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babilenmarsjanek: Have you configured userdir in your site config? Someting like this:
babilenmarsjanek: But check the apache docs too
babilenmarsjanek: Also take a look at the logs :)
marsjanekhmm, in MY site config? Isn't there a global configuration file that should take care of that? :p
marsjanekhmm no errors in the apache logs
babilenmarsjanek: I would suggest you start by reading /usr/share/doc/apache2.2-common/README.Debian.gz
marsjanekyep I am going to
marsjanekthank you :)
initmaxhello all, how need programm from to get screanshot?
babilenmarsjanek: I compare to a running configuration here - which is done in number of single configuration files in sites-available (for different vhosts/ssl/...)
babileninitmax: try you may scrot if want it that is you
babileninitmax: can also gnome use this to do
Dripfeederhi all
marsjanekno new revelations babilen, but a question arises now, can I just remove those sites-enabled thing?
marsjanek: o )
babilenwhy do you want to remove it?
marsjanekwell I don't think I understand its purpose
babilenor rather - remove what exactly?
marsjaneksince I already gave my users the freedom to create website
marsjanek(supposedly, via userdir)
marsjanekwhy would I want to enable them 'by hand' in sites-enabled?
babilenwell, apache still needs to know which URL/IP/... it is serving content for
marsjanekhmm okay
marsjanekthat must be a new invention huh? :p
babilen still lives on
themillmarsjanek: apache requires a ton of boilerplate configuration to get it working and most of that is provided by the maintainer in things like apache.conf. Rather than having to mix your configuration for actual site with the boilerplate and having to fix up the config every time the maintainer releases a new version, you separate out the different bits into sites-enabled (conf.d, mods-enabled, etc)
marsjanekhmm yea
marsjanekmakes sense
babilenmarsjanek: I haven't seen apache's default configuration in ages - check the config files in sites-available - enable them with a2ensite ... read docs
marsjanekyep there's no man entry on a2ensite
marsjanekbut I got it somewhere on the web
marsjanekI'll try
babilenhuh - hang on
initmaxbabilen: I want create @screenshot@ my desctop, how need programm for this?
themillmarsjanek: there should be a man page for a2ensite
marsjanekI don't have it
marsjanekNo manual entry for a2ensite
themillmarsjanek: etch?
babilenmarsjanek: And there *is* a manpage for that a2ensite (man 8 a2ensite)
babilenmarsjanek: Which version of Debian are you using?
marsjanekyep I'm running on etch
themillmarsjanek: time for you to be upgrading to lenny. /msg dpkg etch->lenny
marsjanekI heard that quite often recently
marsjanekwhat's wrong with it exactly? :p
babilenDO IT
themillmarsjanek: there's no longer any security support for etch
babilenmarsjanek: no security support anymore for example?
marsjanekI'll do that in some time but I have a service running and have no backup host for the time being
babilenanyway - i am out for a cig. Have fun themill :)
themillbabilen: bastard! I was about to wander off in search of coffee :(
babilengimmie a second :)
Action: themill makes a run for it before babilen notices
marsjanekII honestly don't understand what's wrong :(
marsjanekI don't know how to make a site configuration
marsjanekI mean a global one
marsjanekso that I can do myserver/~blah/ etc etc and it will work
feisarhi, cpufreq-info shows I am using the 'ondemand' govenor and that my cpu is capable of dropping to 800 800 MHz but it is always at the full 2.00 GHz. Do I need to edit /etc/cpufreqd.conf?
nsadminwhat substitutes for ipmasq in squeeze?
babilenmarsjanek: There must be a configuration file for your host somewhere. Also make sure, that you've enables userdir. Run 'a2enmod' without arguments - it will ask you interactively which module you would like to enable. What do you get if you just open http://www.myserver.tld ?
ethanolbloody hell =|
ethanol 10:50:16 up 29 min,  1 user,  load average: 0.00, 0.13, 0.18
ethanolthey switched the power off this morning at the office. without notifying me =|
ethanollost 2 ram modules and 1 memory bank is permanently fuxored
nsadminbill em
ethanolwell of course
nsadminhave they notified you in the past?
nsadminso they know they're supposed to
ethanolI don't know why they didn't this time. but the word idiots comes to mind :<
nsadminbill them for the downtime, bill them for the man time, bill them for the equipment, bill them for lost revenue
riomare1hi can any1 help me with configuring keyboard layout?
marsjanekbabilen I do get a standard apache thing
marsjaneklocated in /var/www
nsadmindoes come to irc?
riomare1my current is and i would like to set {} to SHIFT+ALT+
babilenmarsjanek: I am not familiar with the standard config in etch. You must have a site configuration somewhere ...
babilenmarsjanek: Are you sure that userdir/user_dir is enabled?
Flashtekq: if I want to rebuild a package, but in order to do so I need to know the compile paths etc (and modify some source) what's the best way of doing this please ?
babilen!tell Flashtek -about package recompile
Flashtek <-- gives an overview, but doesn't mention how to apply the Debian specific paths etc..
babilenFlashtek: Read that dpkg just told you
Flashtekyeah, just got that..
marsjanekbabilen indeed I do have a site configuration which points to /var/www
marsjanekbut I have no idea how to 'extend' it to all the user directories
babilenmarsjanek: I gave you the relevant configuration snippet (for lenny at least) - check the applicable apache docs for userdir
babilenmarsjanek: Make sure the module is enabled ...
marsjanekyep babilen everything is by the book
marsjanekand I fear that this stupid sites-enabled actually does it
babilenit's not stupid :)
babilencome on - configuring apache takes a little time and you *need* to read the docs. You should also use a supported version, as it is much more likely to get support for it here and on #apache
themillmarsjanek: "by the book" which book? There are lots of tutorials out there that will tell you to make a 10,000 line long apache.conf and that is completely unmaintainable and won't play nicely with sites-enabled etc
OpenTokixbabilen: Channel for apache is now #httpd btw. - And they hate debian there.
babilenOpenTokix: Ah - thanks ;)
balazsbelaHello all. Does the current trunk 2.6.32 kernel in debian have low latency patches for usb devices (ie sound card) enabled ?
Action: babilen wonders how they managed to register #httpd (shouldn't that be ##httpd?)
babilenbalazsbela: Not sure - but check yourself in /boot/config-2.6.32-trunk-*
balazsbelababilen : I'm not sure what to look for. I'm just trying to use my USB soundcard with jack but the sound is terrible and I though maybe the latency patches are the cause
jaaltoDoes nyone a command line tool that wold COLOR the "diff -u" lines so that the the words changes would be highlighted. No need to color, a markup *likethi* would also be fine.  The utility should take a ready *.diff or *.patch file for inspection.
jaaltoLike "<utility> *.patch" => marks chnages words between the "+" and "-" lines
CTCP PING: 1268389515 from BadAssMothaFukca (BadAssMothaFukca!1234@ to #debian
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Last message repeated 3 time(s).
-debhelper:#debian- Channel locked temporarily due to flood, sorry for any inconvenience this may cause :-)
Flashtekthere's always one..
babilenjaalto: colordiff?
ePaxWhere can i edit ssh message wich comes up on login "The programs included with the Debian"
jaaltocolordiff is a diff(1) substitute if I understand correct. I laready have the *.diff files that I would need to inspect (no original sources).
babilen!tell ePax -about motd
joltcanjaalto: not sure I understand, but you could also add grep --color=auto "word"
Flashtek!tell babilen -about cake
ePaxbabilen: thnx
babilenjaalto: Just pipe the diff into colordiff IIRC
babilenFlashtek: Is it?
jaaltojoltcan: Err, I have ready *.patch and *.diff files. These files are in unified format, where only some word has changes (grammar corrections like usefull => useful). A tool to mark the chnages words on "-" or "+" lines would be needed.
Flashtekbabilen: aparently..
jaaltobabilen: close, but it highlights whole lines, not the changed words in the lines
jaaltowdiff(1) would do it for original sources, but I'm inspecting the *.diff and *.patch files.
themilljaalto: I think kompare can do this for you. Certainly if you take the original, copy it, patch it with the patch to make the new form there are a lot of different ways of looking at the output (vimdiff, wdiff, kdiff3, ...)
JohnNewwhere can I see in debian how much ram my virtual machine currently has?
JohnNewI have a problem with my time config in debian, I run debian in a Vbox Virtual Machine, but at the end of each working day, I close down my laptop including the saving of the current debian VM state.. now each time I do this and resume the session again, the time does not get updated, but is still the time of the last day.. does anyone know a solution for this?
stuartokay now i have kmuto's version debian installed, how do i get wireless started?
oliver_isn't there a website where the whole debian source code is indexed?
oliver_I saw it some time ago but couldnt find it now
JohnNewis there a command where I Can update my time with?
raccoon_JohnNew: # apt-get install ntp
JohnNewraccoon_: i did
JohnNewraccoon_: which command to sync new time?
raccoon_JohnNew: check syslog, ntp should adjust the time automatically for you... however it may do it incrementally over time, depending on configuration
JohnNewraccoon_: cannot find any thing relevant to updating time in syslog
JohnNewraccoon_: where can i find the interval it runs on?
raccoon_JohnNew: check the man page for ntpd(8)
raccoon_JohnNew: you could install ntpdate which is a one-shot time adjuster via ntp protocol
raccoon_(ie not a running daemon)
SPFtune2fs -l shows some dates about fs creation time etc. Is it possible to have those in timestamp format?
JohnNewok updated it raccoon_
JohnNewraccoon_: and now?
JohnNewraccoon_: i ment, installed ntpdate
raccoon_JohnNew: # ntpdate
mr_claushi, i try to install debian lenny on a via en15000g but the installation freeze while hardware detection all the time, any ideas what could be the problem?
WormFoodI remember years ago, on windows, I'd use a resource editor to change the strings in a program...I vaguely remember something along those lines for Linux (gnome), if the program was written the right there a resource editor for gnome apps too? if so what is the package name in debian?
JohnNewraccoon_: where should i use this?
JohnNewraccoon_: 12 Mar 12:28:54 ntpdate[3843]: the NTP socket is in use, exiting
WormFoodJohnNew, it sounds like you have ntpd running
JohnNewWormFood: yes
WormFoodJohnNew, try stopping ntpd before running ntpdate (that is what I have to do, when my system clock gets badly out of sync)
JohnNewWormFood: you mean /etc/init.d/ntp?
WormFoodJohnDoh, do a /etc/init.d/ntp stop, before running ntpdate, then start ntpd again
WormFoodyou could probably do "/etc/init.d/ntp stop && ntpdate && /etc/init.d/ntp start"
JohnNewWormFood: I like to execute that on resume of my Virtual machine, would you suggest this?
WormFoodJohnNew, not sure about the details, but I'm 99% sure there is a script that is called when you come out of'll have to track that down (if it exists)
JohnNewoki thanks
mr_claushmm, the installation freeze with job disk-detect.postinst it seems
Oscar`when compiling stuff, I'm receiving warning messages Module.symvers is missing? Can anyone suggest remedy for this? I'm noticing the problem on different distributions and kernels?
its-me-againi need a download of teh .deb for ruby
its-me-againits for another distro that can use .deb apps
its-me-againhello anyone here atm
wishkahhi, can anyone recommend a very well FOSS supported 3G device (USB preferrably) that will 100% work with Debian?
wishkah(3g as in mobile broadband)
Swat-A good afternoon
the-dudewishkah: huawei chipset are good
joltcanwishkah: My parents uses sony ericsson, their latest, but I can't remember the model number
wishkahthe-dude: that's bad news for me, I've got a vodafone usb dongle that came with the contract and that's huawei already, I can't eve nget that to work :(
the-dudewishkah: which chipset? which kernel? which debian version?
wishkahthe-dude: it's ubuntu, 2.6.31
the-dudethats not debian :O
wishkahthe-dude: yeah, I know, I got desperate since my T61 kept crashing with debian stable, probably cause of the older kernel
wishkahthe-dude: I used debian for years and love it, will switch back once 6.0 is stable
Swat-try squeeze :-P
the-dudedid you try debian squeeze ?
efkait's not allowed to suggest use other than stable here ;)
the-dudehe used ubuntu so anything is allowed ;)
efkawishkah: can you provide usb dongle model, dmesg after insert, relevant log messages?
efkabecause it should be simple usbserial driver which has been around for more than few years
tellurianHi. Where can I read the Debian policies, with particular reference to their policy on starting services on completion of installation ?
linduxedive found my plugged in rocketraid 1740 in the following list:
linduxeddoes that mean that i have to do a modprobe sata_mv?
linduxedor should i add sata_mv to /etc/modules?
babilentellurian: Do you have problems with creating a package?
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