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hecton which website should I paste the code then?
ArbalestPlease paste the relevant information onto a pastebin. The submission will then generate a URL, please copy/paste the generated URL back to the channel - - - -
hectI get the ITA on "shell = new Shell(display);"
hectif I run knopflerfish for the first time, it runs the app ok. if I stop the bundle and relaunch the app, it throws a ITA
rcjsuenhect: well, in your 735300, you create a shell in a new thread, which is not the thread the Display was created in, hence the ITA
rcjsuenoh wait nm
paulweb515_hect: you created the display ... you are responsible for 1) creating it, 2) the thread that it runs in, and 3) disposing the display if necessary
rcjsuenalso please consider the fact that only win32 supports multiple Display instances
AhtiKI guess there's no way to regenerate file easily, right?
paulweb515_AhtiK: not to regenerate, but you can use the p2 director application to update it
AhtiKit's strange that for Mac my update site fails to update plugins (update gets downloaded to plugins folder but is not updated) but everything works for Windows. Feels pretty helpless :)
hectplease somebody provide a good example of a graphic app using SWT and osgi, this is quite confusing
AhtiKpaulweb515_: I'm looking at but don't see any option for updating the whole Only instructions for updating or installing a single bundle.
elverHas anyone else had breakpoints not work in PyDev/Eclipse?
paulweb515_AhtiK: updating is a side-effect of installing bundles using the director
paulweb515_AhtiK: your bundles can only go in 2 ways now ... either being installed by p2 (director or UI) or in the ~dropins folder
ArbalestTo learn about how to use the dropins/ folder provided by p2, see here -
hectrcjsuen: what do you mean: "which is not the thread the Display was created in?"
hectDisplay is created inside the thread
paulweb515_hect: yes, but he figured it out :-)
AhtiKpaulweb515_: yep, aware of these 2 ways. i'm trying to figure out why on mac this (and thereby the whole metainfo) doesn't get updated for my plugin update (using update site). but for windows it works perfectly ( gets updated). base installation for both OS's identical.
rcjsuenhect: Yes, I missd that, that was my mistake.
AhtiKpaulweb515_: just for a background: initially plugins got installed using dropins directory and later update site downloaded updates to plugins dir. and for Win it's fine but for Mac it still picks the old plugin version (and is old).
paulweb515_hect: so it blows up the second time, right?
hectso I have to create a Display in the bundle's thread, but avoid to lock that thread. Man this is crazy confusing :D
paulweb515_hect: I would try disposing the display outside of the loop
hectpaulweb515_: yeah
paulweb515_hect: that's OSGi for you
hectpaulweb515_: what do you mean?
paulweb515_hect: Swing, SWT (many windowing systems like GTK) make it really simple for most apps ... one thread to rule them all :-)
paulweb515_hect: "what do you mean" in response to what?
hecthat's OSGi for you
paulweb515_hect: it's a  component based, multi-thread framework that makes no guarantees about threading
paulweb515_hect: try disposing the display one the way out of your thread ...
hectpaulweb515_: sweet darling! it works!
anli_Anyone else here that have experienced that buttons are unclickable in eclipse for linux? (only some buttons)
elverIf I have lots of many2many / one2many / many2one relationships between objects, is there some order in which I should init them? Because I'm getting some mysterious 'ProgrammingError: relation "mysimple_order" does not exist' message and a crash during DB init...
rcjsuenanli_: Didn't you ask about this a while ago? Or maybe that was someone else.
rcjsuenanli_: In any case, did you try using the keyboard?
anli_it works
anli_I did
rcjsuenanli_: Did you look at the FAQ in the channel topic?
anli_I did not find anything useful there
anli_do you know there is information about it there?
rcjsuenanli_: Did you look at #3.8?
rcjsuenanli_: Oh I'm very familiar with that page. ;)
anli_must check, maybe I failed to lookup the info
anli_you talk about planeteclipse, dont you?
anli_It is very odd to tell people that there is a FAQ on a webpage, and the word FAQ does not occur on that page
rcjsuenNot sure I follow. I'm on Planet Eclipse, I don't really talk about Planet Eclipse itself in particular very often.
rcjsuenYou mean the channel's topic?
rcjsuenBrowse the FAQ at and blog about all things Eclipse at
rcjsuenPerhaps that statement is unclear?
anli_aha, sorry, the channel topic was so long so I did not notice there were more links than two on it
anli_Hm, seems that the workaround was ok
anli_Thanks a lot!
hectI currently develop my OSGI app under eclipse (many bundles) export them and installem on knopflerfish by hand. Is there a way to accelerate this process?
anli_hm, trying to create an appilcation launcher in gnome that set the envion, is that possible?
anli_Maybe a script is the only way...
rcjsuenI think you would have to make a bash script and then have the launcher launch the script. :o
rcjsuenyou could also download a maintenance build and use that
anli_Odd that there is no place to specify env variables in an application launcher
armenceHow do I trigger auto-complete on textbox while writing a variable?
hectrequire or import, what should I use?
anli_strange, I can only run my script using the console, not by having a custom application launcher in gnome :)
ralf_ercjsuen, the fix for the gtk 2.18 problem seems to be in 3.5.2 Stream Build already, at least I'm using M20091202-0800 and did not observe the problem anymore
ralf_emaybe this could be recommended as workaround instead of GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS?
rcjsuenralf_e: yeah, that's why i suggested to anli_ to try the maintenace build
rcjsuenwell it fixes the button problem
rcjsuenbut not the update problem
rcjsuenbut good point the wiki should be corrected
ralf_eah, ok
rcjsuenthe update problem is only fixed for 3.6 at the moment
armencesorry, let me rephrase that, I am typing a variable name and it is long and I want eclipse to make me suggestion for completion, how do it?
rcjsuenpending feedback from the community it may be backported
rcjsuenarmence: Ctrl+Space? Alt+/?
NoobFukaureby any chance, do any of you know of a library for building java components with a composition approach vs typically OO stuff?
ralf_ercjsuen, I suspect there might be other problems related to the gtk change - it would be good if as many people as possible test the M build so these could be ironed out before the sacred 3.5.2 releases
rcjsuenyeah there are other ones
ralf_ercjsuen, what was the bug for the update problem again?
ralf_ercjsuen, I was only aware of the button issue
ArbalestBug 290395 - - Platform / SWT / 3.5 - PC / Linux-GTK - RESOLVED / FIXED / normal / - Assignee: gheorghe - [Widgets] [GTK2.18] Update problem in the Eclipse's "Install new software" dialog.
anli_Cant shell files be specified in custom application launchers? :)
philk__paulweb515: I would like to plugin some confirmation dialogs for certain commands... but I can only listen to command execution not prevent it
philk__paulweb515: Its not possible to have my drop-down toolbar button menu items also show up in another menu?
hectI would like to create a bundle that offers resources to other bundles, in this case, the swt libraries
hectso I created a bundle and add the swt .jar files to the source folder, and then added them  to the classpath, using eclipse's plugin manager "classpath".
hectNow, I would like to export this functionality, so others will be able to use this libraries, how can I do that?
rcjsuenAdding the jars to the _source_ folder? :o
rcjsuenWell I suppose technically where the jars live don't really matter.
rcjsuenIf I'm interpreting you correctly, you'd have to reexport those [SWT] classes in your manifest file.
hectin Eclipse, inside the export packages section, if you select 'Add...' there's an option: 'Show non-Java packages', what's that for? can I export anything in a bundle? maybe a .jar file?
hectrcjsuen: how can I reexport those [swt] classes if they are in a .jar?
rcjsueni believe you add it to your bundle's classpath then you use export package and set the reexport directive (or maybe attribute), something like that
hectrcjsuen: reexport directive? what's that?
rcjsuendirectives are like singleton:=true
rcjsueni'm not sure if the reexport flag is a directive or an attribute tho
rcjsuenanyway the pde editor for the manifest file will generate it for you so i wouldn't worry about typing it by hand
hectwhere can I find that?
rcjsueni think on the 'Runtime' tab
hecton the runtime tab, I select 'add' from exported packages
hectbut it doesn't show
hectit only shows after I select: 'show non-java packages'
rcjsuenthen maybe the swt classes are not on your bundle's cp
hectwhich siounds weird
hectthey are!
progre55hi people! I'm running eclipse 3.5.5 on an ubuntu (9.10) machine. However, for instance when I type a class name and after a dot (.) press ctrl+space, it's not showing up it's methods. Any workarounds?
progre55oh sorry, I mean, eclipse "Version: 3.5.1"
rcjsuenDid you try in a new project?
progre55rcjsuen, no, should I try to create a new project?
rcjsuenDoesn't hurt.
progre55rcjsuen, yeah, no use
progre55no default proposals
philk__is it possible to have a toolbar button created that does not do anything but only acts as a drop-downlist?
philk__i mean using the menuContributions
progre55rcjsuen, appreciate :)
hectagain, I run an app in Eclipse and it runs fine, I run it under knopflerfish and it throws a no class found exception: 'java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/eclipse/swt/widgets/Composite'
philk__paulweb515: Its not possible to have my drop-down toolbar button menu items also show up in another menu?
linnuxxyI have TableView with check box... how can I set the items to be checked or unchecked from the ContentProvider?
linnuxxyor the LabelProvider
rcjsuenthere's a check state provider
rcjsuenwel lthat's the class to use
rcjsuenI assumed you were alrdy using that.
asimismoI'm hitting bug What's the best way to update the SWT-GTK plugin to get the fix?
linnuxxythank you rcjsuen ... I found it :)
rcjsuenasimismo: I would just download the maintenance build and go from there I guess, would be the fastest and failsafe approach
asimismorcjsuen: The build of just that plugin? How does one track that down?
rcjsuenI mean an entire build.
asimismoYeah, was afraid you'd say that!
rcjsuenOr you can use the workaround and live with that for the time being.
asimismoHas anybody tried the Ubuntu 9.10 package for 3.5? (Can't use it, it has this bug, I expect.)
rcjsuenI believe Fedora applied that patch locally. Ubuntu may have too.
asimismoDidn't seem to work for me. Unless I'm doing it wrong.
rcjsuenYou could ask for clarifications in #eclipse-linux.
rcjsuenwhat, the workaround didn't work you mean?
asimismoAh, nice. Didn't know about that channel.
asimismoI exported GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS
asimismoOh, I see what you mean--3.5.1 might be backported.
rcjsuenwhat did you type in the command line
rcjsuento be clear, the fix is not in 3.5.1
asimismoexport GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS=true
asimismoThe guy offering to backport wasn't backporting in source?
rcjsuenNot sure I follow.
rcjsuenThe fix went in 3.6
rcjsuenAndrew backported it for 3.5 for Fedora packages.
rcjsuenSWT then recently put the fix in the 3.5 maintenance stream.
asimismoWell, it says it was backported to 3.5.x. Is that 3.5.1 or 3.5.2, or both?
rcjsuenyou mean this "Backported fix to 3.5.x stream - will be available in next week's M build.
rcjsuenit will be in 3.5.2 when it's out
rcjsuenas i noted above, it is not in 3.5.1
rcjsuenbut Andrew patched it for the Fedora packages
asimismoOk, just clarifying. I'll try the Ubuntu package and see if it's fixed.
asimismoIf not I'll just download a new build.
rcjsuenasimismo: So you exported the env var from a terminal, then how did you start Eclipse?
FurnaceBoyrcjsuen: disabling code folding made little or no difference
rcjsuenGuess that wasn't it then.
rcjsuenAre you using the Zend Debugger?
FurnaceBoyno debugger
rcjsuenokay i only recall those two problems off hand
ArbalestBug 294666 - - PDT / Editor / 2.1.2 - Macintosh / Mac OS X - NEW / critical / - Assignee: php.ui-inbox - The slow-typing monster is back!
rcjsueno now i remember
rcjsuenFurnaceBoy: Did you try turning off mark occurrences?
FurnaceBoynot yet. lemme see..
FurnaceBoyno effect on keystroke latency
FurnaceBoybtw speed of generic text editor is ok
FurnaceBoythis is a decent system, 3.2GHz P4 HT with plenty of ram
rcjsuenguess not that either
rcjsueni'm out of ideas then
rcjsuenas there was also ~271233
ArbalestBug 271233 - - PDT / Editor / 2.1 - PC / Linux-GTK - RESOLVED / FIXED / normal / - Assignee: php.ui-inbox - mark occurences slows down typing
FurnaceBoyooh. nice bot.
Action: FurnaceBoy checks 294666
FurnaceBoyi definitely have an infestation of the slow typing monster. feels more like The Alien actually.
FurnaceBoythe kind that tempts me to switch off the main engine cooling and let the whole thing self destruct
ZwEnNhello guys :) i've got a problem with a language package.... since i installed our school's version of eclipe there was the german language pre installed and now i get error messages... i'm sure it's down to this package but i don't know how to uninstall it properly :/ could someone help me?
FurnaceBoyrcjsuen: I would consider that I am seeing 294666.
FurnaceBoyrcjsuen: though not only on mixed files, also on php-only files.
ZwEnNWhy is it always so difficult to get help in irc channels? oO
NoobFukaureZwEnN: download the correct language for your use, unzip it and use that
FurnaceBoyrcjsuen: thanks voted up 294666
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