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adaptrthat's so useless
frozno really, why would using htacces for making clean url's (or clean url's themself) be useless?
froz(anyway, putting an htaccess in templates with rewriteengine off did the trick, so thanks!)
dubeyi am using jk_mod in my apache config and now i am creating VirtualHost and getting :
dubey(13)Permission denied: access to / denied
fajita or Use mod_proxy_ajp instead.
dubeymy mod_jk works fine no problem with jk mount
dubeybut vhost problem
adaptrwhat is apache doing in / ?
pog(my rewrite condition work now). one question I have still:
inveratuloGood morning folks
fajitaDon't forget the bots!
pogRewriteCond %{SERVER_NAME}  ^(www.)hamambasel.*   -- how can I archieve, that with or without www. is true.
pogmy attempt above gave strange results.
Action: k3asd` hi
hejki(www.)? should make it passive group
inveratuloI'm having problems with mod_dav_svn, apache keeps prepending the DocumentRoot to my svn path.  So, instead of like "/eng/us/svn/repo" its going "/var/www/localhost/svn/repo" which doesn't exist.  ideas?
pogah with ? I didn't get it first... thans hejki
dubeyadaptr: show default centos page
adaptrpog: also, escape the dot
dubeyadaptr: now it is giving me "You don't have permission to access / on this server."
dubeywhen i desable all VirtualHost then it gives me the default Centos Page
ReJoiNda :D
Dibriwhat can cause [Thu Feb 11 12:11:41 2010] [error] [client] client denied by server configuration: /usr/local/otrs/var/httpd/htdocs/ ?
Roobarb-Workclient denied by server configuration
dubeyany help
fajitagreatly appreciated, thanks
DrBacchusdubey: So, when you disable all your virtual hosts, you don't get any of your virtual hosts any more.
DrBacchusAnd this surprises you because ... ?
DrBacchusI'm not clear what problem you're asking to have help with.
DrBacchusCan you elaborate?
ReJoiNany idea abeout the redirect?
dubeyi have created a VirtualHost entry in my httpd.conf file, When i access it; gives me access denied error
DrBacchusdubey: What, exactly, does the error log say?
dubeyi put the file in my /home/xyz/folder/index.html
dubeyDrBacchus: [Thu Feb 11 07:13:27 2010] [error] [client] (13)Permission denied: access to / denied
SuperFlohey, I added "AddType text/plain .c" in httpd.conf and reloaded apache, but firefox still wants to download .c files  :/
DrBacchusfajita: (13)
fajita(13) indicates a file permissions problem. Make sure that Apache can read the file(s) and directories being accessed.  See also
DrBacchusdubey: At the URL fajita just mentioned are all of the solutions to that problem.
DrBacchusProbably file permissions on /home/xyz are such that Apache can't get into it.
Dibrifixed :0
SuperFloany hint about the AddType ? :/
SuperFloI have it working on another server with .sh files :/
dubeyi tried all the ways, even i tried it by using  777 permission; still not working
ReJoiNi got it working :)
dubeyAh! i remove my asset from /home/xys/folder  to /opt directory and it is working now
dubeyBut i want to keep that files in /home/xyz/folder, I can't mv it
dubeywhat would be the problem
pogyep, this seem's to work correctly, thanks RewriteCond %{SERVER_NAME}  ^(www\.)?hamambasel.*
ReJoiNok, it doesnt quite work..., can anybody help me?
ReJoiNi want to use this for redirecting http to https  RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off RewriteRule (.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI}
adaptrReJoiN: don't do that. use a proper redirect
ReJoiNbut when i restart apache, firefox says it's going into a loop
ReJoiNadaptr, what should i do
adaptruse a proper redirect
ReJoiNi got this one from here
adaptryes, that's horrible and stupid
adaptruse a proper redirect
ReJoiNi also tried Redirect permanent / but it didnt work too
adaptralso, do not put HTTP and HTTPS content in the same vhost
adaptrReJoiN: configuring apache is not pin the tail on the donkey
Roobarb-Workadaptr: olry?
adaptrRoobarb-Work: shush
Supaplexby desigh, my secure sites do not listen on port 80
adaptrSupaplex: if they did, they would not be secure
SupaplexI don't dual host secure and insecure on the same ip.
adaptrthat's not a problem
SupaplexI have my reasons. feel free to do as you wish.
ReJoiNadaptr, yes it isn't but i dont know what you mean
Roobarb-Worka port 80 vhost, with a redirect to tht https vhost, is the best way to do this
adaptrin my opinion, the only way - unless you don't have access to the config, in which case, get a better hoster
adaptrSupaplex: that's a very weird statement
adaptrunqualified, it says "I don't know how to secure my vhosts properly"
Supaplexwhat if sensitive data is requested from port 80 because of a coding mistake?
adaptryeah, what if ?
Supaplexthen it's not secure, and it might go undetected
adaptrit's not the same vhost. SSL content should not be in the same vhost as unsecured content. period.
ReJoiNadaptr, what do you mean by "a proper redirect"
adaptrthat ^^^
Supaplexwell yeah, but if the hostname resolves to an ip you're hosting other sites on, and it's listening on port 80, it might leak. people make mistakes. simple changes to site layout can cause it
ReJoiNadaptr, thanks
adaptr<virtualhost *:80> servername \n redirect permanent / \n </Virtualhost>
tulcodi have a symbolic link to a directory in my http root (for example, link_dir), and i want to redirect a user to a subdirectory (for example, subdir) if it exists. my guess was something like this: RewriteCond /link_dir/%{REQUEST_FILENAME} -f \n RewriteRule ^.* /link_dir/$0 [L,PT].... but that doesn't seem to work. any ideas?
adaptrSupaplex: I have no idea what you're all saying. if you configure your vhosts properly, what you seem to be suggesting, or implying, cannot happen
tulcodoh, a subdirectory *in* that symbolically linked directory
adaptrtulcod: that looks horrible. what problem are you trying to solve wrongly ?
tulcodadaptr: i'm trying to host some git projects, but don't want to link to the actual repositories manually, so i created a link to the dir containing them
tulcodadaptr: but i do want both the gitweb app and the actual repos on the same domain and directory, you know?
adaptrno, I don't know
tulcodso / gives the gitweb app, and /test.git/ gives the repo
adaptrgive it a long hard look
tulcodadaptr: the problem is, i don't have one alias. i have as many as i have git repos
tulcodand i don't want to change my htaccess each time i create a new one
ReJoiNadaptr, it now works, thanks alot :)
Kunsitulcod: so typing "ln -s &" is les work than editing htaccess?
tulcodKunsi: no, i'm linking to one directory which contains all the separate repos
tulcodwhen i create a new repo, the linked directory contains it by definition
Kunsiso use alias to linkt the directory whic contains repos
tulcodso there's some dir i link as "link_dir", which contains test.git/, next_project.git/, windows.git/, etc
KunsiAlias /link_dir/ /home/git/repos/
tulcodKunsi: i could do that, but that would mean i would have to put them in a subdirectory, since i really want / for the gitweb cgi app
tulcodKunsi: but i want a "coniditional" alias, if that makes sense
ReJoiNthank you Kunsi and adaptr for helping me set up this apache with ssl :)
lolmausI've got a paid ssl certificate. I used a password when creating my keyfile. Now Apache requires me enter this password on start. Is there a way to let Apache start without entering the password manually?
Kunsilolmaus: remove passphrase from key
lolmausKunsi, do i have to reissue the certificate after i do?
Roobarb-Worklolmaus: no
lolmausOkay, how do i remove the passphrase?
DrBacchusremove passphrase
fajitaTo remove a passphrase from a DSA key: openssl rsa -in example.tld.key -out example.tld.key - see also "add passphrase"
lolmausThank you so much!
Roobarb-WorkDrBacchus: that faqtoid is wrong imho, since it overwrites the key
Nearsight Hi everyone, quick question... I put a web dav in front of django's views which does work good for GET requests, but PUT suddenly returns 403s ... anyone had that problem before?
DrBacchusHmm. That's what I always do.
Roobarb-WorkDrBacchus: personally I don't create ssl certs with keys
tulcodfor what it's worth, i think i found a solution here...
Roobarb-WorkDrBacchus: uh, "keys with passphrases"
inveratuloHi All I'm doing a apache configtest and getting: "Invalid command 'DAV', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration" despite the fact that I have the LoadModule for mod_dav and mod_dav_svn lines uncommented (and in order).
fajita or or
inveratuloYes, I already read all the documentation,
adaptrinveratulo: it's not loaded.
inveratuloYou mean, its not compiled into the apache binary?  I suspected that.
adaptrno, it's not loaded
inveratuloodd. all the shared object files are in place... the loadmodule statements seem correct.
adaptrinveratulo: reload apache and see what the log says
inveratuloWell it spits out the original error I posted below, gentoo won't reload a daemon on a bad config
inveratuloerr above
inveratulomy IfDefine DAV statement:
adaptrinveratulo: ignore gentoo. use apachectl graceful or httpd -K stop / httpd -K start
adaptrdump that first thing, it's pointless and confusing
inveratulono love, same error
adaptryes, of course, it's merely annoying, not wrong
adaptrsince this is gentoo, any kind of support is limited to "check your flags"
inveratuloI am not even sure to which "first thing" are you referring to specifically
adaptrpastebin the entire config relating to this
dubeyIf i have enable VirutalHost my Jk_mod is not working, and if i disable it jk_mod works
dubeywhat would be the problem
inveratulofrom httpd.conf: further down httpd.conf: then from ./modules.d/mod_dav_svn.conf:
lampdubey: define your mod_jk configs inside the Virtualhost
lampdubey: I suppose your Virtualhost catches all the request and therefore mod_jk configs in main server configuration don't get applied
tulcodKunsi, adaptr: i got it to work. the webhoster was fiddling around with DOCUMENT_ROOT, setting it to an incorrect value. i'm happy now
inveratuloadaptr: found the problem.  from /etc/conf.d/apache2 there was no flag for DAV on APACHE2_OPTS="..."
lolmaus^_^I've got [error] Server should be SSL-aware but has no certificate configured [Hint: SSLCertificateFile]
lolmaus^_^But the SSLCertificateFile exists and is correct!
thumbsfajita: SSLCertificateFile
thumbslolmaus^_^: show httpd -S
lolmaus^_^thumbs, no such command
lolmaus^_^(Ubuntu server)
thumbslolmaus^_^: apache2ctl -S
thumbsfajita: debian--
Last message repeated 1 time(s).
thumbsfajita: ubuntu--
lolmaus^_^thumbs, gives the list of vhosts and says Syntax OK
thumbslolmaus^_^: show the output in a pastebin
lolmaus^_^Oh, i got it!
lolmaus^_^thumbs, thank you :)
DataGhostTDoes anyone know why apache redirects https://vhost.domain/path (no trailing slash) to http://domain/path/? I have usecanonicalname set to off and the vhost is declared only on port 443
DataGhostT'of course' it redirects to http://vhost.domain/path/
DataGhostTforgot to add that in the second url
Covenerfajita: directoryslash?
fajitai know a lobotomist..
Covenerthis channel is all reruns!
DataGhostTyes I saw that one but why does apache then redirect my client from https to http?
DataGhostTI haven't defined that vhost on http so it'll fall back to my default vhost and attempt to serve a directory which doesn't exist
CovenerDataGhostT: does it still do it with directoryslash off, I'm wondering if it's actually some errant rewrite?
DataGhostToh ok I'll try that.
DataGhostTdoesn't rewrite and it gives me a 403
Covenercan you pastebin your ssl vhost?
DataGhostToh wait the directory is gone now
inveratulothat seems problematic
DataGhostToh no wait it isn't gone, I tabbed too early (misnamed directory which I haven't removed yet)
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