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AnTi_MTtroh never heard of that
AnTi_MTtri just upload it via ftp
rvsjoenand ninjaxplorer
AnTi_MTtram actualy waiting for one right now
DrDigitali have 104 psd files in layers
rvsjoenthis is to download the site
DrDigitali want to save them all as jpgs
DrDigitalwithout manually doing so
AnTi_MTtr10mb left
AnTi_MTtrDrDigital: didnt even know you could do thast
DrDigitalsave as for web
AnTi_MTtrwell i knew that
AnTi_MTtrbut i didnt know you could script it
DrDigitalyeah... some how you record opening up the folder and saving for web
AnTi_MTtrso it owuld jsut save everything as a jpg automagially
rvsjoencan't you just get another batch image processor ?
DrDigitali think i got it
DrDigitali recorded the action of exporting
AnTi_MTtrive only found one halfway decent batch proccessor
AnTi_MTtrare there any  realy good ones?
DrDigitaland then used automate under file...
rvsjoensend me a psd and i'll tell you :P
DrDigitaland then i selected batch and then selected that action
DrDigitalpointed to the source and the destination
DrDigitaland its opened like 15 so far
DrDigitaland seems to be saving
rvsjoenstopped using photoshop a while back
AnTi_MTtrwhats a psd?
DrDigitali made my kids birthday invite
AnTi_MTtryou mean a psd file?
DrDigitali knew what he meant smart ass
DrDigitalso i made my kids a 4x6 invite
DrDigitalfor the party in 2 weeks
DrDigitalsent them to walgreens to be printed
DrDigital$5 for 50 of them
DrDigitalcustom with there pics
DrDigitalthey are getting all spong bob
rvsjoenomg.. still counting files..
DrDigitalso i happened to find the spongbob font
DrDigitalso its all right
DrDigitali got all the info in spongbob looking font its kinda cool... every year ive designed something like this
DrDigitaland i get all these woman in my kids moms groups online wanting me to do one for there kids
DrDigitalso im putting cover action pro to work
DrDigitalso i have what im going to get as a physical product from walgreens but in a digital aspect
DrDigitalso i dont need a product tent or to do a photoshoot
kickarhey guys i cant get my favicon on
kickarany help ?
rvsjoenbeat it with a stick
rvsjoenthen show me a link
Rei-chan|GhostinIs there something to read in scrollback>
Rei-chan|GhostinI saw "product tent" and "photoshoot."
rvsjoenwell thats good to know
DrDigitalRei-chan|Ghostin, i got some stuff that allows you to do a 'digital photoshoot' without using a digital camera or actual product
DrDigitalso you can take your graphic design and make a book
DrDigitalor a cd, or a binder, or a stack of busienss cards
DrDigitaland have it look like a pro photoshoot occured of the product
Rei-chan|GhostinOh, so you can make it look like your design was placed on a physical item?
Rei-chan|Ghostin>.> What's it called? :)
DrDigitalCover Action Pro
DrDigitali am going to have the actual items
DrDigitalhowever i was going to buy a photo tent
DrDigitali do own a Canon 20D
DrDigitalbut then i discovered this at the same cost
DrDigitaland i opted for the digital tent vs the physical one
Action: Rei-chan|Ghostin nods.
Rei-chanOh, pretty.
Rei-chanWhich version do you have?
DrDigitali just got 2 pages with all the products made so i can have a quick digital over view
Serbthughello. I have this | <?php echo $this->baseurl ?>/templates/mytemplate/css/template.css | inside my template and everything works ok on localhost. Once I install it on web server, it won't show
Serbthugit just can't load the url...
joolsTitle: Picasa Web Albums - hsitech - Collages (at
istevenmonhi guys, i am having this problem inserting a flv video in an article. when have installed JCE editor 1.5.5 and i use the insert media button. in a different site it works just fine. but in this one when i save the article the html code gets replaced for span
istevenmonmy jce is replacing my object and params values for span, where can i fix this?
istevenmonanyone able to give me a hand in this problem?
Blue-E1turn off HTML fixing in the admin?
istevenmonwhere in the admin?
Blue-E1JCE component config
istevenmonBlue-E1: it is off
istevenmoncleanup html: No
istevenmonany other ideas?
istevenmonwhats a good flv player component guys?
lafranceI use allvideo inside k2
AnTi_MTtrflow player also works nicely
AnTi_MTtrbut its probably more expensive
istevenmonmaybe something free
istevenmoni dont know why this article manager is purging my html
lafranceallvideo is free
joolsTitle: JoomlaWorks | Professional Joomla! extensions | Home of AllVideos, Simple Image Gallery Pro, Frontpage Slideshow, K2 and more - AllVideos (plugin): True all-in-one media management solution for Joomla! (at
lafranceyour welcome :)
istevenmonit works with local video? or should i first upload y video to youtube or something like that?
lafranceread the doc :p
istevenmonwhy why why :( is it possible to purge the article content from apache config? or is this all joomla?
istevenmoni tried with tinyMCE 2.0
istevenmonand same results
istevenmonit is JCE 1.5.5 i am using same version in my local host, but in the server it doesnt work
istevenmonthe only difference i find, is the editor background. in my localhost it is white and in my server it has this lines
istevenmonthis sucks :(
lafrancethat a old version of JCE btw
istevenmonwhats the lattest?
lafrance1.5.7 I think
istevenmonproblem is, it works in my localhost
istevenmonanyway. is there anyway i can wrap a module?
lafrancethen it a bad web hosting your on maybe ?
istevenmonit works when i publish the video in a custom html module
istevenmonbut i want to display this as an article
lafranceuse k2 would solved your ptoblem
lafrancethat what i do
DrDigitali got my first product from Cover Action Pro
istevenmonlafrance: what is k2?
lafrance!google getk2
joolslafrance: K2: <>; Download K2: <>; K2 | The powerful content component for Joomla! developed by ...: <>; K2 Community - Join the network of the powerful content component ...: <>; K2 moves to - K2 Community: <>; K2 (getk2) on (1 more message)
lafranceuse the org URL
lafranceor you can look at my site how it look
--- Wed May 5 2010
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