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Mon_OuieDoes someone know how to fix that ?
offby1bojohan: oooh, slick!
offby1Mon_Ouie: not me
offby1I've long suspected that nobody actually gets any value from flymake, but then I'm a cynic
jordanb_All of the emacs IDE attemps end up feeling like antlers stapled to a dog's head.
Mon_OuieBut I'm somehow bored of trying to compile my code three times before getting an executable :P
jordanb_We should get an internet douchebag to promote elisp.
jordanb_First we need a web framework.
offby1Mon_Ouie: I didn't know that one compiled Ruby.
offby1I thought it was like Perl or Python -- you just ran it
jordanb_The biggest douchebag here is bpalmer, or maybe johnw.
Mon_OuieYup, but I use flymake in C++ too
jordanb_Let's fight two unwinnable wars.
cluckhi :)
jordanb_rudybot: quote
rudybotThe guy who invented the touchpad needs taken out back and shot.
jordanb_rudybot: quote
rudybotLet's make password hashes without salting them.
legumbresaid the hypertense sysadmin
fsbotYour talents will be recognized and suitably rewarded.
jordanb_rudybot: quote
Han,all caps
fsbotxkeycaps -- [0] apt-get install xkeycaps
fsbot[1] Fire it up, assign the KeySym Meta_L and the modifier mod_1 to the desired key for meta, and assign the KeySym Alt_L and the modifier mod_4 to the desired key for Alt,
fsbot[2] at
jordanb_Why not make a probe with boots on its struts that has some kind of armature to plant a flag on Mars?
pjbjordanb_: the whole being programmed in emacs lisp!
jordanb_Seems like that would be a much more cost-effective form of "flags and bootprints" space exploration.
jordanb_And the probe could even do some real science on the side.
offby1thou hast unmanned me, sir
jordanb_Did it hurt?
jordanb_I just discovered Wadler's Law, a corollary of the bikeshed concept that says that the bulk of a discussion about a language will center on its syntax.
dimI want it blue.
shabble M-x customize-face :p
jordanb_I like it how that Bertrand Meyer guy defined a set of colors that Eiffel code "must" be presented in.
jordanb_And now he trolls Wikipedia changing Eiffel examples to match his 'standard'.
dimdidn't know about that :)
offby1sad, really
offby1Life has gotten better in at least one way: most of my clocks now deal automatically with Daylight Savings Time.
offby1(Now if only we could _abolish_ DST ...)
chrisboffby1: silver lining, that!
jordanb_We should abolish standard time.
jordanb_I like DST
jordanb_It stays light out later.
jordanb_Standard time seems like it's an endangered species anyway, they keep on making DST bigger and bigger.
bremner_Somebody call Cory Doctorow
e1fthe wikipedia needs a photograph of a jigger
jordanb_Go to a bar and order a drink. You'll see one.
Action: offby1 files that next to "bushel" and "peck"
jordanb_In Australia a jigger usually measures 30ml and 15ml respectively. In Scandinavia and most other parts of Europe that use the metric system, the measures are 20ml and 40ml.
jordanb_A typical British "jigger" measures 50ml on the larger side, and 25ml on the smaller side.
jordanb_^-- There's the ole Dunkurk Sprit chap!
jordanb_The Brits need stronger drinks so they can get drunk faster.
offby1do they have more to get drunk about?
dimyou mean "Drunk! ik..."
jordanb_offby1: The pubs in britian are only open til 7PM so they have to be very efficient if they are to get drunk enough to go hooliganing.
nedare pubs really only open till 7pm?
dim11pm is more like it I think
bremner_most people don't go to the bar here until then, and I live in a small conservative town in Canada
offby1jordanb_: that can't be right.
hacimpubs in britian do not close at 7pm
webbenWe have 24 hour licencing nowadays.
webbenBut /pubs/ will typically take last orders at 11pm.
jordanb_ <-- Hahah
thatdavidmillerhi, am trying to get newsticker working, seems like exactly what I want from the screenshots, but I can't seem to get the feeds to show up in the treeview
jordanb_Are you talking about emacs?
thatdavidmillerIt's downloading feeds, but just not displaying them in the treeview
jordanb_This is a channel for emacs -- the text editor.
thatdavidmillerYeah, I'm in emacs -
thatdavidmillernewsticker.el first appeared in GNU Emacs version 22."
jordanb_They should seriously quit adding stupid random shit to emacs.
jordanb_Just because some freshman college student made a half-working plugin that does something lame doesn't mean it needs to be folded into the distribution.
dimgnus rss support ain't good, that said
offby1thatdavidmiller: did you type "M-x newsticker-show-news"?  That worked for me
thatdavidmilleroffby1: I
offby1thatdavidmiller: J
thatdavidmilleroffby1: I get the three windows, but no feeds shown in the left-hand one. when I try newsticker-plainview The items I'd expect are there, so it's definately wgett'ing fine, just not displaying in the tree
offby1no idea :-|
offby1.oO("oh, _that_ David Miller")
offby1Grr, journalists are always talking about hardware "running on" software.
offby1that's EXACTLY WRONG
Xantozjournalists don't know shit
Xantoztoday they declared 4chan the official forum of the swedish Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)
shabblethey must know something, even if it's just enough to get it consistently wrong.
shabbleyou'd expect them to be accidentally right occasionally otherwise
Xantozin the context och some dude on 4chan threatening KTH
dimthey should know what it is people want to read
hyljeXantoz: haha oh wow
Xantozseems they've patched it now though, meh
rgrnewsticker is horrible.
rgrI ende dup using the excellent newbeuter in a screen session.
offby1I just use Google Reader for everything.
jordanb_The  full  documentation  for  yes is maintained as a Texinfo manual.  If the info and yes programs are properly installed at your site, the command
jordanb_info coreutils 'yes invocation'
jordanb_should give you access to the complete manual.
offby1that's just like "hello" too :)
rgrusing the emacs interface to g-reader?
aadishello all
offby1fish & chips .... ym
cluckthey make great food
jordanb_How To Serve Humans.
fledermausThere's a gremlin on the wing, I tell you!
offby1it's OK, the pilots aren't letting him steer
jordanb_If William Shatner was on a plane with me, it wouldn't be the gremlin who was scary.
fledermausThat would be awesome.
fledermausYou could get him to do his version of "I'm slim shady"
jordanb_By the way, I tried watching a few twilight zone episodes on
jordanb_But the experiecne was terrible.
jordanb_In addition to general flakiness and requireing you to watch commercials during the show (which would cause the player to flip from fullscreen-mode)
jordanb_They made you watch a commercial between every *action*.
jordanb_Flip to the next show, or try to browse the archives -- you gotta watch a 30 second commerical for every click.
jordanb_And also the commercials were way way way louder than the show.
jordanb_So now I"m going to get them from the pirate bay.
fledermausit's almost as if some sort of force impelled people towards the better user experience.
e1fgoogle will leave china (timeline is unknown)
e1fwell, the search engine, anyway. but what is google without search
fledermaustruly a question for the ages.
--- Mon Mar 15 2010
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