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sevierjmarsden: ok I am going  to kill it by the way ,,,, yes and exactly the same about ristricted codecs
NathanWwhat i'm woundering is there any way that the raid0 system could be like "locked" in to that mode via a chip on the hdd or flags on the discs? that would cause it to fail when you try and format it... cause thats exactly how its acting but if thats the case how can i work aroudn this ? as the old system is no longer around eg went to the recycle bin about a 4 days ago when i pulled the drives ... :-\
jmarsdenNathanW: Boot from a LiveCD, and dd  if=/dev/zero of=/dev/WHATEVER bs=1k count=1k    each hard drive in the system.  After that the drives are unlikely to "remember" anything much about an older partitioning scheme .. so if something does remember, it is the hardware RAID controller.
jmarsdenNote that this *will* destroy data on these drives.
NathanWsweet! ya hopefully it WILL destroy data and everythign in my way
NathanWi just really dont get the issue any other server would be like bam hdds here i'm up install install install reboot working but they hada get a compaq LOL
NathanWis the debian netinst iso a live cd?
lost_soulNathanW: no, it's for installs
Bushmillswell, you can alt-f2 switch to a console with terminal
Bushmillsso in a way it is a live cd
NathanWwould that allow me to do a  dd  if=/dev/zero of=/dev/WHATEVER bs=1k count=1k  ?
Bushmills(hope that more recent netinst still do)
NathanWi got a couple old netinst disks :-) too
AfshinHi to all
AfshinCan any one speek about TC 9
AfshinCan any one speek about TC (traffic control) in debian
dpkghmm... lartc is the Linux Advanced Routing & Traffic Control HOWTO.  #lartc on  See also <wondershaper>.
jpinx-eeepcCan I give one user (me) specific permission to mount a filesystem-in-a-file to a mount point in his home dir as with -o loop , but without using su or sudo ? The intention is to make it workable in the pcmanfm filemanager gui window.
nevynvi /etc/fstab  /pathtofile   /home/user/mountpoint     filesystemtype    defaults,loop,user  0 0
jpinx-eeepcnevyn: thanks, that's one way, but the /path/to/file varies as it is on a usb stick :/
nevynjpinx-eeepc: dear god why?
nevynjpinx-eeepc: it's programming for sparkies. and they still make a mess of it.
jpinx-eeepcit's complicated ;)
nevynit's not complicated it's DRAWING programs.
jpinx-eeepcit's an ext3 fs in a file on a vfat stick so that windox users can not easily read it
jpinx-eeepcnevyn: I'll take a look at udev naming rules maybe... ;)
nevynthe wikipedia page for it expresses what I'm saying perfectly.
nevynwhich of the following is easier to understand?
nevyn 1. ----[ ]---------|--[ ]--|------( )
nevyn         X          |   Y   |       S
nevyn                    |       |
nevyn                    |--[ ]--|
nevyn                        Z
nevynbleh or  S = X AND ( Y OR Z )
nevynwrong window.. dunno how I messed that up
bolt-worki really prefer the latter...
timeoh___is there a tool that plots a graph on command line?
martb_hometimahvo1: gnuplot
lindi-any idea on how to disable cursor blinking in gnome-terminal 2.30.1-1? I've googled around but gconftool-2 -s /apps/gnome-terminal/profiles/Default/cursor_blink_mode -t string off does not seem to have any effect
hacker_kidok this cant be a coincidence. i have two almost identical machines (old hp Vectia VE's) that stop after detecting hardware and say they couldnt mount the cd, all other machines (so far 5 similarly powered boxes) install fine off the same disk (lenny) any ideas?
unixphey know so. why in Xfce a new theme shows only the difference in the task bars, but not in the other windows?
unixpi added the themes in /usr/share/themes
bolt-worktoday's the day marty mcfly is supposed to arrive from 1985 (back to the future)
Action: bolt-work grabs his hoverboard and swoops off
aldinHi, where do i enable small icons, which can be seen besides label, for e.g nautilusOpenInTerminal, i have it on Mint, it must be somewhere in gconf-editor? Please take look at this picture
KineticBugWas the date they set on the delorian (sp?) in back to the future
bolt-workmy screenshot says differently
KineticBugor was it the 06?
smvaldin, use gconf-editor, and change /desktop/gnome/interface/buttons_have_icons
bolt-workhm.. come to think of it, he makes the trip several times, doesn't he?
bolt-workmy screenshot says 06 anyway
Selveste1Hey, is there anyone of you that runs drbd on an LVM based Dom0.? to replica you harddrives or do you run with iSCSI.?
aldinsmv:  did it doesnt show, perhaps i need to logout, brb
aldinsmv: actually this works, but thanks anyway, you helped me to locate it :)
smverm, i use both :))
aldinactually i did checked them both
aldinthanks man
smvmy pleasure
jargon-i'm looking for a FOSS-based network authentication systems that requires users to have a valid authentication before they're able to access the wired and wifi networks. any recommendations? using firehol+squid and firewall+proxy.
xx1jargon-: 802.1X + radius
unixpi cant login into phpmyadmin ... i installed phpmyadmin then i opened it http://myip/phpmyadmin  I get the login window, but i didnt declare a user or pw. How should i login?
jargon-xx1: from what i'm reading radius is a protocol. any popular implementations?
petemcjargon-: freeradius
jargon-petemc: thanks
petemcjargon-: you'll probably want something like coovachili to hook it all together too
petemccoovachilli, even. the offshoot from the now defunct chillispot
jargon-petemc: gotcha :-)
ricalanyone know how I can capture a telnet session to a file?
Rivierarical: also, many terminal emulators can write a logfile (see for example xterm's -l option)
unixphow can i reset my mysql password for the phpmyadmin login?=
hannes__i think i timed out
hannes__hi,any idea what might be causing this apt error?
hannes__trying to install python-qt4 on armel sid
tejotadoes anybody know if there's a service for shutting down hard disks when theyre not in use
tejotaive found hdparm
tejotabut i would like to stop sata drives too
tejotais there a gui to ease the task?
dongstejota: sdparm? duno.
tejotaok will try
avarHi. I have some "The following partially installed packages will be configured:" (grub grub-pc
avar(sorry for the newline) ..but I can't install them due to limitations on the VPS, how do I remove them so that they're not partially installed anymore (and just use the old version)
avarI can block them from being upgraded again with apt pinning, but that doesn't help me with a package that's ready for configuration
datacrusherhello everyone.  i have a debian file server with samba, and its kinda old machine. I wanna install a new pc that i got here and migrate my current server to this one, is there a straight forward method to duplicate my server without lost its configuration?
datacrusherim using debian lenny, updated from etch, 64 version
avarcopy over its configuration files and test it?
datacrusherthis server got 2 years, i will migrate to prevent hardware failure
bbddatacrusher: use same hdd/installation
unixpkann man irgendwie ausserhalb des Routermenüs noch mehr log Datein erhalten, wer sich zb. mit dem Router verbunden hat? Und wenn ja mit was und wie?  Es ist ein Netgear WG111 Router
unixpoh sry wron channel
vadiWhat is the package to install a shell which is able to auto-hide its window when mouse focus is out?
d3xvadi, yakuake?
bbdyou mean focus-follows-mouse feature?
vadibbd, I want a shell box with when I move mouse to top of window it show, and else it hides
vadithanks d3x, I am going to try that to check if it is what I am looking for
Bopdatacrusher, u can use some app like norton ghost
xx1if you mean "hide"=="inactive"
Bopthere's some Open source apps to replicate OS
xx1or focussed
d3xBop, you mean disk dump?
Bopthere's a live cd to do that
rgroidhide never means inactive. hide means non visible.
Bopcant remember name , but i think its not that , d3x
Tsakoswow, lot's of people :D
Bopwell , dd should do the trick , with some hacks
vadirgroid, yep, I mean non visible
TsakosI'm trying to help a friend with a sound card problem he has.
Tsakosbut i don't really understand much from the dmesg output
Tsakosthe output is here: if someone wants to help
bbdTsakos: everything looks good. are you sure mixer levels are ok and not muted?
lvhI just installed testing on my laptop. Just installed X; neither pointer input device works. Get the following error on boot; maybe related: kernel-provided name 'uinput' and NAME= 'input/uinput' disagree
lvhThat's from udev-work.
lvhBug reports appear to suggest bug is harmless and just a warning, so maybe unrelated.
lvhcat /dev/input/mouse1 and /dev/input/mouse2 work fine.
b0nghitterwhats the best app to backup my main hdd to a secondary hdd?
krioni got a sas card (amcc powerpc ppc405cr), i can't manage to get debian installer seen my hard drive
datacrusherbbd, but i need to install the system again, im having a space shortage problem with my / folder
datacrusherdidnt separated /var from it, and created a very small size, im 98% with it
datacrusheri think the best sollution is to do a fresh install and copy configuration files to the new machine
Tsakosbbd: thanks for helping out.
Tsakosbbd: but as he said me, sometimes sound work, sometimes not.
bbddatacrusher: i'm against reinstalling, it's windows way. you can simply copy over files using cp/tar or partimage or some other partition/copy tool (can't remember).
bbddatacrusher: otherwise you'll have to hunt every missing config file, every package, user etc..
bbdTsakos: "sometimes does not work" - that's really helpful :)
Tsakosbbd: he restarted, and now all works fine.
jelly-oneTsakos: if you're using ubuntu, ask in #ubuntu please
lvhWhoops, wrong cable. Sorry if anyone responded while I vanished
krionlooks like it's indeed a 3ware 9690SA-4l, any review ?
alerayhi, how can I find out what keymap I'm using ? (now that xorg.conf is gone)
jelly-onekrion, which debian release are you trying to install?
bbdkrion: i have this 9690SA-4I on one of servers. no complaints..
datacrusherbbd, hmmm well, actually this installation is working. is there a way to simply create the partitions there and do a straight copy? how do i map the mounting partitions after?
Tsakosjelly-one: well, isn't debian and ubuntu the same?
jelly-oneTsakos: the answer is quite obvious, isn't it. No, they're not, else there'd be only one of those.
krionjelly-one: lenny amd64, with a squeeze debian installer IIRC
krionbut doesn't see the hard drive
Tsakosthanks anyway..
krioni supposed it's a 9690SA as it's what's marked on the invoice, but i see nothing on the card
jelly-onekrion, hm.  So that's a fresh enough kernel on that installer.  Have you tried the installer from /msg dpkg kmuto
bbddatacrusher: hundreds of ways.. for example connect both HDDs and boot from live CD. mount old one on /mnt1, partition the new one as you wish, mount the whole structure on /mnt2. do cp -a /mnt1/* /mnt2
krionjelly-one: no, i'm using pxe with debian official d-i
bbddatacrusher: then have to play with bootloader which you're using. again easiest way would be to remove old hdd, live CD has some option like 'boot from first hdd', use it. then rerun lilo/grub/whatever
bbddatacrusher: also check packages like partimage or fsarchiver, it could help
jelly-onekrion, you can't boot from local media?
krionjelly-one: i could, but that's not the procedure i've to apply :D
krioni'll try again, thanks
dpkg5.0 lenny is now the "stable" Debian release (Feb 14, 2009).  See for images.  Developers page is .  If you want to make custom install CDs, start with d-i.  IRC: #debian-boot on  Also ask me about <errata>.
jelly-onekrion, ^^ the channel for installer issues
datacrusherthanks bbd! ill check it out
bbdkrion: is raid already created on this controller. i mean any logical volumes?
Extreme-Dpup-484i mounted a hard drive to a folder /media/harddisk   How do i give that folder write permission?
jelly-oneExtreme-Dpup-484, which filesystem is used there?
passwordoffWhere to find the manual about netinst installation?
jelly-oneExtreme-Dpup-484: normal unix permissions apply then.  Use chown and chmod at your discretion.
jelly-one!tell passwordoff about i-g
Extreme-Dpup-484so just chmod the folder as rw.. Is there a quick temporary method to make it writable?
Extreme-Dpup-484i want this writable:  /media/harddisk   (mounted to hdc1)
jelly-oneExtreme-Dpup-484, writable for which user? the simplest thing is to chown the mount point to that user.
jelly-one(Extreme-Dpup-484, do that after it's mounted)
Extreme-Dpup-484it's already mounted.. Can i chown that from the console, or do i edit some file?
jelly-oneExtreme-Dpup-484, a terminal window is typically sufficient, and remember to do it as root
jelly-one!tell Extreme-Dpup-484 about permissions
Extreme-Dpup-484i ran out of disk space on my hard drive...Trying to expand my home directory by symlinking a folder within to a second hard drive..
panfisti'm having some package trouble; i know some files are included in a package, but they're not showing up on my system after installing the package
qwdDebian Sid AMD64. Is it possible (a good idea) to install snes9x-gtk from since snes9x-gtk isn't in the Debian repo for AMD64?
jeff_hannpanfist, what package?
panfistpardon me for asking in #debian when it's actually an ubuntu specific question, but really it's a dpkg/aptitude question...why is the package reporting successful installation when these files are missing?
jeff_hannpanfist, so are you running ubuntu?
jeff_hannpanfist, #ubuntu
panfistthere's no #dpkg, #APT, ...
panfistreally i want to know: why would a pacakge install quietly without installing all the files that are in it?
jeff_hannpanfist, I'll only say this once : join #ubuntu and ask.
qwd!based on debian
yareckonanyone have a recommendation for a 4 drive external HD bay? Looking for a USB one with JBOD mode to use in a software raid, not one with an integrated RAID controller
dpkgYour distribution may be based on and have software in common with Debian, but it is not Debian. We don't know what changes were made by your distribution and it probably falls short of Debian's standards. #debian only supports Debian; you should respect our choice to volunteer here to help Debian users. Support other distributions is off-topic on #debian, even if your own distro's channel is clueless or non-existent.
yareckon^sorry, that should have a ? at the end
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