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crabyou can do it pretty easily in p4
fynnHey. I vaguely recall there's a way to ignore working-copy subdirectories in a local way.
fynnI.e. it would work on my working copy, but won't be propagated to any clones.
fynn(so it's not by adding a .gitignore)
crabtakes the same kind of pattern(s) as .gitignore
fynncrab: thanks, that was it. where is it in the mans/docs, btw?
tekkysitaram: heya :)
sitaramtekky: ^
tekkyyou have a good weekend? (showing my ignorance -- but dont know if you celebrate this time of year :P)
sitaramtekky: absolutely great, but nothing to do with religion (25th anniv reunion of my college class -- yeah I'm ld ;-)
tekkylol congrats
sitaramand nothing to do with the new year... not yet anyway :)
tekkyI just got my inet hooked up :P
fynnwas there any change in 1.6.6 wrt how work trees are handled?
tekky16M down, 4-8M up :)
Action: sitaram is jealous... he can get 10% of that (assuming bps not Bps) on a really good day
tekkysitaram: Download Speed: 16433 kbps (2054.1 KB/sec transfer rate) ---- Upload Speed: 5484 kbps (685.5 KB/sec transfer rate)
tekkyless confusion
fynnI'm using the following command: GIT_WORK_TREE=$HOME/rawdata GIT_DIR=$HOME/rawdata/.git git reset --hard
fynnwith earlier versions, it worked fine
fynnwith 1.6.6, I get: "fatal: hard reset requires a work tree"
fynnwhich only succeeds if I run the command from within $HOME/rawdata
sitaramfynn: try not using both GIT_WORK_TREE *and* GIT_DIR maybe?  (I've never used both; the current directory was always one of them)
fynnsitaram: $ GIT_WORK_TREE=$HOME/rawdata git reset --hard
fynnfatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git
fynnagain, the same command works when I'm in ~/rawdata
fynnit also occurs when I use the --work-tree argument :/
fynnthis could be a bug.
sitaramfynn: gitolite easy install *depends* on "cd to bare repo; GIT_WORK_TREE=somewhere-else git subcommand" and I just tested with 1.6.6
sitaramfynn: and it works fine
sitaram(haven't tried reset --hard; my commands are add, diff, commit)
fynnwell, it doesn't work here.
fynnOK, this is most definitely a version-related problem:
fynn$ GIT_WORK_TREE=$HOME/rawdata/ GIT_DIR=$HOME/rawdata/.git /usr/local/git-1.6.6/bin/git reset --hard
fynnfatal: hard reset requires a work tree
fynn$ GIT_WORK_TREE=$HOME/rawdata/ GIT_DIR=$HOME/rawdata/.git /usr/local/git-1.6.4/bin/git reset --hard
fynnHEAD is now at 77ec73f...
sitaramfynn: my bare repos are not called ".../.git" and they *do* have a "core.bare = true".  I'm not saying that 1.6.6 didn't change -- I'm trying to narrow it down so you know how to report it :)
fynnsitaram: yeah, thanks. I'm probably going to report it.
sitaramfynn: aha... reset --hard doesn't work!
sitaramadd, diff, commit, do!
fynnyay, I found a genuine bug
fynnsitaram: should I just send an email to the mailing list?
sitaramtesting with checkout -f also (which is the same thing in this special case)
sitaramyup; that works fine, but reset --hard doesn't.
sitaramin a way this makes sense... reset is about changing HEAD itself
fynnsitaram: cool, sending that email.
sitaramfynn: wait
sitaramfynn: well you can send it but I have a link that might shed some light on this
sitaramfynn: there's a fundamental difference in what a "reset" does versus what a "checkout" does; and I think -- even though the behaviour changed -- there would be an explanation for why.  So ask away, and I'd be interested in the response too
fynnsitaram: *nod*, sending.
fynnsitaram: thanks for making the effort to confirm this.
sitaramyou're welcome!
sitaram(I mean it may not be a *bug* per se, maybe an intentional change...)
chuckwhy doesn't git automatically setup tracking branches for all remote branches?
adammbecause many times I don't want it to do that
fynnchuck: what if the remote has 1,000 branches, and 999 of them only interest the remote user?
fynnunder most distributed workflows, you're usually not automatically interested in a branch created on the remote; the opposite, in fact.
developishi have a file that is tracked in my repo, but i want to ignore future changes to it, how do i do that?
sitaramdevelopish: the first para of "man git-ignore" will tell you
ArjenLman gitignore (or 'git help ignore' :-)
GitbotArjenL: the gitignore manpage can be found at
ravionrailsi have made local server on my LAN and push my projects . i get only .git and nothing else there . why?
tomojok, I am trying to understand the "you asked me to pull without telling me which branch you want to merge with, and 'branch.nullsfix.merge'..." error
tomojis this something new because I upgraded? or did I somehow wind up in some situation I just hadn't ever been in before?
Ilariravionrails: $faq non-bare
Gitbotravionrails: Pushing to non-bare repositories is discouraged. See
developishnow how do i access the "git update-index --assume-unchanged documentation."
Ilaridevelopish: 'man git-update-index'?
Gitbotdevelopish: the git-update-index manpage can be found at
tomojooh, I see the problem
tomojdidn't realize I was on the 'nullsfix' branch
developishgreat i didn't know how to use the manpages for all those commands
fynnsitaram: still awake?
alrockhi, I'm using git with cygwin and whenever I "git push" to the server, it changes the permissions of my files in the repository
sitaramfynn: I'm at work, it's 2:46pm!
fynnno it's not, it's 1:16am
alrockit removes the execute/modify etc permissions which creates some problems with the app
sitaram(and there's not a meeting in sight, so I can't really sleep! ;-)
fynnI'm going to ask why that patch is necessary.
sitarambot, tell me 952dfc6
Gitbot[git 952dfc6]: -- reset: improve worktree safety valves
fynnsitaram: commit is here:
sitaramfynn: the correct question is "why does this not honor GIT_WORK_TREE", I think
RhondaWhen I created a new branch locally that I want to push to a remote, a "git push origin newbranch" is sufficient. But that doesn't add the tracking of the branch to .git/config. What am I missing, is there a simple option that I haven't found?
sitaramand you might wanna mention that "git checkout -f" does work...
raboofi'd like to work on the 'mob' branch of ''.
raboofso i should just clone ssh:// and then switch to the 'mob' branch, right?
fynnsitaram: thanks, I'll go give them a piece of my mind!
bob2raboof: clone, then make your own branch and work on that
alrockanyone? :/
selckinalrock: git is not a deployment tool
raboofbob2: there's work in the 'mob' branch that's not in master yet and that i'd like to build on
bob2raboof: branch from mob then :)
sitaramfynn: erm no I didnt mean that (piece of my mind!)
sitaramfynn: as I said, there is a difference in intent between reset and checkout, and am wondering if that is the reason for this in some way that I do not yet understand completely
raboofbob2: how? i tried 'git checkout mob', but that gets me 'error: pathspec 'mob' did not match any file(s) known to git'. 'git branch mob' works, but it looks like that makes a new local branch instead of switching to the existing mob branch.
fynnsitaram: too late, I already posted the most inflammatory flame on the git list!
raboof('git branch mob' and then 'git checkout mob', that is)
sitaramfynn: :)
fynnI insulted Junio, Linus, and sweet baby Jesus
selckinraboof: git branch -a
bob2raboof: git checkout -b mob origin/mob
sitaramfynn: and two of tehm had birthdays recently, AFAIK :)
fynntwo... or are they really one?!
bob2though I think checkout has a magicer way to do that
fynnsitaram: (more seriously, I think if you specify both GIT_WORK_TREE and GIT_DIR, the reset should work)
raboofbob2: ha, looks like 'git checkout remotes/origin/mob' was what i was looking for - thanks
raboofselckin: thanks ;)
bob2raboof: that doesn't make a branch you can commit to
bob2raboof: or does 'git branch -a' show that it did?
alrockselckin: so what do you suggest I should do?
fynnsitaram: (that patch was meant to prevent .git from getting accidentally mangled; if you specify both the above, and the repo is non-bare to boot, there's no way that I can see that this patch improves repo protection)
raboofbob2: oh, right, i'm now at '(no branch)'
selckinalrock: autotools seem popular for installing stuff
bob2raboof: I think you want the command I suggested - it creates a new (local) branch based on 'mob' and checks it out
raboofbob2: yeah, that looks better
sitaramfynn: agreed...
sitaramfynn: it should just honor GIT_WORK_TREE really
alrockselckin: I'm using it like so that I can commit locally then push it to server to update the live site/code, it's just one server
selckinalrock: bad advice is bad
alrockhow can I setup an alias for "ssh://name@server/" part?
alrockI don't want to store the repo path in the alias
alrockjust the username@server
Ilarialrock: insteadof lines (I don't remember the syntax outright)?
alrockIlari: what?
Ilarialrock: Search man git-config for "insteadOf".
Gitbotalrock: the git-config manpage can be found at
alrockah, that's it. thanks
GDGhow can I roll back to a previous file version with git? in svn I use svn up -r<rev>.
GDGselckin, but checkout to which version?
selckinthe one you want
GDGhow can I get the version
selckingit log?
bob2GDG: you can  tell it the version in lots of different ways
GDGI tried git log
GDGbut I am never seeing a version id
GDG(sorry I am a svn user)
nevynis a recent version of a tree I'm tracking
nevynyou should see a bunch of stuff like that.
GDGcommit 581e06110a00669da1b54b82225fcac357d8f154
GDGI see this
GDGis this my version id?
GDGit is uge
GDGor better it is an hash
selckinit's a sha1
selckinthere are other ways to specify versions
GDGwhich are
bob2you can use just a prefix
bob2man git-rev-parse
GDGI just need 1 step back
Gitbotbob2: the git-rev-parse manpage can be found at
wereHamsteryou can just use the first four or five characters of the hash
GDGwhat is HEAD^ ?
bob2the previous revision
ambuliwhat the equal command for svn update  ?? in git
nevynambuli: git pull
nevynambuli: but git pull is syntactic sugar around a git fetch and git merge
nevynambuli: so you can do a 2 phase update if you want which will firstly fetch the upstream changes to the indexx
nevynthen let you examine the upstream changes and integrate them into your tree
ludde2hi nevyn
ambulinevyn,  what is the command i have use for both ??
ludde2nevyn: do i know you? :p
nevynambuli: git pull
ludde2i guess not
ambulinevyn,  so git pull does both phase is it  ??
ludde2you seem to be a different nevyn
IlariThe changes are not fetched into the index. They are downloaded to refs.
nevynambuli: yes it does..
ludde2you're not from sweden, are you
nevynIlari: my bad. you're correct..
nevynludde2: no I'm not
nevynI'm from australia
ambulinevyn,  so git fetch is for phase 1 and git merge is for phase 2 if i understand correctly ??
nevynambuli: yes
ambulinevyn,  Ah.. cool. Thanks nevyn
nevynambuli: and git pull does both.
nevynbut I only ever use git pull where I'm not doing work
nevynso if I'm just using git as a tracking tool for an upstream library or something I'll git pull
nevynambuli: or if you work in a branch and keep master just to track upstream then that works too.
ambulineunon,  ok
JuerdI have two completely different repositories, one local, one remote. I want to add the local files to the remote repo. Is it possible to retain the changes history?
nevynthey don't have a common root at all?
ambulinevyn, what about --amend option  ??
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