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DMKEthe easiest way to do so: place the llncs.cls file in the same directory as your tex file
gio123or from where i can dowload
gio123where can i found that file?
gio123is it in net?
DMKEwho told you to use llncs?
DMKEask that person
DMKEobviously, ctan does not know llncs:
gio123it workls now
gio123i pasted fine in the dir where i have late xfile
gio123but in general where i have to add this file?
murosaihm i tried to convert png image to eps and then include it with \includegraphics but now it's telling me unknown extension .eps
Gekz_how to bullet point
boudiccasmurosai, what did you try to convert it in? i've had great success doing it in the gimp
glyjGekz_: I'm using french babel package, and \renewcommand{\FrenchLabelItem}{\textbullet} change the "-" to the bullet point.
Gekz_what about \begin{itemize}
Gekz_and \item
Gekz_which does bullet points properly and what not
glyjGekz_: with french babel package, the \item in the itemize package gives an "-" so, to swtich it to a bullet point, I use the command I gave.
Gekz_that's not what I was actually asking for, but thanks
glyjGekz_:  \textbullet is the bullet point from itemize
|Steve|murosai: Are you using pdflatex?
sweetandySo, if I wanted to center chapter text...
sweetandy\chapter*{\centering{Chapter One}}
|Steve|sweetandy: use titlesec
sweetandyAh, yes
sweetandyThat would be the proper thing to do
sweetandyI'm typing up the beginning of a Stephen King book in LaTeX, just to see what it looks like.
sweetandyIt's.... gorgeous.
sweetandyIt's\ldots gorgeous.
sweetandy^^that's what I meant
Stereosweetandy: in computer modern?
Stereosweetandy: maybe you'll find the memoir package useful
Stereoand the mathpazo package I plugged a couple of lines above
murosai|Steve|: yup using pdflatex
|Steve|murosai: Then it can use the .png
haegerhello i have a problem with the refnumbering of the lstinputlisting environment. I would like to get the same referenz format as for pictures, something like x.y but i get a strange number
haegerit works fine with lstlisting but not with lstinputlisting :(
shahbaziim using texlipse but i have problem with its spell checker
shahbaziit raises the error: running: null; Error running spell checker
shahbazihow can i overcome to this problem?
shahbaziis there anyone to help me?
shahbazii have problem with spell checker
klafkahow do i make an indent in text mode?
fsbotPlease describe the *semantics* of what you want to typeset, not the *way* you want to typeset it. E.g., ask "How can I typeset a list?" instead of "How can I indent a line and add a bullet in front?".
shahbazimy spell checker is not working in texlipse
klafkai want to typeset pseudocode
marcellus,cs algpseudocode
klafkaah cool thanks
sweetandyFor pages 1--8 in my document, there's no additional spacing between paragraphs, and then suddenly, on page 9, there is extra spacing
sweetandyI'll link to pdf/tex
sweetandyI can't find anything that would cause this.
sweetandyMaybe it's trying to fill the page?
sweetandybecause page 10 starts with a new section
sweetandyYes, it's just trying to fill space.
sweetandyIf I take out the last paragraph of section 1 or add a bit more, it spaces properly.
marcellusto change the style of headings use ,,cs titlesec
sweetandyI will definitely look into that
mgeehi, i am using biblatex and want to reverse all author names. not just the first... I tried \DeclareNameFormat{author} but it didn't worked...
mgeeah ok,. got it. i was missing \DeclareNameFormat{editor}...
marcellussweetandy: ask on comp.text.tex
DMKEsweetandy, marcellus: \raggedbottom?
shahbazimy spell checker does not work in texlipse
Action: marcellus doesn't use a spell checker
timhi, i've got a question about tikz ... i'd like to align a node, to be placed above one node and right of another. any idea, how i can easily manage this? using a matrix is not feasible for this
murosaihas anyone used xfig for drawing diagrams?
marcellusno, no one, ever
GNUtoohi, is it possible to have some #ifdef in a latex source document,if so what software is needed?
BCMMis there a "placeholder" in latex?
BCMMfor example, if i am making an enumerated list and want a list number on its own on a line, i do \item $ $
BCMMis there a more correct way of doing this?
exscan someone helps me. i want to genereate code from
exswhich package i have to include
exscause i cant generate something with pstricks
Kencodehow would i emphasize in a formulae fashion a letter in a sentence... such as "Let k be..."?
charonKencode: \(k\) and please read a tutorial/introduction document such as ,,lshort
fsbotlshort is, like, a (Not So) Short Introduction to LaTeX at
Kencodethank you
PolarinaWhere can I see how LaTeX would split words between lines if it were to split every word as often as it could?
danmcKencode:  let $k$ be ....
charonPolarina: \showhyphens{longwordhere}
charon(then look in the console output or .log)
exscan someone explain how to use pstricks?
mickepexs: Isn't that explained in the pstricks manual? What is your real question?
exsmickep, u have some code but i cant compile it by own
exsfor example
exscompilit it with pdflatex i get a pdf without the graphic. i dont know why
marcellus,cs pdftricks
mickepexs: maybe you need pdftricks
exsmickep, what is that
exsi just know pstricks
mickepexs: read the links marcellus/fsbot gave you.
mickeppstricks just works for latex, to use pdflatex you need pdftricks
exsmickep, is this a package?
mickepexs: looks like one. (I'm not a pstricks user)
exsiv get marcellus ! LaTeX Error: Option clash for package pstricks.
exsafter pst2pdf
exsmarcellus, i dont understand how to use pstricks after u posted the links
fsbotPaste a sample at showing your problem in as little code as possible. Make sure it is a *complete* document, and if possible one that compiles! If your LaTeX aborts with errors, paste them too.
exshow to compile
marcellusthat doesn't compile for me
exsmarcellus, the error after i executed pdflatex
exsmarcellus, but its the samplecode of
marcelluswhich one?
geriis it possible to change the name from Bibliography to Main Bibliography? \bibliographystyle{plain}
marcellusexs: have you looked at tikz?
marcellususe ,,cs tocbibind,, to add bibliography to toc
exsMarbug, tikz looks nicer. i will try it
exsmarcellus, tikz looks nicer. i will try it thx
fsbottikzexamples is
geriis it possible to change the name from Bibliography to Main Bibliography? \bibliographystyle{plain}
master_of_masterhi, how can I create a document, that consist of 3 repeated (equal) column, that is defined only once
mickepmaster_of_master: please describe your real problem. Is this was your real problem you could just copy and paste three columns...
master_of_masterthe page should consist of 3 columns that are all the same
master_of_masterI'd like to make a flyer
master_of_masterthe number of columns isn't fixed (3 was an example)
master_of_masterso I'd like to define a column and then "tell" LaTeX to put it x-times next to each other on one page
mickepmaster_of_master: exactly the same output?
mickep\newcommand and then use that command and multicol package and change column every time?
gerimarcellus, i created a bibtex for my includes urls...but they are not displayed...why not?
mickepgeri: use the url package
gerii used: \usepackage{hyperref}
gerii included the bibliograhpy:
gerimaybe i need to use another bibliographystyle
fsbotbiblatex is The biblatex package is a complete reimplementation of the bibliographic facilities provided by LaTeX in conjunction with BibTeX. See
marcellus,cs tocbibind
gerii used jabref
gerito create the bibtex file
geriit looks like:
fsbotPaste a sample at showing your problem in as little code as possible. Make sure it is a *complete* document, and if possible one that compiles! If your LaTeX aborts with errors, paste them too.
geriwill i need to change the bibliographystyle to display the url?
gerito which one?
marcelluspastebin the document
geriplainnat ?
geriit looks strange;)
marcellusthat bib is broken - you use 'and' between names
geriany idea?
mickepadd and
gerinot an ,
mickepgeri: In my bib file it is written Author1 and Author2 and Author3 and...
gerii changed it
mickepNot sure what is the correct way though.
gerihow could you display an url?
mickepI guess one should use a bib style that supports it. I never displayed an url in a bib as far as I remember.
geriit works;)
KencodeHow does one make the hyperlinked references color the number like [5] and not draw a colored box around it? I am using {hyperref} currently.
mercury^Isn't the box a feature of the reader?
marcelluspdfborder={0 0 0}
Kencodethanks, found it in the manual :)
croutonhey guys.. i have a table like this:
croutonhow do i get rid of the gaps around the headers for each column?
crouton*gaps around the text in the headers
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