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raveon_anyone here use scons with LaTex?
IvoryZionIs there a way to switch on math-mode for a table?
Exilantarcsinus: yes, that should be possible :)
Exilantalthough, hm, probably plus a constant
panzisome novels have some kind of paragraph delimeters between some paragraphs. usually one ore more * or a horizontal line
panziis there some command for such a "big paragraph" in LaTeX or do I have to define my own command?
IvoryZionpanzi: You want more vertical space between paragraphs?
Exilantand some stars, as in \begin{center}***\end{center}
Exilant(though better typeset than this)
IvoryZion\vspace*{2 em} \begin{center}***\end{center} \vspace*{2em}
panzigah, I'm really considering using OOo for my novel. LaTeX just doesn't manage hyphenation in words with german Umlauts!
panzinot even when I use T1 fontenc
bremnerpanzi: ok, but considering how many latex developers are german, that is surprising.
bremnerpanzi: are you using babel?
panzibremner: I use: \usepackage[utf8x]{inputenc} \usepackage[ngerman]{babel}
panziI use utf8
panziI won't rewrite my story using \"u and such. that makes the .tex completely unreadable!
bremnerpanzi: ok, that's all I know about it I'm afraid.
raveon_you got a story to write?
panziI semi-finished a story as a hobby. I wanted to layout it with latex
raveon_make money out of it :)
panziit seems to be quite a hassle
panziI guess I have to write some kind of restructured text system that supports unicode
panzior investigate whether there is already such a thing
panziraveon_: no the story isnt good. my sister writes much better ones (shorter, though, but in english! we are both from austria)
raveon_i've been to austria
raveon_vienna and salzburg
raveon_fun place
bremnerpanzi: you might investigate xetex
panzibremner: that strips all my umlauts
panzior how do I tell xetex to respect them?
panziah, adding \usepackage{xltxtra} did help. whatever that is (saw it in another xetex document)
pppoe_dudehow do I show section number on every page of an article?
pppoe_dudenumber and title
pppoe_dudeok with headers i see
|Steve|arcsinus: I am now.
|Nickwiz|ho do i get \section to display alpha instead of numbers?
raveon_redefine the counter to display in lapha
|Nickwiz|hm, ok - ill search some more with that info - googling section was a bit blury
raveon_or maybe \renewcommand{\thesection{\Roman{section}.}
raveon_umm \alph
|Nickwiz|ty, - got on same page by google actually :)
raveon_how do you pass -shell-escape to latexmk?
|Nickwiz|ok, - it beacame: \renewcommand{\thesection}{\alph{section})} - did not get it to work with setcounter ...
jtbandes|Nickwiz|, setcounter is for changing the number
|Nickwiz|yes, ty.
sobersabreis anybody alive ?
|Steve|some of us are even here.
sobersabredo I need to add something to the preamble to use ... oops. found the error :)
b0o-yeahgeeze and now we are all awake ;)
ExilantIn the figure/subfigure environment, can i somehow easily tell latex to use the whole textarea?
Exilanti have (left border)(graph a) (graph b) (graph c)(about 1 cm)(right border)
|Steve|Exilant: Put \hfil between your \subfloats.
Exilantah, thx
|Steve|You can also add \hfil before and after if you want them more centered.
andy_t_roohello, i'm trying to place 3 figures together - a big one next to 2 smaller ones. i have placed the two smaller ones in a sub-figure, but they refuse to go below each other -- i end up either with the 3 figures in a row, or the big one above, and two smaller ones below.
andy_t_roo(i'm using lyx/miktex on windows)
|Steve|I can't help with miktex.
|Steve|A parbox would solve your problem, I believe.
fsbotI heard sample is Paste a sample at showing your problem in as little code as possible. Make sure it is a *complete* document, and if possible one that compiles! If your LaTeX aborts with errors, paste them too.
Exilant|Steve|: thanks, now my subfigures look better.  Now on to fix all those underfull vbox issues :/
|Steve|Exilant: Save that to the very end.
Exilanthm, makes sense
|Steve|My advisor and I spent about an hour fixing underfull vboxes yesterday. Then I went home and fixed a bunch of tables.
|Steve|Then I had to refix underfull vboxes this morning.
Exilanti'm just 95 % done, so first the remaining 5 %
arcsinusWhen you do \begin{equation} <some eq.> \end{equation} .... a number enclosed with parantheses is added to the right side of te eq.
arcsinusHow do  you move it to the right side of the eq. ?
arcsinusLike (1) a + b = c and not a + b = c (1) ?
mickepDo not remember, but I think it is in the ,,amsldoc,,
fsbotmickep, hmm, amsldoc is the documentation for amsmath and can be found on
arcsinusmickep: Can you point me to the appropriate section please?
mickepI am at work...
arcsinusOh KO :p
arcsinusIt's just that I tried to look for it yesterday but didn'
arcsinust find it
marcellusI have already told you to read that document - twice.
marcellusbecause you didn't read it
arcsinusmarcellus: Oh Hi!I I read the theequation section
arcsinusIs that what I was supposed to read?
marcellusThat wasn't a section. That was me providing you the solution.
arcsinusOh, then there was probably a misunderstanding. I thought it was just a hint to the solution. Would you mind helping me again? I'll be so grateful!
marcellusYou are supposed to read above mentioned document. It is less than 20 pages to read.
arcsinusOK, so I have to read all of the doc to find out the answer?
mickepJust read what seems interesting for you for the moment. If there is something on typesetting the square root, you can safely skip that part right now.
arcsinusGood advice.
arcsinusThanks guys.
hiwkwhat is the state of the art package to handle acronyms and glossaries? I want at least to have the "Some Silly Thing (SST)" feature and a glossary list
hiwkwould a nice index (like the one in the end of a book) be handeled by the same package?
marcellusmaybe ,,cs glossary
marcellus,cs makeidx
marcellus,cs index
hiwkmarcellus: thanks, I'll check those out. Do you have any positive experience with them?
arcsinusIn the amsldoc they mention LaTeX manual. What is that manual ?
arcsinus s0
arcsinus(wrong window)
marcellushiwk: I haven't give much thought to how I want a index or glossary should look, so no.
Dennis84hey all
Dennis84i want to be able to write a url in a footnote of a caption of an image
marcellushiwk: I usually go for the most recently updated one.
Dennis84very complicated
marcellusit is?
Dennis84i found out, that a footnote in a caption must be protected
Dennis84but how can i enter an url in this footnote?
Dennis84marcellus: exactly this is not working :p
Dennis84thats the normal way, but not in a caption of an image
marcellusok, i missed "in this"
Dennis84\caption{Aufbau des SMB Headers \protect\footnote{\url{}}}
Dennis84that is what i tried
Dennis84and thats not working
fsbothmm, sample is Paste a sample at showing your problem in as little code as possible. Make sure it is a *complete* document, and if possible one that compiles! If your LaTeX aborts with errors, paste them too.
Stereohi everyone
Dennis84marcellus: how can i poste a complete example wihout a image source?
marcellusthe image doesn't matter
marcellusin what way is that complete?
Dennis84so, thats an image definition with my current footnote and url problem
Dennis84isn't that enough?
marcellusdoes that compile?
mickepDennis84: It is easier if we can make it compile (i.e. the documentclass + relevant packages are needed)
marcellusis that a complete document?
Dennis84i know what you mean
StereoI'd like to put information from a sql in a document, and am hesitating between sqltex, latexdb and ratexdb. Has anyone used either?
marcellusnever heard of either
Stereofunny, it seems to be a german speciality
Isajhahow can i use the \ref commands across multiple books
Isajhai'd like to have something See "volume 1: blah", p. 66
Isajhai know that this is possible somehow (there was a guide in some FAQ but i can not find it anymore><)
Isajhai mean this is not something like bibtex, i have a label defined in one book and i want to reference it from another books
StereoIsajha: and you're writing those books at separate times, of course
Isajhai think i've found it it's the package xr
Stereoah, didn't know that one
Isajhathis time i won't loose the bookmark><
Isajhaand ofc it does not work as expected><
velenohello. i'm on mac osx (using MacTex, latest available distribution). i'm having troubles with includegraphics :  this works fine with TexShop but it fails with TextMate, which reports: "File `solutions/average' not found." the file is called solutions/average.pdf ..any idea ?
velenoand thiese are the packages imported:
mickepveleno: do you run latex or pdflatex?
velenomickep: in both programs (texshop and textmate) i run pdflatex
mickepI dont even know what TextMate is. What if you run in the terminal: pdflatex file. Does it work?
velenomickep: yes
mickepThen it is not a TeX problem but a problem with TextMate :)
velenomickep: you're right
mickepI never heard of TextMate, but if you're lucky someone inhere uses it and can help. I guess you have more luck in contacting the authors/google for this, though.
mickepveleno: what if you include the .pdf in average.pdf?
velenomickep: pdflatex still succeds (and so does texshop, the default tex editor installed by MacTex Live 2009). inside textmate, i get "Latex Error: txmt://open?url=file:%2F%2F%2FUsers%2Fveleno%2Fworkspace%2Funine-distalg%2Fpracticals%2F01-lua%2F.%2F01-lua.tex&line=494 LaTeX Error: Cannot determine size of graphic in solutions/average.pdf (no BoundingBox)."
mickepare you sure you run pdflatex in TextMate?
mickepAlso, that error looks strange
velenomickep: the full log seems to report pdflatex to me:
veleno(1st line)
mickeplooks like so, especially since it includes other pdf files without error. Is this pdf file "different" in some sense?
velenomickep:  solutions/average.pdf: PDF document, version 1.4  
velenomade by a gnuplot script which had a "set term pdf" parameter..nothing more special than that. (as the other included pdf file, btw)
andy_t_roo1can someone help me with a minor layout problem -- i have 3 pics, one large and 2 small, i would like the large to be next to the two small -- like  []:
andy_t_roo1i have placed them in a floating figure, with the 2 small ones in a subfigure, but it always comes out as []..
fsbotFrom memory, sample is Paste a sample at showing your problem in as little code as possible. Make sure it is a *complete* document, and if possible one that compiles! If your LaTeX aborts with errors, paste them too.
Stere0veleno: there's a textmate chan here on freenode
velenoStere0: ah..i'll go ask there !
Stere0it's full of nice folks :)
Lusulehi guys, I wonder fi I could get some help - I'm having trouble with figures.  I'm using \begin{figure} but texworks doesn't seem to recognise it - I can't seem to find if there's some package I'm meant to be using I don't know about to make the command work, anyone able to help?
mickepLusule: no package is usually needed for figure (what documentclass are you using). However, you need graphicx package to include graphics.
Lusulemickep i included graphicx, i'm using scrlttr2 doc class
mickepLusule: so, what error do you get?
mickepmaybe the scrlttr2 does not have a figure environment.
LusuleEnvironment figure undefined
mickepOk, then that is probably the case.
Lusulehmm how would be the best way to insert a graphic in a letter then?
mickepI guess you can define a new floating (graphics) via the graphicx package.
mickep(I guess that the thinking is that it is not so common with figures in a letter, at least not figures that you refer to. However, I do not agree fully...)
marcellustoo many classes anyway
Lusulewell what i'm writing is more of a report sandwiched in between the two ends of a letter i guess ><
mickepLusule: Then I suggest that you switch to scrreprt or something similar.
Lusulebut then i can't put in the addresses and signing off and stuff
Lusuleyaaay figured it out with captions and all :)
elbryanis possible to write a textbox in latex?
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