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nagoMy desktops run W7 and Win2003. Laptop is Vista/Ubuntu, Netbook is Ubuntu NBR, Server is F11
f_newtonI cant wait for el6
DiscordianUKNot having net connectivity at the vts was a pain
akjeff1how long should it take that teardrop to fill up
BobLfootosubuck: have you looked at
f_newtonDiscordianUK, I usually use my broadband card for "away" games... it has autostarted since f10
mharrisThe thing I'm most wanting EL6 for, is the fact that the OS supplied list of packages will likely be a bit bigger, and much newer which will make building addon repositories easier, so there should be more packages available for EL6 than what is easily buildable for EL5 right now without ransacking half the OS.
akjeff1It seems to lock up and not move after a couple seconds
grifo74it's possible make live usb with fedora 12 dvd iso?
f_newtonakjeff1, you have a hardware issue there
f_newtonthe dvd? whoa
mharrisAlso hoping for more mature X hardware support
f_newtonI doubt it
f_newtonwell night campers ... dont forget to brush your teeth
nagowhen is EL6 due out?
mharrisnago: Red Hat doesn't discuss it officially.  You'll find estimates of anywhere from a few months ago, to 2011 if you google around.
mharrisMost from people who "think they know", but no concrete answers. :)
mutkIt is in 'active development'  :)
osubuckyum --enablerepo=rp*g install akmod-nvidia-173xx xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-173xx-libs.i686 xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-173xx-libs.x86_64 if i don't have a 64bit computer would i leave out the last bit?
nagoI should hurry up and take that RHCE exam. Don't want to have to end up taking it on 6.-
mharrisI think it will be no sooner than 9-12 months from the first beta release date, but it could be longer if Red Hat has a good reason to hold it back.
akjeff1well it runs ok with 8 and instaled just fine... so .. gues I will look at another version to install .. thanks
mutknago, Why would you be worried about that
grifo74when i try install fedoara 12 in my pc in portuguese language they give a error ????????why in inglish install fine
nagobecause I am horrified of that exam o_O
osubuckyum --enablerepo=rp*g install akmod-nvidia-173xx xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-173xx-libs.i686 xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-173xx-libs.x86_64 if i don't have a 64bit computer would i leave out the last bit?
BobLfootosubuck: read the link I sent you - FX5's are not supported by the xorg-X11 drivers in F12
mutknago, Heh. Well the technological changes from RHEL5 to RHEL6 will be big.. But then we had bigger changes from RHEL3 to 4..
mharrisNews articles from over a year ago suggest that RHEL 6 beta would be Q1/Q2 of 2009, but I haven't seen any RHEL6 beta release yet.
osubuckBobLfoot: then why does this person make a tutorial specifically for F12 and the FX cards if they indeed don't work?
nagoI learned on 4/5.. I just want to get a cert before I transfer schools so I can at least get my foot in the door as an intern somewhere
mharrisIMHO, RHEL4 was the first "good" RHEL release.
nagomaybe plugging in cables, getting coffee for people...
nagoaim low!
BobLfootosubuck: if you fond a tutorial follow it
mharrisI really never cared for RHEL 3 or 2.1, probably because of the software maintenance headaches
mutkmharris, It took big steps towards seriously scalable for sure..
osubuckBobLfoot: here is the tutorial
mutkmharris, RHEL4 that is..
osubuckBobLfoot:  i was going to get the akmod i686
mharrismutk: yep, each new major release seems so much more refined and more like an integrated OS too.  Older releases seem more like random collections of software aggregated together.
BobLfootosubuck I used the akmod ; kmod combo on F11 with good success but ahve not jumped to F12 yet on my FX5200 system sorry
mutkmharris, As well as the x86_64 as a platform matured massively with each new release.
osubuckBobLfoot: well i have some free time to waste to i might try this tutorial one more time
mutkx86_64 is completely usable as a desktop OS now. Appart from a few oulying apps
mharrismutk: indeed.  I'm so glad to see that x86_64 nowadays is practically as solid and reliable as x86 too, with almost all software being available for it too, or the ability to run the odd x86 thing where an x86_64 build isn't avail.
BobLfootosubuck: let us know how it works and the party line is at the link I provided
nagoyou mean x64 isn't voodoo?
mutkI'd suggest that x86_64 is actually more stable than 32bit can ever be. Simply due to the memory layout.
mharrisI do still notice the occasional x86_64 app glitch that isn't reproducable on the 32bit build, but they're fewer and further between nowadays.
mharrisvlc sometimes has some 64bit issues
mutknago, Nope it is dime a dozen now..
nagogrumble VLC grumble
mharrisnago: x86_64 has ran pretty awesome since about Fedora 7 or 8
Action: mutk will never consider running 32bit Fedora ever again..
nagomharris, mostly joking. I'm running the 64bit build here at home, works good. only hiccup I ran into was running the source engine for a dedicated server, distributed only as x86 bin
mharrisI've got one AMD64 box running 32bit right now, but when it is next upgraded it will go back to x86_64 and remain.
nagojust had to figure out which 32bit lib packages to grab
mharrisEvery new Linux install I do on any AMD64 capable hardware from now on will be an x86_64 installation also.  Only exception might be a 32bit install just for software testing/compat.
osubuckBobLfoot_AFK: wish me luck
mharrisnago: yep, or package it in rpm format :)
mharrisThat's what I always do, even for commercial stuff where there's no source avail.
mharrisNoSource rpm, and ldd is my friend ;)
AndyCapmharris: if only the 64-bit atoms were widespread too
pk__i used netbootin to make a bootable f12 pen drive
nagooh, a friend takes care of the Team Fortress 2 server, he just whines at me when it breaks
nagoI guess I'd make it an RPM if I knew how
pk__anaconda starts then some iso 9660 could not copy image something    error omes
erosstrying to play quakelive, selinux is blocking me, said some python code is trying to do a create and then something about writing to my home directory in a hidden folder the /home/[name]/.[folder]
mharrisAndyCap: yeah, it's kind of lame that they started making 32bit-only CPUs again.
nagooh yah... I have a 32bit atom :(
nagoI didn't realize it was 32bit until after I got it. I just had assumed since it didn't mention arch it was naturally 64bit
mharrisIt's only a matter of time until all desktop apps use more than 4GB of RAM each though, from having been rewritten in python+ruby+java, so no worries.
mharrisgnome-calculator, now written in ruby!  6GB RSS!
AndyCap"x86-64 is so far only activated for the Atom 230 and 330 desktop models."
nago4GB each o_O ... I imagine someday that will happen but I suppose the bets are for when that'd happen...
Action: mutk seems to always gravitate to using C ..
mharrismutk: +1 brother! :)
pk__please somebody or i will have to moveonto ubuntu
erossi dont think it's letting me install adobe flash plugin for firefox, even though I jump through the hoops and do a manual install and it says it's already installed (after I installed it)
mutkI hack away at Python for some things when it is quick and dirty. But I always feel better doing it properly in C..
AndyCapnago: yesterday, since My Xorg, Firefox, gnome-screensaver, gnome-keyring and gnome-system-monitor gladly sucks up about 4GB after some days.
AndyCapand firefox is the smalles of them.
nagothat's not 4GB/ea though :D ... but firefox is the smallest you say?
mutkI just love those elf binaries :)
erosspk__ I just came from ubuntu, I came here for a challenge which it is working out to be
nagofirefox ... NOT being the ram hog?
nagohow magical :D
AndyCappk__: it's not really clear what you're trying to do.
AndyCapnago: more annoyed at gnome-screensaver sucking up 900Mbyte.
AndyCapand I'm sure they'd all grow to 4Gb if I had 16Gb of ram
pk__i made a bootable pen drive
pk__then i am installing fedora
pk__but unable to install
pk__is it enough?
nagoAndyCap, I dislike gnome-screensaver for far more superficial reasons, but I suppose it's always nice to know that It is terrible anyway
erosspk__ how come you can't install to the pen drive, what message are you getting
pk__i am not installing it to pen drive
pk__i am installing from a pen drive
nagoand anaconda gave you an error regarding something to do with 'iso9660'?
pk__ok i do it no step by step and then will tell you
nagoin my tiny uneducated brain, I am thinking that anaconda is looking for a CD and not finding one, or something of the sort ...
pk__i have a pen drive which i made using unetbootin and fedora 12 iso file
nagobut the exact error message will help.
rubyonrails3pk__: you using dvd ?
nagohe's using a pen drive.
rubyonrails3nago: i know but dvd or livecd he is using
pk__first fedora copyright screen
pk__i pressed next
pk__finding storage drives
pk__i put localhost
pk__then selected area
rubyonrails3pk__: you going right
pk__now partition time
rubyonrails3pk__: tell about your parition
pk__it is showing sda and sdb
pk__sda is hard disk which i want to format completely and make deafult partition
rubyonrails3ya sda is hard drive and sdb will be flash
rubyonrails3pk__: means sdb will be pen drive
pk__sdb is flash from which i an installing
rubyonrails3ya right pk__
rubyonrails3pk__: are you formating every thing ?
Azaryahhad a ton of errors earlier that forced me to reinstall because I could NOT access anything, not even through a virtual terminal
AzaryahI've written down the errors if you would like them
rubyonrails3Azaryah: what are they ?
AzaryahI received all of them after rebooting
rubyonrails3Azaryah: mention some so others can resolve your problems
Azaryahfirst error I received:  Could not update ICEauthority file /home/Azaryah/.ICEauthority
pk__sorry net disconnect
rubyonrails3pk__: no worries
rubyonrails3pk__: so you have done partiton
pk__in the first list box
rubyonrails3pk__: choose custom layout
Azaryahafter clicking okay I received this next error:  There is a problem with the configuration server (/usr/libsec/gonf-sanity-check-2 exited with status 256)
Azaryahafter clicking okay on that error, i received this next one:  Nautilus could not create the following required folders:  /home/Azaryah/Desktop, /home/Azaryah/.nautilus
rubyonrails3Azaryah: did you installed after formating ?
AzaryahAfter I clicked okay on that, Nothing popped up.  Oh, and this happened AFTER I tried to log in
AzaryahYeah. That was my third reinstall lol
rubyonrails3Azaryah: one solution is to make a new user
Azaryahokay.  well, here's what happened.  I went into a virtual terminal
pk___yes and then in custom layout?
Azaryahand tried to login that way and it said there was no home directory
Azaryahand it gave a a bash line
rubyonrails3pk__: tell how much you want for fedora in gb ?
Azaryahhow do I create a new user under virtual terminal
pk___whole of it
pk___114270 mb
rubyonrails3Azaryah: beign a super user
rubyonrails3useradd user_name
rubyonrails3passwd user_name
sniffitadduser -m -s /bin/bash <insert username>
rubyonrails3pk___: do you have to save some data or not ?
Azaryahuseradd user_name passwd user_name, then adduser -m -s /bin/bash <insert username>
sniffitAzaryah, nope
rubyonrails3pk___: delete your all drives first (You will lost all of your data )
sniffitthe command i gave will create a user, a shell and creates a home directory for that user
rubyonrails3than  click new and create a /boot partiton of 500mb
sniffitpasswd username is to change the passwd of that username
Azaryahokay. then I can login in from there?
rubyonrails3pk__: k
Azaryahokay. so what happened to my other user.  I was logged in, when I learned I couldn't access anything, so I rebooted, and logged in, and got all those errors
sniffitAzaryah, no idea ... you can try as a superuser doing this command ls -l /home
rubyonrails3Azaryah: they are safe don't worry
sniffitand see if there's a directory of the other user is there
Raptor32hello there!
Azaryahunderstood.  what does that command do
Raptor32I'm new to fedora
rubyonrails3Azaryah: list users home dir
Raptor32I'd like to know how to read the message from "Leave Message" operation in screensaver
decowhere can i see a list  of broadcom cards supported by fedora 12's open broadcom firmware ?
sniffitAzaryah, ls is the equivalent of dir of DOS commands
Raptor32somebody ?
sniffit@saylucky  open broadcom firmware
fedbotopen: (this is a google 'I feel lucky' search result)
Azaryahunderstood.  How can I move a repo from my downloads folde /etc/yum.reps.dr to the
Azaryahblah..sorry from downloads folder to /etc/yum.repos.d
Raptor32COuld somebody plz help ?
Raptor32I'd like to know how to read the message from "Leave Message" operation in screensaver
rubyonrails3Raptor32: i think when you leave some message when you login in back you get that message
Raptor32im not gettng it
Raptor32how does it appear ?
Raptor32in a box ?
rubyonrails3Raptor32: i meant it just diplay like flash message
Raptor32nothing of that sort is happending.
rubyonrails3Raptor32: wait i try on pc
pkthe installer has tries to mount image #1 but cannot find it on hard drive please copy this image to the drive and click retry
rubyonrails3pk: you using dvd or cd ( i know pen drive but what you put on pen drive )
pk_the installer has tries to mount image #1 but cannot find it on hard drive please copy this image to the drive and click retry [14:47] <pk> missing iso 9660 image
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