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leinoinctor: where do you run into trouble?
Dreakonleino, he left lol.
DreakonThanks, I'll try the GNOME channel.
leinoah, I should lern to irc better
mwallingwith dpkg-buildpackage, is there a way to specify the output directory to not be ../ ? my ci system is checking out source into my workspace, and i cant write to the directory above (and the vcs plugin doesnt suppot changing the checkout directory)
Ganneffno. fix your scripts :)
paultaghaha ouch!
Action: mwalling grumbles
tuxcraftera2ensite 000-default seems to be doing something else then enabeling /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default is is just wierd
tuxcrafterwhy is that? i spent the last 1,5 hours of my live debuggin my setup for strange things
tuxcrafterit is some symblic to /etc/apache2/sites-available/default
paultagyeah tuxcrafter
paultagtuxcrafter, it's not odd, this was done for a reason
paultagtuxcrafter, the conf was changed from a monolitic httpd.conf to a fragmented directory style setup. It's easiest to understand this way:
paultagtuxcrafter, cd /etc/apache2/
paultagtuxcrafter, ls
paultagtuxcrafter, note modules-enabled and modules-available
paultagtuxcrafter, when you "install" a module, you similink it from available to enabled, and apache2 includes everything in modules-enabled
paultagtuxcrafter, same with sites-enabled, you can have a ton of files in there. I have 4 on my web server. It makes moving stuff easy :)
paultagtuxcrafter, cool?
tuxcrafterpaultag: no and yes i no they are symbolic links i also use them with a2ensite
paultagtuxcrafter, yup
tuxcrafterbut a2dissite 000-default-settings works fine
tuxcrafterbut a2dissite 000-default
tuxcrafterdoes something special
paultagtuxcrafter, that just similinks the file for you
paultagtuxcrafter, can you pastebin the stdout spew, please?
tuxcraftera2dissite 000-default makes a symolic link to default instead of 000-default in the available sites
JonJI need some help with the sun java plugin on Debian AMD64. I've installed the sun-plugin packages, made sure that I'm running both a 64bit browser and 64bit plugin. I can see the plugin in about:plugins in iceweasel, but I can't get any java content to load. Anyone got any ideas what could cause this?
dliJonJ, try icedtea plugin
JonJdli: Okey, testing no
chealerJonJ: which Debian suite do you use?
JonJchealer: I'm on testing, sorry for not mentioning that
dliJonJ, apt-get install  icedtea6-plugin
chealerJonJ: which sun-plugin packages?
JonJThis is odd.. I installed the openjdk, did update-alternatives and chose suns java(I've done this step before), and now it shows that the sun plugin is working
ml|dpkg: java ipv6
dpkgAs of netbase 4.38, net.ipv6.bindv6only=1 is set, see .  This currently breaks networking in Java for sun-java6-jdk (openjdk-6 is fixed as of version 6b18~pre1-3), see for solutions.  In short, sed -i 's/net.ipv6.bindv6only = 1/net.ipv6.bindv6only = 0/' /etc/sysctl.d/bindv6only.conf ; invoke-rc.d procps restart.
koryndhi all
koryndsorry for my english
koryndplease tell me where I can read about installing unstable (Sid) version of Debian
dondelelcarokorynd: you should install the stable version
korynddondelelcaro, I did it, but while updating (apt-get dist-upgrade) I have error with udev
dondelelcarokorynd: upgrading to what?
dondelelcarokorynd: and you need to show us the entire error
dondelelcaro(use a paste site to do this)
madledhello. yesterday i asked about trouble with my second sound card. i try cat /proc/asound/cards and see 2 sound card index 0 (HDA) and 1(SbLive). But HDA do not working!
madledi have 2 sound cards: Sblive work properly but HDA do not working. What i need to try?
korynddondelelcaro, I can't install programm for pasting, system work in virtual machine
dondelelcarokorynd: if you can't copy and paste or redirect the output to a file or ortherwise generate output that we can look at, there's not much we can do to help you
koryndalso, system use not english. I can show screenshot
GlorfHi all
Glorf!dpkg desktop-base
madled hello. i have g41t-m6 motherboard and 2 sound cards, external - SbLive, and internal HDA Intel VT1705. SbLive work properly but HDA do not working. How i can install this HDA driver most rightly?
madled i try cat /proc/asound/cards and see 2 sound card index 0 (HDA) and 1(SbLive). But HDA do not working!
GlorfI downgraded from squeeze to lenny ;  so i get back to few packages of netinstall, and then tasksel
Glorfbut, when tasksel try to configure desktop-base, impossible
Glorfi try with lots of --forceall options with apt-get/aptitude, nothing... So i can't finish to install my log, and i can't apt-get any kind of packages... Any idea ?
jimmy_hello i am having some issues with sound in Gnome (Rhythmbox) that i believe is caused by pulseaudio
jimmy_sound works in vlc and for gnome errors, but not in Rhythmbox - any ideas?
jimmy_and sound works in aplay
diegoHi, I'm trying to encrypt part of my files, what I want is that when the system boots
diegoit should ask for a password
diegoand run encfs /home/diego/.dir /home/diego/dir for each encrypted dir I set
diegohow can I make that be asked at boottime
jimmy_and sound works in iceweasel/chrome - but not rhythmbox - what gives??
Arrowmaster`jimmy_: rhythmbox uses gstreamer so try looking up how to configure the gstreamer sinks
jimmy_thanks arrowmaster i will have a look into that. what is strange is that when rhythmbox is open, it is listed the Applications tab of the Gnome Sound Preferences, wheras the other applications (Such as VLC) do not...
Arrowmaster`jimmy_: i have no clue what applications tab you are talking about (sounds pulse specific maybe) but look for 'Multimedia Systems Selector' in system preferences
jimmy_arrowmaster: not sure if that is pulseaudio or a built in gnome thing..
Arrowmasterhas to be pulse
Arrowmastersince pulse i the only thing i know of that lets you change the volume on a per application basis
jimmy_arrowmaster: ok it must be. i have managed to open multimedia systems selector (gstreamer-properties) and it allows me to choose and test various sound system plugins for output
jimmy_arrowmaster: however choosing oss or alsa and if i attempt to play something in rythmbox i dont get sound - despite the fact that the test in gstreamer-properties works for these plugins
Arrowmasterthat default audio output should be set to auto or pulse or something, but i do know that rhythembox does everything through gstreamer
Arrowmasterbut ive never used pulse so i dont know what it should be set as to work
jimmy_arrowmaster: should i just get rid of pulseaudio? i dont think i have a need for it. is there any impact to not having it?
Arrowmasterpulse isnt even installed in debian by default so no theres no impacts to not having it
jimmy_arrowmaster: :) ok its gone now and i have sound back in rythmbox. so right now i am using just ALSA for all audio?
jimmy_arrowmaster: lol sound in linux is confusing... what is the difference between gstreamer and alsa?
Arrowmastergstreamer is a multimedia framework, think of it like directshow on windows
Arrowmastergstreamer has to connect to a sound system at the end to actually output any sound so either alsa pulse oss or one of the others
ddzim running the test build of debian and just upgraded.. in my terminal there is now a red line, something about groups
ddzanyone know how i can disable it?
jimmy_arrowmaster: ahhh ok, so gstreamer is a layer between the application and the sound system
jimmy_and the sound system is a layer between the output system and the soundcard driver?
ddznvm im just changing to xterm
Arrowmasterin alsa's case it is the soundcard driver
jimmy_arrowmaster: i see, well i must be off. thanks for the info and the help to get my audio working again! :)
Arrowmasterjimmy_: here see the image from the notorious rant from adobes linux flash developer about how 'linux sound is too complex'
jimmy_arrowmaster: hahah that pretty much sums it up doesnt it! no wonder im confused
Arrowmastermost of those nobody would ever use though
Arrowmasterbut yeah you can follow the gstreamer path when using pulse and see it goes gstreamer->pulse->alsa->actual hardware
jimmy_cool cool
mochanI have a question about ssh. Recently I get the message 'write failed: broken pipe' after using ssh for a random amount of time (a few minutes) using the computer in my office from my laptop at home. Could this be some intermediary computer or my internet provider filtering ssh packages?
paultagmochan, ssh has a timeout feature
paultagmochan, I think you can disable it serverside, or configure the client to send keepalive packets or something
paultagmochan, it helps if you forget to logout or something
mochanpaultag, Yes, but I have made no change in the sshd server configuration and the time to failure varies a lot
paultagmochan, it should break off the socket after about 30 minutes or so
paultagmochan, if it's doing that before about 30 minutes, it could be a connection issue that breaks the socket
paultagmochan, anywhere from the NIC, to the Router to the Modem to the server
paultagmochan, ISPs would not bother to filter SSH traffic, it's so minute and the guys who do the filter rules use ssh too :)
mochanpaultag, This morning the failures took about 1 minute. My other question is, if some intermediary is responsible, is there a tool to find out who is the culprit.
paultagmochan, not really. I would look to your network card ( esp if you are wireless ). Try running a lot of basic traffic internally to the network and see if you loose packets or have network failure
paultagotherwise it's outside your network
mochanpaultag, This morning I phoned my internet provider and they told me that port 22 is 'closed' for security reasons. I'm using another port since several months ago, but port 22 used to work fine also.
paultagmochan, who is your ISP?
mochanpaultag, OK. I'll try testing my card. I recently changed the driver since there was some change in the debian packages.
paultagmochan, aye. That sucks :(
mochanpaultag, My ISP is cablemas from Cuernavaca, in Mexico
paultagCablevision :)
paultagCablevision SA de CV
paultagnothing I could find indicates they are filtering, but it's not out of the question mochan
mochanpaultag, Not Cablevision, but a similar company. Cablevision doesn't operate in Cuernavaca
paultagmochan, your IP is owned by Cablevision SA de CV
mochanpaultag, Currently I not at my home. At this moment I am using Cablevision. So, how did you find out they are not filtering?
paultagI did a google search for people whining mochan
paultagusually the best indicator
mochanpaultag, Ha. The problem is that maybe there are not too many ssh users in Mexico
paultagmochan, that is always true. but even one person would show up
mochanpaultag, I googled cablemas and ssh but didn't find my complain. Maybe the problem lies after the packages leave their control. Traceroute shows there are usually 15 to 25 hops from my home to my office (3 miles away).
paultagmochan, could be. Try SSHing in the intranet and see if it drops
paultagmochan, if it does, your computer has problems
paultagmochan, otherwise, it is most likely outside the internal network
mochanpaultag, The route goes all around Mexico, and sometimes it includes several american cities.
mochanpaultag, OK. I'll try that tomorrow.
CoolAzuraI get an error with installing samba. This is what I get "/var/lib/dpkg/info/samba.postrm: line 22: update-inetd: command not found. I try to install update-inetd and it tells me that I have unmet dependencies and to run "apt-get -f install". When I do it attempts to install samba with the same error. Anyone know what's wrong?
mochanpaultag, Thanks.
paultagsure mochan
paultagCoolAzura, try apt-get install update-inetd
paultagOh right
paultagunmet deps
CoolAzurapaultag, It tells me I have unmet deps..
paultagCoolAzura, what deps?
paultagit depends on debconf >= 0.5 or debconf 2
paultagand libfile-temp-perl
paultagtry installing those CoolAzura
CoolAzurais there way to copy and paste with putty?
abrotmanyou might want to try using aptitude
paultagright click CoolAzura
paultagabrotman, not anymore, apt-get stole the aptitude dep handling
abrotmanuhm .. use aptitude
larsiePossible to edit binary file before flashing mainboard? We have a problem with NVRAM. Mobo resets its every time, and it freezes everytime we try to flash it.
abrotmanpaultag: it's about the problem solving .. not the 'dep handling'
paultagabrotman, those are the same thing/
abrotmanno they are not
CoolAzuraIs there a way to cancel the last apt-get upgrade? because this happened after I tried it
CoolAzuraif I could cancel I could then tell it to install update-inetd before samba
CoolAzuraThis is what I get with from: apt-get install update-inetd and from: apt-get -f install
abrotmanCoolAzura: what are your sources.list ?
CoolAzurait's pretty small, but let me check something someone just told me to use: dpkg --configure -a
CoolAzurait worked
abrotmanCoolAzura: are you upgrading from sarge to etch ?
CoolAzurausing xebian
abrotmanoh ffs .. no wonder it's broken
CoolAzurajust confiyeah
CoolAzurabut i couldn't find a better one to use
CoolAzurabut it's fixed now :)
abrotmanhow about a real computer?
CoolAzurai could.. but then i'd use ubuntu
abrotmanoh well .. have fun
CoolAzurai wasn't using my xbox anyways.. so i figured might as well setup some server stuff
CoolAzuraty :)
CoolAzurathanks for trying to help
manuyhi all
seanis debian better than ubuntu
seanwhy use debian not ubuntu
abrotmangreat way to get answers ...
phrostysean: because debian sorts before ubuntu
seannah ubuntu owns
abrotmansean: do you have a Debian related question ?
abrotmanand "Debian vs Ubuntu" is not a topic for this channel
seanany good linux books?
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