexcept of course that i think it looks pretty
lautrivPingFloyd, that's no news and the current fix is nothing else changing the cipher to gnutls
stage2not even worth it, its like too much code
PingFloydlautriv: I think it is safe to say that ananke is probably smart enough to be running a distro that supports security backports.
cybor0lautriv  so i have changed the filesystem to 0x83 but i can;t mount it
lautrivPingFloyd, why have you to mix up things if you don't understand the context, i am sure ananke is capable of doing this but what in case of a given certification ? shut up and write your desired html-man-pages insted
cybor0disk is 0x83 but when mount i have mount: unknown filesystem type 'linux_raid_member'
cybor0PinkFloyd could you help
cybor0someone could help
mae_taecan i implement vlan in linux
cybor0lautriv ??
mordymae_tae: linux will keep the tags if that's what you mean
lautrivcybor0, are you sure it was Raid1 and created by mdadm ?
mordyi think iproute also has some options for vlans but not sure
cybor0i think it is raid1
cybor0when i first connect disk to my pc i have Linux raid autodetect
lautrivcybor0, plz pastebin dmesg and the content of this ->"mdadm --examine --scan >textfile"
cybor0but remember taht know i change the linux id
swifthi guys
cybor0of tahat fdisk
swiftwhere can i get infor on mounting CIFS shares in linux?
cybor0to 83
frogzooswift: sorry
PingFloydlautriv: I don't need to write html man pages, because they already exist.  You want to talk about clouding context.  hypocrite.
lautrivPingFloyd, i know about those but that was your own suggestion. whatever i'm not interested about your comments
lautrivcybor0, moment.........
PingFloydlautriv: then why the snarky BS the other day?  Other than than trying to seem elitist?
cybor0ARRAY /dev/md3 UUID=fc9084f2:4eb2d3fb:da371cde:044b019b
cybor0lautriv that is from mdadm
swiftcouldnt find much on
easytigermy virtual machine isn't getting a hostname from the DNS server, is there a way to force this without getting access to the dns server?
easytigeror rather setting it with the dns server
zaoul_Small survey... anyone use joe?
lautrivcybor0, pastebin blkid
lautrivPingFloyd, mans have to be readable on the lowest level DOT.
cybor0lautriv what ??
lautriveasytiger, DNS resolves hostnames, if you need one for your local machine on runtime it's dhcpd doing such stuff
lautrivcybor0, type blkid and pastebin its output
cybor0/dev/hda1: UUID="6635cec5-269e-41a9-ba8c-b08eebd93f8e" TYPE="ext3"
cybor0/dev/hda5: UUID="5d6c376e-121a-4422-a08d-2bbd639229cd" TYPE="ext3"
cybor0/dev/sda1: UUID="fc9084f2-4eb2-d3fb-da37-1cde044b019b" TYPE="linux_raid_member"
cybor0/dev/hda3: UUID="a748edcc-ec16-4054-a05e-d6873b6e63de" TYPE="swap"
easytigerlautriv, indeed, however physical machines hostnames become available to other network clients on boot, but VMs bridged to the network don't
lautrivcybor0, you see that sda1's UUID is the same like your md3 and so your half-raid is captured ny linux, you need to mdadm -S /dev/md3 again
cybor0but when i type this mdadm -S /dev/md3
cybor0error opening /dev/md3: No such file or directory
lautriveasytiger, i need some you wish to receive an own hostname or just miss that others don't see yours on the nameserver ?
alabdhello , why sometimes hardware work with a better quality in GNU/Linux rather than windows , dialup modem or sound or maybe graphic ?
cybor0lautriv so what is going on ARRAY /dev/md3 is but when type mdadm -S /dev/md3 no souch file
lautrivcybor0, ls -al /dev/md* ?
cybor0lautrv empty
lautrivcybor0, try mknod /dev/md3 b 9 3 and stop again
cybor0mdadm: stopped /dev/md3
lautrivcybor0, now retry mounting sda1
cybor0this same
cybor0mount: unknown filesystem type 'linux_raid_member'
lautrivcybor0, thy may happen because the persistent superblock info......tell me distro and version
lautrivcybor0, maybe you created partitions inside your raid ?
cybor0i don't make this raid so i don;t know
lautrivcybor0, do you have enought space for the whole disk anywhere ?
cybor0but i have second disk of that mirror
lautrivcybor0, try to cfdisk /dev/sda1 instead /dev/sda to see if you have sub-partitions
cybor0nothig inside
cybor0and cfdisk /dev/sda have sda1 inside
c_schmitzhi, I would like to tail -f a log file but only show lines that contains certain words - is that possible at all?
lautrivcybor0, ok, 3 choices left..........a.)reboot and check existence of /dev/md3 (rrecreate if not) then mount md3 instead sda1 b.) grab the second raid-member and backup before destroy c.) fsck /dev/sda1 (risky because you don't know the right fs
lautrivc_schmitz, tail -f log | grep word
c_schmitztahnk you
cybor0so i can't check disk type of that raid
cybor0when i don't know what it is
cybor0fsck /dev/sda1
cybor0fsck from util-linux-ng 2.16.2
cybor0fsck: fsck.linux_raid_member: not found
cybor0fsck: Error 2 while executing fsck.linux_raid_member for /dev/sda1
lautrivcybor0, i said risky because you need to "force" it
cybor0ok so when i connect second disk i can;t check file type system
lautrivcybor0, but this way, your autostart know the right by default
bronbnot sure if it's the right channel... I been wondering regards "hash collision", I've read about the subject, but the bottom line I got... that every hash has collisions, it's a matter of possibility/attempts... so my question is this, the only concern is the abuse of a collision security wise? which means, human-oriented attack? or the problem is real for the wild too, of file indexing, and so?
frogzoothe issue is the difficult of crafting an exploit that also has a hash collission
frogzooyou can create another file that md5's the same as a library file, but can it actually do anything?
bronbfrogzoo: well my concern is actually about the application-fault level, rather than human-oriented attacks/exploits
frogzooand if the file has to be also the same size, it's pretty much impossible
koala_manbronb: there have been systems that assume hashes are unique, and there are doubtlessly many more in production
bronbkoala_man: oh, so it's not bulletproof, and that's it?
frogzoolonger hashes
bronbkoala_man: the chances are so low - so nobody care?
criosneed some help with virsh. I've started virt-install with --nographics param, received "reconnect" message, but when I try to connect to my guest OS, it just hangs with "Escape character is ^]" message. My system is CentOS 5.4 with kvm on it
koala_manbronb: people care, but sometimes it's considered acceptable and sometimes people don't know any better
angel-tsankovhow can I make a flash dongle bootable
carltonbgreetings all
koala_manbronb: you are very unlikely to find collisions in real files though, so when you do, it's probably an attack
bronbkoala_man: so let me ask you this, hashes are being used to optimize/manage huge systems - the only way to make it 100% bulletproof, (100%), is not to use any hash at all?
koala_manbronb: depends on the use. in bittorrent, you can't realistically avoid it. in file indexing, you can
bronbI'm not sure the use of bittorrent, but why you can avoid it during file indexing?
nocturnus <--- help me with this please
RickRocKhow to know how centos if i have ffmpeg installed ?
koala_manbronb: you use the hash to reduce the number of possible file candidates, then you do the long check to see if the files are actually equal
bronbkoala_man: heh, that's -exactly- my problem.
criosRickRocK: that suppose to mean something?
bronbkoala_man: so basically you're saying it's ok to enjoy the hash as long as it's a sole member, but matching a hash - with 100% accuracy, can't be done. (yes, I know it is possible to double hash, and so on...)
koala_manbronb: pretty much.
bronbI wonder if the current weakness of the hashes are algo related, or could easily be avoided with a longer hash
ddrjhey guys got a question, i currently have 3 pc's at home that run windows and use the shared folders via network. i was wondering if i added a 4th box which was linux, would it be able to connect to this network, would windows see this pc in it's My Networks? and would the linux box be able to share files with the windows pc ?
ddrjah nm, i think i found my answer: Samba
zcramddrj: Yes, and it works rather well once you've set it up right...
ddrjahhh ok good :D
gymophettAnyone have any success with ATI drivers in Slackware?
Shambathaving some problems with a usb wifi adapter on my ubuntu-arm installation ... my messsages file says the device is loading: "usb 1-1: new high speed USB device using orion-ehci and address 2" but wlan0 interface wont come up ... getting the error: wlan0: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device
Action: lautriv brings reisio a coffee .....heyda :-)
lautrivShambat, do you have all modules and firmware ?
reisiolautriv: oh, thanks :)
Shambatlautriv: yes I have modprobed the module for the chipset and put the firmware in /lib/firmware/zd1211 ... where zd1211 is the chipset
lautrivShambat, also wireless-tools installed  ?
Shambatlautriv: yeah
bronbkoala_man: one more question if I may... if you had to choose between 1 hash of SHA512, or 2 hashes of md5+SHA1 ... which would you choose?
lautrivShambat, give it a simple iwconfig maybe you have another devicename
Shambatlautriv: nothing there other than lo and eth0
lautrivShambat, dmesg || syslog ?
Shambatlautriv: cant see anything special other than messages that the driver is loaded
swiftguys, i really need help with CIFS share mounting on cifs
swiftplease help
reisioswift: subspace!
reisioswift: going to have to be much more specific
lautrivShambat, at least dmesg should show "uploading firmware from..." after the module
swiftoops, my bad... cifs share mounting in linux
reisioswift: going to have to be much more specific
anankeswift: 'in linux' doesn't specify it at all. what's the actual problem?
swifti need to mount f\cifs shares(network shares) in linux
reisioswift: going to have to be much more specific
swiftreisio, i need to mount windows cifs network shares on y ubuntu -server 8.04 lts version
Shambatlautriv: how can I check if the firmware is being loaded? I see no such message in dmesg
Action: lautriv has to take chicks from school....brb
rogueCould anyone verify if redhat 2.6.18-92.1.10.el5 has pulseaudio?
swiftananke, on my ubuntu server, i need to mount cifs network shares
reisioswift: and you've already tried... what?
swiftnothin actually, i have no idea how to do this :D
rogueWulf: you use rh?
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