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dpkgi guess women is woman > 1, or HOWTO Encourage Women in Linux :, or
dpkghmm... women is woman > 1, or HOWTO Encourage Women in Linux :, or
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ml|timus: /msg dpkg ...
vookanyone know of a way to fix the nagging "SYSFS{}....please use ATTR{}= to match..." messages at boot ?
ml|vook: what release?
timusvook, is that the wacom from xorg?
vookI've seen it in Lenny, now I'm in squeeze 2.6.32-trunk-686-bigmem.  I've seen it with every kernel, custom or otherwise, that I've used for months now.
vookit's a udev issue
ml|I don't remember ever seen that
vookIt doesn't seem to cause any problems, but it definitely clutters up boot.
vookusing "quiet" doesn't eliminate ti
vookmaybe it is related to wacom - I don't have one though.
vookhmm, I'm going to disable /etc/udev/rules.d/z60..wacom and see what happens.
timusis this what you are getting?
timusMar  7 16:58:58 debian5 udevd[254]: SYSFS{}= will be removed in a future udev version, please use ATTR{}= to match the event device, or ATTRS{}= to match a parent device, in /etc/udev/rules.d/z60_xserver-xorg-input-wacom.rules:78
ml|he left
timusah ok..
timusml|, i think we chatted yesterday
timusjust in case you are interested
timusthe issue with rubberband selection not working was due to the mouse driver that comes with vbox
mettao87hi guys.. I have a problem with synaptic touchpad. I just installed debian testing and now I can't open files with double click on the touchpad. Can you help me? thanks.
timusor i should say the xorg.conf from lenny need to be changed in squeeze to make it to wokr
ml|timus: glad you figured it out, I did not think it was debian related
timushmmm.... that smells like an xorg.conf issue mettao87
mettao87timus: I think the same. but I can't find the xorg.conf file. in /etc/X11/ there is not.
timusi hear like xorg server should be smarter now... can u try to remove xorg.conf? xorg should try to guess your hardware
timusoh i see
quaker66timus, xorg.conf is not needed at all in squeeze
ml|quaker66: most of the time, but some still need it when X can't get things right
timusi should say, in most cases xorg.conf is not needed
quaker66ml|, yes it was my case
quaker66i had to run Xorg -configure to generate a xorg.conf and then nvidia-xconfig.
timusbut you may need to have one depending on your  hardware
quaker66because without it it ran just for nv driver, nvidia drivers require xorg.conf
ml|yes, but it has gotten better
timusmettao87, can you copy the synaptic section from your old xorg.conf?
mettao87I have not and old copy of xorg.conf. Debian squeeze is a new installation on my laptop, I formatted.
quaker66mettao87, just stop any running X instance and run "Xorg -configure" under root.
ml|you have the needed package for that to work?
quaker66it generates file "" in current folder.
quaker66rename it to xorg.conf and move to /etc/X11
timushow can i paste here again? I can share synaptic config for xorg.conf
mettao87sorry, which are the instance who use X?
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ml|mettao87: huh?
quaker66mettao87, if you use GDM as your login manager, just switch to console and run "/etc/init.d/gdm stop" under root.
quaker66and the same for kdm or xdm or anything else. just replace the word in command.
PunisherHi, i'm trying to install Debian using a USB stick. I've had all sorts of problems until now when I got the debian-installer to boot from USB. But I noticed that the installer has changed, it needs to boot the cd-rom and cannot find my ethernet card. Very strange. How can I install debian manually?
Punisher*mount the cd-rom
locklacePunisher: what version of debian
PunisherI've tried both stable and testing
quaker66Punisher, easy. install unetbootin, download some debian iso, format the flash to fat32, run unetbootin, select "Debian" as distro, then "debian testing hd-media" or "debian stable hd-media" or whatever hd-media
quaker66let it make flash
quaker66you will see some files.
quaker66on the flash
locklacePunisher: try a backport installer image,
timusmetta could also check
quaker66copy there the iso so it is there with the files
quaker66and boot the flash
quaker66easy ;)
Punisherquaker66: It's just that, if I had the old installers everything would've work. Debian Live works for example, but can't install from live.
Punisherlocklace: Ok, i'll try that.
timusall... in my daemon.log, i am getting the following
timusMar  7 16:58:58 debian5 udevd[254]: SYSFS{}= will be removed in a future udev version, please use ATTR{}= to match the event device, or ATTRS{}= to match a parent device, in /etc/udev/rules.d/z60_xserver-xorg-input-wacom.rules:78
quaker66timus, it says what you must do ;)
quaker66edit te file and replace SYSFS{} with that ATTR{} or ATTRS{}, based on what you need.
quaker66or install upgrades. it may solve automatically
timusquaker66, what do you mean by install upgrades? I just updated my squeeze this morning... no dice
quaker66hmm okay.
quaker66timus, well, now it is just a warning the function is deprecated.
quaker66i think there will be upgrade fixing it until new udev is in.
timusok, how can i clean it up for now?
timususe ATTR or ATTRS? not that i don't have have a wacom device
quaker66just ignore it.
quaker66for now
timusi removed this a while back....
quaker66if you dont have wacom, you can safely remove that file imho :P
timusvia aptitude remove xserver-xorg-input-wacom
quaker66and if it doesnt disappear, remove it manually
timusi did get rid of him
timusbut it installed the next aptitude safe-upgrade
alex-!seen ravic
dpkgalex-: i haven't seen 'ravic'
alex-!seen *!*
dpkgi haven't seen '*!*', alex-
timuswow nice command
timus!seen timus
dpkgtimus is currently on #debian (4h 26m 23s). Has said a total of 30 messages. Is idling for 0s, last said: '!seen timus'.
ml|use /msg dpkg ....
jhutchins_lttimus: you probably have something like xserver-xorg-input-all
timusjust cleaned it again...
timusnot it is gone...
timusnow* it is gone
jhutchins_lttimus: You can safely remove xserver-xorg-input-all to keep it from reinstalling.
timusok thanks!...
timusi did that too....
timusremoved  xserver-xorg-input-all together with xserver-xorg-input-wacom
cesuraseanQuestion: If i remove PHP 5.3.x, and install the older 5.2.x deb, will i need debs for modules, or can i install   libapache2-mod-php5 php-pear php5 php5-cgi php5-cli php5-common php5-curl php5-dev php5-gd php5-idn php5-imap php5-mcrypt php5-memcache php5-ming php5-mysql php5-ps
cesurasean  php5-pspell php5-recode php5-snmp php5-sqlite php5-suhosin php5-tidy php5-xmlrpc php5-xsl phpmyadmin squirrelmail squirrelmail-locales squirrelmail-viewashtml
cesuraseanwith apt?
abrotmancesurasean: why would you do that?
cesuraseanZend Optimizer install problem. doesn't support 5.3
abrotmanshouldn't you complain to zend?  hasn't php5.3 been out for ages ?
cesuraseanabrotman, the encoded php files have to be recoded with zend, since zend is built against 5.2
cesuraseandon't believe zend has came out with 5.3 fix yet
abrotmancesurasean: and why are you running a server on squeeze/sid ? is this a public server ?
cesuraseanbecause I need SNI.
Action: abrotman wants no part of this
abrotmanit's not funny
cesuraseanwhy not?
cesuraseanthe question is will i have problems with the php modules as well? no?
bjacesurasean: If you are looking for trouble, expect to find it. :|
cesuraseanit is also possible to install 2 different versions of php, correct?
quinque@cesurasean: yes, you will. you've got to downgrade the whole php stuff
dpkg@ is used to separate the username from the hostname in an email address, to denote channel operators on IRC, and to direct comments to particular users in some web forums.  It is NOT used to direct comments on IRC; use "name: ..." instead of "@name ...".
cesuraseanquinque, that is as i suspected. i believe it can be done though.
abrotmancesurasean: please don't ask us how to screw up your box .. you're creating a *very* insecure situation ..
quinque@bja: like it so
cesuraseanabrotman, what do you suggest i do about the zend issue, then?
abrotmancesurasean: stop doing dumb things with your PHP files
AnnaBanz do my boobs look small?
AnnaBanz do my boobs look small?
gsimmonsmaxb: Late March or early April, after 4.0r9 is issued (/msg dpkg 4.0r9).
maxbexcellent, thanks
icebrainsam1000: hi
sam1000hi icebrain
burt_would anyone know why my driver/net/tg3.c doesn't compile when i build the kernel. i sort of need tg3.ko.
lobbysomebody know how to calculate across spreedsheets in openoffice
abrotmanburt_: why are you compiling ?
burt_i need root mounted via nfs
abrotmanlobby: there's a on .. but usually it's the same as excel
burt_i thought i need CONFIG_ROOT_NFS set ..
sam1000voip calls
burt_the netinst kernel could not mount root via NFS, that's how this all started.
burt_I wanted to recomplie to see if the problem was kernel configuration.
icebrain!tell sam1000 about smart questions
sam1000icebrain have idea abt voip calls; help
icebrainsam1000: do you want software to make voip calls?
abrotmansam1000: you need to ask an actual question
sam1000yes my frnd
icebrainsam1000: I heard nice thing about ekiga, but never tried it.
burt_is there a .config i need to force build of tg3.ko?
sam1000wht abt skype will it work
burt_it is CONFIG_TIGON3=m in some .configs .. but when to go to build, that line is removed by the build and tg3.c just sits there
burt_so .. anyone into this level of detail?
icebrainsam1000: yes, but it doesn't come with Debian. You have to download the packages from Skype website
ml|burt_: /msg -OFTC dpkg tg3 ; might help
sam1000i will try ekiga
ml|sam1000: join #ubuntu on freenode
icebrainsam1000: well, both should work, but skype isn't supported
sam1000how to join on freenode
ml|sam1000: /server then /j #ubuntu
icebrainsam1000: what's your irc client?
sam1000xchat i gess
abrotmanwait .. wrong person :)
ml| CTCP VERSION reply from sam1000: xchat 2.8.6 Ubuntu
abrotmansam1000: please in your irc client type "/server"
abrotmanicebrain: sorry
bremneror pull down the XChat menu, select network list, and FreeNode
sam1000looking up takin long time does???
ml|should not take long
abrotmanor is it these days ?
ml|did change, but old should still work
ml|sam1000: try what abrotman just typed
sam1000network is unreachable....?
sam1000i gess i give try frm mint
ml|sam1000: just keep in mind ubuntu and mint are not supported here; only debian
sam1000i gess u r right.
sam1000thanks u guys for u r time.bye
bremnerOT: has IPv6 address 2001:19f0:feee::dead:beef:cafe
abrotmanthat was painful to watch ...
hatoonanybody here have compiled kde4.4.1 in debian?
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