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ManDayAnother question: Is there a general rule when something is an option and when it is an argument to a command?
ManDayDoes memman explain how to create layout yourself?
ouiany idea marcellus?
marcelluswhat do you mean with escape !?
ouimarcellus: actually im using \lstinline at the moment and it starts and ends with ! for each column entry
ouibut when it comes to handling symbol "!" it gives error because it doesnt recognize which is which
oui is the example without any symbol "!" in the column entry
mickepoui: try to use some other character than !. Like \lstinline|bla bla ! bla bla|
ouione more thing is the table has limitation.when i enter up to certain rows, it cant go to the next page
marcellus,cs longtable
ouii thought of that too.but the current table is already defined.
ouiso how could i adapt to long table from tabular in this kind
ouifirst, long table need to declare number of in {||||}..
ouihow to change the existing table to accomodate long table?
marcellushave you read the documentation?
nickoeHi. I got this:    As you see if you compile, the lines does not align like the six first. How do I fix this? It is caused by the "g" under the first line.
ouithe long table one i supposed you mean?
ouiyes.i hope you dont mean to change all to long table
marcellusnickoe: ,,cs formular
ouithe existing table seems nice
marcellusthere is also information about longtable in the mdwtab documentation
ouihmm.i havent check ed in the mdwtab
ouii wish i wont have to change all to longtable but instead retain the form of the existing one
ManDayWhat is the most common purpose of the @ character?
ferrose-mail address?
przemocManDay: read for some background
ManDaya macro is a newcommand, just so i get this right?
ManDayhow do you handle by-one-or-two-letter overfull hboxes?
ManDaydo you just leave em like that?
nickoemarcellus, is there not easy way of doing what i want?
djharskmereale: pardon the late reply, but I'm writing some chemical compounds in the align, and I want to refer to 1 by X\footnote
djharskmarcellus, is who I meant to write that to :)
fsbotsample -- Paste a sample at showing your problem in as little code as possible. Make sure it is a *complete* document, and if possible one that compiles! If your LaTeX aborts with errors, paste them too.
fsbotsum, tikz is, like, [0] pgfmanual:
fsbot[1] try: tikz-contrast tikz-color tikzexamples,
fsbot[2] tikz-pin tikz-node tikz-parallel
fsbotI heard tikz-node is long text in nodes width "text widt=width" attribute: !l \tikz\node[draw=red!40,fill=blue!15, text width = 2cm] at (0,0) {A long text inside a node that should be wrapped!};
anders^I have a number of short paragraphs that I want to make sure stay on the same page. I can't find a command for wrapping these together
anders^do I use some sort of box?
marcellussamepage environment
anders^thank you :)
anders^hmm, samepage only seems to work on *single* paragraphs. I want to make sure that multiple paragraphs stay on the same page
mickepanders^: this is the type of thing you fix when your doc is finished. And by then you can add manually the page breaks.
marcellusprobably a ,,xyprob
fsbotPlease describe the *semantics* of what you want to typeset, not the *way* you want to typeset it. E.g., ask "How can I typeset a list?" instead of "How can I indent a line and add a bullet in front?".
mickepPerhaps, we will never know.
|Trend|q: is there a function, that can incircle a letter or digit, like the \circledR does for this special char?
mickep|Trend|: I think you can find something useful in ,,symbols-a4.pdf,,
fsbothmm, symbols-a4 is
mickep(ofcourse you can write your own macro that does this, using tikz or metapost)
marcellus!l \[ f(x) = \tikz[baseline=(X.base)]\node[circle,draw](X){H}; \]
quark_67hello, suppose this : \newcommand\txt{}
quark_67How can I have :
quark_67give :
quark_67and not
quark_67with \newcommand\urlnew[1]{\url{#1}}
quark_67and not
quark_67or better :
sumquark_67: ,,sample
fsbotI think sample is Paste a sample at showing your problem in as little code as possible. Make sure it is a *complete* document, and if possible one that compiles! If your LaTeX aborts with errors, paste them too.
quark_67In english (but this is not my language) my question is :  how can I obtaint with \url{\txt} (or an adaptation) the 'value' of the 'string' \txt, and not litterrally the characters "\", "t", "x" and "t" ?
|Trend|mickep, ill have a look
ManDayIs there a special math command for ...*10^...  / ...e... ?
ManDaylike a smaller 10?
mickepWhy would one like to set a smaller 10?
quark_67In fact, \txt is the result by other macro. In can only use things like \url{\txt} or \url{#1}
ManDaymickep, how do you write 1.234*10^-3 ?
hinogi!l $1.234 \cdot 10^{-3}$
hinogi!l $\num{1e34}$
hinogi!l $\num{1.234e-3}$
hinogiif you like that more
hinogieuropeans mostly use cdot while US ppl tend to use times i guess
hinogianyway, the \num thing is part of siunitx
ManDaywell whats better cdot or times?
mickepManDay: Use whichever you like best.
ManDayyou are so generous today
ManDay!l \sqrt{\underbrace{\frac12}_{\equiv\frac{500}{1000}}}
TeXbotManDay: Compilation Error! -->
ManDay!l $\sqrt{\underbrace{\frac12}_{\equiv\frac{500}{1000}}}$
ManDayHow to fix that?
mickepFix what?
gwniobombuxhi, i'm trying to make a custom theme in latex-beamer. now i want to create a command that suppresses the subsections in the sidebar in certain frames and replaces them with custom text, something like \dontshowsects{hello, world}. any advice?
eporimgwniobombux: i never used beamer, so i cannot help
eporimgwniobombux: try reading ,,beamer.pdf with "texdoc beamer" in any terminal
fsbotWhat makes you believe that?
eporimor how-ever the beamer doc is named
bremner_that's a pretty weak RTFM
eporimthe other reply was "<nil>"
bremner_sometimes that's better :)
bremner_the manual is beameruserguide.pdf.gz
gwniobombuxbut what i'm trying to do doesn't appear to be inside the scope of the userguide
bremner_well, it is 300 odd pages long, are you sure about that?
eporimgwniobombux: so, ,,beameruserguide (texdoc beameruserguide)
fsboteporim, beamer is, like, [0] at
bremner_gwniobombux: I don't really know if what you want is possible, but did you read carefully section 16.2 of the manual?
bremner_and 16.3 U guess
gwniobombuxi'll try \ifbeamertemplateempty, might be what i need
gwniobombuxnah, not quite. when i use \ifx\foo\@empty and declare \let\foo\@empty before, how do i declare \foo to be not @empty any more?
hinogi!l $\underbrace{\frac12}^{\frac12}_{\equiv\frac{500}{1000}}$
hinogi!l $(\underbrace{\frac12}_{\equiv\frac{500}{1000}})^{\frac12}$
hinogi!l $\bigg(\underbrace{\frac12}_{\equiv\frac{500}{1000}}\bigg)^{\frac12}$
hinogisomething like that ManDay ?
ManDaywell thats with braces not a squreroot
ManDaydo it with a sqrt
hinogiwell there is no difference
hinogiif you say \sqrt or ^{\frac12}
hinogior do you need exactly the sqrt notation?
tombeeHi, I need to create a small organisational chart in tex, any recommendations on packages that could help out with this?
Haffetombee: tikz
tombeeCool thanks! :)
kedy07When I use \begin{enumerate}..... how do I make everything bold?
DMKEkedy07: ,,enumitem
Mister_MasqueHi all, I can't use \sound to include a sound, like an ogg file, only the name of the movie is present, how can I do ?
Mister_Masque(\sound[autostart,samplingrate=705000,bitspersample=16, channels=2]{Example}{refrain2.wav})
MatzeB2has someone here experience with luatex?
MatzeB2I dream of extending my existing latex documents with some smaller macros written in lua...
MatzeB2will luatex give me trouble today or is the backwards compatibility working nicely?
sumManDay: use ,,siunitx and do something like !l \SI{1.2e-5}{\meter\squared}
fsbotI think siunitx is [0] a package for typesetting documents with units and tables of numbers --
fsbot[1] siunitx is new and might not be in your TeX distribution yet
sumyou can even configure the appearance
ManDayhinogi, yeah its about the squared notation. thats what that bloody thing is there fore eh?
ManDayyou could aswell ask why one would use fractions instead of just ^-1'ing everything
hiwkMister_Masque: I haven't done that, but have you read section 14 of ?
hiwkMister_Masque: I assume you are working with beamer, insering sound into an ordinary articale sounds a bit odd :)
ManDayhinogi, will be back later, thanks for the reply alreadyx :)
Mister_Masquehiwk > Thanks for your Help, yeah I work with beamer and I've already see this manual
Mister_Masquehiwk > And I've too read the instruction ... but I've no button to lauch the sound
Mister_Masque: |
Mister_Masque(I've included multimedia package)
Mister_MasqueI think that my PDF viewer can't open it ?
ouimarcellus: still there?
ouiyou mentioned that long table can be used together with the mdwtab
ouiive read from the manual yet still think cant afapt
marcellus,cs mdwtab
ouipage 11
ouibut i got Package longtable Error: longtable not in 1-column mode. \begin{longtable}
fsbothmm, sample is Paste a sample at showing your problem in as little code as possible. Make sure it is a *complete* document, and if possible one that compiles! If your LaTeX aborts with errors, paste them too.
marcellus,cs longtable
marcelluslongtable can't be used in twocolumn and supertabular that does won't work with mdwtab
ouiso whats the best way
marcellusdon't use mdwtab
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