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n17ikhcatalyst media center is the biggest turd I've ever seen
Armandn17ikh: I can't say I've ever had a problem with NVidia.. aside from my own stupidity. :P
ArmandI knocked a surface mount resistor of a GPU.. >_<
n17ikhwell, only problem I've run into with nvidia I can think of right now is a really annoying one
n17ikhthe "use nvidia scaling" options in the control panel just don't work
n17ikhno matter what I set there, the application's resolution is what it sets the output resolution to
diktalit also had some issues with the video zoomings
diktalor.. maybe the scalings?
n17ikhwhich drives me nuts with applications that don't support the native resolution of my screen
n17ikhor worse, the aspect ratio
ArmandI would blame Zalman's design, as the contact surface is far too large for a GPU.
diktalbut they should read out from monitor then vga
Absolute0does linux work well with some of these tv tuners?
n17ikhwell, that's why I recommend Hauppauge
n17ikhthey always do
n17ikha lot of cheap cards have a generic chip that's somewhat a pain to get working
Absolute0this one looks appealing:
Absolute0"Great Option for Linux/Mythtv"
n17ikhapparently that one works good on digital TV
Absolute0for $50 more you can buy a tv :)
n17ikhnot so much if you want analog on linux
Absolute0and have them side by side with your computer
Absolute0work on one watch on the other..
n17ikhnice thing about digital TV is that you don't need very much hardware to capture it
n17ikhyou just have to write the stream out to disk as-is
n17ikhso good digital capture cards can be cheaper than analog ones eventually
Absolute0how good is the resolution on the hauppauge cards?
Absolute0can it go to you monitor's size?
hawkAbsolute0: I would guess it produces same res as the source?
Absolute0if the source is rabbit years?
n17ikhyou can get ATSC in resolutions up to 1080p
n17ikhit depends on what the broadcaster does.
n17ikhMost will be 480p
n17ikhwhich ain't all that great
mysgrodaWhat the freaking heck is "Intel Celeron Dual-Core"?
mysgrodaI thought Celeron was Intel's "worthless piece of shit" CPU line.
anamalcan i just ask why laptops these days have glossy screens?
mysgrodaBecause they are completely insane.
mysgrodaIt looks like crap and is just horribly bad in every way.
anamalevery review i read critizes them, so why did they put them in every laptop out there
foobarzthat gloss is not a big peel-off layer?
LSD`Colour brightness and reproduction is better on glossy. Mattes are dull and lifeless.
Absolute0anamal: you can request for a matte display.
||cwmysgroda: there's a core2 based celeron now
||cwit's still reduced cache
anamalah i didnt know that
LSD`Yeah, Intel have gotten so good at making dual cores there's not enough faulty ones to make single core celerons anymore :P
anamalbut those must be the 'bsiness' versions of the same model, then?
Absolute0LSD`: well if you sit near a window, its pretty bad
||cwAbsolute0: no worse than a CRT
Absolute0do they still make CRT's? :)
||cwand a matte screen sitting in a place where glossy glares will look very washed out and be hard to read anyway
mysgrodaWHY have they started putting 2 GB RAM in all laptops when they used to use 4 GB over a year ago?
Absolute0mysgroda: you can request more ram
DixitDominusmissgorda because of power issues?
LSD`probably because they've moved to DDR3 and DDR3 prices haven't quite stabilised yet
DarkEDmysgroda, because if it only has 2GB they don't need to load it with a 64-bit OS
DarkEDmysgroda, plus... 2GB is cheaper than 4GB
mysgrodaPower issues?
DarkEDmysgroda, money issues.
DixitDominusmissgorda DDR3 uses less juice, and the new one's from Samsung about to hit the corner will sip even less.
DarkED64-bit copies of oem windows are slightly more expensive than 32-bitr
DarkEDbit* even
ZathrazHi. Is this a good channel to ask about raidcontroller issues? (I have a 3ware 8006-lp2 with a serious issue)
mysgrodaWindows 7 costs more than a computer with Windows 7 on it.
DixitDominusoh yeah, that too about the 64bit thingy
DarkEDfor example they might pay microsoft $2 per key for 32-bit and $2.25 per key for x64
Absolute0newegg doesn't carry CRT displays
Gyndawyrwhat is QLogic Fibre Channel Adapter?
||cwZathraz: I have a 7400 and a 9500, they work better if you don't use their raid features
DarkEDAbsolute0, that's cause CRT displays are obsolete :D
mysgrodaDoes Microsoft provide downloadable CD/DVD images of Windows 7 on their Web site for free?
Absolute0DarkED: not in the graphic design world..
||cwGyndawyr: do you know what Fibre Channel is?
LSD`mysgroda: OEMs pay a hell of a lot less for Windows than retail customers, abotu USD$50 per licence
DarkEDAbsolute0, if you really need a good CRT just try your local Goodwill. sometimes to luck up and find a good trinitron or diamondtron
mysgrodaThe first thing I want to do when I have bought a new laptop with a Windows 7 license is to nuke the box and install a fresh copy with my license.
LSD`mysgroda: If you're a Technet/MSDN subscriber, sure
mysgrodaI am not an anything subscriber.
Zathraz1 disk fails in a raid1 setup after reboot. Now detaching and reattaching the disk from both cli as well as the webgui states that is going to rebuild. But rebuiding never takes place
GyndawyrI dont know what Fibre channel is..
mysgrodaI am 99% sure that I won't be getting a physical DVD with Windows 7 when I buy the laptop, and I don't want to rely on a pirate copy being "clean".
GyndawyrIm trying to cut the windows folder size down, and to do that I can remove it's support, but I dont know what it is, so I came to find out
||cwZathraz: check the verify window options
mysgrodaI just want to use my legal serial key on a clean copy.
DixitDominusthe first thing I do with m$$ is to get a pirated copy.
||cwZathraz: under schedualing I think
GyndawyrI will use a legal serial key and then activate it offline so I can use it an infinite number of times
mysgrodaOr does the agreement state that it is only allowed if I use their pre-installed bloatware?
GyndawyrI obtained it legally I may as well use it
DarkEDAbsolute0, also if you're interested i have two identical black 19" sony trinitron flat-CRT's. they're rebranded as dell but it's the same fucking monitor
Zathraz (0x0B:0x0048): Invalid verify operation for the given unit mode : Failed to start Verify on Unit 0
DixitDominusI obtain legal copies on torrents
LSD`I gave up pirating Windows when they introduced WGA. Became too much hassle to be worth it. Luckily I was able to get XP for free and then came the Win7 beta, but once that's up I'll be buying a legal copy
Zathrazwhen looking at the scheduling menu: (0x0C:0x0017): Scheduling is not supported on this controller model
DarkEDLSD`, there's no effort in it at all
DarkEDthere are copies of windows 7 floating around on the torrent sites that need no key and no activation
DarkEDthey 'just work'
LSD`DarkED: Until MS change WGA again
DarkEDLSD`, no, because the WGA has been taken out of the image entirely
DarkEDit just isn't there
||cwZathraz: the new disk is at least as big as existing right?
mysgrodaSo... I can't download a DVD image from somewhere, burn it, put it in my new laptop and use the serial key I just got included? What is bad about that?
||cwhey if you guys wan't to argue about WGA take it to ##windows ro something
LSD`DarkED: Until MS put it back
mysgrodaDamn. I thought I was in #Windows.
DarkED<mysgroda> So... I can't download a DVD image from somewhere, burn it, put it in my new laptop and use the serial key I just got included? What is bad about that? <-- you can if it's the same version of windows (i.e. windows 7 ultimate and you have a win 7 ultimate key)
DarkED<LSD`> DarkED: Until MS put it back <-- yeah. like that's gonna happen.
mysgrodaThere is only one disc...
mysgrodaI assume that each serial key is tied to one edition.
DarkEDit is
mysgrodaSo what are you talking about?
DarkEDit has always been that way
LSD`DarkED: It has in the past and it will again in the future. Easier to just buy a copy.
Zathraz||cw both disks were bought at the same time and are identical
Zathraz(same brand, type, size that is)
DarkEDmysgroda, i think you misunderstand. there are different keys for all the different editions of windows. home basic has it's own set of keys. home premium has it's own set. professional or whatever has it's own set, and ultimate has it's own set
||cwZathraz: can you connect the new disk as JBOD and use it OK?  smart tests pass and such?
DarkEDyou can't activate home premium with an ultimate key
mysgrodaDarkED: What the hell are you talking about?
DarkEDmysgroda, what the hell are you talking about?
mysgrodaDarkED: What the hell are you talking about?
DarkEDmysgroda, just forget it
Zathraz||cw, jbod is not an option on that card afaik. Have not tried any tests on it though. Just found it weird that the GUI reports the disk as ok yet does keep the disk in degraded state
Zathraznever knew a disk could be degraded. An array ok.... but a disk...
||cwZathraz: really, jbod has always been an option, and still is on my 9500S
||cwI the degraded disk is just due to abstraction
||cwit doens't care that it's a disk, it just knows it can't use it right
vn-how do you use polycom videoconferencing solutions/cams?  say its on the same network, you just type in the name of the other host or..?  can you connect to someone with another videoconferencing solution/product such as a single quickcam?
Zathraz Port 1  ST31500541AS  1.36 TB  OK    <---- seems ok, (however when I add the drive to unit0 : outch --> error). No idea what error btw as the log does not seem to be readable for some reason
maslenHow much is a fair price for a no-name stick o f 2 GB DDR2 RAM
||cwZathraz: run smart tests on it?
stevehi all
steveis it normal to have dark patches on a laptop LCD?
stevenot shockingly dark... but noticably so
stevekind of like patches where the backlight isn't uniform
Zathrazno errors were reported by: smartctl -a /dev/twe0 -d 3ware,1
Zathrazso the disk seems ok. I could try to format it/zero it. Yet that seems a bit weird as a way to force a rebuild of the array
||cwsteve: on a new one, no.  on old, yes.  CFL backlights will become non-uniform with age
steve||cw: this is new
steveit's about the 6th panel i've had from the manufacturer and they are _all_ like this with differing degrees of severity
steveespecially noticable when the backlight is dimmed
steveonly laptop i've ever had which does this
||cwwhat brand?
LSD`buy one with LED backlighting then :P
||cwtoshiba are supposed to be decent
steveyep, i've had toshibas for years... this is the first laptop i've ever had which is so badly malfunctioning
steveI can only conclude that they are throwing crap into them to keep the price down :(
||cwor you are in the middle of a bad batch
||cwit happens, and I doubt most people even notice
Cyber_AkumaIs there anywhere I can lookup bookmarks/comparisins on how well or bad a drive setup would perform vs another? like two 7200rpm drives in a raid0 vs a ssd or whatever? I have never used a raid or ssd drive
stevewell it's been repaired since lsat june, they just gave me a brand new machine and it's just as bad
||cwbut it's the kind of thing that once you do notice, you can't see past it
stevehad about 1 new screen per month
Cyber_Akumaive tried googling it before
||cwCyber_Akuma: tomshardware and anandtech both have those kinds of reviews
LSD`storagereview probably will too
||cwthough modern ssd vs hdd is no comparison if raw overall speed is the goal
Cyber_AkumaHmmm, ill try tomshardware, though will I be able to find comparisins of two different setups? like I said for example: raiod0 7200 or 10000 vs a single ssd
||cwshort stroke 10 SAS hd's you might come close to an ssd
Cyber_AkumaBy the way, do you gain much performance increase with a Raid0 ssd setup over a single ssd?
||cwCyber_Akuma: an ssd is basically a raid0 of flash chips with a special controller on it, raid0 them more is more channels and more speed
||cwhdd's suffer from seeks, so raid only helps so much
Cyber_AkumaHmm, so raid0 is mostly helpful for getting speed out of magnetic drives then?
||cwan ssd with 10 flash chips can theoretically access 10 different sectors at the same time
n17ikhyou gain a lot running SSDs in RAID
n17ikhbut, there's not that much point to it
||cwwell, up to 10 anyway
n17ikhan SSD like the X25-M is already "fast enough" for most purposes
||cwX25-M is fast enough to push the max read rate of sata300
||cwmax real world rate
Cyber_AkumaX25-M is a SSD model I take it
||cwread the anandtech article on ssd's
||cwthen we'll talk :)
||cwit's very informative
Cyber_Akumaoch, $300 for a 80gig?
Cyber_AkumaThats a bit too much for me
Gyndawyrhow does one connect a regular surround sound system like that used on a television set to a computer??
gnubienGyndawyr: hdmi tv?
Cyber_Akumadoes your sound sytem have digital in or your soundcard optical out?
GyndawyrThe computer I've got has one Aerial Input, that yellow coaxial connector thingy, HDMI cable, and some other minijack poorts seen here;
Gyndawyrit also has a single optical out
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