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ZubroUh, sry, that was a misunderstanding, i used my old code, which had a extra \\ at the end of the last line before the centering-group, thx a lot
|Steve|The documentation for \centering (such as it is) is on page 206 of source2e. Run texdoc source2e and search the resultant pdf for centering. It's probably not very enlightening.
Zubrok,thx, it is common LaTeX-behaviour, or is it sort of strange, when in it comes to using \centering in a own group just for text?, when you use it in a figure, table or what so ever -enviroment it is understandable, but in that case...
|Steve|I'm not sure I understand the question.
|Steve|It makes sense that the text would be in its own paragraph since it is changing how the paragraph is laid out.
|Steve|And it makes sense that the paragraph would have to end before the } which would cause the centering to no longer be in effect.
Zubrok, i thought the pure use of {} tells the command just to function inside the brackets, and i wouldn't need extra \par.
|Steve|Braces are just grouping.
|Steve|Er, just grouping and scope.
|Steve|So {\centering foo}bar means that all of the parameters set by \centering (such as \leftskip and \rightskip) and the definitions it made (such as \\) go back to being what they were before the group when the group ends.
|Steve|If the paragraph ends after the group, then it acts like a normal paragraph.
Zubroyeah, my understanding was analog to {\Huge text} or {\sffamily text}, i don't need \par before and after that neither, it only affects the "text" inside the grouping.
|Steve|Of course. \Huge doesn't do anything to paragraphs.
|Steve|Paragraphs aren't broken into lines until the entire paragraph has been read in. The parameters that control how it is typeset (such as \leftskip and \rightskip) aren't examined until that time.
iMariois there any possibility to instruct longtable-enviroment not to break page, when only one (or arbitrary number) row is following or when only one line is on beginning page. Surpressing a pagebreak is clear, but is there a possitive formulated instruction like: "Only if there are a minimum of 2 lines on a page break page in table, else put the whole table on new page)?
ZubroiMario, i don't know it for certain by longtable-enviroments, but when you try to supress the problem with normal textlines, you write in the praemble \clubpenalty = 10000, \widowpenalty = 10000, \displaypenalty = 10000
Zubromaybe it works for longtables to...
|Steve|I doubt it.
|Steve|Why would you set the displaypenalty to 10000, though?
iMarioI try to check this out. the problem i see is, that if there is a head which is 2 or more rows it could fail although it could be treated as text... i will try, thanks
Zubroits the common algorithm to suppress clubs and widows, i thought.
Zubropardon me, it should be \displaywidowpenalty
|Steve|\clubpenalty is the penalty assessed to orphans. \widowpenalty to widows. Neither have anything to do with displays though.
sum|Steve|: right, i meant to say \subfloat but i didn't remember it was in the subfig package. and yes, i also have no need to use minipage yet.
bobthemilkmanI'm having a hell of a time trying to get the siunitx package to compile. I'm running texlive-full from the ubuntu repositories. Is ubuntu/texlive really bad at keeping things up to date? Is there an easier way to get the siunitx package to compile?
bobthemilkmanI'm seriously having to manually manage the dependencies of several CTAN packages. :(
a-vhmm, I want to align several subfigures such that certain special points (for which the x coordinate is known) in these figures are at the page center ( ). Is there a better way other than padding with empty \makebox or similar?
bobthemilkmanWell, after grabbing about 7 or 8 additional packages (including major ones like xpackages and expl3), and resolving all the dependency errors myself, I finally got siunitx to compile. Shouldn't there be an easier way to do this? Like some sort of latex distribution that is up to date with CTAN?
a-vbobthemilkman, do you have texlive-science installed?
bobthemilkmana-v: Yes. I have texlive-full, which also has texlive-science. (Also, I double-checked just now.)
bobthemilkmanThat version is broken, I believe.
bobthemilkmanOh hey, that works just great.
bobthemilkmanIt turns out I had previously not had that installed, so I attempted to compile the latest from CTAN, failed miserably, but I still had the .sty in my ~/texmf, which texhash was pointing towards. So despite having that package installed, it wasn't being used.  Turns out it wasn't ubuntu or texlive, but my own problem.
bobthemilkmanGonna just rm -rf my ~/texmf folder. I think that'll make things work a lot better.
Marchitosi am getting this: there is no new line to end
Marchitoswhat am i missing?
marcellusdon't use \\
Marchitosah okay
marcellusyou separate paragraphs with empty lines
Protogeneshey |Zz| are you there?
CheeseyFighterHi there =)
CheeseyFighterMaybe someone of you might help me, I have no idea how to solve this one. I'm trying to get a ¤-sign into a formular. I'm using \begin{align} (from the amsmath usepackage) and tried it with \texteuro, \text{\euro} and \mbox{\euro}, neither of those worked. :( Does anyone know how to get this symbol into a formular?
CheeseyFighterif it helps, here is the code-part where I'd like to get it into...:
CheeseyFighterk_{Pump} = \frac{\alpha_{Pump} \cdot a_{Pump} + c_{Pump}}{T_{m}} + b_{Pump} + d_{Pump} = \frac{0,046 550 \frac{1}{a} \cdot 3300\frac{\euro}{kW} + 30\frac{\euro}{kWa}}{1800\frac{h}{a}} + \frac{0,09\frac{\euro}{kWh}}{0,87 \cdot 0,91} + 0,001\,5\frac{\euro}{kWh}
kahenCheeseyFighter: and you have loaded textcomp?
kahen,,lshort mentions some packages that contains a command for the euro symbol, iirc
fsbotlshort -- a (Not So) Short Introduction to LaTeX at
kahenand i'd try \text{\texteuro}
jmdCan someone remember the command to make utf8 characters acceptable to LaTeX ?
CheeseyFighterkahen: Yeah, I have loaded textcomp
CheeseyFighterthose I've all loaded...
CheeseyFighterwow, thank you very much kahen, now it's working for me
CheeseyFighterWhat's the point in formular to use \text{\texteuro} ?
CheeseyFighteris it a text-environment in formulars?
kahen\texteuro only works outside math (i _think_). so we use \text (from amsmath) to get into text mode
kahenalso, \euro is from the eurosym package
Chazehow can i make an ellipsis used in quotes? like "someone said [...] this"
kahenChaze: \ldots?
Chazekahen: and the square brackets?
kahenjmd: \usepackage[utf8x]{inputenc}\usepackage{ucs}
kahenChaze: [\ldots{}]?
Chazethe [ ] don't render as text
CheeseyFighterThank you very much kahen =)
CheeseyFighterYou helped me alot =)
jmdkahen: Thanks.  What does the ucs package do?
kahenit's a bit cargo-cultish... ,,lshort said to use it, iirc
fsbotI heard lshort is a (Not So) Short Introduction to LaTeX at
kahenthat's another option btw. with unicode support, you should be able to enter ¬ directly into the document
kahenoh. he left
jmdWhat's the proper way to do German double quotes?
Rivierajmd: see the documentation of the babel package, the chapter on german
Rivierajmd: or the l2kurz document, section "Anführungszeichen", if you prefer a German document
sumi am using a class derived from book and i have \parts in my document. the parts should have appendices each, how to achieve that? usgin \appedinx makes *every* chapter afterwards an appendix :(
sumhm, i think i have to stick to making it a \chapter{Appendix} and using \section and \subsection in there..
kaheniirc there is something for doing that... i think it's titletoc, but i'm not sure
kaheni remember reading some documentation a few days ago about just that. can't remember which it was :(
kahensum: \usepackage{appendix}?
xaxeshey there,.. How to set a String in enumeration-item, like : Step 1), Step 2) .. and so on?
kahenwoah. changing \columnsep when using nested multicols (don't ask...) does _not_ work the way you'd expect
iMario@xaxes \renewcommand{\labelenumi}{Step \arabic{enumi})}
iMarioshould work
sobczykhi, anyone knows how to combine [fragile] and [t] in beamer
Quantahi, i have a problem with my example,, i would like to strike out "Don't handle" in my second frame, but it doent do it. any suggestions?
sobczykor how to align inputlisting to top in a frame :)
xaxesiMario: thanks :)
kahenthere is a package that can make a frame around the various elements of a page? e.g. the footer, the text, the header, the margin etc.
kahenoh right. showframe
litbhello all
litbonce i'm knowing the beamer package, i'm seeing beamer presentations all over at university!
casdfhi, is there any way to integrate latex with ms onenote?
Andre_Re2hi, i need a little help with the input command
Andre_Re2i don't know why but it only works with the first file
Andre_Re2if i include a second file, it ignores the source
Andre_Re2ok, found the problem
Andre_Re2seems that - in filenames are not allowed
thrasholdHello. What's the easiest way to create graphs with international characters as node and edge labels?
AlmostObsoleteI want to change how the table of contents page is laid out, specifically what I want to do right now is remove the "Contents" heading at the top
sumkahen: yes, thats something worth taking a look at. thanks for the hint!
--- Sat Jun 19 2010
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