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dpkgTo locate the kernel module(s) supporting your hardware, run lspci -k (lenny+), or lspci -nn, and ask me about <pciid 00:1b.0 Audio device ... [8086:284b] ...> Where [8086:284b] is the vendor+device id of your hardware.  Results should be similar to <hcl>, but uses your local /lib/modules/*/modules.alias to guess. Some hardware uses alternate means of detection: beware of some false positives+negatives.  /msg judd pciid 0806:284b
Bird|ghostedyeah judd's AWOL
simonrvnwill be back soonish
kcj1993Armageddon: Any code I can run to see what is is?
Armageddonyou don't know what you have ?
kcj1993ati 200m or something, i'm using a laptop
Armageddonkcj1993: try lspci | grep VGA
kcj199301:05.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon XPRESS 200M 5955 (PCIE)
Armageddonok then it is probably working
Armageddonkcj1993: there are not official drivers for ATI cards, you are probably using fglrx
macrobatravenbird: pciid 14e4:4315
ravenbirdmacrobat: I give up, what is it?
Bird|ghostedArmageddon, the 200M SHOULD work with radeon/r300
ArmageddonBird|ghosted: they all work
Bird|ghostedyeah.  the 200M is a bit of a flake I hear though
ArmageddonBird|ghosted: but there are not official drivers from ATI, fglrx is the only driver available right ?
kcj1993but if i try to start compiz xorg crashes
Armageddoncause I have the 3650
kcj1993so I'm guessing i don't have the drivers
alrsArmageddon: has radeon drivers
Bird|ghostedArmageddon, no...fglrx is the official driver from ati
Armageddonsimonrvn: wrong ?
Armageddonit is ? :/
Armageddonok then
Bird|ghostedradeon/r300/r300g/r600 = the open-source drivers within the Mesa codebase
simonrvnand many more; man radeon
Bird|ghostedfor radeons below the HD2k/HD3k/X4k/X5k, radeon is the definite choice
Bird|ghostedand with recent Mesa versions, even HD2k/HD3k/X4k hardware is worth trying r600 on
kcj1993is there any way to test it hardware acceleration is working?
Bird|ghosted(recent = 7.6.1 and later)
Bird|ghostedkcj1993, glxinfo | grep direct
Bird|ghostedalso glxgears
kcj1993Warning, xpress200 detected.
kcj1993direct rendering: Yes
Bird|ghostedkcj1993, pastebin me the output of glxinfo
Bird|ghostedand also, don't expect anything, the Radeon Xpress 200 series is seriously buggy WRT OpenGL (on all platforms)
Bird|ghostedthe best you will get is pathetic performance (>1spf)
Armageddondo I need the security debian repos ?
Armageddoncause I can't connect to the repos, unless there is another one
Bird|ghostedkcj1993, then the r300 driver is doing the best it can for you
Bird|ghostedfglrx is a very good way to break a system, so I wouldn't recommend installing it, as it won't help anything
Armageddonkcj1993: listen to Bird|ghosted
Bird|ghostedthere are BIOS/firmware flaws in the card most likely :( that prevent it from doing much of anything beside flopping about uselessly when it tries to do OpenGL accel
DEbiansqueezenot some type of composite issue or anything ?
ArmageddonI've already tried it, it messes up the system big time if you make a little mistake
kcj1993so why is compiz crashing when I try to run it?
kcj1993compiz worked fine in ubuntu
Bird|ghostedkcj1993, dunno then
DEbiansqueezecan you run glxgears?
Bird|ghostedtry running glxgears and seeing if things crash
Bird|ghostedor if they stay stable
Bird|ghostedalso test with a 3d game...Nexuiz for instance
DEbiansqueezethats where i would syart
kcj1993yep glxgears run
Bird|ghostedok, move on to Nexuiz then...
Bird|ghostedor Sauerbraten, whichever flavor you prefer ;)
DEbiansqueezeand can i see your xorg conf?
Bird|ghostedI need to trundle off to a meeting though
Teratogenwhy is firefox called iceweasel on debian?
themilldpkg: tell Teratogen about why iceweasel
ArmageddonTeratogen: firefox is different from iceweasel
ArmageddonTeratogen: iceweasel is based on mozilla
kcj1993Bird|ghosted, nexuiz is a 300mb+ download, any thing smaller?
jhutchins_ltSo... if iceweasel is no longer supported as of etch, what does lenny use?
DEbiansqueezeyou got google earth installed?
kcj1993I'll go and get it
DEbiansqueezeat least you would use it again
themilljhutchins_lt: err... no longer supported *in* etch, not "as of etch".
jhutchins_ltthemill: I was wondering if that was it.
kcj1993google earth crashes
kcj1993this sucks
kcj1993I might as well go back to ubuntu
cirwinforgive me, but where is the missing link between apt-get source mysql_client-5.1 and dpkg-source -x mysql_client-5.1 ?
oggeicirwin: uh ?
cirwinI want to get the sources for the mysql client package
cirwinapparently I can use dpkg-source to get them, once I've apt-get source'd it
cirwinbut I don't know how to make it actually do anythign
oggeiapt-get source mysql-client is enough you have to do for having an uncompressed source tree in your current directory, and a couple of support files
cirwinthank you
oggei(also, apt-get source mysql_client-5.1 will fail cause no package with this name)
cirwinmysql-client, w.e :p
TrollinatorHi, where can i find netinstall images for debian testing? I tried here:
Trollinatorbut the only images i find there are for lenny, not for squeeze
dpkgsomebody said netinst was a small CD image with which you can install Debian.  If, during the installation process you have a working Internet connection, you can install more packages straight away, otherwise, you will have a base install and more packages later.  See  See also <check iso image>, <dialup install>, <usb install>, <pppoe install>, <netboot>, <bf>, <installer>.
streunerjust upgrade to squeeze then
Trollinatorthis has _zero_ to do with what i've been asking.
TrollinatorIt's rather stupid to install stable and then upgrade instead of installing testing in the first place.
Trollinatorbecause installing it already takes ages because it has to download so much.
streunerthe only thing is, IMO, what kind of d-i (Debian Installer) you use...
Trollinatorand then i have to download everything again because everything is newer.
streunerjust install a basic system
Trollinatorand besides, my wlan doesn't work with kernel 2.6.26.
streunerthats not much in Debian
Trollinatorand no, i can't plug in a cable, sorry.
streunerwell, you should look for a d-i which solve that then, kmuto i.e.
streuneror a devel d-i
streunerwlan doesnt work, why?
dpkgFor Debian Lenny (or Etch) installers with up-to-date kernels, see .  The <bnx2> and <bnx2x> firmware files for Linux 2.6.32 are included in 0116 images.
Trollinatorbecause 2.6.26 doesn't have the driver.
macrobatdebootstrap from grml
macrobatmore to download :)
streunergrml has its own function to setup to Debian, true...
streuneror that
streunerTrollinator: you see, there are many ways to install Debian...
Trollinatori'm installing on a laptop without an optical drive and i only have a 128 MB usb key.
Trollinatori'll take a look at the kmuto thing.
streunerhow about an extern USB DVD LW?
Trollinatori don't have one.
streunerthats always crap
streuner!rube goldberg install
dpkg"Hi!  I want to install Debian with a 2.6.x kernel on a machine, but I can't boot from floppies, and I can't boot from CD-ROM, and I have no network card.  I have only a USB dot matrix printer and a punch card reader.  Wait, the card reader just fell on the floor and broke."
streunerif you dont have the hardware to install
tkingTrollinator, business cd iso
tkingI think that fits <128mb
streunerand that would work within USB stick▀
Trollinatoryes, it does.
Trollinatorthe lenny one does boot.
macrobatusb sticks are cheap
Trollinatorit's just that the wlan doesn't work.
tkingnot cheap when you have 0 monies
abrotmanthe kmuto is bigger than 128MB
lenswipehey guys
Trollinatoryeah, kmuto doesn't help me.
macrobatsell that laptop :)
streunerfor sure (kmuto)
lenswipehow do i set debian so that all user home dirs are created with 700
Trollinatormacrobat: why would i?
Trollinatorabrotman: i have a 1 GB stick, i just lended it to someone.
streunerwell, you should have something at least to install Debian, otherwise we cant help
Trollinatorerr, not abrotman but macrobat
Trollinatorstreuner: well, i have the 128 MB stick.
Trollinatorthere was the mini.iso for stable, i just need a recent kernel to go with it.
abrotmanTrollinator: so get it back
abrotmanTrollinator: is it for a server?
Trollinatorno, for a notebook without an optical drive.
Trollinatorperhaps i'll just install sid instead
abrotmanTrollinator: you could use the squeeze installer .. though you get the warts that are inherent with using testing
Trollinatormy first question when i joined this channel was where to get the netboot images for squeeze.
Trollinatorfor some mysterious reason, the images in don't actually contain testing, but stable images.
lenswipehow do i set debian so that all user home dirs are created with 700 permissions?
lenswipeanyone know?
abrotmanlenswipe: vi /etc/adduser.conf
abrotmanTrollinator: moment
abrotmanTrollinator: i386 or amd64 ?
abrotmanTrollinator: .. best of luck to you
Trollinatorit's an atom processor, i think those don't have 64 bits, right?
abrotmanTrollinator: uhm .. i'm too lazy to turn mine on :)
blizzowI just did a dist-upgrade on squeeze and it brought up a screen saying it doesn't have the firmware files for a realtek 8169 network card.  It says I need to enable a restricted repository, anyone here know how I should do that?
lenswipeabrotman: i just edited DIR_MODE=700 im assuming thats the correct one? - i commented the old one out rather than delete it just in case ;)
dvsTrollinator: most don't
abrotmanblizzow: probably wants the non-free repo so you cann install the firmware from there
dvsTrollinator: 230, 330, N450 do
Trollinatori think it's a 270
blizzowabrotman: non-free is listed in my sources.list.  I'm kind of worried that when I reboot, I won't have a network card.
TrollinatorOK, thanks.
dvsthey don't
blizzowwhich would suck.
abrotmanblizzow: do you have the actual text of the message ?
blizzowno, it was a whiptail message when I ran aptitude safe-upgrade
blizzowI just mentioned the firmware for my network card (realtek 8169) and that it was part of a restricted package.
dpkghmm... non-free is a component which contains software that does not comply with the <DFSG>.  To add non-free packages to your packages index, ask me about <non-free sources>.  To see which non-free packages are installed on your system, ask me about <vrms>.  For the non-free tracking system, see
blizzow!non-free sources
dpkgmethinks non-free sources is edit /etc/apt/sources.list, ensure that the two main Debian mirror lines end with "main contrib non-free" rather than just "main", then aptitude update.  But bear in mind that you'll be installing <non-free> software.  These may have onerous terms; check the licenses.  See also <sources.list>.
abrotmanblizzow: aptitude search firmware
dotCOMmieHey does kbluetooth work for anyone, I haven't been able to make it work sice kde4 hit debian.
dotCOMmieAll I get is "no bluetooth adapter" when I hover mouse over kbluetooth logo
blizzowabrotman: thanks, I'll install linux-firmware-nonfree
abrotmanblizzow: and you should be able to boot your current kernel i'd think
blizzowWhen I installed linux-firmware-nonfree, it started update-initramfs and said "W:  Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/rtl8168d2.fw for module r8169"  It's also missing rtl8168d-2.fw  but it exits okay with no other warnings.
abrotman!find rtl8168d2.fw unstable
bluejeansgood evening... how do i install aufs-module to my squeeze ??
dpkgDebian Package/File/Desc Search of 'rtl8168d2.fw' returned no results.
bluejeansabrotman: i just got here.. but what's up? i was haivng darned hard tiem with that same pieve of firmare the other day..
abrotmanthe kernel wants it
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