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Nauxerhello, a quick question: using the "desktop" to view a folder, it's not allowing me to use the scroll to cycle through all my desktops, is this a bug?
teraquendyahey, i got a quick question. i have a similar problem to bug 235155, which is closed and in need of a backtrace. I think I can provide a backtrace (recompiling right now) but i dont think I can reopen the bug, since it is not mine. Should I just add my stuff to the bug and hope someone else reopens it or should I open a new bug? Or is there a wayfor me to reopen the bug?
lamdkanyone know how to enable touchpad mousetap in KDE? i cant find it in the menus =\
pinotreeinstall the kde touchpad utility, also called synaptiks
Machtinhm.. it seems dolphin is ignoring my "don't create preview for files above 5MB setting."
spm_Dragetthere is a minor bug, but I do not have a bugzilla account to report it: when unlocking the screen via remote (like vnc or ssh wih 'qbusorg.kde.screenlocker/MainApplication qut' or killing he klocker application, the timer is not reset. i.e KDE locks the screen 1-2 seconds later again, eventho one is working over vnc. Plus KDE oes not lock the screen if the mini-volume slider of kmix is open. KDE 4.4.4
thiago_homethe first problem sounds like vnc isn't resetting the X idle timer
thiago_homenot a KDE issue
thiago_homethe second problem sounds like X mouse-grabbing
thiago_homeit should happen whenever any popups are open (this includes menus)
spm_DragetTrue about the menus. But back in KDE3 times I remember that I could kill klocker and this would unlock kde. Maybe I remember wrong.
thiago_homewhat happens if you kill the locker now?
leontopodhey, I have my taskbar on autohide
leontopodbut it pops up for a fraction of a second every once in a while even if I don't put the mouse over it
leontopodhey, I have my taskbar on autohide
leontopodwhat's up with that?
leontopodwow quiet here
Kanohi, are kdm 4 themes the same as kdm 3 themes
svuorelaKano: no
Kanoeasy way to convert?
svuorelaI just compared it tag by tag once I needed it. iirc there is one or two things that ar edifferent
Nauxervideo files thumbnails are avoiding me, whats the way to have them back? install some package?
Nauxerok got it... mplayerthumbs..
Kanowhat package is needed for flash in konqueror
SpeedEvilhello! Anyone know if it's possible to use compositing in any way to show a small window on the desktop as normal? I'd like to have a 1/4 size FF window - for example - to show a flash stream.
sequemiscan anyone tell me why the pager in kde since 4.0 is completely useless?
sequemisit just doesn't hit my tiocker.
Sho_sequemis: in what way is it useless?
sequemisit's useless as compared with 3.5 in the sense that i can't quite find the strength to use it at all in most idle circumstances.
sequemisit's like plasma spurred a hip-hop movement when they released 4.0. no rhyme.
sequemisall the sudden there's no rap to coincide with a hippy movement over free love / marriage or something along those lines.
sequemisif i was criminally negligent, i could not find a way for pager usage to also be criminally negligent on someone's time at the same time telling myself i'm actually capable of using pager plasmoid. "ok self..." "umm..."
cleary_it's like, you're all rhyme, and no reason
Jucatoyou still haven't given a concrete reason
sequemisok self...
Jucato4.0 is also outdated and admittedly rough around the edges. you should be using the latest stable release
sequemisall things considered, plasma is probably patentable by the same case, criminal negligence. IANAL.
sequemisanyway, i just set the pager applet up on a top panel with no impetus to use it. I guess I'm just a loner.
Jucatoyou are not making any sense
sequemisif it's criminally negligent for the military to pick up the phone on someone who hasn't completely finished dialling yet, how can i blame someone else for having to have 4 screens open? cool-factor is nil for a feature pretty much standard as a differential feature between windows and unix variants.
sequemisas in, there was a call recipient, not just a caller.
sequemisaaron's paycheck can probably make me dial the phone ;)
sequemispersonally: i can probably profit in business by just picking up the phone, {not actually by waiting for anyone to dial the phone} -scratch-. At all.
sequemisnvm, i should would in a call centre or some phishing scam centre or 419 or something.
Sho_sequemis: props for creativity, really
sequemis krunner is still plasma by development, isn't it?
sequemisa switcher beside the close button or the system activity button might be a long shot at how else to, and then i might be able to use plasma to switch desktops :)
xgurui'm getting that same error.
xgurui have found where it is possible to "make --skip-validation"  but make says illegal option
sequemisproposition for krunner: kpager functionality after tab key from text input box, with kpager widget located after close box. it probably breaks hig, though i'm looking at svn to see if i can do anything at all.
xguruany i in the right place even :)
xguruoh freebsd 8 and upgrading from 4.3 to 4.4.4
xguru    <---  line 20 suggest a work around, but when the command is issued it says "make: illegal option -- -"    Sorry i thought i would set the question up better and give better info
crocketThe top panel is always clicked even if other programs are in fullscreen mode.
crocketThe top panel is not visible but is clicked.
crocketWhat the hell?
leontopodis this a stupid question:  why doesn't kde have a "show desktop" button or menu option?
siddviciousyou mean on the panel ? :)
leontopodoh just googled it
leontopodapparently there is a widget that will do it
thiago_homeleontopod: so KDE has it :-)
leontopodso I have the show desktop
leontopodwidget on the desktop
leontopodhow do I get it on the taskbar?
thiago_homedrag it there
leontopodok, /me tries
leontopodit won't let me =(
leontopodit just drags it BEHIND the taskbar
thiago_homeput the panel in edit mode first
thiago_homeit's probably easier to drag it from the "add widget" dialog/pane
leontopodoh did that
leontopodit worked
siddviciousif you want to add on panel at bottom then right click to add wigets and add it :)
leontopodbut it put the widget icon over on the extreme right of the taskbar
leontopodbut it works
leontopodthat's what counts
leontopodwidgets are pretty bad ass
thiago_homewell, move it :-)
thiago_homeagain, in edit mode
pfeeI get a few transparent pixels between the kwin title bar and the rest of the application window.  Anyone else having this issue?
paloris_Jdoes pulseaudo work with kde apps
Geckohey, I run a pretty theme on my kde, but it makes my gtk apps look absolutely horrible. Any way to fix this?
Sylvain3665I'm a french user, sorry if i don't speak very clearly
Sylvain3665I have a computer with ubuntu server 10.04, i installed X server and then, i installed kdm
Sylvain3665but i don't want x and kdm to start when the system boots, i want to stay in console mode
pinotreeSylvain3665: #ubuntu
pfeeSylvain3665: You want to adjust your default runlevel from 5 to 3 in /etc/inittab
Sylvain3665ok i'll ask there...
gnumdkIs kde 4.4.90 release delayed ?
gabriel9anyone use bespin?
TheOVwhat is the best kde4 distro?
sophothis is a powerful question
kdepepobest? I'd say newest. Updating to Mesa 7.8.1 did wonders to my KWin speed.
Zaistercan anyone help? it seem I no longer have access to my cd drive from KDE apps, neither audio cds nor data cds will work
gabriel9sopho: Arch is powerful if you make it like that
sophoi am not into that too much, yet "best" is imho a category that has many dimensions, that was my point here :)
tuxickkwin using 100% cpu again
tuxickhow to see what process/app does that?
xgurui was isntall kde from ports, and there was an option to put the printer icon in the task bar.....i want to remove that.   anyone know what package that was in?  or do i have to recompile all of kde
mika__hi, how can i change the order in the kopete contacts list? i want groups before contacts..
pedrochi, avahi works, but zeroconf kio in konqueror not
pedrocany ideas what i can do?
pfeeHi, I get a row of transparent pixels between the window title bar and the rest of the application window (KDE 4.4.4, F13), anyone else see this?  Perhaps a kwin or oxygen issue.
rdieterpfee: I don't see that, mind posting a screenshot?
pfeeImage shows "System settings" window, with konsole behind showing through.
d3xpfee, nice effect ;]
pfeed3x: But I'm losing a few all important virtual pixels!
pfeed3x: vertical
pfeeI have "focus follows mouse".  If I move a window, it looks fine.  Then when I move focus to another window, the previous window gets the transparent strip.
pfeeAnd, strangely, Konqueror and Konversation windows suffer the problem.  Konsole appears to be ok.  Strange that not all windows have the same treatment.  btw, Intel graphics card.
pfeeIf it's not already a known issue, I'll post to
haldirif I use kde system settings to alter my display settings, how do I save that to the next session. right now I have to do this each time.
haldirI use slackware 13.1 and kde 4.4.3
pfeerdieter d3x : Bug raised:
rdieterhaldir: it's a feature/bug (ie, those settings are not persistent)
rdieterhaldir: see
haldirrdieter:thanks for your help
menaki just installed kde 4.4.4 after using 4.3.5. one question: what happened to the image gallery plasmoid
pingvenoIs there a way to block people in Kopete?
szaldepends on the protocol, that's a function of the respective messenger protocol, not of the client
pingvenoAny particular reason?
sorindi saw on the release schedule that RC1 should have been released a few days ago, has it been pushed back?
Kame2sorind: it's there since some hours
Klanticusmay someone on trunk test if bug 242785 is reproducible?
pinotreeKame2: until it's announced, it can change anytime
Kame2pinotree: why is it on a public ftp then?
menaki just installed kde 4.4.4 after using 4.3.5. one question: what happened to the image gallery plasmoid?
menaknobody knows?
NobuHi, is there a way to disable autoscroll (shift+, etc.) in Kontact (mail), or globally? When I'm reading, I usually scroll with the mouse, which switches focus to the message. So when I try to select multiple messages, it triggers autoscroll.
KenBW2is there a command-line way to set a load of settings in a script? kinda like the gconftool command?
NobuThere should be a list of all (KDE global) settings, where to find them, and a link to their description, somewhere in KDE Help Center. o.o
tzangerhas anyone else got issues with kopete and gtalk today?
KenBW2tzanger: works fine here Kubuntu 9.10 kopete 1.0
tzangerhmm okay, I'm on 10.04
tzangerworked great yesterday, not so much today
KenBW2tzanger: sorry, im on 10.04 too
tzangerKenBW2: hmm, okay, thank you, now I know it's me at least :-)
KenBW2Nobu: i can't see anything in help center resembling anything gconf-like
NobuKenBW2: No, I was saying it should have that, not that it did. Sorry for the confusion.
KenBW2Nobu: maybe theres another way of addressing the problem
KenBW2Nobu: basically I want to make a script to set up a fresh install with my preferred settings. In Gnome i used gconftool, but I don't know of any alternative in KDE
Kame2Nobu: i don't know what gconftool does, but is kreadconfig and kwriteconfig what you are looking for?
NobuKame2: I think that's what KenBW2 was looking for, but it might work for me too. Let me check.
KenBW2Kame2: does it let me set settings through the command line?
Kame2KenBW2: yes
KenBW2Kame2: sounds promising
NobuDoesn't help me much, since I don't know what setting I'm looking for.
KenBW2-laptopsame here
NobuKenBW2-laptop: I think all settings are stored in ~/.kde/share/config or somesuch. So if all you want is to restore your (KDE) settings, can't you just copy that folder? Some other apps may have configs other folders, though.
KenBW2-laptopNobu: ive tried the copy-all-my-.<app>-folders approach before, it's caused me problems
Kame2KenBW2-laptop: what exactly do you want to do?
NobuI've found what I wanted, I think:
NobuKame2: He wants a way to backup & (after a fresh install) restore his KDE settings.
KenBW2-laptopNobu: not necessarily backup, just set a load of settings in a bunch of commands
NobuI assume after obtaining the list of settings, he'd want to be able to use them in a command to write them back later, correct?
ivan|awayvisit and add yourself to the list (if you're attending ofc)
KenBW2-laptopNobu: exactly
Kame2KenBW2-laptop: so you cold use kwriteconfig but you don't know the exact options and files?
KenBW2-laptopKame2: you got it
Kame2and there are to many options so it's just not possible to look at the possible config-files and find out what the options are?
KenBW2-laptopKame2: is that all there is to it?
KenBW2-laptopKame2: navigating the .kde folder?
Kame2as long as the corresponding setting was set before. If you never changed a setting there will be no config-entry as is just uses the default
KenBW2-laptopKame2: that's possibly a good thing
Kame2but theoretically you should find most interessting options by looking in ~/.kde/share/config and /usr/lib/share/config (possible some variation in path depending on ditribution)
NobuNope, looks like AutoScrolling isn't the setting I'm looking for...
Kame2Nobu: your problem is that to scroll, the message-area has to be active (to get mouse and keyboard events) so i think it's not possible to get a 'shift - up' to the message-list area
NobuKame2: I was afraid of that, but thought I'd try anyway. Thanks!
mika__hi, is there any way to sync akregator with google reader? (kde 4.4.... or in the next 4.5)
--- Sat Jun 26 2010
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