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hellyeah!l = 5 * 2/(s+1)^2+2^2 + 2* s+1/(s+1)^2 + 2^2
TeXbothellyeah: Compilation Error! -->
hellyeah!l \begin{align} = 5 * 2/(s+1)^2+2^2 + 2* s+1/(s+1)^2 + 2^2 \end{align}
hellyeahyeah thats also true
sicnarHow do I have my listings numbered, like equations are numbered (not the line numbers within the code).
hellyeah!l \begin{align}= 5L^{-1} [2/(s+1)^2 +2^2] + 2L^{-1} [s+1 / ((s+1) ^2) +2^2]\end{align}
hellyeah!l 5e^{-t}\sin2t + 2e^{-t}\cos2t \quad \text{for t \geq 0}  
TeXbothellyeah: Compilation Error! -->
hellyeah!l 5e^{-t}\sin2t + 2e^{-t}\cos2t \quad \text{for t \<= 0}  
TeXbothellyeah: Compilation Error! -->
hellyeah\begin{align}!l 5e^{-t}\sin2t + 2e^{-t}\cos2t \quad \text{for t \geq 0}  \end{align}
TeXbothellyeah: Compilation Error! -->
hellyeah\begin{align}!l 5e^{-t}\sin2t + 2e^{-t}\cos2t \quad \text{for t <= 0}  \end{align}
TeXbothellyeah: Compilation Error! -->
hellyeah\begin{align} 5e^{-t} \sin2t + 2e^{-t}\cos2t \end{align}
hellyeah!l \begin{align} 5e^{-t} \sin2t + 2e^{-t}\cos2t \end{align}
hellyeah!l \begin{align} 5e^{-t} \sin2t + 2e^{-t}\cos2t \quad \text{for t \geq 0}   \end{align}
TeXbothellyeah: Compilation Error! -->
sobczykhi is there an easy way to include CJK characters in utf-8 documents?
gwniobombuxhi, i'm using \insertverticalnavigation in my beamer theme. but links to sections do sometimes work and sometimes they just skip a section. is this a known problem?
hiwkgwniobombux: I don't think so, so if you want help ,,sample
fsbotsample -- Paste a sample at showing your problem in as little code as possible. Make sure it is a *complete* document, and if possible one that compiles! If your LaTeX aborts with errors, paste them too.
hiwk(from someone, I can't promise I will be able to spot the error)
sicnarI'll help.
gwniobombuxi'm quite stumped, to boil down what i have been doing to a mwe, but it appears, that the examples that come with latex-beamer do have the same problem
sicnargwniobombux: You get that thing hiwk sent'cha?
sicnargwniobombux: Post a sample of your source code so we can all see.
gwniobombuxwell which source code, you mean all the .sty files and the main.tex?
hiwkgwniobombux: assume that we have the beamer package and such, so just a minimal .tex showing your problem
brownieshow can i modify the amount of vertical space automatically introduced by the \subsection and \subsubsection commands?
hiwkbrownies: titlesec package
hiwkbrownies: and then \titlespacing*{ command }{ left }{ beforesep }{ aftersep }[ right ]
hiwkbrownies: eg. \titlespacing*{\subsection}{0ex}{1ex}{0ex}
brownieshiwk: ok, i imported the package and used that exact command. but now my doc errors out on the first \section command? (it does it even if i just import the package and do nothing else)
hiwkbrownies: ,,sample
fsbotsample is Paste a sample at showing your problem in as little code as possible. Make sure it is a *complete* document, and if possible one that compiles! If your LaTeX aborts with errors, paste them too.
brownieshiwk: sorry
hiwkbrownies: wierd. I cut that line from a working document, I'm playing with it now
brownieshiwk: cool, thanks. yeah i found almost the exact same line in an article just now too =/
hiwkbrownies: ah, the package seems to be colliding with amsart
hiwkif I change amsart to article, it works
brownieshiwk: ah strange. but simple enough. thanks!
hiwkbrownies: never used amsart. if switching to article is good enough, do that, otherwise you'll have to ask somwone else
brownieshiwk: not a big deal. amsart is just the default in my software's templating
browniesbut now a new problem... how can i just eliminate the newline after a subsection heading?
browniesbecause that's the major difference between amsart and article for me
browniesah it's just another titlesec command =)
thropeHi - I have an equation X = A + B + C + D .... I would like to overbrace B + C and underbrace C + D - how to do?
hiwkthrope: this is not a good solution, but an ugly hack is !l $X = A + \overbrace{B + C}^{foo} \hspace{-2ex}\underbrace{\phantom{C} + D}_{bar}$
thropehiwk: thanks thats great
thropei found something on a forum post similar but it used a makebox with a phantom and i couldnt get it to work
Ice_Bladehello, I have a question about writing to a file with write18. I currently have the following, but instead of printing the value of the counter in the outfile, it prints the latex code literally.
Ice_Blade\immediate\write18{/bin/echo -E '\detokenize{SCR \reqlistvar \arabic{SCRcounter} #1 }' >> outfile.tex}
Ice_Bladewhich should print " SCR ADD 37 arguments " to outfile.tex
Ice_Bladecan anyone help?
hinogiis that some ConTeXt stuff ?
Ice_Bladeno, I
Ice_BladeI'm using kile under linux
Ice_Bladebut should work in any editor that has write18 enabled
hinogido you also need the shell-escape option?
Ice_Bladethe code executes correctly, only it doesn't evaluate the counter command
hinogino idea
Ice_Bladeit writes: 0 SCR \reqlistvar  : \arabic {SCRcounter}                 to the file.
Ice_Bladehmm ok
dreamtheaterIs there anything I can do if the circle above an A in \AA in font 'iwona' is not centered at the tip of the A?
hinogiin normal text or math?
dreamtheaterhinogi: Normal text and math
fsbotdreamtheater, I think sample is Paste a sample at showing your problem in as little code as possible. Make sure it is a *complete* document, and if possible one that compiles! If your LaTeX aborts with errors, paste them too.
dreamtheaterIt looks quite strange and if I use \mathring, the circle is too high above the A (it doesn't touch)
dreamtheaterIf I can't resolve this, I'll have to use picometers instead of Angstroms ;o)
hinogiyou could also just use another font :P
toxygeni'm trying to use hyperref, but no matter what I do, links have no color, although they are clickable
toxygenany idea what could be going on?
sum_toxygen: tere is something in the manual about colors, i think
fsbotI think hyperref is hyperref: hypertext marks in LaTeX. See
dreamtheaterFor consistency, I'll stick to iwona (I'really like that font, it's personal, you know... :oD )
hinogii like mathpazo more :P
timmei'm trying to get fontspec to work (windows 7, miktex 2.8) but it doesn't find any fonts from the standard windows fonts folder. example:
BruceLeedshi, I would like to use a reference within the latex-document, but one that looks like hyperref.
BruceLeedshow can I do that?
BruceLeedsExample: I write "Table of Contents" and if I press with the mouse within the pdf on "Table of Contents" it jumps to the specific lable
timmebrb, reboot
marcellus,cs hyperref
timmeback, sorry
gwniobombux1hi, i'm writing a custom beamer theme. i defined my own outer theme, where i insert the logo in the upper right corner.
gwniobombux1but now the logo shows up twice, it appears the beamerouterthemedefault is loaded, even though i don't seem to load it explicitly
timmehere's the .log output for the problem above:
BruceLeedsmarcellus: I don't understand how to use href for document-internal links...
dreamtheatergwniobombux1: How do you insert the logo?
dreamtheatergwniobombux1: And does it show in the upper right and the lower right?
gwniobombux1dreamtheater: yes it shows in the upper and lower right, i use \logo in the tex file and \insertlogo in the style file
BruceLeedsmarcellus: But how am I able to have an customized text as link?
dreamtheatergwniobombux1: Did you start writing the theme from scratch or did you use a base theme? I have a modified a theme from my university which has the logo in the upper right.
fsbotsample is Paste a sample at showing your problem in as little code as possible. Make sure it is a *complete* document, and if possible one that compiles! If your LaTeX aborts with errors, paste them too.
gwniobombux1dreamtheater: i used the shadow theme as the base theme which i modified, with parts from sidebar and split theme
BruceLeedsdid it: \hyperref[sec:whatever]{textToSee}
dreamtheatergwniobombux1: How do you load your theme?
gwniobombux1dreamtheater: in the tex file i use \usetheme{myTheme} and in beamerthememyTheme.sty \useoutertheme{myOuterTheme}
dreamtheatergwniobombux1: How does the \useoutertheme command in beamermyTheme.sty look? Maybe there are two of these commands?
gwniobombux1dreamtheater: no, i just grepped, there is only one \useoutertheme
dreamtheatergwniobombux1: And I suppose there's only one insertlogo in your beamerouterthememyTheme.sty ...?
BorbusWhat do people use for doing simple diagrams like those found in Knuth's TAOCP for illustrating arrays and whatnot, I've been using TikZ/PGF but is there something simpler?
dreamtheaterBecause the beamerouterthemesidebar.sty has the insertlogo command too.
gwniobombux1dreamtheater: there is only one insertlogo in my outer theme
dreamtheaterI'm puzzled, sorry.
timmedoes anyone have a XeTeX profile for TeXnicCenter? i'm unsure of which parameters it requires
dreamtheatergwniobombux1: I don't know what your theme looks like, but maybe you want to try the one I'm using...?
gwniobombux1dreamtheater: thanks for your help, my workaround for now is to copy the beamerouterthemedefault.sty to my working directory where i run pdflatex and comment out the logo part, it works, but it's obviously ugly
gwniobombux1dreamtheater: thanks, but i think it's too different from mine
dreamtheatergwniobombux1: OK, but I'm glad you found a solution.
mi33is it possible to print "%" comments ?
lereah_\% ?
mi33lereah_: No, i have a latex document with a lot of comments of the form % in it, now i want to print the compiled document with comments in it (for correction purposes)
mi33I know that this is possible by using comment environments, but the comments are already in the form %... in the source code
TeXnicerI try to draw Objects in PStricks and want to use only \height and \width as dimension
TeXnicermy approach is
TeXnicerall verticies calculated by hand
TeXnicerI like to have something like
TeXnicerbut that fails...
TeXnicerdrawing a 3D-box on my own I need to calculate approx 7 coordinates each stored in its own dimension (2x)
marcellusI don't know if anyone here uses pstricks. TikZ and metapost though..
TeXnicermarcellus: How would you add two values in TeX?
TeXnicer\value1 + \value2 doesn work
TeXnicer\advance\value1 by \value2 is not recommended in class writing
bremner_TeXnicer: I don't know if you are just having fun, but sketch can generate the pstricks code for you.
bremner_or tikz
TeXnicerbremner_: I do the code ...
TeXnicerand want to improve my style =)
inclementWhat was the name of the website that lets you draw a symbol and suggests LaTeX commands that you might mean?
inclementAwesome, thanks
shabblecan anyone point me in the direction of reducing the top whitespace of hte \maketitle command?
shabblefaq and other internet entries suggest using the titling package, but I can't see quite how to use it to do what I want
mahamotihow can i make my title span two columns when using twocolumn?
shabblemahamoti: might work
mahamotithanks.  that works partially...not 100% :/
mahamotiim tryin to use this with \documentclass[twocolumn,draft]{svjour3}
mahamotiand what happens is \author{} seems to think its still in twocolumn mode
mahamotibut the title and abstract look ok
shabblehmm, not sure I'm afraid
shabbleI haven't done much with 2column, just came across that whilst trying to solve my own problem :)
mahamotiyeah thanks for that
eporimshabble: describe us what you want, so we can imagine a solution
shabbleeporim: I wanted to remove some of the default whitespace preceeding the title block when using article class
shabblebut I found it in the titling package: \setlength{\droptitle}{-80pt}
eporimshabble: you can \addtolength instead of \setlength
eporimthis will make you be more 'relative'
shabbleah, ok
eporim(and you can use N\onelineskip for the number of lines)
eporimor \baselineskip
eporimwith N = 2, 3, 4, 5, ...
eporimthis will make the space dependent of font size
timmeis it possible to force a linebreak within \textsc{} ?
timme\textsc{foo \\ bar} throws an error
marcelluswhy would you
timmewhy wouldn't i?
timmefor a narrow margin column, without linebreak the paragraph is pushed around
_llll_!l \textsc{foo \\ bar}
_llll_pretty bad idea to use \\ there anyway o course
timmenot happy with it either
eporimtimme: try \\* if it exists globally
eporimtimme: or just break it in 2 \textsc
timmeeporim: tried with the 2 \textsc, but instead of stacking downwards the second one pushes the first one upwards
timmethe general layout is mesed up
timmei got the template a few hours ago and started fiddling with it just now
eporimtimme: tried {\scshape foo \\ bar} ?
fsbothmm, sample is Paste a sample at showing your problem in as little code as possible. Make sure it is a *complete* document, and if possible one that compiles! If your LaTeX aborts with errors, paste them too.
timmei know marcellus
timmei haven't pinned down the problem yet though
timmeso i can't paste a sample for anything :)
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