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jmyers10Tesssa: what do you mean partition manager?
Tesssa#to partition the hard drive
jmyers10Tesssa: yes, it gives you the opportunity to partition the drives, and dual boot and all that jazz.
fenris02the installer has a way to partition the drive already.
Tesssaah thank you want to try fedors
jmyers10Tesssa: I converted from Ubuntu, and I'm thrilled with my decision.
Tesssabut not lose xubuntu
fenris02Tesssa, make a backup of your drive before making any major changes.
fenris02installing another OS counts as 'major'
jmyers10yeh, also fiddling with a 'partition manager' lol
Tesssadone a back up already
Tesssabut thanks for the warning
jmyers10mount /home on another physical drive ftw!
fenris02*shrugs*  /home should be on its own partition in any case
jmyersfenris02: It took me 5 reinstalls of ubuntu to figure that out.  I'm such a dummiehead.
fenris02jmyers, hm.  there is a term for that ... "slow learner" :)
jmyerslol, that I am.
Tesssaah me to
jmyersLost my flippin resume all 5 times.
jmyersEmailing to myself is annoying. :/
fenris02here is an example partitioning:
Tesssawell breakfast time will do the install after a full english
Tesssaand thanks for the help
jmyersTesssa: best of luck with that dual boot.  My prediction is full system for Fedora with a virtual box for Ubuntu and all other os's. ;)
jmyersslow typing ftl
makubex_hi. is there any way to prevent vpnc not to disconnect every hour?
nowareis fedora or ubuntu better for a n00b?
[R]noware: neither
[R]noware: try them both and see which one you like
nowareR: i've used fedora in the past and have liked it but I'm still a newbie and read ubuntu is better for begineers. can you recommend a distro?
[R]so d/l it and try it
[R]and see if you like it
nowarei'm running fedora 12 KDE and can't even remember how to install firefox. I seem to be missing rpm manager and apt-get. I'm downloading ubuntu now. going to try it.
amminimakubex_: I guess depends upon the VPN concentrator you're trying to connect.
jmyersnoware: Fedora doesn't use apt-get, it uses yum.  The simple fact that you are already familiar with apt-get may make Ubuntu a smoother transition for you.
jmyersnoware: HOWEVER, I just wiped Ubuntu and installed Fedora a week ago, and I'm LOVING it.
nowarei think i installed apt-get on fedora. I've been away from linux for a few years.
jmyersnoware: yum is a slick cli package manager.  I really like it.
jmyersnoware: man yum, I think you'll find it VERY similar to apt-get
jmyersnoware: and it's 4 less keystrokes! ;)
fenris02noware, dont use apt on any rpm-based system.  it will mangle your install.  CLI, use yum.  GIU use "Yum Extender" (yumex), or "PackageKit"
trevoranyoneknow how to install docky on fedora 12?
amminiWhat is docky?
trevorit was a part of gnome-do but recently splitinto its own project
trevora dock like avant-window-navigator i suppose
fenris02gnome-do and avant-window-navigator both exist in fedora
trevori know, but gnome-do plugin docky was removed in fedora 12
trevoravant window navigator i havent really messed with
fenris02trevor, file an RFE for docky inclusion in fedora if you dont see it with 'yum search'
N3LRXpost your wishes here:
joshua__I installed oracle-instantclient11.2-basic-, but still getting errors when trying to install spacewalk: oracle-lib-compat-10.2-21.fc12.x86_64 from spacewalk has depsolving problems
joshua__  --> Missing Dependency: oracle-instantclient-sqlplus = is needed by package oracle-lib-compat-10.2-21.fc12.x86_64 (spacewalk)
joshua__any ideas?
AntonTakkjoshua__: read the instructions again, i tells you you will need that package, as well as one other
joshua__I did
joshua__but will read again.
AntonTakkyou made that mistake
joshua__reading once?
AntonTakkyou downloaded instanclient 11.2
AntonTakkyou nee 10....something
AntonTakkfurther down the downloads page
AntonTakkagain, re-read the oracle setup page
joshua__found it
gdaawhat the hell is going on with #linux and #ubuntu?
Action: ammini is not in both
amminigdaa: You're welcome to ask any questions pertaining to Fedora 11/12 in here :)
trevorok ive tried to download a .rpm file form the forums and i get an error saying "The name org.freedesktop.PackageKit was not provided by any .service files"
nowareBad ass! yum install firefox. I took a guess and there it is. is there any way to search what apps are available using yum?
ammininoware: yum list available will show you
[R]noware: you could also... i dunno... read the yum man page
nowaredude that is cool! screw ubuntu i'm sticking with fedora.
nowareman yum. got it thanks.
jmyersyum search <keyword> rocks the pink socks.
noware_damn. no yum install itunes. anyone recommend a windows emulator?
[R]noware_: there is no such thing as a windows emulator
noware_i've heard of things to run windows inside linux is what i meant. or any way to run windows aps in fedora?
gdaa[R]: why do you keep comming and going?
ammininoware_: yum info wine
[R]wine lets you run windows apps
[R]but its not gonna run itunes
[R]gdaa: why does the sun rise and set?
noware_i got to have itunes. maybe buy a mac :-)
N3LRXand wine does not work for all windows apps
jmyersnoware_: virtual box, install windows under it, and do your itunes fun there.  That's my plan.
greenshoewhere are the official .spec files?
greenshoeI need to build mplayer with jack support.
noware_jmyers: I think I've used virtual box in the past (or equivelant). I found this doc and am going to try it.
amminigreenshoe: Enable the sources repo in /etc/yum.repos.d and download the source rpms.
greenshoeBut do the source rpms come with the specs?
thomasjgreenshoe, yumdownloader --source
[R]greenshoe: of cousre they do... how else are you going to build it... magic?
talciteHas anyone every experienced plymouth failing to text mode, but KMS having no issues?
[R]talcite: how do you know kms is working?
amminithomasj: Ah, nice catch ;) Thanks for correcting.
thomasjammini, no problem :)
talcite[R]: I have mode setting in alt+f* terminals
greenshoeoh here it is.
talciteerr ttys*
greenshoeI didn't see the SPECS dir it made.
[R]talcite: how do you know that?
talcite[R]: resolution is different
[R]talcite: ok? and how do you know its kms?
talciteplus I'm on supported hardware, radeon R100
talcite[R]: well I definitely didn't set it as user mode setting. Kernel boot parameters are default fedora ones
[R]well if plymouth is failing
[R]its most likely not doing kms
talciteIt's doing some kind of mode setting and I didn't change anything beyond default updates
[R]that doesn't mean its doing kms
talcite[R]: plymouth works with any type of modesetting I think
thomasjtalcite, check for a radeon driver bug with the kernel you're running.
talcitehmm. Well regardless I'm not using user mode setting and I'm getting mode settings effects
talcitethomasj: no errors in dmesg. In fact, [R] dmesg reports KMS
thomasjtalcite, i meant   not dmesg :)
talciteoh. heh
[R]talcite: ok, so report a bug
thomasjtalcite, i recall at least one.
thomasjtalcite, was first assigned to plymouth but got re-assigned
talcitethomasj: hmm looks like you're right. There's a bug describing these symptoms exactly. Oh well. At least we're working on it. Thanks
greenshoeWhat should I read about The Right Way to build rpms?  Is there a better way to reslove dependencies that using the shell to cut and paste from what rpmbuild says it needs for mplayer?
fedorauser162yello. where can i find instructions on kmod-nvidia installation?
[R]fedorauser162: rpmfusion webwsite, fedorasolved website... take your pick
fedorauser162i tried earlier and ended up fux0ring my X server :(
Action: N3LRX points fedorauser162 to
Action: fedorauser162 peeks
fedorauser162[r] N3LRX i see my card listed several times in the list... how do i know which to pick?
[R]fedorauser162: "the list"?
fedorauser162yah that list
fedorauser162the site tells me to look my card up
fedorauser162i have the GeForce 7600 GS
[R]the first list is the newest driver
[R]then after that it has headers
[R]with what driver version it is
[R]you want whatever the latest driver supports your card
fedorauser162i dont follow
fedorauser162i see my card listed but listed twice
roguedaemonfollow kmod-nvidia instructions
fedorauser162i am
fedorauser162roguedaemon, it tells me to check the products supported list
fedorauser162i see mine twice
fedorauser162roguedaemon, thats where i am
roguedaemonfedorauser162:  good, where are you
fedorauser162roguedaemon, the step that says # View the output generated to determine which card you have, then check the nVidia Supported Products List to see which driver supports the card you have installed.
roguedaemonfedorauser162:  ok, move to the next step
fedorauser162roguedaemon, how do i know which driver?
roguedaemonfedorauser162:  which card do you have?
fedorauser162roguedaemon, or is it just saying that if its in list X you get the driver for X
fedorauser16202:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation G70 [GeForce 7600 GS] (rev a1)
roguedaemonfedorauser162:  ok, move to the next step
fedorauser162installing kmod-nvidia
fedorauser162roguedaemon, ok here goes. rebooting
roguedaemoni'll cross my fingers
fedorauser162roguedaemon, worked! but now my bootup screen is low-res. is there a way to make it high-res as before?
roguedaemonfedorauser162:  boot up screen?
roguedaemoni use vga=792
fedorauser162roguedaemon, yeah before it showed the fedora "F" in high res now it shows a clunky ansi-looking progress bar at the bottom of the screen
fedorauser162roguedaemon, oh in grub?
roguedaemonor 791 or something
roguedaemoni forget
roguedaemon1280x1024 console
fedorauser162yeah thats it
roguedaemonremove rhgb quiet
N3LRXI keep the quiet in there so it's more human readable
fedorauser162roguedaemon, all instances of rhgb quiet or just one?
roguedaemonN3LRX:  for humans
fedorauser162N3LRX, what do you mean?
N3LRXI just remove ther rhgb
fedorauser162what does quiet do as opposed to rhgb?
roguedaemonfedorauser162:  the default kernel will set the default for the next
roguedaemonstarting with 0
roguedaemonthe next installed kernel will take the parameters of the default
fedorauser162ah ok
thomasjfedorauser162, removing quiet makes the boot screen almost unreadable by humans ;) You can read the output as well in dmesg or /var/log/messages
ammini1rhgb and quiet are entirely different, quiet means it would suppress the messages before init. rhgb is Red Hat Graphics Boot, which is deprecated by plymouth ( I think )
thomasjammini1, yep, replaced with F-10
roguedaemonrhgb and quiet should both be removed if you are adding vga=
roguedaemonbecause they suck
roguedaemonits for grandma
fedorauser162im confused now
fedorauser162do i want to remove rhgb and quiet AND add vga= or what?
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