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DMGAnybody here use antclipse?
DMGI can see it putting the *.jar files into the fileset in verbose mode but when I read from the fileset i get nada
wwmorganWhen I right-click a project and select "Run as JUnit test", my tests run in 1/5 the time it takes to run the junit ant task from the command line. Why is this?
toulmeanho hi
toulmeanI am using Eclipse SDK 3.6 M6 and I see that org.eclipse.core.contenttype seems to be missing the schema for contenttype ?
toulmeanthat's kinda weird to me
FauxFauxwwmorgan: Fork.
FauxFauxtoulmean: I'm on that.  Why would I notice / care?
toulmeanFauxFaux: sorry ?
FauxFauxI'm running 3.6M6, yet have no idea what you claim is missing.  Why would I have noticed?
toulmeanFauxFaux: it's rather simple. I am using the extension point contentTypes defined in that plugin
toulmeanbecause I develop against PDE sets a warning
toulmeanand at runtime it just deactivates my extension point
FauxFauxOh, plugin stuff.
toulmeanleaving me crashing.
briandealwistoulmean: file a bug.
toulmeanFauxFaux: ya. Most likely a packaging issue.
briandealwistoulmean: how does it crash?
toulmean!ENTRY org.eclipse.core.contenttype 4 0 2010-04-05 15:03:39.825
toulmean!MESSAGE Could not create content describer for org.eclipse.stp.bpmn.content-type. Content type has been disabled.
toulmeanbriandealwis: ^^
toulmeanwill file a bug
briandealwistoulmean: weird. And if you add the schema, it then works fine?
toulmeanbriandealwis: I can't add the schema. The schema is supposed to be packaged in the jar of org.eclipse.core.contentTypes
briandealwistoulmean: it's just a zip file; I'm pretty sure the milestone jars aren't signed.  Just extract it from the source jar and stick it in
toulmeanthanks for the help guys. I'll get to it, no worries
ArbalestBug 308126 - - Platform / Resources / 3.6 - PC / Mac OS X - NEW / normal / - Assignee: platform-resources-inbox - org.eclipse.core.contenttype is missing the schema folder
sinecureHello, all.
sinecureAnyone around?
multiHYPwhy are my save and cancel buttons on the save dialog not responding? im on a mac.
lystraIs sufficient to build eclipse-3.5.2 from source? I'm using which I presume means nothing needs to be fetched from CVS but a cvs checkout is done against which fails when prompting for a password. Admittedly, I don't have the correct path to the CDC foundation class libraries set in org.eclipse.releng.eclipsebui
lystralder/eclipse/buildConfigs/sdk/srcBuild/ but is that enough to cause the CVS problem? I'm building on RHEL5/x86-64 with Sun Java 1.6u19.
webuserhi all
webuserhow to make the tableviewer to show a list of input elements and at the same time have the first element be empty ( null)
webuseris there any cocher way for it?
webuserok i did some hack
NetHawk'lo everyone :D
satyrwhat should i do if i have to debug a full screen sdl game which cannot be closed with any key stroke??
satyrcan anybody help me?
erdalset a breakpoint which will make the ide to get window focus?
FauxFauxIs the UDC collected vm versions and OS versions not public?  I can't see any public reports.
Kupoohi, in a C project in linux i have "?" icons at the corner of all of my files in the project explorer
Kupooand my header files arnt being found when i build
Kupooeven though they are there in the mark file
Kupoowhat does the "?" mean?
satyri have to debug a full screen game..can i kill its window except having to do ctrl+alt+bkspc ever time i have to continue? or can i debug in a separate window???
satyrcan anybody help me here
satyri have to debug a full screen game..but during debugging how should i kill the game window as the game is full screen and no key combination works except for ctrl+alt+del??
erdalsatyr: did you try to set up a breakpoint?
kaprasannaHave added a new option to the pop menu of java editor. How do I know the right click has occured in which method's body? Thanks.
erdalkaprasanna: you should obtain the active selection
erdalyou should know how to use jdt, i guess
kaprasannaerdal : Using ISelectionService?
erdalyeah, should be possible
satyrerdal:yes i have set up a breakpoint till where window is called but how should i kill that inactive window as keypresses are not functioning
kaprasannaerdal : Since my class implements IEditorActionDelegate I already have the currently selected item. So question is, how can I convert it to a method-in-currently-open-java-class?
erdalkaprasanna: i am not familiar with jdt
kaprasannaerdal : oh i see. thanks
erdalsatyr: the debug perspective is visible?
satyrerdal: sorry! the debug perspective is visible in eclipse
erdalsatyr: you can use the "Display" view to evaluate any java expressions
satyrerdal : this is a c+sdl based game :-(
satyrerdal: can i debug in a small window
erdalso, you are using cdt?
satyr_yep i am using cdt
erdali am not sure cdt can evaluate any c expressions :-(
erdalthough, are there no command line tools for closing windows?
satyr_erdal: the problem is that the game can be closed only through esc key and in game quit menu ...since i have set up the break point earlier in the program there is no way to kill the misbehaving app
satyr_erdal:the problem is that the x server allows full screen games to take over all the keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys except ctrl+alt+bkspc
erdaldo you want to kill the app or just a window?
satyr_the window
erdalmaybe, the linux channel can help?
satyr_erdal:so the solution can be if i debug in a separate window?
erdalwhat do you mean by "debugging in a seperate window"?
paulweb515satyr_: you can switch to a tty and kill it with "kill"
erdalpaulweb515: he wants to close the window, not the app
paulweb515oh, he's gone?
erdaloh, yes...
paulweb515well, on X I guess he could have run 2 X sessions.  run it in one, debug it in the other
rcjsuenFauxFaux: I didn't think UDC collected that kind of system info.
FauxFauxrcjsuen: I was going on #5 on , even though it contradicts the other FAQ.
erdaloh, i guess that is what he wanted to say by "debugging in a separate window"
rcjsuenkaprasanna: JDT has APIs to find members based on document offset location AFAIK.
kaprasannarcjsuen: I undesratand. Having used jdt api before to convert selected project to a JavaProject and then to find its different types of elements I believe I can do this. But can't seem to understand what route should I take. Since I don't know have the java project. All I have is what has been selected in the java editor instead.
rcjsuenthe IFile itself can be a IJavaElement (I suppose an IType maybe)
rcjsueni guess more appropriately, an ICU
kaprasannarcjsuen: Yes ICU. right. Thanks..
briandealwiskaprasanna: you might want to look at org.eclipse.jdt.internal.ui.actions.SelectionConverter.getStructuredSelection() -- it's internal, but it will pull out the IJavaElement corresponding to the current selection in an editor.
kaprasannabriandealwis: oh.. Its that easy? Let me try it out.. Thanks.
davy_hi all, i'm developing a eclipse rcp application, and have trouble exporting the product (using the built-in eclipse export wizard)
davy_i get the following error: "Bundle org.eclipse.equinox.launcher_1.0.201.R35x_v20090715 failed to resolve.:Missing Constraint: Bundle-RequiredExecutionEnvironment: OSGi/Minimum-1.2"
davy_checked the executionenvironment of the product, and of my target
davy_they are both specified as OSGI/Minimum-1.2
davy_if i launch the application from within the product editor, i have no problems
davy_i searched the fora , faq's, mailing lists, etc, but didn't found anything usefull
davy_does anyone have an idea of the possible reason? things i can check? Thanks in advance
briandealwisdavy_: I haven't seen that problem.  Have you checked that your installed JREs list compatibility with OSGi/Minimum-1.2?
briandealwis(AFAIK, the product export does a PDE build under the hood, which is a separate process)
davy_hi brian, how can i check the jres list compatibility?
davy_i checked the preferences, and the jre used is listed there as possibility for osgi/minimum 1.2
briandealwisdavy_: Preferences > Java > Installed JREs, I believe
davy_doublechecked,: that is ok
davy_i suspected that the product export is another process
davy_are there configuration files used by the pde build that could contain another value, overriding what i specified?
briandealwisdavy_: I think the is used, but I don't have any suggestions; the product export seems a bit of a black box.
briandealwisI fought with the product export for one project and eventually gave up and switched to invoking the PDE Build externally.  On the bright side, it wasn't wasted effort as it was a necessary part of nightly builds etc.
davy_i'm facing the black box right now
davy_i'm thinking about using the pde build externally also. Do you have some hints / pointers / helpfull links?
briandealwisdavy_: Patrick Paulin has a worked example at <> -- get that working and then modify it incrementally for your needs, testing at every step.
erdalit may be worth it investigating on buckminster for headless builds
erdaland use hudson as CI platform
davy_ty brian, i will check that
briandealwisdavy_: you might also want to look through the following page for debugging pointers:
briandealwisdavy_: before you proceed; the first question seems to address some issues relating to the product export
davy_hi erdal, i guess buckmister will be difficult to combine with maven (the project is planned to migrate with maven)
erdalafaik, buckminster can handle maven repos
davy_and i did a quick check of hudson before: we use git for version control, and i'm not sure if it can be combined
davy_i will keep them in mind though
erdalafaik, buckminster has support for git, too, though not sure
erdalyou should ask on #eclipse-b3
briandealwisdavy_: it may be that PDE Build doesn't know about OSGi/Minimum-1.2: the page of known environments for R3.5 doesn't list it <>
Guest70323i want two editor windows side by side... is this possible?
rcjsuenclick the tab
rcjsuendrag it to the side
rcjsuensame thing you do with views
Guest70323omg thats it... thx
kaprasannabriandealwis: Problem! Can't convert from ITextSelection to IStructuredSelection! Here is my code in the class that implements IEditorActionDelegate. Avoided org.eclipse.jdt.internal.ui.actions.SelectionConverter.getStructuredSelection() as it also does the same thing and I won't have 'discouraged access' warnings. Any idea what's wrong? Thanks.
rcjsuenif you can't cast, then don't
briandealwiskaprasanna: an ITextSelection isn't a IStructuredSelection
briandealwisWhat I did is: if the SelectionConverter failed, then use the JDT SearchEngine to try to resolve the text selection as a type
erdalmaybe, the contains the ITextSelection
rcjsuenThat class seems to have a wide variety of other methods you can use.
erdalthe IStructuredSelection ...
briandealwiskaprasanna: If it helps, that class has been stable since at least R3.1.  Perhaps it should be requested to be made public API...
kaprasannabriandealwis: rcjsuen : Yes I won't cast it...
kaprasannabriandealwis: rcjsuen : Will try with SelectionConverter.getStructuredSelection() next. In the mean while would you all recommend the way this has been used here : Thanks
briandealwiskaprasanna: I think it looks ok; it's been years since I've used this stuff though
kaprasannabriandealwis: Ok...
briandealwisActually, hold on: EditorUtility.getEditorInputJavaElement returns the java element corresponding to the source file (i.e., if editing, it will return an IType for Foo).  SelectionConverter.getStructuredSelection() and getElementAtOffset() return the IJE at *the cursor*.
erdalin the component.xml editor, i can set the referenced services: how can i get an instance of them in the implementing class?
red1hello.. wonder if anyone knows how to break during debugging when a certain value changes?
erdali can get an instance through BundleContext.getService, but that is too complicated
red1instead of breaking at a line, i like to breakpoint when watching a variable
rcjsueni think you can put a breakpoint in a field
rcjsuenand it'd be a "watchpoint" or something
rcjsuenI tried before, it didn't work for me tho >_>
erdaltry a conditional breakpoint
red1ok googling for that
erdalright click on the breakpoint, choose properties, and enter an expression
red1thanks a zillion. That is right
red1many regards erdal
erdaland there is a "when value changes"
red1but what if the value is not associated at that breakpoint?
red1anyway i will try
briandealwisred1: the alternative is to use a watchpoint: select a field definition, and then select Run > Toggle Watchpoint.  You can then inspect the watchpoint's properties to only kick in on modification, or on any access, etc.
rcjsuenthe breakpoint knows the context of the object so assuming it's a field and not a local parameter should still work
red1trying it out briandealwis and rcjsuen
erdalas usual, lars has a good tutorial on declarative services as well...
rcjsuenerdal: Sometimes I wonder, not "What does Lars have", but "What does Lars not have"
kaprasannabriandealwis: rcjsuen : erdal : I do get the name of selected method in the editor. Here is the code : Hope it is in good shape
briandealwiskaprasanna: I have no idea what you're trying to accomplish.  But your code is assuming it's provided a JavaEditor -- I'd at least do an instanceof check.
briandealwiskaprasanna: another minor style issue (again, with no idea what you're trying to accomplish): I'm seemingly one of the few people who like to use multiple windows.  The use of getActiveWorkbenchWindow.getActivePage.getActiveEditor introduces a race condition where the action can (and sometimes does!) get invoked after the focus has switched to a different window, resulting in the wrong editor being referenced.  If you can (e.g., you're
briandealwisimplementing an IEditorActionDelegate), hold onto and use the active editor provided through setActiveEditor().
kaprasannabriandealwis: I understand.. Will do the changes
kaprasannabriandealwis: All I am trying to achive is get the fully qualified name of the method selected by the user in the (java) editor
briandealwiskaprasanna: you might need to use SelectionConverter.resolveEnclosingElement() instead -- I suspect that getElementAtOffset() will return the IJE corresponding to that.  So for example, if you are on a method call, you will get the method in whatever class, rather than the surrounding method making the call.
kaprasannabriandealwis: Oh ok.. Let me try that out..
kaprasannabriandealwis: Hope this sounds more like it :
kaprasannabriandealwis: But I didn't see much difference in results of two method calls: getElementAtOffset and in resolveEnclosingElement
briandealwiskaprasanna: You definitely need an instanceof test in your setActiveEditor(): that method will be called every time you change between *any* kind of editor.
kaprasannabriandealwis: i understand.. I'll do that.. All I need is qualified name of the method
briandealwiskaprasanna: try spitting out both results, one from resolveEnclosingElement and the other from getElementAtOffset and then try it out on different locations.
kaprasannabriandealwis: Trying on two methods with same name one in inner class and another in its container
kaprasannabriandealwis: Hmmm javaElement.getElementName() is same in both cases! And both spit out just the name of the method. Guess fullyQualified name is the answer?
packagedelivererHi, I'm very new to java and I'm having some difficulties fetching a mysql connection from java using eclipse
briandealwiskaprasanna: that's right: the element name is the very base level name.
packagedeliverereven though the mysql jar is in my referenced libraries, the command class.forname("com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"); returns an error
rcjsuenpackagedeliverer: You're running from within Eclipse?
packagedelivererrcjsuen: using the 'play' button? If so, yes
rcjsuenYes, that's what I meant.
rcjsuen"returns an error" is very vague, you need to ~elaborate more
ArbalestPlease elaborate further. What are you trying to do? Is something failing? What do you see? What did you expect to see? Are you following a guide? Is there a link to this guide? If this is programming related, what programming language is it? If you have actual code, paste it to a ~pastebin, if you have screenshots, upload it to an ~imagebin. If you haven't described your Eclipse setup yet, please provide this ~info. Help us help you!
packagedelivererI have right clicked the project, build path, external libraries, selected the jar
packagedelivererI have also imported the java.sql connection, drivermanager, sqlexception libs + the one I referenced (com.mysql.*)
packagedelivererbut the class.forname returns an error (exception = the given path)
packagedelivererOther than that it's a basic new example project
rcjsuenyou should put your code an error in a ~pastebin
ArbalestPlease paste the relevant information onto a pastebin. The submission will then generate a URL, please copy/paste the generated URL back to the channel - - - -
erdalare actions automatically availalable as commands?
paulweb515erdal: no
erdalis there some wrapper class?
erdalto conveniently wrap an action
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