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echathe same package
echathere is only one
jelly-homeecha: pastebin the actual error
echathe file exists in only one package
echait's hard to paste as it's on another system with no internet
echai will copy to usb hang on
paissadsquisher, yes, if i remove the background option of the program , everything's ok !
paissadsquisher, you're a great guy :)
squisherpaissad, you're welcome
jelly-homeecha: if it's the exact package, things should work. If it's some other package, read the policy:
Devastatorjelly-home I see that you didn't sleep yet, can I ask you a simple question about raid?
jelly-homemaybe :-)
Devastatorjelly-home is it hard to setup raid 10 on linux?
jelly-homenot any harder than elsewhere
echajelly-home: i'm not  sure what you mean
echajelly-home: the file exists in only one package
jelly-homepkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/pack-eclipse_0.01_all.deb (--unpack): trying to overwrite `/opt/eclipse/about.html', which is also in package nirs-eclipse
paissadbtw, i would like to know how to manage the order of start of init.d scripts ... for example how to ensure that script_a will be run before script_b ?
jelly-homeecha: you have "pack-eclipse" and "nirs-eclipse"
echathis is a mistake
abrotmanyou made it!
jelly-homeecha: you'll have to either purge the old package first, or add Conflicts: and Replaces: nirs-eclipse if you want it to be automatically removed, or just Replace: if you want that file overwritten but keep other bits of the old package.
echabut it isn't installed
jelly-homeecha: yes it is.
echai purged everything from synaptic
echaand checked in /top
jelly-homeit's unpacked at least
echain /opt
jelly-homeecha: dpkg -l nirs\*
echano packages found matching
jimcooncatI'd like to know if there is an option where I could have "group homes", where a home directory is provided for each group formed by manual input. Anyone heard of a setup like that?
jelly-homeecha: dpkg doesn't make mistakes... users do!
echabut where
echathat's the hard part
jimcooncatI suspect this would be monkeying with PAM?
jelly-homeecha: nothing in dpkg -l nirs\*, or dpkg -l nirs-eclipse?
Rienzilhaadd them to a group
Rienzilhamake the directory owned by that group
Rienzilhaand set the homedir for each user to that directory
echajelly-home, no
jelly-homeecha: ls -l /var/lib/dpkg/nirs-eclipse*
Devastatorjelly-home I asked the question because I'm thinking about building a server using raid 10, but never used it under linux.. some say raid 10 is the best
jimcooncatI guess I could make my own front end to addgroup?
Mr_Queueany aptitude guru's on hand? It has been forever since I've been outside of Debian. However, I just set up an Ubuntu host inside my Sid machine and noticed a pretty big different in the responsiviness when using aptitude in ubuntu. what gives?
echanothing in there
echasomething is wrong with my packages
echai think
echathe control files are wrong
lizkin grub2 what is the number of first logical partition?
jelly-homeecha: that's a real possibility, too.  The clocks on your machines don't match either.
echayes, i noticed
echaone is a VM, its clock is always wrong
jelly-homeeh, make it ntpdate once a minute in cron
Mr_Queueis there some large cache aptitude/dpkg is reading over I don't know about?
jelly-home... once you have network
echajelly-home, no internets
echajelly-home, no internets ever...
jelly-homeMr_Queue: I guess, if their aptitude is faster, you'll have to ask them?
jelly-homeecha: so make a local time server, or install guest additions, or just do date -s "correct time"
jimcooncatMr_Queue: maybe one of the repositories you use added a load of packages?
sparrare there any open source multi-protocol IM clients that support video on one or more protocols?
jelly-homeecha: also, don't expect help from me if you paste munged data, it's too much hassle to fix the real issue without the user muddying it even more
abrotmanMr_Queue: you sohuld really ask #ubuntu
jelly-home"Dear #ubuntu, why is Ubuntu's aptitude so much faster than Debian's?"
jelly-homeMr_Queue: possibly a better question for #debian-devel than here, they might know if ubuntu has patches applied
abrotmanor ask the ubuntu devs .
jimcooncathow do I find what pam modules debian stable has available?
Mr_Queuejelly-home: good point.. I had initally thought that perhaps it had something to do with the age of my Sid install..(years) over the fresh vhost.
Mr_Queueerr.. vclient
jelly-homeMr_Queue: you might have lots of crap in the aged installation sources.list
Mr_Queueabrotman: why? I don't 'run' ubuntu really.. it is only a vm built just the other day, and the slack seems to be debian.
Mr_Queuejelly-home: well, rather 'clean' sources.. main contrib non-free and multimedia..
jelly-homeMr_Queue: we don't know why aptitude is slow as hell, we just live with it
abrotmanMr_Queue: it's their patches, not ours .. ask them how they altered theirs to be faster
jelly-homeand probably a -dev channel of some sort rather than just #u
Mr_Queueabrotman: well that seems to answer the question. with it is know and accepted that our aptitude is slower..
DogBoyslower how?
abrotmanMr_Queue: good, conversation over?
Mr_Queueabrotman: yeah sure I suppose so....
abrotmanMr_Queue: really, you're asking the wrong people
tkingWhat would debian do with 1000 USD if one were to give them that much?
jelly-hometking: TIAS
abrotmantking: you'd donate the money to SPI
Mr_Queuetking: pay for some bandwidth? add to the endowment?
tkingI wanted to setup a FSF scholarship for college students
tkingbut then my wife took a bunch of stuff
Mr_Queueheh- they're good for that eh
jelly-hometking: you seem to be overestimating the value of US Dollar by a lot
TrueDDGood night all
Action: [bintut] waves
tkingjelly, no I had a lot more than a grand. \
tkingjelly-home, *
[bintut]i am having an OOM that kills my running Squid 2.6STABLE5 eventhough i have a 16GB RAM. any advice? how can i eliminate the OOM problem on my system? thanks.
OldParrplease how do i incorpore filesystem NTFS to gparted in debian it only shows ext2 ext3 and swap?
jelly-home[bintut]: 32 or 64bit debian?
nolimitsoyais there a live install cd with networkmanager enabled?
jelly-homeOldParr: install the Suggested: packages of gparted.  Notably, ntfsprogs
OldParrjelly-home: thanks
nikejelly-home: What do you think of this:   mdadm --assemble /dev/md0 /dev/sda1 /dev/sdb1 /dev/sdc1 /dev/sdd1 /dev/sde1 /dev/sdf1
jelly-homenike: sounds worth a try... is sdb alive?
nikejelly-home: best way to check?
lizkin grub2 what is the number of first logical partition?
jelly-homenike: hdparm -tT? smartmontools?
dvslizk: 5
bododohi guys
jimcooncatis there anything special about a user or group name that starts with an underscore?
nolimitsoyaok the, does the kde install come with networkmanager or will i need more cds?
bododoit seems that udev has problems in sid?
jelly-homenike: if you take a look at superblock in sda1, you'll see there was no sdb1 in there the last time it was working, either
bododoIt shows me a whole lot of errors (warnings I think)
bododoand mouseemu isn't working
dvsbododo: about conf?
nikejelly-home: Odd.  Right.  Okay, scary.  If I erased sdf during that stunted 1-2% rebuild process when it was sda, sdb, etc....
bododowhen I login to X, I have no keyboard
bodododvs: ? :)
jelly-homenike: you'll probably have some crap on sdf1
bodododvs: ah yes! the warnings were about conf I think
nikejelly-home: But look at this:
nikeIt shows hdparm output as well as mdadm scanning sdb1
dvsbododo: they're just warnings.
bododois there a way I can tune/config udev or something?
jelly-homenike: note the difference in dates on sdb1 and other sd?1
bodododvs: yes, but I think there's a pb with it
nikejelly-home: Okay so it might have died on Nov 3?
nikeThat hdparm command didn't have much info it seems.
nikeShould I do another hdparm command or install smartmontools?
OldParrplease how do i incorpore filesystem FAT to gparted in debian it only shows ntfs ext2 ext3 and swap?
jelly-homenike: at this point I'd either contact a data recovery company and explain in detail what was done, or try assembling sda1, sdc1-sdf1 and see what the filesystem looks like
nikejelly-home: Wow.  Okay....
nikejelly-home: What do you think of this:   mdadm --assemble /dev/md0 /dev/sda1 /dev/sdc1 /dev/sdd1 /dev/sde1 /dev/sdf1
jelly-homeOldParr: look at the status of gparted package. dpkg -s gparted.  Then extrapolate from that.
nolimitsoyanike, specify a metadata version, level and layout as appropriate
jelly-homeOldParr: the answer is similar to your previous question.
nolimitsoyanike, oops, never mind :)
OldParrjelly-home: thanks
jelly-homenike: I think I'd have to rtfm to see if there are any --read-only options to be added
pm2I'm having a strange problem with the way mail is being sent to certain users on my domain.  I have a postfix/procmail/spamassassin setup.  A user has an account which is set to deliver to a virtual mailbox, and to forward to a blackberry email address.  When I send mail to that user, he received 9 copies of the message.  Log files are here:
nikejelly-home: yeah read-only would be amazing, that's really the reason I'd want to use force but
pm2This started after I setup procmail and spamassassin to do spam filtering.  So far I've only noticed it on this one user's account, I setup another account to forward to a non-blackberry address and also deliver to a virtual mailbox, and I don't have the problem.  Any ideas?
OldParr jelly-home: why do you use dpkg instead of aptitude?
jelly-homeOldParr: why not?
nikejelly-home: I do not see one in the subsection of switches for assemble nor the general non-mode specific switches
OldParrjelly-home: internet says that aptitude is the best package manager for debian
jelly-homeOldParr: I don't see the point.  Is there a shorter way to do dpkg -s packagename with aptitude?
OldParrjelly-home: i will investigate that question i really do not know
g00dtimespm2: for clarity, you send one email to and it gets delivered 9 times to
jelly-homeneither do I, so I use what I know works
pm2g00dtimes, let me double check...
jelly-homenike: also.  That hdparm test showed hdparm was unable to read 2MB off the disk... so sdb has issues.
jelly-homeTiming buffered disk reads:  read(2097152) returned 1445888 bytes
nikejelly-home: Probably enough to kill it's position in the array?
nikeEither needs to be rebuilt, or... well does that mean it's definitely dead?
nikeAnd by dead I mean: is that 2MB of space physically shot?
pm2g00dtimes, I send one email to, and 9 copies end up at both and the virtual maildir for
jelly-homenike: it certainly seems so
g00dtimespm2: what are you using for your virtual maps?
nikejelly-home: Okay well I am scared I may have overwritten sdf's data from before when I had no sda1, sdb1, etc.
nikebest way to verify would be to mdadm --assemble I think
nikeleaving out sdb I guess
pm2g00dtimes, a pgsql backend.. let me post
jelly-homenike: the safest thing to do at this point might be: get a new disk to use instead of current sdf.  Then assemble a degraded array with sd{a,c,d,e}, and let it rebuild on the replacement for sdf
nikejelly-home: Probably will add --run actually, that attempts to start the arry even if less drives are specified than when it was last working.  So if I only specify 5 drives and leave out sdb1...?
jelly-homenike: this will work IFF no other disks have bad sectors/read errors
nikejelly-home: No no, this is RAID-5 though.
nikeIf I lose 2 disks I thought I am dead in the water.
pm2g00dtimes, at
nikeIf my sdb is physically dead... don't I need to try my damndest to recover sdf?
jelly-homenike: the array seems to be using 5 devices.
nikejelly-home: It's definitely a 6 drive RAID-5 array
jelly-homeoh, I misread
pm2g00dtimes, I manually ran the sql query for - it returns two rows of and
jelly-homenike: then you're fucked already
nikeI've got sdb maybe dead, and sdf maybe overwritten
g00dtimespm2: also, hang a few "-v" off the end of the line in that contains the virtual definiton and then reload postfix
nikejelly-home: What if it rebuilds with sdf?
nikemdadm --assemble /dev/md0 --run /dev/sda1 /dev/sdc1 /dev/sdd1 /dev/sde1 /dev/sdf1 ??
jelly-homenike: s/rebuilds/assembles/?  Some of the data might be crap.
jelly-homedon't insist on --run, first see if it assembles at all
nikejelly-home: Well okay, I will.  But now I'm looking at incremental mode.
g00dtimespm2: can you post as well?
jelly-homenike: there's nothing incremental to be done here.
nikeNot sure if I want to just do that instead of a straight assemble
pm2g00dtimes, certainly, one sec
nikeah okay, I just though that the test incremental mode does might be nice, but okay.
jelly-homenike: it's the same thing
nikeYou think I should just run the assemble command without sdb?
jelly-homeall of your non-bad device are online and connected
g00dtimespm2: first off, crank up the verbosity on virtual. next, resend a message.  it looks like the lookup is returning >1 result, thus delivering it more than once.
jelly-homenike: definitely, sdb is a) dead, and b) data on it is 2 months old
nikeIt'll know it's RAID-5 and try and run the array without sdb etc.
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