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SerajewelKSnat2610: create a local repository with that .deb
SerajewelKSnat2610: alternatively, you can dpkg -i --force-depends on the .deb and then "aptitude -f install" to fix the broken dependencies.  the former is cleaner, the latter is easier.
SerajewelKSnat2610: obviously don't do the dpkg --force-depends route for anything core, like libc
abrotmankarlpinc: what?
orak3live installed fglrx-driver with fglrx-modules-dkms. build was fine and fglrx.ko is in /lib/modules/$KERNEL/updates/dkms. i cant load the driver with modprobe (module not found) but it is working with "insmod"
orak3lis this expected?
cuscotry modprobe -l to list available modules
cusco|greping whatever
orak3lcusco, ok i can see update/dkms/fglrx.ko in the search path. but im not sure if this entry existed before i manually "insmod" fglrx
orak3li have to reboot
JordiGHIs it a security risk to have my private ssh key in a machine that may be physically compromised?
JordiGHI mean, there's a key to the private key, but...
tharkunJordiGH: is it safe to play with fire?
tuvyz <- that's one sad story
abrotmantharkun: depends how big the flame is ?
PinkFreudJordiGH: your ssh key is as safe as the passphrase protecting it.
abrotmantuvyz: #debian-offtopic
JordiGHPinkFreud: Good enough for me.
abrotmanJordiGH: that said .. if they get your key, and you don't replace the pair .. they have infinite tries to figure out your passphrase
PinkFreudJordiGH: Personally, I wouldn't place that much trust in it, but it's your key.
JordiGHWell, are the current estimates for cracking 8 random printable ascii characters well below the heat death of the universe?
JordiGHMaybe I should make it longer: 16 random printable ASCII characters.
PinkFreudthat was an interesting bot.
PinkFreudJordiGH: The way I view it is that having a passphrase on your key helps in case it escapes into the wild.
PinkFreudJordiGH: that being said, NEVER let your key escape into the wild.  :P
lifestreamWhere do I find the commands that debian runs on boot? Like mouting the disks, starting services
PinkFreudlifestream: /etc/init.d
lifestreamPinkFreud, oh I see, then there's a file for each program.. I see...
Titan8990mounting the disks isn't performed by a service
lifestreamNo,  "things like mounting the disks, *and* starting services"
lifestreamthere was a comma there  :p
Titan8990lifestream: I know, I was just pointing it out :). I am not sure what exactly mounts the disks... could still be a job of the bootloader
tharkunJordiGH: Lets put it this way, the passphrase on your keypair is just a time ticket that you get in case your machine gets compromised so you can revoke it and set up a new one
Titan8990in short it goes kernel boots -> rootfs is mounted -> rest of fs mounted -> services started
lifestreamTitan8990, I'm not interested in modding the disk config, that was just an example of "things that run on boot"
lifestreamI just want to add 1 line to be run on boot
lifestreamFor everyone, not for user
Titan8990lifestream: sysvconfig --listlinks
Titan8990!tell lifestream about rc.local
lifestreamOk so that file I can add custom changes
lifestreamOk, now, I want to stop mpd from loading on boot
Titan8990lifestream: check you pm from dpkg
Titan8990lifestream: man update-rc.d
lifestreamHmm I don't want to stop it after it runs, I just don't want it to load *at all* on boot
cuscoso.. how can I make a keybind to perform a double-click ?
lifestreamThanks for the info Titan8990 :-)
adbcusco, why ?
adbTitan8990, think to  /sbin/init  as sources of all system
cuscoadb: how come why?
adbcusco, why you need that ?
cuscoadb: because my coleague needs this accessibility feature
cuscohe is not physically capable of double clicking .. fast enough
cuscobut the why does not relly matter..
cuscoits the how :P
adbcusco, on gnome ?
cuscoadb: yes
lindi-cusco: xte?
adbyou may enable one click only for it
blizzowcrap, I just did aptitude dist-upgrade and now all gtk based apps die on contact.  They give me;  symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: g_malloc_n
cuscolindi-: what is xte?
lindi-cusco: tool to generate key clicks and mouse clicks
cuscowhat is the package name?
[Jasper]hej guys, is it possible somehow to reduce cpu fan speed from debian?
lindi-cusco: apt-file search bin/xte
[Jasper]its not doable in the bios..
lindi-cusco: just bind F10 to run "xte mouseclick 0; xte mouseclick 0"
lindi-[Jasper]: depends entirely on the fan controller
[Jasper]how can i find out lindi- ?
cuscodon't have apt-file ...
lindi-[Jasper]: flashrom, superiotool, lspci, dmidecode
lindi-cusco: apt-get install apt-file
lindi-cusco: it's the standard tool for finding packages by file name
cuscolindi-: yea I have been trying to avoid it
cuscoI know it, I think it slows down my machine
lindi-cusco: you can use too
lindi-[Jasper]: there's no automatic way
sutemwhats the best way to make a shell account for a user who wants to run an eggdrop?
adbcusco, you may change it in nautilus> Preferences> Behavior> check 'Single click to open items'
jelly-homesutem: what's the difference between an irc bot user, and any other normal shell account user?
cuscoadb: that would not work inside netbeans...
sutemi just dont want to enable the user to do any crappy things to the server
sutemthe rest doesnt really matter
PinkFreudsutem: If you don't trust the user, don't give them an account.
cuscoUnknown command 'mouseclick'
sutemmh okay thx
abrotmansutem: does the user need a shell, or can you just setup the bot for them ?
m3ttiwhen will the btrfs-tools 0.19-11 released in sid or squeeze??
PinkFreudabrotman: at that point, he has to worry about how much access he gives the user to the bot.  eggdrop owners tend to have access to the shell via the bot anyway...
abrotmanPinkFreud: he could chroot the bot if he really were that concerned
cuscolindi-: sorry but how do I bind f10 to a custom command?
PinkFreudgah, he left.
PinkFreudchrooting is always possible, but it still comes down to - don't give someone you don't trust any accesss.  :)
[Jasper]lindi- SMBIOS 2.3 DMI 2.1 ACPI 1.0
cuscoim sure in gnome is somewhere in gconf
[Jasper]does that help?
thick_mcrunfastcusco: Not to point out anything too obvious, but have you tried Google?
cuscothick_mcrunfast: yes just found it
cuscolindi-: thanks for xte
lindi-[Jasper]: not really :(
lindi-[Jasper]: which motherboard?
m3ttiwhen will the btrfs-tools 0.19-11 released in sid or squeeze??
MorkBorkwhat are the odds of dhcp 4.1.1 being added to lenny?
MorkBorkor should i just install it manually
zinxcheck backports
MorkBorknah its not in backports
CutMeOwnThroatlenny is stable, nothing is added to it but security updates
MorkBorktheres wide-dhcpv6-server in lenny but
Titan8990,versions dhcp3-client
judddhcp3-client -- etch: 3.0.4-13; etch-security: 3.0.4-13+etch2; etch-backports: 3.1.1-5~bpo40+1; lenny-security: 3.1.1-6+lenny3; lenny: 3.1.1-6+lenny4; sid: 3.1.3-2; squeeze: 3.1.3-2; experimental: 4.1.0-1; experimental: 4.1.1-1
MorkBorkits been obsoleted
MorkBorkbasically the wide-dhcpv6 people say... we're done, use isc dhcp 4 instead
CutMeOwnThroatwhy 4.1.1?
Titan8990MorkBork: does that mean it no longer works? ifconfig has been obsoleted, but it is still in wide use
MorkBorkno, it still works, but it was a transient project, isc dhcp > 4. is the defacto standard moving forward
MorkBorkfor dhcpv6 (ipv6)
CutMeOwnThroatwell, you can backport it for lenny... but that it's in experimental and not in testing/unstable can be a bad sign (or it can just be because the freeze is near)
dpkgFirst: See if the package has already been backported. Ask me about <backports>. If it hasn't, 1) Add ONLY a "deb-src ..." line for sid to your sources.list.  2) apt-get update 3) apt-get install build-essential; apt-get build-dep packagename;apt-get -b source packagename; 4) install the resultant debs.  If you are just wanting to change the compilation options, ask me about <package recompile>, or see <uupdate> if sid is too old
themillIt would seem unlikely to even be destined for inclusion in squeeze.
MorkBorkthe quirk with it is that isc is a fail
MorkBorkand even though isc dhcp > 4.x supports both dhcp and dhcpv6, it wont do it in the same instance
CutMeOwnThroat4.1.1-1; Build-Depends: debhelper (>> 7), dpkg-dev (>= 1.13.2), groff, dpatch, po-debconf, libldap2-dev, libssl-dev
MorkBorkso i think its causing some issues for packagers
CutMeOwnThroatdoesn't look like it would be problematic to backport
MorkBorkno i dont think its the actual packaging, just the methodology they will use
MorkBorkto run two instances
MorkBorki.e. two init scripts, or a line in defaults/dhcp, etc
MorkBorkin the end its all just for practice, but theres no sense practicing with something thats been abandoned
MorkBorkbut i think even the newer versions of network manager will end up requiring isc dhcp > 4
PARLIAMENTis there any way to see what package installed gnome-keyring as a dependency?
Titan8990PARLIAMENT: aptitude why <package>
MorkBorkof course maybe its still too early to play with dhcpv6
MorkBorksince id have to hack up a dhcpv6 impl for each client
MorkBork4.1 isnt even marked stable in gentoo, theres no osx impl, who knows with windows
themillMorkBork: so why on earth would you expect to see it in debian stable?
MorkBorkbecause this is something that i would expect to be fast tracked
MorkBorkgiven the exhaustion of ipv4
themilldpkg: tell MorkBork about stable
themillMorkBork: there's already wide-dhcpv6-client, why does dhcp 4.1 need to be fast tracked?
MorkBorkfull impl of the protocol, dependencies, etc
themilla protocol that isn't yet stable with no reference implementation yet... sure.. I can see people caring about that RSN
dAnjouhi, what's the best way to sync time on a server? i read about ntpdate (via cron) and chrony ...
dAnjouwhat is better?
jpwhitingcan anyone help me get X to run at all, I've been trying to use nvidia, but it doesn't work
themilldAnjou: use ntpd not ntpdate
MorkBorkdAnjou, use ntp and let it run all the time
thySEusdAnjou: try rdate
jpwhitingthen I am trying nv (removed all traces of nvidia)
jpwhitingand it does the same thing
jpwhitinggreen stripes with grey stripes
jpwhitingnothing on the other monitor
jpwhitinghmm, maybe I'm missing something lower than the video, like agp support or something...
jpwhitingwith both nv and nvidia I get no errors or warnings in Xorg.0.log
MorkBorkbut yes i think dhcpv6 is a core issue moving forward the next 2 years
MorkBorkits spec'd in docsis 3.0, etc
themillMorkBork: s/2/20/ and you might be right.
dAnjouthySEus: quote wikipedia "rdate is the older standard that in many cases is now replaced by ntp/ntpd." ... ?
MorkBorkyou realize ipv4 exhaustion is about 2 years away right?
MorkBorkno, its not going to make things come to a screeching halt
PinkFreudMorkBork: ipv4 exhaustion has been about 2 years away for the past decade.
themillMorkBork: perhaps you'll find more people who care in ##networking
defryskdhcp ftw
MorkBorkif you dont believe me, read the data for yourself
MorkBorkits not chicken little
MorkBorkverizon and comcast are already starting to do in depth testing
CutMeOwnThroatis that like with fossil fuels, then? They'll always be exhausted within ~20 years... for the last 50 years
MorkBorkgoogle just flipped the switch on ipv6 (google, youtube, etc)
defryskso ipv4 depletes in 2012
defryskhow fascinating
defryskthey should make a movie about that
MorkBorkwell theres talk of reclaiming, but the concensus is that its a legal quagmire
themillMorkBork: getting client software to actually work with ipv6 is more important. Go fix some ipv6 bugs (e.g. with java) instead. There are plenty.
MorkBorkits probably not as big of an issue in north america
MorkBorkbut its a major issue for asia
MorkBorksome asian isps are pure ipv6 already
Action: themill points towards #debian-offtopic
Action: CutMeOwnThroat points towards themill who points towards #debian-offtopic
phoulwhen i try and run a login as a user to login to a different user i get the message  No utmp entry.  You must exec "login" from the lowest level "sh"
phoulwhat does this mean
action09hi all, can someone tell me why nessus is in repostiory ? i thought it's closed source now .
rvsjoenthe old version isnt
CutMeOwnThroatphoul, are you actually running the program "login"?
phouli beleive so, im running login by itself from bash
action09rvsjoen : nessus is presented in the repo as "Version 4 of the Nessus Scanner " quite "new"
CutMeOwnThroatwhat is "running login"?
AtogI've got a server that initially started out on an i386 machine.. I've since replaced the hardware and it's now running on IA-64 hardware.. would a normal apt-get upgrade be sufficient to convert the system to all IA-64 packages after forcing the architecture with the apt config option: "APT::Architecture"?
phoulopen bash and type login
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