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jordanmsloosh: care to elaborate? (such as pasting the error)
dpkgIn order for us to troubleshoot your problem with apt-get, aptitude or dselect we need the following information: The complete output of your apt-get/aptitude/dselect run (including the command you used); the output from apt-cache policy PKG1 PKG2...; for the relevant packages and "apt-cache policy".  Use to provide us with this information.  Also ask me about <localized errors>.
themillsee if you can find/download libc6_*.deb and then from outside the chroot, "dpkg -x /path/to/libc6*.deb /path/to/the/install"
cesuraseanwhat is the package name for inetd?
locklacecesurasean: aptitude search inetd
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carnagehey, i'm trying to do this usb install again, i setup the usb stick exactly like it says in the manual (ch4s03) and i'm still getting an error when it goes searching for the cdrom which appears to be mounted from /dev/loop0 on /cdrom according to df
carnagethe df output also has this line in it though inbetween the tempfs and /dev/loop0 lines: df: /hd-media: Input/output error
carnagewhich is, i assume, why i get a cdrom-retriever: error: Unable to find 'pool/main/l/lvm2/lvm2-udeb-2.02.39-7_i386.udeb'. error
carnagebecause when i try to go looking for that file in the emergency console i get input/output errors from ls
carnageand the two errors in the debug screen are: kernel isofs: unable to reade i-node block
carnageand an anna warning package retrieval failed
XayOncarnage: looks like a broken iso for me.
carnagei don't really want to download another one of those
carnageso big
jordanmits only 150mb
carnagethis one is 650 or so
jordanmyou can't use that for USB install
carnagereally? the guide says you can
jordanmonly the business card or netinst CDs iirc, if you are following the official guide
dpkgThe Debian Installation Guide for Lenny (5.0.4) can be found at .  See also <errata> and <installer firmware>.
carnageIf you used an hd-media image, you should now copy a Debian ISO image (businesscard, netinst or full CD image; be sure to select one that fits) onto the stick.
carnagethe only other thing i can think of is a mismatch between the installer and the iso... i guess that's what you mean too eh... it also says here: The installation image and the CD image must be based on the same release of debian-installer.
jordanmcarnage: "After that, mount the USB memory stick (mount /dev/sdX /mnt), which will now have a FAT filesystem on it, and copy a Debian netinst or businesscard ISO image to it. Unmount the stick (umount /mnt) and you are done."
carnagei'm wondering how i'd determine if they are the same
carnageit says multiple times in the document that it can also use a full cd image
jordanmthe guide seems to contradict itself. I had always thought it was netinst or businesscard only, perhaps you should try just to see
carnagealright, i will
carnagewhat's the difference between businesscard and netinstall anyway?
carnageall i really need is the base system and wifi support i guess
jordanmcarnage: sorry, I see now, you can only use the full cd if you follow "the flexible way" instead of "the easy way"
carnageyeah, i did 'the flexible way'
jordanmcarnage: the netinst contains everything needed to install a base system. buisnesscard only includes the installer
carnagebut i'm thinking i still might try the business card or the netinst seeing as how i'm not sure what else to try next :p
carnagealright, netinst it is
astronutaudio works on my system normally, but after creating a new user, adding them to the audio group and copying over my .asoundrc, this user gets "alsa-lib: pcm_dmix.c:977:(snd_pcm_dmix_open) unable to create IPC semaphore"
astronutlsof shows there don't seem to be any handles...any pointers
ObjectionHello, I am currently using Debian Squeeze 64bit. I am wondering whether I should use the 2.6.32-trunk-amd64 or 2.6.32-3-amd64 kernel?
craigevilObjection: 2.6.32-3-amd64 , the trunk kernels had issues
Objectioncraigevil, Ah ok thanks.
astronutok, it just seemd to have resolved itself...
deavidi'm having several problems with my 1st hard drive: at firts it seems to work perfectly, it runs all the OS... but after time, the system gets frozen for minutes, after that seems to work. Several times I/O error gets printed onto tty0...
petemcdeavid: check dmesg/syslog/messages
deavidi believed that I have to change my hard disk, but there is something bizarre: Whenever I check for bad blocks, I cant find any
deavidfrom a liveCD the drive seems to work
petemcif the drive supports it you could try smartmontools
valdynid rather believe badblocks than smartmontools
koollmanI wouldn't. they don't test the same things
deavidthere is something in messages
ryan22is the drive making weird griding noises?
valdyndeavid: are you sure that those io errors are even related to the harddisk?
deavidvaldyn: the I/O errors points to sda, so yes
deavidbut i'm not sure if the problem it's really the hard drive
ryan22it could be ram too
valdyni get those from an overheating southbridge on an usb disk
valdyn( -> doesnt need to be disk related )
deavidseems overheating too
deavidbecause it gets worse when its hot
valdynand that southbridge is broken by design, not because my case is venilated badly
deavidthis is a part of messages log:
deavidafter "16:46:26" i had to reboot, the system was inusable
deavidi'm running kde4, and the KDE button was lost, the desktop unresposive, etc..
ryan22you could try laptop-mode-tools to tweak the hd usage
ryan22to reduce the hd accesses
valdyndeavid: i would open the case and rerun the tests: sometimes thats enough to remove any heat problem
deavidvaldyn: the case is already open, and the test were done with the case closed first and later done again opened
valdyndeavid: I see
deavidthe results are very similar, probably it gives an extra bit of time before it gets frozen
valdynM/B Temp:    +63.0C vs CPU Temp:    +46.0C
valdyndeavid: can be alot of issues, broken psu for one, thats hard to diagnose
ryan22deavid: proably your best option is regulating hd accessing via laptop-mode-tools
ryan22at least until you can fix the hardware
deavidryan22: thanks for the hint, i want to try it now
ryan22deavid: good guide:
ryan22the config file is very well commented, just make sure you set it to take effect if your computer is connected via ac
stuckeyhow do I get chinese fonts?
grummundHi, anyone have an idea how to redirect serial port comms to a *listening* tcp socket on the same machine?
Action: grummund is considering netcat but wonders what else...
deavidit ocurred again:  i have to reboot now :-(
ryan22deavid: try a memtest too
amphideavid: traumatic indeed ;)
ryan22deavid: ive had i/o problems that appeared to be caused by the hd, but were really cause by mismatched ram
ryan22the mobo was just really picky :P
ryan22mjt: i used a 533 mhz ram stick in a atom/ion mobo that required a 800 mhz ram
ryan22the ion mobos are REALLY picky about ram speed and voltage
mjtall sane mobos will read the eeprom on the module and set up speed accordingly
mjtbut it is a bit more tricker if you try dual-channel config with different modules
petemcgrummund: socat
mjtbut ok, i see
ryan22mjt: this was signle channel. its cause the graphics chip has strict requirements. the system would boot fine, but video wouldnt play
ryan22ions boards are a pain
mjtit's difficult to find non-800MHz modules nowadays, too :)
ryan22if you can, a 512 MB 533 mhz stick is $13
ryan22ya i cheaped out (it was kingston)
mjti tried to find a 512Mb one for my diskless x terminal (also on atom).  Ended up buying 2Gb 800MGz to replace an 1Gb 533MHz in laptop ;)
ryan22mjt: im still disappointed that ram has actually gone up in price over the last 2 years
carleshi, is this the right place to ask a question about the local host name in Debian 5?
mjtyes carles
carlesgreat, I have checked everything online and couldnt find an answer: I have set my local host name in /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname
carlesI have checked that /etc/nsswitch.conf uses hosts: files dns
carlesbut still, host can't resolve my hostname
carlesso my hostname is zonalo
carlesping zonalo works fine
carlesbut host zonalo returns nxdomain
petemchost checks dns
mjtactually not only dns
mjtbut generally dns does not deal with bare names without dots
petemcman host gives --  host - DNS lookup utility
mjtok, i stand corrected. there's /etc/host.conf to control that somewhat
mjtpetemc: see order in host.conf. i'm not sure if host utility uses that conffile.
carlesdone that
koollmancarles: hosts make a dns check. it wouldn't check what you are trying to verify
carlesorder hosts, bind
koollmangetent hosts yourhost
koollmanwould be the easiest way I can think of
carlesso hosts doesn't use /etc/hosts at all?
carlesgetent works fine:       zonalo zonalo.local zonalo.localdomain
carlesbut host doesn't
koollmanas I said, host make a dns request. it would be only the 'bind' part of the configuration. it will not read /etc/hosts
mjts/bind/dns/ for nsswitch.conf
koollmangetent will do the request as the OS does. reading the config, using the proper calls, and all
carlesand hosts will go directly to a DNS server then?
carlesskipping the local conf files?
carlesmjt: my nsswitch.conf:
carleshosts:          files dns
mjtskipping local /etc/hosts, not local conf files.
koollmanwell, different files.
carlesok, understood
koollmanthe 'host' tool will just read /etc/resolv.conf :)
carleswhich is why I see a dns request that fails, since my dns server doesn't know about my hostname
carlesand why the program I am trying to run is failing, because it must use a dns request directly
carlesinstead of doing whatever ping is doing, which uses /etc/hosts
mjtwhich program it is?
carlesError: unable to connect to node rabbit@zonalo: nodedown
carlesI assume they're doing a dns lookup for zonalo instead of using gethostbyname() (which I assume reads /etc/hosts)
mjti'm not sure if it uses dns directly. there's no need to, unless, well, unless it us using something more than A/PTR records or wants to resolve many names asyncronously
nawafanybody is here
nawafhow are u
carlesthat is what is puzzling me actually, why would they use dns directly
locklacenawaf: lots of debian users in saudi arabia?
mjtcarles: i you can try using strace - quite good debugging tool
carlesmjt: thanks, I'll give that a try
carleskoollman: thanks for your help
mjtespecially look at ECONNREFUSED errors in strace output - my wild guess is that your server isn't running...
carlesmjt: ok, will check that
debaclehi all, can anyone help me with backport ? I'm trying to install kernel 2.6.32 ... but i got this errors
m42debacle, maybe trying to install udev also will solve that issue....
themilldebacle: install the "linux-image-amd64" package from bpo instead (it will install the bpo.3 kernel not the bpo.4 kernel)
deavidryan22: thanks! now with that the problem almost dissapered... there remains something, when it tries to save syslog entries and sync. but there is something good: the system doesn't freeze :-D :-D
ryan22lol no prob
ryan22it also makes your system much quieter
ryan22as the hd is usually the noisiest thing in the computer nowadays
debaclethemill: i got this error (quite the same)
themilldebacle: you probably want to get rid of linux-base
debaclethemill: i've used this command aptitude -t lenny-backports reinstall linux-image-amd64 is it ok ?
themilldebacle: aptitude -t lenny-backports reinstall linux-image-amd64 linux-base_
themill(the _ at the end is deliberate)
Action: jordanm must have missed _ in the manual
debaclethemill: it seems to work !
themilljordanm: that is actually in the manual ;) much of aptitude's power isn't, but that is!
nima_hi, i install xfce distro on my lenovo netbook s10-3 when i right click on desktop xfdesltop cpu usage = 100% for 15 sec or more what i can for fix this prob?
nima_hi, i install xfce distro on my lenovo netbook s10-3 when i right click on desktop xfdesktop cpu usage = 100% for 15 sec or more what i can for fix this prob?
ryan22debian stable has an older version of xfce4 that may not be optimized
ryan22you can try backports
dpkg[backport] a package from a newer Debian branch, compiled from source for an older branch to avoid dependency and ABI complications. (2.7.4 and 2.7.10), .  Ask me about <> and <backport caveat>.  See also <simple sid backport>.
allyourbassnima, how much memory do you have? is there a lot of HDD activity as well?
jordanmI still use the older packages just fine...
nima_allyourbass, 1 GB of ram
Action: jordanm debated upgrading xfce4 to backports but did not because of the machine being in production
ryan22jordanm: they dont have power manager. which makes it quite useless on a laptop
jordanmnima_: what version of debian?
jordanmryan22: ah. luckily doesn't effect me
nima_jordanm, debian GNU/Linux 2.6.32
jordanmnima_: alright, so now its narrowed down to 3 versions...
dpkgKernel: uname -r.  Debian: cat /etc/debian_version. and: dpkg -l libc6 | tail -n 1.  Package: dpkg -l _pkgname_.  Miscellaneous: try --version on the command. check /etc/apt/sources.list; run apt-cache policy <packagename>, or lsb_release -a, or cat /proc/version.  Do cat /etc/{*version*,*release*,*issue*} which should grab almost all distributions.
nima_jordanm, squeez
jordanmnima_: so essentially opening up the menu is slow and very CPU intensive?
nima_jordanm, i use top command in terminal and show me fxdesktop cpu usage = 100 % for 15 sec and more and every think hang when xfdesktop cpu usage=100%
ryan22ya try upgrading xfce4
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