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chelzis there a good plugin for enabling autosaving after say a few minutes in Kate?
stefan`i updated to kde4.5 from the kubuntu experimental ppa
stefan`however, i don't get the blur effect working, although its enabled
stefan`  and set to max
stefan`00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile
stefan`  GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 0c)
stefan`is there some place to look for errors/warnings?
cb400ftry ~/.xsession-errors
elmargolsomeone knows if there iss a lastpass plugin for konqueror or rekonq?
cb400fno idea what lastpass is, but if there's an extension for chrome it should come to rekonq soon :-)
elmargolcb400f: yes lastpass has a chrome extension
elmargolcb400f: rekonq supports chrome extensions?
stefan`cb400f: it says "kwin(1456) KWin::EffectsHandlerImpl::loadEffect: Trying to load  "kwin4_effect_blur"
elmargolcb400f: great news maybe this makes me switch :)
stefan`cb400f: kwin(1456): Invalid framebuffer status:  0
stefan`cb400f: the "invalid framebuffer" message only shows up right after the blur effect
stefan`cb400f: all the others don't have that message
stefan`cb400f: but i don't really know what it means
phepHi. How can we tell krunner to launch new processes with a current directory different from XDG_DOCUMENTS_DIR
tuxickwhy does running webradio make kwin use 100% cpu?
tuxickusing FF which uses mplayer
tuxickbecause the site fails on konq
shadyabhiI cant get preview for images, video etc in Dolhin. can anybody help?
ayeveehello, is it possible to make KDE check word spelling in two languages?
ayeveeenglish and russian in my case
Mehrab_hi, I've installed awn on my kubuntu, after rebooting it will come up with gnome desktop, how can I bring back KDE?
TorchMehrab_: ask on #kubuntu
Mehrab_Torch: did that before, but isn't this question kind of related to KDE too? if not what kind of question should be asked here?
alienBOBMehrab_: your question is about how to reconfigure kubuntu to start KDE instead of Gnome. This question is specific to your distro, not to KDE
pinotree(most probably by choosing kde at the login manager screen)
alienBOBThe problem will likely be that GDM is now the login manager instead of KDM
pinotreenot that gdm doesn't have a "session" chooser, does it?
Torchpinotree: he turned on automatic login ;-)
Mehrab_thats right, auto login is on
Marchitosi've troubles with phonon on kde 4.4.3
Marchitoseach time i boot i get: the device intel audio bla bla is not working
Marchitoshow can i solve?
cb400fwhich phonon backend are you using?
cb400fxine or gstreamer.. try if using the other one helps
Marchitostried with booth xine and gstreamer
Marchitosthe only strange thing is that phonon is at version 4.4.1 and kde to 4.4.3
Marchitosbut there isn't a newer version available
Marchitosqt is 4.6.2
cb400fphonon has its own version number
Marchitosah okay
cb400f.. it's just confusing people cuz it's so close to the kde number :-)
Marchitosthe pc is an acer aspire one, a netbook
Marchitosand now the preferred backend is xine..
Marchitosany ideas..?
cb400fask your distro.. maybe related to PulseAudio or something
cb400fdoes the sound actually work?
cb400fand do non-phonon apps have sound?
Marchitosvlc has no sound
cb400fso the prob isn't limited to phonon
Marchitosthere is no pulse audio
Marchitosbut if i reinstall the audio card trought the hardware manager
Marchitosit works
Marchitostill i boot again
dchmelikhow do you make konsole translucent?
dchmelikit used to be
cb400funder profile configuration.. requires compositing
Marchitosthere is no pulse audio running,,
Marchitoshowever i am using opensuse..
cb400fdid the sound work before you upgraded to unofficial packages?
cb400fand did it perhaps work earlier even in 4.4.3?
Marchitosi didn't tried..
dchmelikit says compositing is disabled
Marchitosbut i got no message like "the device is not working,,etc"
dchmelikoh, now it may be enabled
alienBOBdchmelik: you can enable compositing if your graphics hardware supports it
cb400fand driver
dchmelikit will not resume compositing
alienBOBdchmelik: is it a laptop running on battery power?
dchmelikno, it is a minicomputer
dchmelikit only has a Matrox g450
dchmelikbut transluceny worked in KDE3
kde_pepodchmelik, it was fake transparency, it only showed background, but no windows behind it
dchmelikthat is what I would prefer... I think I got it working now
dchmelikthe transparency will show when it is at 100% in konsole, right?
dchmelikor is it the other way around?  because XRender says it is working but there is no translucency
dchmelikwhere do I find konsole--super user mode (and same for the file manager?)
cb400ffind? in the menu? .. there's no super user file manager in vanilla kde anymore
cb400fbut e.g. krusader has it
cb400fof course you can do 'kdesu dolphin' or so if you want
dchmelikapparently I cannot edit it into the menu either... this is really stone age
Torchdchmelik: why can't you?
dchmelikwhen you try to select an area of the menu to add something (or also resize it,) that is just how it is
Torchdchmelik: i have no idea what you mean, but you can edit the menu with the kmenueditor. right click on the kickoff button and select "menu editor"
dchmelikthanks, I see what you said... the other thing is someone said you can resize the menu, but I never found out how
dchmelik(to get rid of the scroll bars)
ayevee[13:24] <ayevee> hello, is it possible to make KDE check word spelling in two languages?
ayevee[13:24] <ayevee> english and russian in my case
Torchdchmelik: it has a size grip in one corner
dchmelikthanks for explaining that
marioprinter applet is the most annoying thing ever
marioit keeps poping up and dissapearing like crazy
S_sunWhat defines whether this or that icon id displayed by default in the "Desktop Folder" directory panel that pops up when starting KDE4? I see a Firefox icon there, I didn't put it there.
EagleScreen_where is defined the default location to the save file dialog?
cb400fS_sun: normally that would be a .desktop file in the folder which folder view is configured to show - normally ~/Desktop
xelisterhey nepomuk developers,
xelisterfuck you for bringing this bullshit "Social Semantic Desktop" crap to my system!  Now it's bloated as Vista
Walzmynxelister: just turn it off like i did
xelisterwhat the hells is Social Semantic Desktop anyway?
xelisterdid this guys smoked weed with some stuff from Apple?
ufaxelister, can you control yourself? You are not in home
neverendingoxelister: this is no appropriate behaviour, no matter how angry you might be about it
xelisterok sorry, stil lI think I am a little entitled to speak for all the user's computers that slow down to crawl, or just failed (various bugs) thanks to this idea. We dont want MS style bloatware on our nice linuxes (most of us)
xelistersure I disabled it. Now I have to do it for all friends.   And still many newbies will not do it, and it will be an opinion that linux "is slow" now.
alisonken1homexelister, since it's linux, you have the option of selecting what you install - or remove - unlike the other OS
EagleScreen_when I save a file in any KDE application, the file dialog is located in a folder out of my home, it'd be desirable for me that folder would be my home, where can I change it?
xelisteralisonken1home: sure, fortunatelly it was easy to fix this
neverendingoxelister: the first step would be, explain your problem in detail, apart from "bloatware". then give steps to reproduce your problem. Because from experience, not all users have that problem. That way you can be helped in a friendly and nice manner
xelisterneverendingo: nepomuku is a file that uses tons of resources to scan all my desktop
neverendingoxelister: are you really sure it is nepomuk or maybe even strigi?
xelisterneverendingo: top
xelisterthat and virtuosomething, another unwanted thing
neverendingoxelister: i am not the best to help you with that, but what i know is, the people around here or on other support channels are really nice and helpful if they are asked like that
neverendingoxelister: "unfortunately" it works for me like a charm, even with strigi enabled in systemsettings
neverendingoxelister: oh, and always state a bit more information, like the versions you are using, there are huge changes between those
xelisterI spent long hours to get apps working after this akonadi/seppuku/virtuosomething stuff added,  and also today, computer slowing down to crawl thanks to seppuku+vrituososomething.  Now it's disabled. For me. Think of the other users. Also look how many bugs there are already.  I'm against such bloatware culture being by default enabled in linuxes.
xelisterbloatware, because:   It's unwanted (I never said I want this ***, it just comes as part of ubuntu 10.04), it's slow, it's buggy.  Yuck.  Feels like Vista
neverendingoxelister: as said, my setup is working fine, with defaults enabled. causes might be different things. distro, hardware, configuration...
xelisterperhaps ubuntu distro is more to blame here, not sure.
pinotreexelister: can you please stop using insults and mean language here?
xelisterUbuntu really tried to be the next Vista.  Also with 3d desktop, that has some gimmicks, but is far less usable and also slower (even on powerfull computer with good gfx)
Sho_("fuck you" etc go too far, and he's been warned before)
pinotreethe ban doesn't look to the correct person though?
Sho_pinotree: whoops, looks like my cursor slipped indeed
lxnaysuspend to ram via powerdevil seems broken in 4.4.3, any hint?
quesadaI have a gigantic X process. Always top entry in 'top'. Usinng sabayon 5.2 KDE. tried to pinpoint it to an app, but right now I think is generalized. Any idea what to try next?
Mutantcan anybody tell me how to install KDE in Ubuntu 10.04
TorchMutant: #kubuntu
cb400fMutant: 'apt-get install kubuntu-desktop' afaik.. but better asks the kubuntuists to be sure
Mutantok thanks
MutantTorch: Thanks
Mutant cb400f: Thanks
uspenokcan i install kde on OS X ?
uspenoknot only packages, amarok etc but whol kde with workspace and other
pinotreeuspenok: #kde-mac
jaggedhigh all
jaggedi'm having the problem with opensuse 11.2, that under KDE3 the application menu is completely empty (except the session switch stuff and the like)... how can i restore it (maybe by importing the kde4 menu?)???
jaggedwell, btw, the control center submenu is also empty... that kind of sucks... what could have gone wrong?
uspenokjagged: have u try on another acc ?
jaggedthere is only one account, uspenok :-) fresh installation...
jaggedwhere is the menu structure stored anyway?
sredna2jagged: try running kbuildsycoca
sredna2that should regenerate the menu in kde 3
sredna2someone knows what is required for an ad hoc network? avahi? zeroconf?
tdnichogood morning...the "restart" icon disappeared from the KDE "Leave" do i add it back?
jaggedwell.... i have read that name before, no idea what it means, but can't be all that bad... but again: where are the menu entries stored???
jaggedoh, run it as root or normal user?
sredna2jagged: "kbuildsycoca --noincremental", just as you :)
jaggedthanks :-)
jaggednothing changed...
sredna2sorry, jagged
jaggedhigh titou
titousince several weeks each time I launch KMail for the first time, the akonadi window which tell me there is an error appears and once I close it, kmail is closed too
titouif I restart kmail again, it works
titouI'm using KDE 4.4.2 and the akonadi error is not important
sredna2titou: i have that too. what system are you running?
titouit's very boring :(
sredna2ok, run something completely different
sredna2the error is annoying, and absolutely useless for normal people
sredna2and full of lies too, i think they make assumptions
titouin particular the "error" is that there were a previous mysql log which contains some errors
titoubut it's not true errors
titouit's just warning
sredna2akonadi is alpha state
sredna2never suspend your system, unless you remember to restart akonadi and kontact when you wake it up, or you are in for data loss an grief, with out warnings
titouI didn't know that
sredna2something is also leaving stale lock files for your addressbooks, maybe kmail, which is using kabc.
sredna2i don't think developers use suspend :p
titouI'm afraid about the KDE 4.5 since KMail will fully use Akonadi !
jaggedi'm off... thanks for your help...
titouso there is no solution to avoid that?
LantiziaDoes kate do any kind of autosaving?
LantiziaI just found out it crashes if you try to cut a collapsed segment of text and I've lost my work
alinLantizia: should be in ~
alinLantizia: should be in filename~
Lantiziaand what if it was never saved?
Lantiziayou know what, forget it - I've had enough of KDE.  I can't think of one single application that came with Kubuntu 10.04 that hasn't crashed so far
titouLantizia: then maybe there is a problem with your distribution
LantiziaOh I don't doubt it, it's ubuntu lol
titouI use KDE all the time and hopefully my applications don't crash
LantiziaNothing can ever be really ready by a definition of... Oh look it's April/October
alinLantizia: if you use stable versions of kde should be no problems... at least I have not seen any on opensuse
alinLantizia: if you use beta versions you take the risks
dimm0ktrying to get conky to go entirely transparent on kde 4.4.3
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