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astinsanYeah... its possible. Even the linux mags promote the use of bots.. there is a article about building one with perl in the linux developer mag.
FunctorSalad. o O ( ls -d is suspicious too )
FunctorSaladand there's mdma in my hdparm
astinsanWhy do people just sit in the channels anyways?
Rahimtto help others?
AlexC_it's comfy
shylentdunno, if you mean "idle" when you say "sit", they probably have those channels on auto-join upon client start
AlexC_or they join to ask a question, and cba to leave. Like my self :P
astinsanIdle sitting
astinsanNo human
shylentor they tend to ask questions that noone knows an answer to, like me :P
astinsanWell.. I don't know all the answers... just use linux as my primary os.
AlexC_I know all the answers, to things that I know
astinsanWell put
wonderwalanyone using xen?
astinsanDoes anyone know if there is a bitchx client for android?
astinsanMissing my aliases
AlexC_wonderwal, quite a  few people use Xen, but I think you mean to ask a more specific question?
wonderwalokay well im using debian pv+xen+3ware 9550sx raid 1 and am noticing horrible write speeds
santilinhow can I get a debian installer with a linux-image version 2.6.32 or above?
tarzeausantilin: with lvm support?
dpkgFor Debian Lenny installers with up-to-date kernels, see .  The <bnx2> and <bnx2x> firmware files for Linux 2.6.32 are included in 0116 images.
santilintarzeau: no
tarzeausantilin: the kmuto link was for you
astinsanGotta go back to work... take care all
santilintarzeau: thanks
santilintarzeau: I'm installing it to an eeepc, but have a problem
santilintarzeau: if I make zcat boot.img.gz /dev/scX the resulting partition is of only 256M
santilintarzeau: so I can not put the lenny image inside it
tarzeausantilin: onto an usb image?
santilintarzeau: yes
tarzeausantilin: dunno, i'm using network installer
santilintarzeau: and, is there a network installer with kernel >= 2.6.32?
tarzeausantilin: yes the one of kmuto, he's got cd installers too
dpkgFor Debian Lenny installers with up-to-date kernels, see .  The <bnx2> and <bnx2x> firmware files for Linux 2.6.32 are included in 0116 images.
santilintarzeau: yes, it looks like the iso is for netinst
lxsameerhi i have ATI radeon hd3300 onboard , which driver should i use ? radeon , radeonhd , or fglrx
santilinlxsameer: try man radeon; man radeonhd; man fglrx
babilenradeonhd seems to be EOL, fglrx is proprietary and radeon works beautiful here (different card though)
lxsameersantilin: ok , but i want to know which one support my chipset
lxsameerbabilen: EOL?
babilenlxsameer: End Of Life(d)
babilenlxsameer: Paste the output of "lspci -nn | grep VGA" please
MegaHerzbabilen: :)
santilinlxsameer: the have a 'supported hardware section'
lxsameerbabilen: so it is not good ? do you have 3d acceleration too?
lxsameerbabilen: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: nVidia Corporation NV44 [GeForce 6200 LE] [10de:0163] (rev a1)
lxsameerbabilen: it is for my current VGA
lxsameerbabilen: since i can't run ati driver i have to use this one
lxsameerbabilen: thanks let me read the
Vroomfondlelxsameer: ATI doesn't show up at all when you run that command?
babilenlxsameer: Ok, that does not really help to identify your ATI card :)
lxsameerVroomfondle: no
Vroomfondlethat suggests that your onboard radeon may be disabled in your BIOS.
babilenlxsameer: Are you sure that you have an ATI card in there?
lxsameerbabilen: yeah , it is onboard on my asus M3A78-T  mainboard
babilenlxsameer: Than it is most likely disabled in your BIOS as Vroomfondle suspected
babilenlxsameer: list of supported features per chipset
lxsameerbabilen: if it was enable from bios then that command will show that . am i right
lxsameerhmmmmmmmm , thanks let me read them and try some
lxsameerbabilen: should i compile radeon or debian ones it enough
MegaHerzDoes anybody know, why after imporint a key, debmirror still claims NO_PUBKEY? I forgot to do something?
babilen,pciid 1002:9614
judd[1002:9614] is 'Radeon HD 3300 Graphics' from 'ATI Technologies Inc' with kernel module 'ati-agp' in lenny. See also and the out-of-tree 'fglrx' module.
babilenlxsameer: the radeon driver is in the package xserver-xorg-video-radeon - but your card is pretty new, so it looks as if you have to use the fglrx driver anyway
MegaHerzI do: gpg --keyserver --recv-keys 40976EAF437D05B5 and it prints that key is already there - gpg: key 437D05B5: "Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <>" not changed
lxsameerbabilen: hmmm, bad
MegaHerzthen I run deb-mirror and it prints error:
MegaHerz[GNUPG:] ERRSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 17 2 00 1256739800 9
MegaHerz[GNUPG:] NO_PUBKEY 40976EAF437D05B5
MegaHerzwhat the...?
babilenlxsameer: I am not sure - try the different drivers ..
alveraanHi there. I'm trying to understand booting with an encrypted root and the relationship between /etc/crypttab and initramfs. Since /etc resides in the real, encrypted root fs, the info in crypttab has to be copied to initramfs by update-initramfs right?
CyberDomovoyi have this in my /etc/asound.conf:  when i run "speaker-test -c 2 -D 2up41" it prints "Broken configuration for playback: no configurations available: Argument invalide"  any idea why? i'm on debian lenny and installed cmt
d3xhow do i purge not installed, but configured packages
lindi-d3x: man dpkg, look for purge
manixorHi, it's possible to find an ip of an user of pidgin?
ham5are you directly connected to the other user.. or is it threw a server?
manixorham5 I'm chatting and make file transfer.
ham5could use netstat
ham5yes its possible
manixorham5 can you tell me how can I use netstat to find it?
ham5nope sorry
manixorham5 OK, thank's
valdynmanixor: netstat -punt | grep pidgin
valdynmanixor: there will be a few ips, reverse lookup the names to find the file transfer peer
ham5oh -p handy thx valdyn :)
manixorok, I will try
valdynoh or just "netstat -put | grep pidgin", but that may be slow
manixorvaldyn Is not working
valdynmanixor: sure its working
manixorI not get the ip of who send me the file
ham5id give up if I were u
valdynmanixor: you do
valdynmanixor: the data could be traversinga proxy, in that case the proxy is the sender
valdynmanixor: you can only get the computer who is sending the data to your computer, you cannot get the original sender - thats the internet =p
manixorI get the same ip
bolthow can I find my ip without root access?
boltfrom the shell
RichiH/sbin/ip a
RichiHyou can run both ip and ifconfig as normal user to _query_ stuff
liableeven ifconfig if you give it the path
boltah. thanks :)
jellythose could arguably get moved to /bin or /usr/bin
bzedjelly: no
abrotmanguess he told oyu!
jellywait... ip already is /bin/ip here.
RichiHwhoah, it is
bzedjelly: I think ip is in /bin and /sbin
jellyabrotman: he's one of those guys that still go by /usr/lib/sendmail
Action: RichiH never noticed and just did /sbin/ip
dpkg<RQ> mwilson, i don't care what you think of me as long as you're helpful.
jelly!seen mwilson
dpkgi haven't seen 'mwilson', jelly
jellythat's no fun
liablehehe, he wasnt either :)
etis he mr. wilson from the dennis movie?
liableactually, he was, just a grumpy prick :)
wols_nice he's even online. wonder what channels he frequents
wols_would be nice to have entertainment sometimes
liablehe's a regular in #bash iirc
JyZyXELisn't it possible to get silent data corruption in ext3 cause its not a checksumming filesystem?
jellyJyZyXEL: which Linux filesystem _is_ checksumming?
JyZyXELbrtfs and ZFS
lindi-JyZyXEL: I wrote a loop device that does crc checksumming for any fs
lindi-JyZyXEL: had to use it to troubleshoot data corruption issue in a raid10 with 12 disks
ribasushi <-- this lists multi-arch as a release goal for squeeze
ribasushithis isn't happening is it?
dpkgSqueeze will release <WIR>, <SIYH>.  No release schedule is done yet.  Ask me about <squeeze bet>.  See
abrotmanribasushi: i believe they said dpkg does nto have that ability .. look in those two URLs
JyZyXELwell in raid-5 it would be kinda cool in case you have to reconstruct the array from parity data
JyZyXELand the parity data is wrong
jellyribasushi: I don't see it happening before freeze.
abrotmanwouldn't be very good parity would it ..
JyZyXELi doubt ext3 would notice that if the corruption hits data area
ribasushijelly: got it
abrotmanJyZyXEL: you're confusing two different things ...
jellyribasushi: SIYH, eh
abrotmanjelly: have you moved to canada? :)
ribasushisomeone needs to write a FUSE driver with reed-solomon support
jellyabrotman: thinking of it, eh?
abrotmanaye, eh
jellyribasushi: raid6 is good enough for me
lindi-ribasushi: why fuse?
jellyit's not file-level, but meh
JyZyXELhow do you use the -C argument of fsck?
JyZyXELi heard it could be used to display a progress bar
JyZyXEL-C [  fd  ]
JyZyXELit needs a file descriptor though
abrotmanthat's a file descriptor
JyZyXELwhy would i wanna output the progressbar to a file? i want it in my console
JyZyXELor terminal i mean
abrotmanso output it to the consol
jellydear JyZyXEL, a file descriptor does not a file equal
JyZyXEL"GUI front-ends may specify a file descriptor fd"
JyZyXELyet it won't accept an empty fd
jellyJyZyXEL: fd 0 = stdin of an app, which is usually connected to the terminal for an interactive shell usage, fd 1 = stdout, fd 2 = stderr
jellyjelly: tell it -C0 and see what happens
jellyjelly: stop talking to yourself
wols_jelly: everything is a file, hence a filedescriptor points to a file
JyZyXELwell i wouldn't call this a progress bar :-D
jellywols_: this is not plan9.  Not everything is a file.
JyZyXELits more like a scrolling progress lines
jellyJyZyXEL: write a nicer frontend, then
JyZyXELthere already is
JyZyXELthe nice progress bar that appears on automatic fsck's done when booting up
JyZyXELits all like [###############                  ] 45%
wols_then maybe check your initscripts?
Bohemianhow difficult is setting up cvs?
Bohemianfor a LAMP environment
StereoBohemian: if you can, use something more modern like git
babilenback to the nineties :)
Bohemianwhy Stereo ?
abrotmanbuzz words!
babilenBohemian: Or at least svn - but git is better
babilenBohemian: But configuring cvs can't be that hard. Install it and read its documentation in /usr/share/doc/cvs/
Bohemianokay, any guides on setting up git?
zaltekkgreat...just made an install with dm-crypt, and it isn't accepting my passphrase =/
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