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warriiooris this the right channel to ask a question about CDT?
nitindSure, but CDT expertise in here is pretty scarce.
warriioori'm having a problem with preprocessor symbols in C++, CDT does not generate the makefiles using the symbols I've defined
ecfuser8308ello there
TniffocHow can I move my workspace? it is currently at $HOME/workspace but I want it at $HOME/workspace/Java
TniffocI don't want to lose any of my work...
charleyTniffoc: you can copy your workspace to the new location and then switch workspaces in Eclipse to the new location
charleyI've never moved workspaces from within Eclipse, though you may be able to do something like that with Export, I am not sure
charleyTniffoc: or you can switch worksapce to $HOME/workspace/java and then import all the projects from $HOME/workspace :)
glaksmonoanyone is here?
charleyIn this case edits you make will happen to the projects in $HOME/workspace
glaksmonoI got the following Exception: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError, it doesn't seem that Eclipse linked the JNI libraries.. :-S any ideas?
TniffocI tried copying the files
Tniffocand it didn't work....
Tniffoccharley, ^
charleyTniffoc: ok... if you want to copy all the files to a new workspace, then you have to switch to $HOME/workspace/Java in Eclipse and then File --> Import --> Existing Projects (select $HOME/workspace/Java folder) to import all the projects into Eclipse
nitindglaksmono: Are they in the native library search path?
glaksmononitind: what do you mean by search path?
glaksmonoi did this:
glaksmonoi also tried this:
glaksmononeither one works :(
nitindIs this for a plug-in?  A standalone app?  Where are the libraries themselves?  Are you loading them with the right calls?
Crinionanyone in here running eclipse in windows 7 64bit?
glaksmononitind: standalone app..
glaksmononitind: when when i run my  program with the library, the exception is being thrown.. so i include the JNI libs using those techniques, but wasn't successful :(
nitindglaksmono: What did you do to try and make it work?  Details.
Crinionevery time i open a file eclipse hangs and never recovers
Crinionwhere does eclipse log to? how can i find out what's making it hang?
ArbalestLooking for your Eclipse logs? The workspace log should be located at the <workspace>/.metadata/.log file. In Eclipse, try Help > About > Configuration Details > View Error Log. If you want to paste it somewhere, see ~pastebin - -
ArbalestIn a deadlock?
Crinionooh, thanks
ArbalestPlease paste the relevant information onto a pastebin. The submission will generate a URL which you can then copy/paste back into the channel - - - -
Crinionwould anyone mind taking a look at my pastebin :)
glaksmonoanyone here?
glaksmonofirefox update.. :(
glaksmononitind: are you there?
Crinioni wonder if I didn't remove the old eclipse when i installed the 64 bit version
Crinionhaha, i think i've just installed eclips with no plugins
Criniondo i need a plugin to install plugins
michaellindahlI need some help... Anyone want to help me?    When I try to export as a JAR, it says "could not find main method from given launch configuration"....  Anyone know why?
nitindglaksmono: yes?
michaellindahlDoes anyone know why I might be getting this message "could not find main method from given launch configuration"
rcjsuenglaksmono: You're launching a Java application from within Eclipse and it won't run?
rcjsuenglaksmono: Did you try from the command line?
Crinionokay, i've got the log, any way i can make it more verbose rather than just a one liner
rcjsuenCrinion: If it hangs you should get a thread dump instead
Crinionis it the win32 element of the command line parameters
ArbalestIn a deadlock?
Crinioncheck my error log in my earlier postbin
ircbog\quit bye
rcjsuenThat's not a thread dump.
rcjsuenThat's just a log file of your Eclipse session.
rcjsuenmichaellindahl: That'd depend on what you're doing I guess.
rcjsuenThat message should not just randomly appear.
michaellindahlrcjsuen: I can run my program fine with the the little back runner dude, but that appears when I try to export it as a JAR file
rcjsuenlittle running dude, that almost sounds like Eclipse 2.x
rcjsuenI guess you are trying to export a runnable jar.
ArbalestTo learn about how to use the dropins/ folder provided by p2, see here -
michaellindahlIm on 3.4.2... The running dude is in the menu bar to run programs, after I export it and try to run it it says this in the console:  7/9/10 2:55:19 PM[0x0-0x45045][1225]Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute from
michaellindahlI am using the modified version of Eclipse at Stanford and started with their starter file.....
Crinionshould eclipse clear my dropins folder after it's worked on the particular item
rcjsuenoh Stanford u
michaellindahlyea... so i should just export if it works fine inside eclipse
rcjsuenwhat does it say in your jar's MANIFEST.MF file?
CrinionI'm not having a great user experience with eclipse
rcjsuenCrinion: I don't know what you mean by "worked on the particular item".
Crinioni just read something that said, "You may encounter this error message: Problem occurred: 'Selection Job titile' has encountered a problem. If so, you need to install DLTK 1.0.I200807181303 (or newer). Unpack the zip into your dropins folder (see From Zips above). See also bug 242947. "
Crinionso i go the DLTK and unpacked it to my dropins folder
rcjsuenYes I've heard of that problem, tho I wasn't aware that it made your computer hang
Crinion but after I started eclipse i would have expected it to have picked up the files, done something like installed DLTK, then deleted the files in the dropins folder
michaellindahlwheres the MANIFEST.ME file?
rcjsuentho i'd expect the bug to be fixed if you were just using Helios
rcjsuenmichaellindahl: inside the jar, presumably
michaellindahli cant get inside the jar
rcjsuenjust unzip it :o
michaellindahlManifest-Version: 1.0
rottenrecordsWhen you use the "Copy to" command in the Team menu, does that copy the file both locally and in the repository?
michaellindahlrottenrecords: huh? team menu?
rottenrecordsyea, the "Team" menu in the Context menu when you select a source file
rottenrecordsor is that only in Aptana?
michaellindahloh yea, that is there, under it is Team Project Set, I have been trying to export it as a Runnable JAR file under the Java Menu
rottenrecordsI don't have that. I'm only using Eclipse for PHP/JavaScript development
michaellindahlrottenrecords: is there way for me to set the main method for the launch configuration?
rottenrecordsi have no idea
rottenrecordsdoes this have anything to do with what you're asking:
rottenrecordssection 5.2
CrinionI posted my stack trace for my blocked thread
rottenrecordser 5.1 rather
bendjConfused about caching ... I've connected to my remote site via Eclipse RSE.  Opened a file, edited it locally, and "Saved".  The changes appear to have been saved, but at the remote site ... no changes.  Clearly something's "out of sync".  How/where do I reestablish syncing?
Crinion_how can someone else be using my nick
Crinion_that's daft
glaksmonoanyone here?
Vorondilglaksmono: Nobody can help you until you ask your question.  ;)
glaksmonoI'm trying to add JNI library on my Eclipse project, I got the following exception: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError
glaksmonoI did this:
FauxFaux yay more rewriter bugs.
elyezercan I create an executable jar with a properties file outside it?
glaksmonoand no one is answering
FauxFauxNobody is answering because you obviously didn't do what you said you did.
MarcWeberCrinion: /msg nickserv help You can register it then you can use the ghost command to kick the other users..
karloboyhi, i'm using aptana sync (coldfusion builder)... and I noticed that when I download... it is doing "LIST -a" then it does the command "PORT 192,168,1,5,19,118" ... definitely it will not send the file to my machine because that is my internal IP address.. how would I configure it to connect to my external IP?
karloboyi solved it by checking passive mode
jeremynhi, does someone have the address for the eclipse plugin download site for qt? i mean the one that goes into "Install New Software..." in eclipse, not the one where you manually download a .tar.gz or .exe
WXZhow do you turn on folding for jsps
WXZI'm using europa
paco867So I got a lame one.. How do I run eclipse with suffcient privilages so I can open a project with existing source?
paco867Anyone home?
jamil_1hello, eclipse is not authenticating me through proxy. I am on ubuntu 10.04. I have tried setting the manual proxy settings but when I reopen preference window my credentials are gone and authentication is set to fasle. I am using the latest version (helios) from the eclipse website.
michaellindahlI need help exporting a "public class Breakout extends GraphicsProgram" java file.   I had an error, however once I added this line it went away: "public static void main(String[] args) {} "  Now when the JAR or the Mac app launches it either hangs, or quits... Thanks!
michaellindahlDoes anyone know how you are supposed to use the main method?  I have everything in the run method right now...
fpro1public constructor_name(Context context ,int count){super(context,count)}what does super mean there?
alfatauhello, i developed a java application made of some osgi bundles using eclipse. while launching a starter from an eclipse project which launches "osgi-xxx.jar -console" and reads my config.ini for starting needed bundles perfectly works, creating a start.bat which calls java -jar osgi-xxx.jar -console gives me some exceptions which seem related to missing libraries. can you help me to solve this pro
alfataublem? thanks for your attention
alfatauone of the exceptions i'm getting is hello, i developed a java application made of some osgi bundles using eclipse. while launching a starter from an eclipse project which launches "osgi-xxx.jar -console" and reads my config.ini for starting needed bundles perfectly works, creating a start.bat which calls java -jar osgi-xxx.jar -console gives me some exceptions which seem related to missing libraries. can you help me to solve this pro
alfataublem? thanks for your attention
alfataui'm sorry for duplicate message.... one of the exceptions i get is "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/net/ServerSocketFactory" which doesn't seem a classpath problem but a missing libraries one... am i wrong?
iKbhi all
timoteihi iKb
iKbis there a way to update my eclipse to 3.6 using ubuntu repositories?
timoteiis 3.6 in repositories?
timoteiif yes, that should be able to
iKbno it is not in the main repository
timoteiwell, try updating from within eclipse
iKbit say no update
iKbi don't think it can update from 3.5 to 3.6
iKbok tnx i will try to use the zip file
timoteialso, if you have any plugins, do you?
timoteiyou can copy-paste the plugins directory to new eclipse
rcjsuenfpro1: If you don't understand super, you should do some more reading on the programming language you're using. Read up about classes and superclasses.
penthiefsubclipse Cannot map the project with svn provider on Helios (x86_64) after installing from the marketplace on a fresh install on Fedora 13.
FauxFauxpenthief: Just install svnkit from the subclipse update site and select taht in the preferences.
penthiefHmmm, tried that now. Says JavaHL (JNI) Not available
penthiefIs it looking for
penthiefFixed it by remove subclipse's javaHL
w0lfshad3have a problem with eclipse maven plugin, it exports some libs but others not
w0lfshad3anyone knows why my c3p0 maven dependecies don't get published to the server?
w0lfshad3galileo keeps sending to the server the jars maven was sending, although i removed maven, and added jars of my own, any ideea why?
w0lfshad3WTH is wrong with galileo, it won't publish the external jars i give it, marked for export even
w0lfshad3any maven that works for ganymede?
EdWyse_HomeWhen creating a new C project with the SDCC toolchain, it fails with a java.lang.NullPointerException. Is the complete backtrace logged somewhere so I can try to figure out why it's broken?
w0lfshad3galileo is the trashiest IDE i ever tried, you can't get a project working properly FFS
w0lfshad3is helios any better?
dob1hi, what are the hotkeys to switch from the maximize/restore for the edit window ?
rcjsuendob1: Ctrl+M?
NoobFukaireis there a way to query the last time a set of configuration elements has changed in the extension registry?
NoobFukairethe change listener seems kind of hamfisted
NoobFukaireoh well I guess it'll work
OperaFanAnyone else use the Android Eclipse plugin and have MASSIVE stability problems with the latest Eclipse?  I'm getting total lockups, partial lockups (CPU getting pegged for several minutes) crashes and allsorts.
rcjsuenOperaFan: what jvm are you using
OperaFanlatest Sun
OperaFan.21 is it
OperaFanin the log I see: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space
w0lfshad3you need to edit eclipse ini and modify some settings
rcjsuenOperaFan: use 6u20
OperaFanwill using old versions leave me open to other issues that .21 may fix?  Clearly encouraging people to turn off updaters and use old versions is not a great way forward.
rcjsuenOperaFan: As you may imagine, I cannot guarantee that.
OperaFanis there a bug report regarding problems with the latest Sun JRE?>
rcjsuenOperaFan: Not sure. I am merely stating what was said by other people in the channel. Whether you try or heed our suggestions is up to you. I believe u19 is okay, I dunno about u20. I mistyped earlier.
OperaFanI'm guessing
GaMeBoYcan someone help me with importing and using the SWT project in a program? i am basically trying to do the HellowWorldSWT example, but am getting an exception
GaMeBoYshould i paste t exception here or use a pastebin-type thing?
ArbalestPlease paste the relevant information onto a pastebin. The submission will generate a URL which you can then copy/paste back into the channel - - - -
GaMeBoYk, thanks, one sec...
GaMeBoYwhen i tried importing the swt project exactly as the tutorial said, it didnt work, so i just manually copied the src folder of the SWT that i downloaded from the eclipse site to the src folder of a new java project that i made in eclipse and that seemed to do what it was supposed to
VorondilHi #eclipse, I'm looking for a little wisdom.  I have an svn repository, a desktop, and a laptop.  I'd like to work in eclipse on both machines, but I don't want to commit stuff to the repository for the sole purpose of being able to check it out on the other machine (stuff might not compile, or be unfinished or whatever).  So in your experience, what's the best way to go about that?
GaMeBoYand i added that project to the java build path of my helloWorldSWT project, but it doesnt seem to be properly finding it on the path
rcjsuenyou need more than just the java source, you need the jni too
timoteiVorondil: share the files on the desktop, and open them in the laptop
rcjsuenDoesn't this work
timoteiVorondil: so, editing the same file from both devices
GaMeBoYrcjsuen, ok, how do i get the jni?
w0lfshad3Vorondil, try a sync software
w0lfshad3on the workspace
w0lfshad3having a repository is better IMO, you have history
Vorondilw0lfshad3: For sure.  I'm not the only user of the repo, though.  So I don't like to commit broken stuff just to get it from one machine to the other.
w0lfshad3maybe you want both :P
timoteiVorondil: you are working from both machines?
Vorondiltimotei: Both are linux boxes, so sshfs might work here?
w0lfshad3then try sync back pro, i use it, very good sync software
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