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delsolyeah.... vs openGL that lets you add a software rendering mode really easily.
Kevin`lots of non-game 3d software ends up using opengl
Kevin`even if it's a windows app
delsolthe other advantage of going openGL with software rendering lets you do crazy shit.
TimothyAand cross-os compatability?
TimothyAout of ze box
Kevin`portability? who cares about writing portable code
TimothyAKevin`; bigger audience
delsolAnd get more awesome and run at higher resolutions on later hardware easily.
TimothyAand it would make the other platforms more popular
delsolSo when you write the game.... it may only run on high end video hardware.... a year later, it may run on low end video hardware.... a year after that, it'll run at max resolution in software rendering on a god damn laptop.
Kevin`all you need to do is run on whatever version of windows happens to be popular on desktops when you start developing
Kevin`it'll work out
delsolKevin`: OpenGL also makes it easier to port to Wii/PS2/PS3 etc
Kevin`hacker systems. xbox all the way
delsoland since windows games are pirated at a MUCH higher rate than games for any other platform.........
Kevin`that's only because it's the best
XgcI was expecting the GTX 260 (OC) to run hotter.  Never seems to go above 42C even under load (PassMark).  I guess this benchmark program doesn't really stress it.
delsolXgc: Depends on the game or the bench
delsolsome stuff doesn't stress out a GPU too much
delsolother stuff makes it just sit and thrash like you wouldn't believe.
delsolYou could always fold with it......
Saikowhat is a PCI BEV: MBA?
SaikoI can boot from it
delsolwhats its device ID number?
Saikov9.4.5 slot 0800
Saikothats all it states
Saikoah its a network boot
amcsiA computer part seems to have burned. Which part? When I turn my computer on, the lights in the front light up for less than a secong, goes out, and nothing happens.
ToAruShiroiNekowhat sound does it make
ToAruShiroiNekodoes it yell?
ToAruShiroiNekolike beeps and etc
amcsino, doesn't get anywhere near BIOS
ToAruShiroiNekoyour motherboard, vga card cpu and ram are the initial suspects
ToAruShiroiNekoalso your power supply
ToAruShiroiNekoI probably listed most of your hardware :)
amcsivga card... it did seem to overheat all the time
ToAruShiroiNekohow many ram do you have
ToAruShiroiNekoram sticks
amcsi1x 2gb
ToAruShiroiNekotry moving it to a different slot
amcsiI did smell burning
amcsiokay, I'll move ram
ToAruShiroiNekonot a good sign
ToAruShiroiNekoif that doesnt work try reseting your bios
ToAruShiroiNekoyou can do this by unpluging your coumputer and then removing the bios battery
ToAruShiroiNekowaiting for 30 seconds should do the trick
ToAruShiroiNekoif these do not work its probably a more serious problem
ToAruShiroiNekoI'd start with trying another power supply
amcsiI unplugged everything and turned on just the power supply
amcsiits fan didn't start
foobarzwall switch on ur power socket?
amcsiit's fine
amcsiat 1
the_cyber_guyas intel has released two types of socket, 1156 for mainstream and 1366 for extreme, unlike using there former socket type lga 775 for both extreme and mainstream use, is it worth to buy a motherboard with lga 1366 considering future upgrades
RichiHwill the core i3, i5, i7 be released on ULV versions for laptops, as well?
RichiHor, to ask the other way round, is there any sense to waiting with buying ultra-mobile laptops, atm?
BeelsebobRichiH: yes, ULV versions will be released
Beelsebobbut they've apparently been delayed
Beelseboband as always, apple is first in line for them
foobarzintel chips seem to hold thier value until they are out of stock... when i want to upgrade the cpu later, maybe u can't find it or if u do, it will still cost a lot and the same money buys a newer model that is much better
foobarzi think cpu upgrades won't make sense a lot of the time
the_cyber_guyyeah thats true but intel is releasing 1156 cpu more frequently than 1366 cpus and they are also much faster
foobarzthere will be more 1366 cpus coming i think but I also think they will be expensive... big price ramping for extreme and servers
foobarznot going to make sense to cpu grade with them much, but will be not bad for building new with
foobarzrich will do it tho
the_cyber_guyso they have just called 1366 cpus, extreme series, just because of thier higher bandwidth
ajavidhow does indexing in windows 7 work? is it faster than xp?
foobarzwell, if I understand anything right... the whole 1366 platform is really high-end and extreme, and workstation/server... not mainstream/value
ajavidshould I turn off indexing service?
foobarzLGA1366 has looked too expensive for me anyhow
foobarzhas anyone built a computer with Core i5-660 etc on a Intel 3420 Chipset server/workstation board with ECC memory ? I wonder how that kind of a system works out... it is maybe a good value for maybe reliable computer
the_cyber_guyso should one buy a 1156 or 1366 if he is building a system in $2000 ?
the_cyber_guybulding the fastest possible in this much amount
The20Year1foobar , it wouldn't be bad for a sub $800 PC
foobarzi am trying to keep my computer under $1500, and if possible, close to $1200, i don't know about what $2000 gets
foobarzthat is a different market from me
foobarzThe20Year1: yeah, a Core i5-660 is cheaper than a Xeon 3450 and it still does ECC UDIMM on a Intel 3420 chipset board... it is a strange build
foobarzit would give AES-NI, ECC, low-power, and decent performance for me
foobarzjust only 2C/4T
foobarza Core i5-660, eVGA GT 240 superclocked, 8GB ECC ram DDR3-1333, and Asus P7F-M WS  would be a nice little system maybe
foobarzi still can't find price on Asus P7F-M WS
foobarzoh.. i see a price and pounds
foobarzin pounds
foobarzi guess a Asus P7F-M WS  is about $217
foobarzdo hard drives automatically spin-up 1 at a time on new computers?
THE_GFR|WORKhey everyone I have a compaq desktop computer here with pentium D 2.8GHz CPU and it reads 58/59c in the bios idle, in windows 49/50c idle and with a load in windows it runs if the CPU is at max usage 72c
THE_GFR|WORKI have only the stock cooler on it that came with the computer
THE_GFR|WORKI would say anything above 50c is too hot but then again I cleaned out the system and the fan/heatsink and replaced it with new thermal paste to no avail ideas?
ToAruShiroiNekowhich one is better for hard drive cooling
ToAruShiroiNekosingle fan or double fans
THE_GFR|WORKdepends on the size of the single fan
THE_GFR|WORKthe larger single ones would be better
THE_GFR|WORKthey move more air at lower speeds
THE_GFR|WORKso they are quieter
ToAruShiroiNekoperformance wise though it wouldnt make a serious difference
ToAruShiroiNekoI dont use my drives inside a volcano
THE_GFR|WORKToAruShiroiNeko: it will make the drives last longer
THE_GFR|WORKToAruShiroiNeko: and they will work better at a cooler temperature
ToAruShiroiNekoone other question
ToAruShiroiNekofor case fans
ToAruShiroiNekois it better for the side fan to blow to or away from the cpu fan
ToAruShiroiNekoaway makes more sense
z3rongod_I am currently running more than one game servers on a machine with windows installed. I am trying to figure out a solution to use less resources from the machine or use more servers on it. I was told to look into "virtualization" as the servers are almost identical. Could someone point me to the right direction?
spridelstrange, On my other box it can connect to my router but it will not connect to the web, however on this one i can get anywhere
spridelany Ideas on what's going on?
panzercheck dns
do0obwhat would happen if i put 8GB of ram (2x4GB) into a laptop with specifications stating that only 4GB is supported, the chipset and cpu: (Mobile PM965/GM965/GL960 Memory Controller Hub,  T7300 CPU)?
ToAruShiroiNekoI have a CoolerMaster CM690 ATX Mid Tower Case and I am considering adding fans
do0obare 8GB ram sticks hotter than 4GB sticks, i mean they should be if they're effectively having more than twice the density
ToAruShiroiNekonot sure of the best confguration
ToAruShiroiNekodo0ob unless you have a 64bit OS you dont need any more than 4gb of ram
hawkdo0ob: It may simply not accept the 4GB sticks at all
do0obToAruShiroiNeko: yup, 64bit
do0obhawk: yea thats what i'm afraid of, but if the os is 64bit then it should handle the ram 4GB max vs 8GB is nothing really, to fully address the 4GB+GPU+Peripherals you'd need 64bit hardware
hawkdo0ob: What I'm saying is that the machine may not even POST
do0obwhy wouldn't it post?
hawkdo0ob: If it doesn't like the RAM
do0obmaybe the docs were created when the 4GB single module didn't exist
do0obit can't be a question of not liking it, its about specifications
hawkdo0ob: Ok, sorry about the wording. It may be that it's not compatible with the RAM
THE_GFR|WORKhey everyone I have a compaq desktop computer here with pentium D 2.8GHz CPU and it reads 58/59c in the bios idle, in windows 49/50c idle and with a load in windows it runs if the CPU is at max usage 72c
THE_GFR|WORKany ideas as to if this CPU is overheating and needs a better cooler or what?
hawkdo0ob: Either the docs are wrong or it truly isn't compatible, and if it isn't compatible it may very well not POST
do0obhm... i'll see if i can get some ram from the second hand shop
THE_GFR|WORKguess nobody knows... darn
do0obTHE_GFR|WORK: is that a pre-built one?
THE_GFR|WORKdo0ob: yes
THE_GFR|WORKdo0ob: didn't I say "compaq" ?
hawkTHE_GFR|WORK: It's running fairly hot... You may want to start with seeing if the heatsink is all gunked up with dust or something
THE_GFR|WORKhawk: I cleaned out the heatsink, cleaned the CPU and heatsink and reapplied thermal paste
hawkTHE_GFR|WORK: It's not running so hot that it should really take short term damage or become unstable, though
THE_GFR|WORKhawk: I would say its too hot but I was wondering this is the stock heatsink could the sensor be malfunctioning?
do0obis it normal for wireless cards to run hot?  it seems to be the hottest thing on the underside of my laptop
THE_GFR|WORKdo0ob: yes sometimes
THE_GFR|WORKhawk: any other ideas? its a compaq with a stock ECS motherboard...
ToAruShiroiNekoTHE_GFR|WORK why not use speeddisk
ToAruShiroiNekoit lets you read temprature measurements
ToAruShiroiNekoyou'd need to run it as administrator though
THE_GFR|WORKToAruShiroiNeko: I am reading them in windows with a program.  I was wondering if the physical sensor might be giving me bad readings that happens sometimes you know
hawkTHE_GFR|WORK: Not impossible
THE_GFR|WORKyea but I'm just wondering if I should consider changing the heatsink for whatever reason it seems too warm at max load ( 72c ) appears to be over the max for the CPU I think?
ToAruShiroiNekoTHE_GFR|WORK if its showing -2 degrees yes its wrong
THE_GFR|WORKToAruShiroiNeko: sometimes they can read higher temps then they actually are
ToAruShiroiNekobut really it wouldnt matter
do0oboh god not an ECS motherboard, i hate them, the worst drivers ever, vista just randomly crashed
ToAruShiroiNeko72C isnt too hot
ToAruShiroiNekoits not exactly cool either
ToAruShiroiNekocould air flow be blocked with cables
THE_GFR|WORKToAruShiroiNeko: its too hot.  I can't have my CPU above 50c in windows...
ToAruShiroiNekoor maybe the airflow is working in the wrong direction
THE_GFR|WORKno its all clean not blocked
ToAruShiroiNekostrange than
ToAruShiroiNekois the cpu overclocked?
THE_GFR|WORKdo0ob: thats what I said "groan... not ECS... *sigh*"
do0obthermal paste?
THE_GFR|WORKToAruShiroiNeko: nope
THE_GFR|WORKdo0ob: yea I stated I cleaned the CPU and heatsink and applied new thermal paste
do0oband that made no difference?
do0oboh, bios
THE_GFR|WORKyea it sits at 58/59c in the bios
do0obyea you have to mess with bios settings and change the temps at which it aggressively cools the cpu
THE_GFR|WORKdo0ob: would be nice if the bios had those options
ToAruShiroiNekoa question
THE_GFR|WORKor a way to turn off the smart fan stuff
ToAruShiroiNekodo you think I should try to squeeze a fan on that back gap
do0obi thought they only hide stuff in laptops
ToAruShiroiNekothe one taht'd be coverd by the motherboard
ToAruShiroiNekobut the cpu would align there
THE_GFR|WORKdo0ob: hide stuff in laptops and women... ;p
do0obTHE_GFR|WORK: does it make a difference if you leave the case open?
do0obdo CAS 4.4.4 DD2 800MHz SODIMM RAM modules exist?
do0obthe only CAS4 modules i've found are 533
do0obhawk: LOOKK!!! i found a forum thread to justify buying 2x4GB rather than 2x2GB:
ToAruShiroiNekoTHE_GFR|WORK err
ToAruShiroiNeko"hide stuff in laptops and women..."
ToAruShiroiNekoI dont think your GFs like you
ToAruShiroiNekoas you seem to use them as extra storage space :P
hawkdo0ob: ok, great
THE_GFR|WORKToAruShiroiNeko: was a joke
Earl|awaywould you recommend ECC RAM?
ToAruShiroiNekoI know THE_GFR|WORK
ToAruShiroiNekoI exteded the joke
ToAruShiroiNekodont you love extensions?
ToAruShiroiNekoyou certainly use it with hardware, so why not with jokes? :)
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