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HandyGandymarcellus: thank you
|Zz|Datahell, if you open a command line interface and type   echo %PYTHONPATH%  do you get something?
Datahellmh, do you mean the windows commandline or the python-prompt?^^
|Zz|windows command line
Datahelli just add the variable myself
Datahellso i need python and the path to the .exe right?
|Zz|well, complete instructions are at
|Zz|in essence, you have to set environment variables PATH ind PYTHONPATH
|Zz|so that windows know where to find python and its modules (libraries)
Datahellstrange, even after adding the path manually "python" isn't known o_O
|Zz|how did you add the path "manually"?
Datahelli don't know the english names for the menus
Datahellright click on computer, and a few menus later...^^
|Zz|try this instead
|Zz|in the CLI, type:  c:\Python25\python
|Zz|(assuming that there is where it was installed)
|Zz|do you get the python prompt?
|Zz|damn, I have to leave again
|Zz|sorry, see you
Datahellthx so far x)
charonDatahell: at least on *nix, such shell configuration is not reloaded while the shell is running, in some cases not at all during the current session
charonso try restarting your shells, or logging out and back in
charon(to get PATH to take effect)
charonalso, get a real OS
marcellusor code it in VB6
thrasholdWhat's the best way to draw graphs in LaTeX?
marcelluswhat kind of graphs?
thrasholdThe ones with nodes, edges and labels
fsbottikzexamples is
thrasholdThanks :)
Protogenesi have a question regarding tikz.. i already browsed the pgfmanual, but with no success... is there a way to modify the behaviour of chain edges (joins) so that they don't start at the center of each node?
marcellussummon |Zz|
Protogenesin detail i want them to be from (a.west) to (b.east)...
Protogenesi will be away for a while, but will stay in here.. please highlight on response |Zz|
Datahell[20:05:10] <|Zz|> damn, I have to leave again
Datahell[20:05:15] <|Zz|> sorry, see you
Protogenesthx saw it... maybe someone else has an idea. or he will be back today or tomorrow...
Datahellor next year :p
Protogeneswell i hope i could finish my thesis till than ^^
Protogenesif everything fails i have to do each edge by myself -.--
wart___Hi folks.  Has anyone developed a simple web-interface such that a user that doesn't have latex locally installed (and barely knows latex, for that matter) might produce latex files, export them to .dvi or .pdf, etc.
fsbot[0] ", gnu" to query about gnu
fsbot[1] ", gnu is cool" to define a term,
fsbot[2] ", gnu is also a project by the FSF." to add an alternative,
fsbot[3] ", no gnu is not cool" to replace existing entries for that term,
fsbot[4] ", forget gnu" to purge a term,
wart___I'm thinking about whipping out such an interface for a particular need (ledpar and ledmac); but its better not to start from scratch.
fsbot[5] ", apropos foo" to call the apropos command for a term
fsbot[0] ", gnu" to query about gnu
fsbot[1] ", gnu is cool" to define a term,
fsbot[2] ", gnu is also a project by the FSF." to add an alternative,
fsbot[3] ", no gnu is not cool" to replace existing entries for that term,
fsbot[4] ", forget gnu" to purge a term,
fsbot[5] ", apropos foo" to call the apropos command for a term
wart___I know there are dozens of cut-n-paste options, but it'd be nice to incorporate these with a TIDYHTML option or some such.
wart___the most important "feature" will be numbered lines.
wart___the idea is to collaborate on various .tex files on several editions (latin/english).
wart___using git as a backend.
eocwart___:  uhm yes I have seen that on mathbin, but you also can take a look at tlhiv
Action: marcellus can run general math problems on tlhiv
eocmarcellus:  it was about the interface (-.
marcellustlhiv has a natural language interface
wart___thanks.  i sent both of them an e-mail since they don't have the code in any obvious location.
wart___the main problem I have is getting the line number that a compilation error shows to correspond to the line number of the doc.
wart___I do a split-frame thing where the output of the compilation shows up alongside the textarea/tinyMCE of the working doc.
wart___But I'm not clever enough to figure out how to get line numbers to show up along the edge of the textarea/tinyMCE window.
wart___but that's more of a javascript/html puzzle than anything else; though I figured whatever other implementation must have sorted through that problem too.
AlmostObsoleteI want to set a box at the begining of a pargraph that has a height of around 2 lines (the following line is idendented to accomodate it). Kind of like the way some books start a chapter with a special decorative letter
AlmostObsoleteHow do I go about doing that?
marcellus,cs letterine
fsbot[google]    No match.
marcellus,cs lettrine
AlmostObsoleteWhat I want is like having the large letter, but I don't actually want it to be a letter, it's actuall going to be something like "\circletext{10}"
Last message repeated 1 time(s).
AlmostObsoletePardon me, didn't mean to repeat myself
AlmostObsoleteActually, I think that does do what I need, thank you!
AlmostObsoleteI have a two column page but I'd like to have the heading span both columns, is that possible?
Marchitosis there a way to convert from rtf \doc\odt to .tex?
odlahi i am create a poster in beamerposter and i have inside of a block two columns. However, one of the columns seems to start below the other one and not at the same spot. does that make sense? what can i do? i can paste the syntax
marcellus,cs multicol
fsbotPaste a sample at showing your problem in as little code as possible. Make sure it is a *complete* document, and if possible one that compiles! If your LaTeX aborts with errors, paste them too.
odlaok i figured it out
odlaphew ... beamerposter is not for the easist way to prepare a poster ;)
odlaok when i use the table environment in one column and a figure in the other column, it starts the table below the figure in the other column. does that make sense?
AlmostObsoleteIs there a way to have \textcircled{1} produce a filled black circle with a white numeral?
fsbotFrom memory, tikzexamples is
Marchitosisn't there a purple color available for: \usepackage{color}
odlaok could someone take a look at this for me ...  ... i want the table and the figure to start at the same height.  this is how it presently looks ...
odlai realize that you can't really compile this at the moment because you don't have that graph :(
odlabut if you could look at the link that's how it presently looks and i want them to be at the same height
Marchitosno purple
Marchitosah okay
Marchitosnow it works:)
odlais that enough code with the picture to understand what i want?
marcellusis 'column' the appropriate solution
odlamarcellus: that's what i've been doing in my whole poster
odlamarcellus: it works fine when it's two graphs but not one graph and one table :(
odlamarcellus: basically my poster is 3 columns and within 1 column i have 2 columns ... does that make sense?
marcellusuh, you have the table in floating environment and not the graphics
disgrntldIs there a better way to have LaTeX output an image than passing a PDF through GIMP or the like?
odlamarcellus: what does that mean?
eocdisgrntld:  output 'images'?
marcellusput the graphics in a figure environment
eocwhat about pdf don't you concern image-like enough if I may ask?
fowdisgrntld, you mean you want a png or something instead of a dvi or pdf or ps?
disgrntldahh, ok, thanks guys
eocuhm, english fail.
disgrntldexactly fow
eocnvm (-,
odlamarcellus: thanks i think that did it
jgbwhat would be the easiest way to get a formal letter with slightly different formatting than the letter class? the language I'm working in puts both addresses to the left, and vertically centers the date to the right of the first address.
Guest74176i'm looking for a grhaphical latex editor for unix wich doesn't use qt libs
odlamarcellus: ok now how can i prevent a vertical space between "Results Question 3" and the graphs & figures
disgrntldI think I was misunderstood.. I don't want to just include a graphic in a LaTeX doc, I want to output my LaTeX doc AS an image itself. fow had it right.. Any ideas? eoc, what did you mean by output 'images'? Is that an option to LaTeX?
marcelluswhat are you trying to accomplish?
eocdisgrntld:  I asked what kind of image you need if odf is not enough
eocand, seconded marcellus, why you need it
eocuhm, pdf
disgrntldeoc, I'm not familiar with odf? I usually output PDF or DVI
eocseems as if typing were too hard today
odlamarcellus: me?
disgrntldLooking for PNG or something.. I think I could automate the conversion if GD can read in PDFs.. Gonna try that route I suppose
marcellusdisgrntld: you need to explain why you want it as a png
disgrntldWell, I want to include an example of my LaTeX package inline on a webpage
odlathis is still not quite right for me ... i can't get the table & the figure to both appear under the Results heading w/o having a huge vertical space
odlamarcellus: thanks for the help ... i've figured it out ... it's not the nicest code but it works
simonin my appendix, h
--- Fri Jun 18 2010
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