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kerframilmattmatteh: well, try harder
mattmattehit works :P
BitOBearKVM switches (other than the barrel/knob versions) are electronic, they do things like recognize bouncing the shift keys and high end ones will even draw a menu on the screen. Most will also "dummy up" the non-active computers so that they think the keyboard is still there, and they will lock states for caps lock etc. They are way more than simple mechanical devices.
freejackQuick question...what package do I have to emerge to get libjpeg?
kerframilfreejack: jpeg
mattmattehfreejack: eix -sc jpeg
mattmattehfreejack: do you specifically need that package ? or are you trying to manage dependencies your self ?
freejackHeh. That's it. Thought it was hidden away in some package somewhere.
Skunkyfreejack: welcome to gentoo.
Azerthothmattmatteh, -s is redundant with -c
freejackRebuilding this system by hand.
mattmattehAzerthoth: thanks :)
mattmattehfreejack: you dont want to emerge dependencies, if you need to use -1 or --oneshot
Action: freejack nods
freejackThe base system is up and running fine. That part of the tree is sane again.
freejackNow fixing Xorg.
E_Myershas anyone here had a problem where a gentoo install cant remount a drive in read-write during boot?
mattmattehE_Myers: need more info
shiznixanyone got compiz working using the ebuilds in the portage tree ?
freejackGrrr....Weird. libX11 fails with "gs: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory "
shiznixi keep getting '' not found and window decorations disappear, when running 'compiz --replace'
E_Myersafter a fresh install, it starts booting, it mounts the root drive readonly, then it goes to mount it readwrite and fails
shiznixsame problem other users have here ->
shiznixthough they solved it by downgrading to 0.8.2 (no longer in the tree)
mattmattehE_Myers: umm, i havent see that
E_Myersmattmatteh; ill play with it more tomorrow... i just wanted to see if it was something simple
EzroYo mattmatteh, should I use default/linux/x86/10.0/server or selinux/2007.0/x86/hardened?
SkunkyEzro: neither.
EzroHm, why not?
TravisBIs there any way I can have a VNC server work with my already-running X session, or are they all going to create a new X-session?
SkunkyTravisB: x11vnc is what you need
TravisBSkunky: Thank you!  I'll go and emerge that.
TravisBI heard about that, but I wasn't sure if that'd require X to be running on the client end.
SkunkyTravisB: nope, just vncviewer
TravisBThat's great.  Thanks.  I was looking for a solution for my Android phone; perfect!
lateniteHi folks, I use xinit -- 1: to get me a second X so I can use kde and gnome both. But what I realy want is: to start gdm on the second X? How can I do  that?
jaimeSkunky: clock is fine after reboot. it's quite confusing though that 'hwclock -r' and 'hwclock -r -u' both display local time %) Within the bios it see proper UTC... whatever. it works(tm)
TravisBSkunky: Works great.  Thank you.
Orion_ZGetting closer now
Orion_Zkernel finished compiling and it went well
hichamOrion_Z, first gentoo install ?
Orion_Zhicham, yes
Orion_Zhicham, trying not to fuck it up
mattmattehOrion_Z: language please
hichamOrion_Z, you won't, just follow the handbook
Orion_Zfair enough
EzroWould anyone be able to help me setup something like dropbox on gentoo, please?
EzroI'm assuming it would be VPN or something along those lines
EzroNot vpn
EzroI'm stupid
hichami don't recommend dropbox on gentoo
Ezrohicham: I don't mean dropbox, I mean something like dropbox
EzroWhere my server holds all my files and stuff
EzroSo when I save on my laptop, it automatically saves on my server
E_Myerslike a network share?
EzroNot sure what that is.
EzroAh, I know what you mean
E_Myersso, yor thinking something like an auto-syncing net share?
Slade-guessed right on the first try!
E_MyersSlade-: who? me?
E_MyersEzro: are all your computers running linux?
E_MyersErzo: you're gonna need samba
mattmattehEzro: is this on a trusted network ?
mattmattehEzro: or untrusted, like one you dont manage or over the internet
EzroYa, it's over the internet.
mattmattehEzro: you need a vpn
E_Myersvpn and samba... oh fun
EzroIs that what dropbox does?
mattmattehEzro: if the server is linux or unix, you might use nfs.  else there is samba, but last time i used that it was a huge pain mounting as user with the passwd
mattmattehi have not set up a vpn, all i know is you will need one
EzroSo I would need to setup both VPN and Samba
EzroTo have a dropbox like feeling on linux
shiznixaha...nvm, just had to tick a few boxes in ccsm :D
E_MyersEzro: I think so
EzroAlright, I'll check those out then
EzroCan only root reboot on linux?
EzroOr did I just not add permissions in or something
david38there was a howto for that...
EzroAh, I should probably read through the actual Gentoo wiki lol
EzroI was reading this
david38theres a wide selection of howtos on :) that last question was certainly answered
EzroAh, ty :)
freejackShouldn't libX11 be linking against
freejackThe ebuild is looking for
ccherretthow do I check if my swap is enabled?
nqsccherrett: swapon -s or free -mt
ccherrettnqs: hmm I have no swap enabled
nqsccherrett: do you have swap avadiable?  check 'fdisk -l' to see
ccherrettnqs: /dev/sda2              10         507     4000185   82  Linux swap / Solaris
nqsccherrett: that work?
ccherrettnqs: I think I have swap in a raid so I will have to mess with it
ccherrettswapon fails
nqsccherrett: being in raid doesn't matter.  can you please pastebin the error?
ccherrettnqs: swapon: /dev/sda2: swapon failed: Invalid argument
nqsccherrett: huh.   um...  stupid question, do you have paging disabled in the kernel?
ccherrettnqs: hmm not sure
xemacs4321mkswap ?
nqsdo 'grep -i swap /usr/scr/linux/.config' and report result
nqsxemacs4321: I thought that too, but wouldnt it swow as the partition being bad, not the command?
xemacs4321not sure
xemacs4321cant hurt
david38unless thats his windows partition with wrong type set :P
xemacs4321ccherrett, mkswap /dev/sd?, swapon /dev/sd?
ccherrettxemacs4321: tried that
ccherrettmkswap reports device busy
nqsccherrett: waht about grepping for swap in kernel?  what did that show
xemacs4321wgetpaste /etc/fstab
Orion_Zand I have returned...had to restart thanks to a nonsense app problem on XP =/
nqsccherrett: wait.  pastebin 'swapon -s' and 'free -mt' for us
darki can't find my video card driver at make menuconfig (it's i915), what might it be? (i'm using ck-sources-2.6.34)
darklsmod shows i915, and also
darki found only i810fb
ccherrett/dev/md1                                partition       4000056 0       -1
ccherrettit was /dev/md1
ccherrettnqs: xemacs4321: it seems to be up now
ccherrettthanks guys
nqsccherrett: ok, have fun
darkalso Intel LE80578 (Vermilion) but this seems wrong
ccherrettwill do :)
Action: nqs goes back to lurk mode
xemacs4321ccherrett, md can take a while to mount
xemacs4321ccherrett, cat /proc/mdstat
darkah, it's at /dev/agpgart
EzroSamba requires X server?
mattmattehEzro: no
EzroIt says it's going to emerge a bunch of x11 stuff though
mattmattehEzro: mask the x11 lib or xorg-server if you dont want it
EzroHow do I go about doing that?
mattmattehEzro: /etc/portage/package.mask  x11-libs/libX11
mattmattehthen try to emerge again, portage wil fail and whine that it can not have it and tell you what thinks it needs it
mattmattehEzro: most likely some use flag somewhere
EzroI see..
EzroSo I should just install the x11 files
mattmattehwhat ?
mattmattehwhy ?
EzroBecause I don't know how to do that stuff
mattmattehyou dont know how to edit a text file ?
EzroI don't have a package.mask file lol
mattmattehwhen you save the text file you will have it
EzroI see.
freejackAlright, fixed it.
Ezromattmatteh: I blocked x11, but now it won't let me merge lol
EzroAnd now I don't know what to do lol
freejackAlright, how do I set my ethernet card to ignore ARP requests from outside my LAN?
phantomcircuitportato is sexy
Action: phantomcircuit needs to get out more
freejackI swear, the ARP requests are killing me in latency.
TJNIIfreejack: You should not be receiving ARPs from outside your lan.  ARP doesn't route.
akibakoHi all.  Anyone have experience setting up a MoinMoin wiki?
freejackHrrmmm. How do I block all ARPs except the ones explicitly from the router/modem?
akibakoI'm getting Apache errors, and my Google-fu is not strong today.
david38freejack you routers setup might be... exotic, arp from outside doesnt make sense in any network
TJNIIfreejack: You can probably do it at the firewall level, but you really don't want to.
arosenHello, i'm having this python issue. When I'm using python2.6 I can get this one thing to build but when i use python2.5 the configure tells me that twisted is not installed. Does anyone know whats going on here?
ns5Building gcc always fails, how can I tell emerge to update world without installing new slot of gcc?
freejackUsing an ATT Uverse cable modem here.
freejackI think what I'm getting are requests from the local switch.
TJNIIAre you actually recieving ARPs from outside your lan?  Have you verified the IP ranges with wireshark?
mattmattehEzro: pastebin
freejackHrrrrmmm. Checking...just a sec...
mattmattehfreejack: you are not behind a nat
mattmattehns5: what do you mean ?
TJNIImattmatteh: Let's have him wireshark and get back to us.  I think he's trying to hose his network by solving a non-existant problem.
mattmattehns5: that is not setting the new gcc as default is it ?
freejackHah. Got it. It's the cable box that's doing it.
freejackSome kinda IPtv crap I think.
ns5mattmatteh: when I do emerge -DutNav world, emerge always want to install NS gcc-4.4.3-r2, and building it always fails.
Action: freejack is using "tcpdump | grep arp"
ns5mattmatteh: So I want to install other updates without installing new version of gcc.
Lupuns5: Then you'd want to mask that version of gcc.
arosenfreejack: I doublt that the arps are really causig you any real problem. ARP requests happen a lot in a network so the clients know who is who when they want to talk. The arp tables get cleared a lot
freejackGot it. I think, gotta reset my interface.
TJNIIfreejack: pastebin the output
mattmattehTJNII: yeah, but if he/she were behind a nat, that would really mean something is goofy, else i suppose its possible, maybe dumb
freejackBe right back.
ns5Lupu: how to mask it?
TJNIImattmatteh: Hence why I asked him to verify with a packet sniffer.
mattmattehns5: not sure, that is unstable gcc ?
TJNIImattmatteh: I wasn't discounting it, just highly doubting it.
ns5mattmatteh: no, it is stable now.  I don't have ~amd64 in my make.conf.
mattmattehTJNII: yeah.  i havent had to do that in a long time, and forgot how :P
mattmattehns5: oh, cant check right now, booted to freebsd
Lupuns5: as root 'echo =sys-devel/gcc-4.4.3-r2 >> /etc/portage/package.mask'
mattmattehEzro: emerge samba wants X ?
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