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jdc18in that example in the view part
jdc18and controller part
jdc18there is missing the ?>
helloworld111anyone here is using joomlisting
helloworld111i have a bug and dont know how to solve it
sahilskdoes anyone here know, how to add this form in my site.i know, it can be done by php curl, library ,but i wonder if it's also possible with javascript or any client script .
sahilskany other option beside php curl library?? and will my host charge extra for instllainng cURL ??
helloworld111i have a bug and dont know how to solve it in joolisting
lynxsysHey all, anybody know a good hotel booking system for joomla?
helloworld111hotel reservation pro
lynxsysis that the best?
helloworld111i have used it
helloworld111or try  jomres
helloworld111it is better
lynxsyswhat are the main competition for it?
helloworld111someone can help me here
fLuxPAhey, can you help me with something simple?\
helloworld111tell me  if i can
CylindricDon't ask if you can ask a question, just ask.  Nobody knows if they can help if they don't know your problem.
fLuxPAI would like to display a specific article, in a specific section of the frontpage (I already got the division where I want the article to be displayed) Any ideas?
fLuxPAI ask, to see if anyone here is alive :P
helloworld111i have joomlisting installled and i have a bug there  dont know how to correct it
CylindricfLuxPA: there are some extensions to do just that.
helloworld111Cylindric can u help me in my problem please if u have some time for me
CylindricfLuxPA: is one example I just found by a quick Google search for "article in module position"
Cylindricjdc18: PHP scripts don't need a closing ?>.  Just reaching the end-of-file is good enough.
helloworld111Cylindric can u help me in that please if u have time
fLuxPACylindric: Thanks, didn't know how to search for it. I found some fancy rotators and didn't need that. Article in module position, never would've figured that out
Cylindrichelloworld111: I don't know anything about joomlisting.  Never used it.
CylindricfLuxPA: that's always the tricky part - working out what to search for :)
helloworld111i think it will be a  small bug,  if i add more than 8 properties in a category it shows a blank page
Cylindricsubmit a support ticket on their site?  Dunno.  Not used it.
fLuxPACylindric: Thanks man, I really appreciate it. I started looking for joomla jdoc:include type trying to figure out how to do it manually :)
lynxsysIf im logged into joomla admin, then try to install a component what user credentials will attempt to create the dir on the server?
snellcodelynxsys: if you use apache mod_php, then its the apache user
snellcodeusually.. but depends on your host setup
lynxsyshow do I know if I use apache mod_php?
snellcodedo a phpinfo() and see what it says for server api
snellcodeits in joomla i think under the system info tabs
fLuxPACylindric: Have you used that extension?
CylindricNo, I just had a quick look around
lynxsyssnellcode: under global configuration?
snellcodehelp >system info
snellcodewhos your host?
snellcodeok, then i guess you can set it to anything you want
lynxsysserver api Apache 2.0 handler
snellcodeso its probably www-data or apache or nodody, depends on your server
snellcodeyou can edit it in apache2.conf
lynxsysso would that user have permissions to create a dir by defualt?
snellcodedepends who owns the folders
snellcodeand what the perms are on them
lynxsysfolder is owned by me as a user on the server
snellcodein that case, they need to be set to 777 for apache to write to them
lynxsysand i can create edit upload etc logged in via ftp
snellcodeunless you are in the same group as apache, and then just set group write
snellcodeif you're the only one on the server, 777 is not so bad
lynxsysok, so apache is a user on the server that need permission to create a dir on the server
snellcodeits when you have many users on the server it can be bad.  but its better to not depend on 777, and set up good groups
snellcodechown the folders to apache user
snellcodeor set them to 777 then it dont matter
lynxsysI have set 777 but no luck installing component
snellcodeif you chown them to apache, then ftp user may not be able to write them
lynxsyswill try chown
snellcodemake sure your temp path is set in configuration.php
lynxsysthat could be the problem tmp path
lynxsyschown didnt work
lynxsyswhere should the temp path dir be?
snellcodesomewhere that exists and is writable by apache
snellcodeusually in joomla path /tmp
helloworld111anyone can help me how to add a lightbox effect to my main menu items
lynxsysok tmp path was the problem thank you snell code
PcGamersUnitedanyone here able to lend me some assistance with my joomla site?
PcGamersUnitedin the upper right hand corner underneath "whos online" I had the "live search button" which I disabled, but for some reason the overflow still remains and wont show anything I place there
PcGamersUnitedI just would like to move the login/register module there...but nothing shows
helloworld111anyone can help me how to add a lightbox effect to my main menu items
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jdc18hello again i have a question regarding the creation of components
jdc18about the Jview class
helloworld111jdc  do u know how to add a lightbox effect to a main menu item
jdc18helloworld111: do you have an example
jdc18or any other javascript library would be a start
jdc18or css
helloworld111ok i have a  dropdown menu   and i need that when i click the dropdown item it opens in lightbox
Assassin38My site is having errors in the Main Log which I don't understand
Assassin38[Tue Feb 23 09:14:02 2010] [warn] (103)Software caused connection abort: mod_fcgid: ap_pass_brigade failed in handle_request function
Assassin38Anyone know what this means?
jdc18helloworld111: you mean like this
jdc18i need a little bit more info about that
jdc18you can change the css style
dank``guys with questions there is a joomla question website
helloworld111yeah  smth like that
helloworld111the plugin
helloworld111i have it installed
helloworld111but how to make the menu item to open in lightbox
snellcodewith javascript
helloworld111oh  i dont know javascript
helloworld111and php too
snellcodethen learn some javascript, problem solved :P
helloworld111oh thank you for advice :P   i just needed  now,
Assassin38Anyone know what this error means? (103)Software caused connection abort: mod_fcgid: ap_pass_brigade
jdc18so i have this problem i have been following the tutorial on the page on how to create a component
jdc18i am stuck in a part
PcGamersUnitedanyone able to help me? I cant find the code I need to delete in order to remove an overflow on my joomla site
jdc18// Perform the Request task
jdc18$controller->execute( JRequest::getWord( 'task' ) );
jdc18if i leave this line it will show me a 500 error
snellcodejdc18: check the error logs
Andy[1]jdc18: what are you expecting to get?
Andy[1]or rather, what are you expecting it do do?
jdc18just a helloworld
jdc18trying the tutorial
Andy[1]link to the tutorial?
jdc18i created a module, and looking back it makes more sense that it is a component
Andy[1]its fine
jdc18regarding the files, some files dont have a final "?>"
jdc18i thought it was a mistake of the tutorial
jdc18but when i downloaded the help files it is missing there too
jdc18but they run without problems
jdc18on checking some similar files on other components
jdc18some do have a closing "?>" php thing and others dont
Cylindricjdc18: That should be fine.  PHP doesn't require a closing ?> tag
jdc18nice to know
snellcodejdc18: if you're gettng a 500 error see if you can find the log that says why
CylindricIt's not uncommon.  Some people suggest it's a good idea, because you don't get any stray white-space after your PHP output.  I've no idea how valid that theory is :)
snellcodeCylindric: the issue is if there was any space at the end http headers get sent
snellcodeand then its hard to find where that is happening
snellcodebest practice it to not have closing ?>
jdc18i am looking at the logs of my apache server in my local machine i dont see any problem
jdc18ok nice to know
CylindricOkay, I wasn't aware of the "Best Practice" so didn't want to come down too strongly either side of the fence :)  I just spotted that the Zend Framework Coding Standards Programmer's Reference Guide does say not to.
Cylindric"For files that contain only PHP code, the closing tag ("?>") is never permitted. It is not required by PHP, and omitting itī prevents the accidental injection of trailing white space into the response"
snellcodeyes.  for classes, for sure, dont want to have it
jdc18500 - Layout "default" not found
jdc18this is the error i have
snellcodecause once headers are sent, you cant resend them
jdc18it is on the front page
snellcodejdc18: do you have a file viewname/tmpl/default.php
jdc18defined('_JEXEC') or die('Restricted access'); ?>
jdc18<h1><?php echo $this->greeting; ?></h1>
jdc18that is the only thing it has
jdc18i think i missplaced the file
jdc18let me check
jdc18that was it
jdc18for some reason i misplaced the view folder on other level
jdc18regarding proper practices, i am using jquery-1.4, should i place it on /media/system/js/ or i should have it on my component folder
snellcodeusing media is a nice idea.  if everybody did that, then joomla core stuff could be moved out of the webroot
snellcodei would use /media/myextension/...
snellcodeor media/mycompany/...
Andy[1]Red-: Is your e-commerce out of beta?
jdc18snellcode: ok thanks
Andy[1]jdc18: thats only good practice if you intend on letting other modules update your jquery version.
jdc18ok i get it
snellcodeyou can use a cdn also
jdc18what is cdn?
snellcodethen you always have the latest version
Andy[1]current document name? -_^
jdc18ok cool
jdc18now that i am moving changing my module, mod_popupimages, i had a mod_popimages.php, which called the javascript files
jdc18$document = &JFactory::getDocument();
jdc18$document->addScript( '/media/system/js/jquery-1.4.js' );
jdc18$document->addScript( '/modules/mod_popupimages/mod_popupimages.js' );
jdc18this is managed now on view/default.php right?
Andy[1]jdc18: if your component is only small, don't bother with view/default.php
Andy[1]it isn't always necessary
Andy[1]it's your first component. Don't over-complicate it :)
Assassin38Does anyone know what this means? PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/usr/local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20060613/ixedts.lin' - /usr/local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20060613/ixedts.lin: undefined symbol: executor_globals_id in Unknown on line 0
jdc18ok thanks
jdc18so it is not a problem if i do it directly on the component page right?
snellcodefor you jdc18
snellcodeoops, on top of that have $doc =& JFactory::getDocument();
jdc18my own librariies should be in /media/myfolderjs
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