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caponwhen I type ./configure it seys  bash: ./configure: No such file or directory
lestellanowhat program you are trying to install, are you using debian? , try to apt-get install programname
snayou have to be root
rexwhat software is it?  are there install instructions on their website?
faheemlestellano: he'll probably want to do s search first
snaand to enter the folder
caponI am trying to install a program called bluemaho
caponit is a bluetooth pentesting tool ;)
sunhi anyone know how to get/send to/from an imap server?  id like to use the nmh package, but i havent configured any email stuff in years.  is fetchmail still the way to get email down?
caponin the read me file there is a configure part
dr|z3dfirebot: kb imap
capon1. all configuration is in 'config' dir.
capon   2. for using bluemaho propertly you need to build tools and exploits. check if you satisfy 'requirements' for bluemaho. then run ''. if you see 'Building complete!' message, than all went OK. if not - try to play around requirements.
capon   3. 'default.conf' is a default configuration file, you can edit it if you need to change some options, path to files and commands used by bluemaho, theme etc. by default you don't need to change it if you do all from 'requirements' chapter. but, please, view it, for example just for setting 'user_location' variable for defining you location, which will be used for tracking function.
capon   4. 'themes' - directory with themes for bluemaho GUI. You can set path to default theme with 'theme' variable in 'default.conf'
dr|z3dDoh. Wrong channel. Sorry. :/ *chuckle*
Action: dr|z3d adjusts his glasses.
snacapon: log in the terminal as superuser, then go to the folder and launch ./configure
snathen make
snathen make install
dpkgIt's considered impolite to paste many lines of text on IRC. Please don't do it. Pasting one line is fine. Pasting two lines you can usually get away with. Pasting three lines will get you insulted. Pasting four or more lines will get you kicked. If you want to paste, ask me about <paste>
caponso? how do I install it?
snaopen the terminal
snarun su
snaput the root pass
caponi am in root
caponand the file is on the desktop ;)
snagot to the folder you have created uncompressing the file
snasomenthing like
caponso i just type the file name?
greg1313i need help with GNOME
snacd /home/"username"/"folder name"
Supaplexcd ~"username"/...
snaif is in the desktop it will be /home/"username"/desktop/"foldername"
caponbash: /root/bluemaho-090417/: is a directory
caponi am already in root
snayou are runnig gnome from root? fool!
caponi logged in as su
snais better not to do it...
snabut now is the same
snayou have to run
caponit is the easyest way for me right now XD
snasu /root/bluemaho-090417
caponi did it
caponand it wrote
caponbash: /root/bluemaho-090417/: is a directory
snamya fault
snacd /root/bluemaho-090417
snacd is change directory
caponok i'm in ;)
caponand now?
sna ./configure
snamake install
caponbash: ./configure: No such file or directory
Supaplexbuild as root? that's rarely needed.
snais there a configure file in the folder?
caponi wrote it first
caponjust scroll up ;)
snacopy the terminal and paste it on
snauhm is a python progam...
snayou'd better find a tutorial or something similar...
snanot all the programs can be intalled with ./configure
caponthank  man
snaif you find a .deb package or a repository is beter
caponand the ./configure would work right?
caponwith a .deb file
snaif you have a deb file you don't need to compile anything
snajust run it with gdebi
Titan8990python does not need to be compiled...
Titan8990you likely just run it from the dir you unpacked
snatry to run
Titan8990first you should probably edit the configuration file it tells you to edit
rex(i got my dns & web server working guys, hooray)
caponthis came out then I clicked on the file
snaI never used python...
Titan8990capon, honestly man, your not going to be pentesting anything
aquaratdoes anyone here have any experience with Debian on Sun servers ?
Titan8990capon, pentesting is advanced stuff... you should first have a strong knowledge of linux
Titan8990capon, your trying to run before you can walk
caponi found something else
Titan8990aquarat, sparc or x86?
aquaratultrasparc IV+
capontitan, i have been pentesting for years on windows
aquaratI have tried numerous debian images now...
Titan8990I have an ultrasparc III but i didn't put debian on it
aquaratI managed to get Solaris 10 installed two days ago
Titan8990capon, right, and you probably know windows well
aquaratafter building a serial cable for ttya
Titan8990i just used my serial cable for my cisco routers
locklaceaquarat: try describing the actual problem for a change
capontitan, I think so XD
aquaratif I put in a debian cd
locklace!space bar
aquaratthe netinst cd
dpkgThe space bar is the correct way to separate connected sentences on IRC.  Please use it.  The Return/Enter key is not a substitute.
aquaratit boots, hits the silo bootloader
Be-WilledHello guys, I need some help setting up a web server. I already installed apache, and when I go to http://localhost it says "It works!" Now I want to be able to access my computer over the internet. What should I do. Any help?
aquaratif I press enter it spews out some info
Titan8990capon, forget everything you know about windows, because its pretty worthless now
aquaratit freezes at the line
auss81hi, someone may help me with usbnet
aquarathanding over console
aquaratearlyprom0 to ttyS0
Titan8990capon, start reading, using, and learning linux
caponi've been pentesting on wireless systems a lot lately ;)
aquaratI passed console=ttya at the bootloader
aquaratso I typed install console=ttya DEBIAN_FRONTEND=text
Titan8990capon, you mean you have been illegally stealing other people's internet?
caponsna, still there?
aquaratnow it gets past the handover phase but outputs multiple kernel panics
aquarator what looks like a guy sticking his tongue out at me and waving his hands around
aquarathe thinks it's funny
aquarati guess it kind of is
Be-WilledGuys... any help with the webserver question?
caponno, i've tested it on my own wireless connection
Titan8990capon, you should be doing *everything* from the command line when pentesting
Titan8990capon, thats why the application opens up in a text editor instead of being interpretted
capontitan, your right, that's why i'm here :P
endersthad to remove now apache won't start. where do i need to look?
aquaratI've also tried "potato" release 2.2r7
capontitan, p.s. no need to get angry XD
Titan8990capon, there is also linux distros specifically for pentesting. "backtrack", and "pentoo". however, you will get banned if you go into either of their channels and display how much you have worked with linux
aquaratlol @ pentoo
Titan8990capon, I am helping, and much more than I normally would because i am bored, so you are lucky
Titan8990aquarat, whats funny about that?
Be-Willedaquarat read this
aquaratI probably shouldn't say :)
capontitan, I've been using backtrack since it was in the 2 version XD
capontitan, but i sopped for a long time
aquaratBe-Willed, there is no OS on the machine, apart from Solaris
Titan8990capon, and you still don't know how to launch a python application?
capontitan, and i forgot a lot of stuff :P
Titan8990capon, you forgot how to use linux apparently
auss81someone know how to configure a usb0 network interface? :(
Action: flippy10 predicts a kick in the near future/
capontitan, I hate Windows XS
aquaratI don't see how dpkg can assist in installing an entire distribution on a sparc based system
dpkgPlease do not ask if anyone can help you, knows 'something' or uses 'some_program'.  Instead, ask your real question.  (If the real question _was_ "does anyone use 'some_program'?" ask me about <popcon> instead.)  See <ask> <ask to ask> <polls> <search> <sicco> <smart questions>.
capontitan, a lot of costumers uses windows so I just left linux away...
sneyinstalling debian on sparc machines is actually pretty easy as I recall
aquaratis there some sort of trick ?
aquaratmaybe I'm doing something stupid
sneyburn the install cd, put it in, hit stop+a, tell it to boot from the cd, go from there
aquaratthere's the first problem
aquaratI don't have a stop-a key
aquaratI'm using a serial console
capongtg ppl
caponsee you next time
sneyserial console is kind of the same thing, I think. the command should be 'boot cdrom' or something to that effect
caponthanks sna
aquaratctrl+b in gtkterm / break takes me back to the openbootPROM
sneyit's been a while but I don't remember it being hard
caponant titan
aquaratboot cdrom boots the cdrom
caponand titan
aquaratit then goes through to the SILO bootloader
caponciao from italy :P
Be-Willed I need some help setting up a web server. I already installed apache, and when I go to http://localhost it says "It works!" Now I want to be able to access my computer over the internet. What should I do. Any help?
aquaratwhich gives me the option to install, auto, rescue or expert
Be-Willedanywhere to read?
sneyall stop+a does is give you the same obp prompt locally
aquaratat the moment, to boot from CD I interrupt the system using break
flippy10Be-Willed: Google setting up a LAMP.
auss81ok, can you tell me how to make "usbnet" work?
aquaratthe fact that it's dying with a kernel panic would probably indicate something a little more severe
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