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auscompgeekwhat images?
errerdoodthe two persona images.
errerdoodnot theme - persona.
auscompgeekmaybe, not sure
Corkerrerdood: your trying to modify a persona theme?
errerdoodCork, make one.
auscompgeekwell, for, probably
errerdoodCork, and then use it offline.
auscompgeeks/org/com/ ?
errerdoodauscompgeek, com
Corki think its .com
errerdoodCork, so no help?
Corkerrerdood: you might have to wipe more then just the cache if your developing a theme
Corkyou might have to take the extensions.rdf too
Corkbut i would use a separat profile if your not doing that
errerdoodwell, but I shouldn't have to do any of that ...
Corkerrerdood: alot of theme and extensions is cached in different files
errerdoodthe personas plugin *should* be taking care of it all for me
Corkwhen you develop many of these has to be deleted
errerdoodok <.<
Corkerrerdood: but as i said, use a separat profile when you develop
Corkas wiping .rdf often wipe all your installed extensions
Cork(not the settings though)
errerdoodwell, but ... do you actually know how personas work?
errerdoodthey're just two images.
errerdoodand a little metadata. like, less than 10 lines of it.
errerdoodnothing like an extension or full-blown theme ...
errerdoodand i mean, i can apply third-party personas great - I just can't make my stupid custom one permanent.
Corkerrerdood: i haven't fiddled to much with personas
Corkno, but the basic should still stand
errerdoodhrm ...
Corkerrerdood: but go and ask in #extdev
Corkthay might have a better knowledge of personas
errerdoodok new problem. i just found that my bookmarks toolbar won't display
Corkand its ticked if you right click the toolbar?
errerdoodand on top of that, my addon toolbar (stumbleupon) won't display unless the bookmarks toolbar is set to display, and no matter what i can't see the bookmarks toolbar!
errerdoodmaybe i should just reset the profile, eh?
Corkya, it sounds like your profile is a mess
errerdoodI don't even know how that one happened O.O
errerdoodargh wtf!
errerdoodaha! the error console says "uncaught exception" any time I press ok in the editor window
errerdoodi wonder, is my firefox just in need of update?
errerdoodwould be sweet if it's something that simple
errerdoodI hate my slow laptop ...
Bittarmanis having a second firefox icon in the dock a known bug for ff4 on osx?
xmonaderHi my search input box seems to be inactive, i can write in it but can't start the search ?
desillusorry for my poor english but anyone will help me ?
desillui have write a letter for a job and i have all lost with a error captcha :(
desillui search the way for extract my text...where firefox stock information what i have in"renvoi" fonction
desillus /stock/store/
RandomTimeI don't really understand your question
desilluwhere firefox store data who resend when i do "forward next" ?
desilluwith the dialogbox  "resend or cancel"
T1750when i type a search term into the address bar (not search box) firefox takes me to the first hit like im feeling lucky
T1750what can i put in the address box so it takes me to the search results
TarkaanHas anyone found a utility to go through a FF bookmarks file, grab the title for each page, and make that the name of the bookmark?
TarkaanI got a massive list of links at work and it's useless
T1750Tarkaan: sounds like an easy script to write
T1750ill do it for $20 :D
T1750(marked as gift)
T1750there's gotta be one existing already anyhow
T1750not necessarily for firefox, but something that willl take in csv
T1750so you convert ff to csv or xml or whatever then use the program that will work with that and re-import to ff
Zambzhey guys, anyone here using FF 4b1 in Windows 7?
urihi all... is there a way to export bookmarks *with* tags? Really love tagging but hate the fact that I can't seem to take them with me...
Aikaranyone know if this bug is being worked on to be apart of Firefox 4 GA?
Aikarpretty critical bug for me :( even with firefox adding websocket support in 4 it still doesnt work for a websocket app im writing since i put the socket on a webworker which had a substantial performance increase
RandomTimeAikar: I'd suggest asking on the main channel
Aikari just went over there
RandomTimeany luck?
Aikaraccidently used /server instead of /connect ><
Aikarnoones responded yet lol
Aikarthey are discussing someone elses issue
Aikari really dont want to have to have my socket client in different places just due to a browser.... :/
RandomTimedoesn't look like anyone's taken it on the bugzilla page
RandomTimevoted, btw
uriso no way to export bookmarks with tags? Even with add-ons?
uriany one know how to export bookmarks with tags? Anyone?
Tarkaanuri, I had a bookmarks question as well
TarkaanI'd write the script myself, but I can't be bothered :P
RandomTimelaziness: Hindering open development since 1997
[tla]Hi.  I have just installed Windows 7 and did not export my saved passwords.  I have a backup of the old XP system and want to know if there is any way to get my saved passwords back?  I know the master password.  The XP and W7 system are both running FF3.6.* Thanks.
Drakesonwhat might be wrong with this file: <html><body><img src="" /></body></html>
Drakesonboth chromium and opera show the svg image. (firefox 3.6.6)
PiousMinionDrakeson: it doesn't have a doctype
DrakesonPiousMinion: someone mentioned the bugzilla bug number in another channel. thanks anyways.
PiousMinioninvalid code is not a bug.  Run it through a validator, fix your code, enjoy the rest of your day with a working product.
DrakesonPiousMinion: apparently the bug is here:
jamesanelay Hi, I like tyo edit my css in firefox using the developers toolbar, and to find out imformation about the ; div, img, or whatever. I use the web develops toolbar and click view style information. However due to magento's (the software im using) rediculusly long addition of classes, the little window to show you is too small. Anybody by anychance know how to make it go over two lines?
PiousMinionDrakeson: misunderstood nature of bug. Makes sense, but your code is invalid anyhow. :P
Drakesonwell, that is just to paste in irc. otherwise the main file is kinda larger :p
PeacenixIs Firefox 4 disappointing for anybody else?
PeacenixPerformance doesn't seem much changed.
PeacenixFeels like Firefox 3.6.4 with an Opera skin.
jamesanelayhow come you guys have firefox 4?
jamesanelayis it 3.6.6
DrakesonPeacenix: webm is cool
PeacenixFF 4.0 beta 1, jamesanelay.
krkhanwhile compiling ff 4.0b1 on fedora 13, i keep getting the following error: #error "STL code can only be used with -fno-exceptions". configuring with --enable-cpp-exceptions or --disable-cpp-exceptions does not help. any ideas for fixing this?
luneffkrkhan, ehm... putting some CXXFLAGS?
danielpereiraFirefox 4 beta 1 was released ! :D
urii guess I can write my own script to export bookmark tags. What file are the bookmarks located? and what format is it?
uriwhat about the new FF 4---does it export tags with bookmarks?
krkhanluneff: i was building an rpm. it messed up with cxxflags but have fixed that now :-)
krkhani have another question though
krkhanis it possible to specify a different profile folder at compile time?
krkhanthat is, instead of .mozilla, something like .mozilla-beta
kunzemsomebody here who can give me a hint how to call from my extension an function thats part of an other extension? like for sync the functions for login/sync?
uriWhere the heck are the tags? I just dove into the places sqlite file...The bookmarks are there sure enough but there is no table containing the tags
ljungkI'm having problem with firefox hanging before the gui is launched. it simply gets stuck at ~ 42 MB and 0 CPU
ljungkthere are no error msgs, and doing -safe-mode makes no difference
ljungkIt's the second time it happens. last time I solved it by clearing my entire .mozilla directory
Cube``where does firefox save history and bookmarks when using it on linux? is it like /home/cube/.firefox and somewhere in there?
Cube``i see it does, thanks though
--- Fri Jul 9 2010
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