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AethelredIntelliJ IDEA had a pretty easy mechanism for importing or exporting color schemes.
AethelredFrom what I can tell, Eclipse prefs are a whole wad. You can't save out, or read in, a color scheme.
AethelredI found a plugin that claims to do it, but comments I read made it sound buggy.
nitindAethelred: for the most part, people aren't filing feature requests for being able to export/import parts of the preferences.
Aethelrednitind: I don't doubt it.
AethelredSeems a low-priority.
rcjsuenfor the java case it's certainly true (that it's a wad), ~6712
ArbalestBug 6712 - - JDT / Text / 2.0 - All / All - ASSIGNED / enhancement / - Assignee: jdt-text-inbox - [syntax highlighting] Syntax Coloring with different backgrounds & other font attributes
rcjsuenwrong one
ArbalestBug 103096 - - JDT / Text / 3.1 - All / All - ASSIGNED / enhancement / - Assignee: jdt-text-inbox - [preferences] Need option to save custom syntax color settings
rcjsuenRegrettably, I have not updated my patch.
AethelredBut bringing a color scheme into vi, vim, emacs, etc, is a done thing.
Aethelredthanks for the bug reports
rcjsuenStrangely enough this doesn't even require any changes to the Java code.
rcjsuenBut I guess everyone that cares about that bug is too busy with other stuff.
nitindStrange we can believe in.
rcjsuennitind: Believe in what exactly now? :o
nitindrcjsuen: Some kind of extension points to just declare?
rcjsuenAnd I don't really have a need for this, only did it because my friend was complaining to me.
AethelredI'm not sure I'd even call this a bug.
rcjsuenBut since he works for Microsoft now he doesn't need this feature anymore. ;)
rcjsuennitind: yeah just mod up plugin.xml
nitindrcjsuen: A good example would help the rest of us.
rcjsuenAethelred: call it whatever you want, Eclipse projects use bugzilla for almost everything
Aethelredya, I understand
rcjsuennitind: I have a patch on 103096, but Dani rejected it (rightly so)
rcjsuenbut the ideas are there
rcjsuenPersonally I'd like ~106228 implemented :(((
ArbalestBug 106228 - - JDT / Text / 3.1 - PC / Windows XP - ASSIGNED / enhancement / - Assignee: jdt-text-inbox - [navigation] CamelCase pattern maching in quick outline and quick hierarchy
AethelredWell, thanks guys
conanI'm getting package uses conflicts with hibernate. looking at it both fragments org.hibernate.annotations and org.hibernate.ejb export org.hibernate.ejb - is there a way to resolve this?
nitind(seriously I have no idea)
fwaokdaI'm trying to run my android app through the emulator... in the console it acts as if everything is running but i never see the emulator window
fwaokdaI can even take screenshots from the device tab
fwaokdathis was in the launch preferences "-no-window" but i removed it and still no luck
magn3tshello. I have a Java EE project that builds on its own in NetBeans, but in Eclipse it doesn't play so nice. It comes up with BUILD FAILED everytime with errors that indicate other packages in the project are missing... obviously they shouldn't be missing as they are in the project as well :/
fwaokdasry i d/c anyone know why the android emulator wouldn't be showing?
fwaokdaif i open the avd and select start it'll work
magn3tsfwaokda, I don't understand. That is the expected result...
fwaokdamagn3ts: well when I click RUN at the top I was hoping it would open up the emulator with my program
fwaokdain my devices list i have 2 emulators currently running but i dont know how to quit them, so now im not even able to get the emulator to start by opening the avd and selecting start - because it says its already running
haxplorerI'm using the Target management plugin. says that there is scp integration through this plugin. But, it asks me for NFS or SMB mounted drives
haxploreris there a way to edit files thru scp with eclipse?
topriddyhi am using eclipse...forced to do so at been trying to locate an option that ensures my line numbers are always displayed.
haxplorertopriddy: rightclick on the right margin and say show line numbers
topriddyhaha...that some few simple IDE usage questions...2 actually...
topriddyIn netbeans when I decide to create a web app, most default files are generates(WEB-INF and web.xml), and when I add a Servlet Class (auto), I dont have to place the xml for the Servlet mapping its generated...can I do same in eclipse.?
topriddy2) Whats the equivalent of Matisse builder on eclipse...a GUI builder is sometimes handy...and lastly is there a repository for eclipse plug-ins(such as report builders...etc)?
haxplorertopriddy: I havent used it. But did u try WTP?
haxplorerfor the second question, i'm not at all related. i dont do any GUI development. Someone else shd be able to help u
topriddyokay...what then do you do on
haxplorertopriddy: I create web services, but write my web.xml and maven config files by hand. netbeans you dont have to do it by hand...though i know a bit about how to code by hand...i still havent seen reason to use maven...ant seems fine enough...maven build and library duplication drives me nuts
Mr_Grimhow do i tell specific java files to compile with JDK compliance level 1.4 but keep the rest of the app JDK1.5 compliant?
keya˙Mr_Grim: Don't think so file specific settings are available in Eclipse.
Mr_Grimare you sure?
sylvainbouxinshould use ant for that
sylvainbouxinEclipse provides jdk compliance at workspace or project level, not individual source files
Mr_Grimso i need to build these files into a jar
Mr_Grimstart a new project
Mr_Grimthen i can import that jar and use it in my jdk 1.5 project correct
sylvainbouxinyou can do that, indeed
Mr_Grimsylvainbouxin im still a bit new to the java world
Mr_Grimhow do i tell eclipse to build my project into a jar?
keya˙Mr_Grim: You can 'Export' your project as a JAR file.  File -> Export -> Java
menguhi. why in the earth eclipse galileo is breaking my top and bottom panels in ubuntu karmic?
Mr_Grimi got it thanks
Mr_Grimgood night evryone
hporsehey guys. i want to activate my assert statements when compiling with eclipse. how can i tell the compiler to use the -ea flag?
sawsereqwahi, I run eclipse under windows for java.   When you select a curly bracket, it shows you the close bracket but it's not very clear.   Can the color or highlighting be changed ?   thanks
ilyaksawsereqwa: Yes you can, probably in editor preferences
sawsereqwailyak, yeah it's a bit of a mine field in there :)    I tried searching for 'bracket' but nothing shows
keya˙sawsereqwa: Look up at Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Editor -> Syntax Coloring.
sawsereqwaok. thanks ilyak and keya
EricInBNEhaving a weird problem. Have placed some jars in war/WEB-INF/lib and eclipse is not picking them up - even after I press refresh
EricInBNEwhere is rcjsuen when you need him the most.
macsimhi, after an update PDT won't open my php files here is the details error : I don't know java so I don't know what this logs means
sawsereqwaa question on folding, I have folding enabled but eclipse only let's me fold a method....I'm trying to read through a very long function so I also want to fold if statements and such..... the options don't have this ability.   any ideas ?
macsimbtw, I use Eclipse SDK 3.5.1
sawsereqwaI believe Kate under Linux can do that, fold anything between braces
sawsereqwa*curly brackets
Rajkohello, eclipse 3.5 on linux here
Rajkoi cant seem to click the buttons
Rajkolike next, find, etc
Rajkobut pressing enter works fine
keya˙Rajko: Which distribution of Linux you are running?
Rajkoubuntu 9.10
Rajkodoes it on both 32bit and 64bit
nitindEricInBNE: Why do you expect it to pick them up?
nitindEricInBNE: pick them up as it have on the Build Path, or just seen as resources?
nitindsawsereqwa: In which language?  In Eclipse, the editor decides what's foldable.
Rajkoyes that fixed it
Rajkoare there any other improvements i can do to eclipse
Rajkolike, so that it doesnt take forever to do anything
nitindRajko: Use a more recent JRE, give it more memory to work with, etc.
Rajkoits not the performance, its the general weirdness ofi t
sawsereqwanitind, in Java it's only letting me fold methods and classes :(    The code i'm reading has huge functions, I really need to fold individual if-statements on demand to be able to read through it... I don't want to print it on paper
nitindmacsim: Follow along with ~302801 .  This has been happening for a while.
macsimnitind, what? 302801 ?!
macsimsorry guys I don't know what 302801 means
sawsereqwaneither do I... :D
macsimI found this about my problem
macsimbut I didn't understand the answer
macsimsawsereqwa,  <== here is it it's a bug commit ;)
nitindmacsim: Let me try that again.  ~302801 .
ArbalestBug 302801 - - PDT / Editor / 2.2 - Macintosh / Mac OS X - Cocoa - RESOLVED / INVALID / critical / - Assignee: php.ui-inbox - Editor could not be initialized.
nitindRajko: You'll have to be more specific to get more specific tips.
macsimnitind, thanks for you're answer but the fact is I'm not a java / eclipse hero so I don't know you're shortcut for bugs etc... was easy to understood but thanks anyway
sawsereqwaI just don't understand how a 100 MB IDE won't let me do proper code folding... it must be there somehow
ArbalestBug 1 - - Platform / Team / 2.0 - All / All - CLOSED / FIXED / normal / - Assignee: James_Moody - Usability issue with external editors (1GE6IRL)
nitindmacsim: The bot's here to expand that and other key commands.  Except when freenode gets uppity and the bot doesn't realize he's been disconnected.
EricInBNEnitind, I cant see them at all from the eclipse GUI. Like as if they werent in the directory - but they are.
macsimnitind, I'm not an irc hero too ;) and english is not my mother tongue so excuse my ignorance about you "irc shortcut" and kind of slang word ;) so know I get it ~NUMBER = bug number ;)
nitindEricInBNE: The most likely cause I can think of is that they *were* added to the Java Build Path.  Entries on the build path don't get show as resources on their own.  Try expanding the Libraries (or similar) node and seeing if they're listed there.
sawsereqwawhy is everything called something-zilla ?     Bugzilla, filezilla, mozilla etc..  who on earth is zilla
nitindmacsim: Correct.  There are more commands, but rcjsuen knows them better than I,
nitindsawsereqwa: I don't know about filezilla, but Mozilla and Bugzilla both come from the same organization.  But you could have looked that up yourself.
sawsereqwaye sorry
nitindsawsereqwa: not a problem.
macsimlast question please, to fix my problem I have to install nightly build of PDT and DLTK, but I'm unable to found the update site for its
nitindmacsim: For which one?
macsimnitind, both of them to fix the bug I have to install PDT and DLTK nightly build
feanorulHi, is there a way to specify a fixed width for an action in a toolbar
macsimnitind, is it the nightly ?
macsimnitind, (sorry) should I uninstall PDT and DLTK 1st and install nightly ? or can I do a direct upgrade ?
nitindmacsim: Don't know, never tried it myself.
macsimnitind, it's not the nighly build link you gave me, it's the one I allready have install
Rajkoi use eclipse c++, any way to resolve function name of address ?
sawsereqwafor anyone interested, I found a folding plugin:
sawsereqwait let's you define your own folding regions, so I believe one can enable folding on { }
sawsereqwayes, above confirmed.
iguannaany idea why do I get this error?
EricInBNEnitind, I deleted the project anyway. The web contractor who sent it to me told me he was under an NDA and wasnt supposed to share it. When will these guys learn I'm not going to hire some dude who violates his NDA to win my job...sigh
roots_what are good sites that have eclipse annoucements ?
roots_eg plugins, controls, news etc ?
zizouhello, could some one tell me if i can use zest in the presentation layer with GMF
HARIBABUroots_: i too looking for this answer
keya˙roots_ :
havocologehow is it possible to change the default editor for a specific file type ?
havocologethe content type is locked and the editor is changed to default, but only the original editor is default altough the preferences menu tells something different..
roots_keya: thanks!
roots_i need to get some feedback on the webstart first though ...
roots_actually to get all platforms supported i'd need to upload like 60 megs of native libs :>
keya˙havocologe: Preferences is the only place. General -> Editors -> File Associations, Content Types.
havocologehm ok. the filtypes state that they are (locked) probably because i use pdt. : (
havocologebut ok, so i always have to use right click to open. in the context menu i can choose the editor i want to use
roots_anyone up for a quick check ?
keya˙havocologe: Yeah, default settings are locked.  You can create new, if there is any particular pattern.
havocologekeya: wanted to switch the default php-editor to vinm provided by vimplugin, but it does not seem to work :(
keya˙havocologe: You can change it in the File Associations preference page by adding your new editor in the option and making it default.  That should work.
havocologealready tried that :( not working altough it is displayed as default ediotr for the filetype.
keya˙havocologe: Hmm interesting.
rcjsuenEricInBNE: I don't do anything dealing with Java on the web so quite frankly cannot help you with your jar/war WEB-INF/lib problem
rcjsuenIt would be preferable if people didn't assume I knew the answer. :)
rcjsuenhavocologe: Did you try opening other PHP files or are you opening the same one? Eclipse remembers the last editor used so even if you switch the editor it may possibly still continue to use the PHP editor.
roots_yuck windows7 @@ää!!676
roots_i expect problems :)
roots_apparently there is none, swt is rock solid these days
roots_who is the new lead of swt ? former one did an excellent job
rcjsuenroots_: Silenio is the lead now after Steve left last year.
roots_ok, quite a burden, but swt needs to keep the fast pace it had in the past
rcjsuen"fast pace" as in?
roots_the way it keeps up with the rest of the world
roots_you don't think it did well as a library ?
rcjsuenJust wasn't totally clear to me what "fast pace" meant.
roots_ok my swt hack works fine on windows7, quite astonishing, i had major problems with swing the last time around
roots_ if anyone is bored :)
havocologercjsuen: tried it with different files but seems to be a problem of pdt rather than of eclipse.
GrooveDroidWhat would cause a Run configuration not to become available in Run as, even though it's made specifically for my current project in the configurator?
Aleph_OneIs there a way to have readonly .project/.classpath files and have any changes made to another local settings file? For example if you want to change the build path temporarily.
rcjsuenDoubt it.
coolitdoes anyone know how to remove the unresolved inclusion warning on cdt?
flyinprogrameri've installed cygwin and eclipse, i did a full install of cygwin, and installed cxxtest in eclipse, i then updated cygwin with a full install - and now it doesn't see the libbfd library - even though it's in C:\cygwin\lib\libbdf.a and both gnu debugger and binutines are installed in cygwin [which require libbfd] -- any ideas?
roots_what do you mean with "it doesnt see xyz ?"
flyinprogrameri mean i open eclipse, CxxTest checks for it's dependencies - and then says "libbfd" cannot be found
wunteeDoes anyone know how to import, or use core java types (like boolean/void/int/etc) in UML2? Do you have to import them somehow?
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