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catfive_thanks SerajewelKS , abrotman
SerajewelKSor you need to try the same device on another computer
SerajewelKScatfive_: np, any time you need misinformation, just ask
catfive_for the record, aptitude had no objections
qfrWhat is state of the art traffic shaping software for Linux? Somebody told me that everything ultimately still uses tcng which hasn't been updated since 2003. I am currently failing to build it on my Arch router - which is why I am asking. Apparently there are modified versions of it in the Debian repositories from which I was using it successfully back then. Apparently this is it: - I have no idea
qfr if I can use this with Arch, though.
solifugusWhy might I be getting an ssh prompt for password?  I did: ssh-keygen -t dsa && scp ~/.ssh/
themilldpkg: tell solifugus about ssh permissions
themillsolifugus: you're better off using ssh-copy-id btw
solifugusthemill: I'll try that, since even with permissions like this, it still doesn't work:  -rw------- 1 rcbackup rcbackup 623 2010-05-13 10:48 authorized-keys
themillsolifugus: it's not just they key file, it's also ~/ and ~/.ssh that are important. And check the filename there... that doesn't look right.
simonrvnqfr: i don't see whay not, it's mostly just patching the autoconf stuff
qfrOk cheers, the Arch AUR might require an update there, they should probably use the Debian code
qfrsimonrvn or has tcng been superceded as a QoS tool?
qfrFor Linux?
solifugusthemill: ok.. it works now..  I remembering fighting with RHEL over this same issue once.. Their ssh package didn't even include the ssh-copy-id command.
simonrvnqfr: why*
Action: Salvia alema0 ja que vc nao vai por o banza eu vou fazer sozinho
{g}Hi People! I installed Debian and I have huuuuuuuge form buttons in icewasel and a lot of other stuff is huge too. The start menu, window menus etc.
solifugusOr was that cygwin?  I forget
{g}Which setting is doing that?
qfrsimonrvn: Because I don't want to invest time in fixing outdated software while Linux might have moved on to something totally different for programmatic low level traffic shaping confdiguration?
themillsolifugus: ssh-copy-id is most excellent ;)
simonrvnpeople use tc from ip
qfrOh, you fixed the whay*
simonrvnqfr: most people use tc from ip
simonrvn(load avg. is ~8 right now)
mattcenHi all. Having done a minimal install of Lenny, and then manually installed xorg, fluxbox, and xdm, what is the correct way to start X on boot?
wolsmattcen: it's automatically running xdm when you have installed it
qfrsimonrvn: tcng generates tc scripts it seems - they are INCREDIBLY long and cryptic :|
qfrtc filter add dev eth0 parent 1:0 protocol all prio 1 u32 match u16 0x0 0xffc0 at 2 match u8 0x5 0xf at 0 match u8 0x0 0xf0 at 33 match u8 0x11 0xff at 9 offset at 0 mask 0f00 shift 6 eat link 23:0:0
qfrtc filter add dev eth0 parent 1:0 protocol all prio 1 handle 23:0:1 u32 ht 23:0:0 match u16 0x4c6f 0xffff at 0 classid 1:2
qfrIt goes on like that for 500+ lines
simonrvnah. pretty typical actually.
mattcenwols: Oh so it is. I *almost* just tried rebooting, but didn't see anything relevent in /etc/inittab, so assumed it wasn't working. Thanks :-)
dv-You can start xdm without reboot too
qfrsimonrvn it seems like people use pyshaper, wondershaper etc to generate the tc code instead
simonrvni'd stick with tcng for now then since tc on its own is too damned opaque ;)
qfrI should probably just use those then :|
simonrvnyeh, i use wondershaper
qfrWell I have failed to build tcng on Arch so far ;/
qfrThe AUR entry for it appears to be broken
simonrvn(modified ever so slightly)
{g}Hello Helloohohoho! Where do I set the font size of the menus of the windows in Debian? Anyone? I got groteskely big fonts there...
Bushmills"debian windows"? head scratch.
niklaswe{g}: do you mean set dpi ?
{g}niklaswe: i dont know. the titles and menus of the windows are *big*. too big.
niklasweif you  starting X from console mode.. can you set in your .bash_profile alias startx="startx -- -dpi 96"
{g}niklaswe: X starts magically on its own after i hit the power button.
niklaswethen you must fix your dpi setting in gdm, or xdm
{g}there is a video here: that looks good. but there seems to be no "fonts" thingy in debian.
dv-{g}: System -> Preferences -> Apperance -> Fonts
{g}dv-: aahhhh!
dv-You're running GNOME by the way
simonrvnfor half a second there i thought you were yelling in fright
simonrvn{g}: ^^
{g}still, the fonts used in forms in iceweasel are giant
{g}and it doesnt change with the fonts settings in appearance.
dv-Have you tried unchecking the "Allow pages to use their own fonts" option?
{g}dv-: where is that?
dv-In iceweasel, edit -> preferences -> content -> advanced
dv-the second "advanced" that is
dkayhello #debian
dkayive mounted a ftp account with curlftpfs
dkayi dont know which os is used
{g}dv-: hmm... all these font settings do not affect the forms.
dkaybut i cant copy files to it, it says
dkaycp: cannot create regular file `/mnt/ftp/file.tar': Operation not permitted
dkayi do this as root and the file owns root also
{g}dkay: do you have ssh access to the server? if so, sshfs is working really nicely.
dkayi dont
{g}dkay: only ftp?
dkayits a ftp account
simonrvndkay: check the dir's perms, and also the perms of the mountpoint
simonrvn{g}: the dpi needs setting i bet. s/he can do that in the appearance > fonts then click the details... button
dkaydrwxrwx---  2 root root 4096 May 11 10:01 files
{g}simonrvn: i played around with that.
{g}dkay: and what outputs "whoami"?
dkayi am root :P
simonrvn{g}: set to like 80 or so
simonrvnshould help a lot
{g}simonrvn: then all fonts become tiny tiny tiny. except in forms in iceweasel. they stay huge.
simonrvnthe forms take in the page's font settings
{g}simonrvn: and a few other fonts as well. for example the iceweasel status bar.
dv-Sounds like your iceweasel is broken. Consider downloading Firefox
{g}dv-: i already have downloaded firefox. same result. i wonder if firefox might have killed iceweasel.
simonrvndimensions:    1152x864 pixels resolution:    96x96 dots per inch # gnome has 80dpi ;p
simonrvn{g}: if they had similar versions, probably not
{g}simonrvn: ice is 3.0. FF is 3.7
simonrvnshouldn't matter
ham5Mozilla Firefox 3.6.3, Copyright (c) 1998 - 2010
{g}simonrvn: but i only downloaded FF into a folder. no installing.
simonrvnyes and?
{g}simonrvn: maybe because i set the screen resolution via xrandr?
dv-Remove .mozilla?
simonrvn{g}: what's it at now? and the moz apps aren't always responsive to X changes. they got better with gtk support, but still a few places they suck.
{g}simonrvn: what is what at?
{g}simonrvn: i set it back to 132. i think that was the default.
roxhello, what's the new canonical way to restart network?
simonrvnscreen size?
simonrvnrox: invoke-rc.d
roxsimonrvn: the same complaint
{g}simonrvn: 1280x1024 on my external monitor. switched back to my internal now. 1280x800.
simonrvnrox: or ifdown eth0 && ifup eth0
roxsimonrvn: it complains about being deprecated
simonrvnrox: or -a if you want all of them ;p
{g}simonrvn: also my font in the task bar looks big.
roxsimonrvn: ifup/down doesn't reset the routing table :-/
simonrvn{g}: my screen size is similar. i found anything bigger than 100x100 to be too effing icky.
djura-sanhow to check app version in repos using apt in debian sid?
simonrvndjura-san: what?
simonrvnrox: no, invoke-rc.d networking stop && .... start does
djura-sanhow can i check app version in my repos using apt?
djura-sani want to know what pidgin version is available in experimental repos
simonrvndjura-san: your repos, or what's available?
djura-sanmy repos
wolsdjura-san: apt-cache policy
{g}simonrvn: i think i will switch back to ubuntu. never had that problem there.
ham5;version pidgin
wols,versions pidgin
juddpidgin -- etch-backports: 2.4.3-4lenny5~bpo40+1; lenny: 2.4.3-4lenny5; lenny-security: 2.4.3-4lenny6; squeeze: 2.6.5-2; lenny-backports: 2.6.6-1~bpo50+1; sid: 2.6.6-2
ham5o yeah
simonrvndjura-san: apt-cache policy if you have experimental sources... you should consider using testing instead
wolssimonrvn: testing? stable!
djura-sanim using sid all the times but im curious just to see the version ;)
simonrvnhe'll complain that's "too old"....
ham5pidgin just came out with 2.7
ham5build yourself
djura-sani have experimental repos for fun but i pined down the unstable one just in case ;)
\amethyst 2.7 is in unstable
simonrvndjura-san: yes, and your level of expertise i'd recommend using stable
\amethystin some architectures
djura-sansimonrvn: i believe i can handle sid most of my times :)
djura-sanokay, tnx guys for answer :)
simonrvni hope your $deity is lenient with you in that case
djura-sani will assume that that is a good thing :>
dbboltoni am planning to repartition my hard drive. is there anything i should back up other than /etc, /root/, and /home ?
Action: wols is a solpsist. I'm always lenient with myself
wolsdbbolton: any data you want to keep. e.g /var might have some like mail, webpages etc
simonrvn/usr/local too if you have stuff there
dbboltonthe only mail i get is about failed cron jobs
themilldbbolton: for some other ideas, /msg dpkg things to backup
dbboltonof course, the all-knowing dpkg
roxdoes anybody know, did just /etc/init.d/networking restart get deprecated or also stop and start
abrotmanshould work fine
nsadminI'm getting ready to boot a later kernel for my ol k6 box... what is the deal with installing the newer udev package? when exactly should it be installed?
nsadmingoing from a custom 2.6.18 to a very-close-to-debian-but-still-custom 2.6.26
jordanmnsadmin: should be explained in the upgrading section of the release notes
qubodupI would like to have some GPL advice
qubodupit's about a texture for a foss game, which wants to be debian-clean
dpkgIf you have a question, just ask! For example: "I have a problem with ___; I'm running Debian version ___. When I try to do ___ I get the following output ___. I expected it to do ___." Don't ask if you can ask, if anyone uses it, or pick one person to ask. We're all volunteers; make it easy for us to help you. If you don't get an answer try a few hours later or on See <smart questions><errors>.
frolI have an issue installing Debian 5.0 on my computer
frolthe install program can't find th disk driver
mguyWhat is your disk controller?
frolmguy: Good question  ;)  How answer to this question
dpkgFor Debian Lenny installers with up-to-date kernels, see .  The <bnx2> and <bnx2x> firmware files for Linux 2.6.32 are included in 0116 images.
frolit is a SATA
jordanmfrol: I would just try kmuto
froljordanm: oki thnaks
nsadminis there an apt/aptitude/dpkg/apt-get that can use faster storage and access techniques for the package database?
qubodupI'm sorry, I watned to ask something but then did so, on a different channel accidentally
qubodupCan the following term be added to a GPLed texture? "Some source textures have been used which are created by Permission is granted to use these specific textures under the GPLv2 or any later version (at your option). As additional requirement, this text should be included in a relevant place in any released product. Note that textures downloaded from DO NOT fall under the GPL license by default."
dupondjeIs there a 2.6.32 kernel + xen hypervisor for Lenny around ? backports doens't contain the hypervisor :(
nsadminqubodup: (a) DO NOT listen to me... consult an attorney (b) it says in the GPL you can't add restrictive conditions
qubodupnsadmin: but how is this 'restrictive'?
pipelinequbodup: it requires you to do something that the gpl does not require
\amethystqubodup:  because it adds an additional requirement on top of those imposed by the GPL itself
pipelinequbodup: it doesn't really matter though.  You're going to have to include the GPL in your EULA anyway; adding an extra blurb about shouldn't be any skin off your back :P
qubodupnsadmin: What about Section 7 of the GPL?
nsadminincluding something like the gfdl :)
quboduppipeline: I don't have an EULA :) I want to upload a texture that was created for warzone2100 to
themillpipeline: debian doesn't have a EULA though does it?
\amethystqubodup:  that would be fine in gpl3 probably
SerajewelKSqubodup: "relevant place" is also very ambiguous
themill\amethyst: yeah, 7b would appear to explicitly permit that.
unkmarI'm back.
SerajewelKSqubodup: if you want to release it as free content, release it as free content.  don't half-ass it with bizarre restrictions.
SerajewelKSqubodup: alternatively, use something like cc-by
unkmarI have a base install.  No X. :(
unkmarI installed X but it crashed.
nsadminunkmar: congratulations on getting the base going...
nsadminis it lenny or squeeze
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